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Grace Manga aged 22 years had just finished her (KCSE) examinations at Pwani secondary school when she was brutally murdered in a crime of passion. Whatever dreams she had after completing her exams just disappeared. Her result slip will bear her name but it will be just a paper because she would not be around to reap the fruits of her labour. Grace was staying with her brother in Ziwa la Ngombe area. She was involved in a love affair with a man who worked at Kongowea market. The two had a misunderstanding, it was on a Thursday around 2pm when the enraged lover pushed a knife into her body four time before directing the sam bloody knife on his chest once also breathing his last. Police and neighbours found the two bodies on top of each other after they got reports that there were screams inside the room. Her boyfriend George Mbebaji opted to end his life for fear of being prosecuted and spending his life in jail after committing murder. Her family was in tears for having lost their first born daughter.

Boys To Men Initiative --- AMALEMBA , KAKAMEGA ( SIDA
My name is Ian Magoma. I am 16 years old and a student at Kakamega High school. Last term we had a privilege of being visited by a certain NGO named SIDA. They later informed us they had turned up in order to implement a project named 'Boys to Men'. At first we were introduced to the idea defination of being a 'real man' in the society. We were educated that being a real man in the future, was not sleeping with many women, mistreating girls etc as many had perceived. They however told us that being a real man involved things like respecting women,caring for your family and always standing firm for your family in any dire situation. At the end of the whole practice, that at least through out of the box. They has really gathered alot regarding their future.

catherine kanini is my name . i am a native of kakamega and a forum three srudents at bishop sulumeti girls high school. during the holiday, i did attend a certain programme organised by AMREF an NGO which was educating the youth on the topic behiviour change and communication, the project which lasted a week attracted many youths in the region who did beneth a great deal we were tought on how to be responsible people in the society, treating others the rightway and from that intiative

I am Rhoda Mweni, the mother of Mary Toves. I am a single mother who has raised the 5 children alone. We divorced with my husband because of his careless living. fearing to contract AIDS i opted for divorce. My life has been hard. However, i must confess that things greatly took a lively turn when i joined Tushirikiane women group. I am the groups secretary and i have greatly been helped to bring up my family. Mary is joining High school next year. Since May 2012, life has a different label of success

Am Killian Marube. I did finish my class 8 last year and i happened to pass very highly and got admitted to a prestigious high school. I was happy but my happiness was cut shore when I realized that i didn't have enough funds to take me there. My family had been poor and getting money for school fees could prove hectic. However, lady luck struck when I learned that Equity had planned to pay fees for those who had been the best in each district. I was the best in my district is I qualified automatically for the opportunity. I am now in high school and they are paying for my school fees and alongside giving me pocket money. I am really grateful

in a journey of seven children and then parents in the large bunyole area one of the boys simple decided to because thick and responsible. at the age of seventeen and in secondary school the boy started drinking alot of alcohol but more so he become a drug addict where we used to carryu bhang tio school and give others stuident to use hence bad behaviour encouraged. the sitution grew because he cpuld even run of school and home to hide for even a month these triggered the family to help the boy who was very clever in was taken to a childre remand center where he is undergoing counselling. he is incorporating and getting off the vice slowly. thanks to the quick respose by the family

When the hostel of the girl students of Blessed Sacrament Secondary School Kimaanya got fire, The property of the students were burnt including the books,matresses,and their important documents. Kitende secondary school gave them 30 matresses and blankets so that they also like a happy and pleasing life

15 Students Injured In Soccer Class --- MEFU, MOYO ( POLICE
Ascuffle broke out one day between students of Metu and Meyo secondary schools at celesta stadium over choice of sitting position. Students from either school wanted to sit in the position,promoting much officials and the police to call for a toss. Metu ss worn the toss promoting moyo ss students who were already in pavilion to resist the change,the development provoked the two sides throwing stones and the stick wielding students beating one another leaving over 15 students injured. Thanks to the police that interviened quickly before the situation worsened

In April the 7th this year, I met this high school student who was stranded in town and didn't know where to run to or go to. He was a student from Mundika boys high school but was from Nairobi and so he needed to travel back to Nairobi but unfortunately he had been robbed all the money he had so he was just in town stranded and confused. I went with him to Equity bank, withdrew some money took him to easy coach bus station and booked the evening bus for him just before it set off. Since then, I have never met the boy again

Diocess In Homabay District --- HOMA-BAY, KISUMU ( DIOCESS OF HOMABAY
The diocess organisation sponsored under catholoic church has contributed effecietly in charging people lices in homabay district. The organisation reached Homabay in about two years ago and is currently working in eradicating poverty that has been in the dictrict. The organisation first went to islands and areas surrounding lake victoria and saw that many of the people living their were not educated. They went on and saw that the only solution was to sponsor students to continue with other levels of education i.e by establishing polytechnics for standard eight leave outs and paying high school fees for pupils we successfully completed their standard eight. They then spread and went to other parts of Homabay district establishing health centres,Providing door to door V. C. T and even providing food for the old, needy and AIDS infectants. They saw that it was the only way to evadicate poverty in the district that lies near lake victoria. They through their programs have ensured that atleast everebody is educated

For the first time in life, I slept in my own permanent house on the 15th of July this year. For very many years we had been living in a house made of mud and the roof was grass thatched. It was a completely traditional house but when my daughter came back six months ago and started to built a house that is permanent house for us, history began to change in my life and compound and today am really proud of my daughter Janet

After discouraging that there was no nearby secondary school in Kinawataka community, an individual realises the need to put out one students used to move longer distances to go to school, but with the school construction, the students were saved the distance and also the community as a whole benefited because individuals were employed as cooks, ascaries, matrons. The community as a whole

The rural high schools have their girls who are learning faced with a problem of being silent and suffering with the problems facing them rather than opening up. This was tackled by the tysa organisation organizing personell to carry-out a research through individual interviewing the girls through questionnaires and getting the right confidential repot

Mbeere Secondary --- MBEERA, THIKA ( INDIVIDUAL
When I gave birth to my first born at the age of 16yrs I knew that I would never again be able to reach the top of the ladder of education I lost all the hope and did not even want to get myself associated with the people involved with education or those that had gone to school. One day Mrs Buluma came and decided to take care of the young mothers. as I write these story I am confident that one day I will finish my highschool and will go to the university where I will get myself a degree in medicine and continue well thanks to Mbeere Girls secondary school

I am Edwin Esoso aged 19. I have had no parents as they died way back in 200. Well wishers have been of help and they managed to take me to school. This year some one came from Australia and offered to pay all my fees arrears in High School and he will also share in the burden of sponsoring my college fees. Iam excited

Behavior Change Communication --- IKONYERO, KAKAMEGA ( PILLAR PROJECT
I am a student at Ikonyera Secondary school. During two months ago, a certain organisation known as pillar project came to our school and taught as about behavior change communication. We were encouraged to be responsible with our lives and always strive to be good people. We were also advised to avoid vices such as drug abuse and alcohol drinking which not only affect's our health negatively but also trigger us to engage in other activities like irresponsible (premarital sex) and theft. At the end of the day we had actually learnt a lot hence this was really encouraging

Coca-cola(K) company organised a road-show,sports day and fun day in Kakamega. Kids from 4 years of age to old people of 78 years participated in a small marathon that was fun across the age-divide. Sports ranged from bicycle competition,mini-marathon,bouncing castle and a football match between Kakamega High school and Olympic football club. This promoted socialization,peace and unity through the community

Fighting Hiv/Aids In Young Generation --- LYAKINENE, MUBENDE ( TASO
Fighting Hiv/AIDS right away from the young generation can be the best mechanism of lowering the prevelance of the epidermic. The AIDS support Organisation Mubende District(TASO)has continuously visited primary and Secondary Schools and sensitize them about the disease. They also reveal films slowing the effects,signs and symptoms of the disease.

Having no ministerial and parliamentary seat in the government has not stopped MR Nambu from continuing donating computers to various schools more so secondary schools. Of recent he embarked on a program through which Jude Kyanamukoka,st Mary Binasa received free computer sets from the gentlemen . Hence enabling the students to cope with the computer er

My name is Kevin Ouma, i have been in school for the last 11 years and now i am in form three at Guu secondary school in Nyanza. I am also an upcoming artist in the making. I have been working with Katenga for the last 2 years while still in school and now i want to shoot my video for my song. Please may you help me persue my talent please, i will appreciate

I apriciate for what mr director did at school by providing food and security to all students and teachers in school beside that he is making sure all misbihaved students to be given last warning

When Linet finished her primary education six years ago, I wasn't able to take her to high school because I didn't have money. Infact I was thinking of just marrying her off at such a tenderage of nineteen but thanks to her aunt Wilbroda who has sponsored her to start a tailoring course at Busia Polytechnic college. Her performance is really good especially in practicals and I know that by the time she is true with the training next year, she will be a very good perfected tailor

Taking The Responsibilty --- ST. AUGUSTINE, BUTULA ( INDIVIDUAL
I am always full of appreciation to my brother Donnex Juma who since the death of my husband in February , has taken the responsibility of schooling my children who are three in number with the older being in form two while the younger in class six. He has cleared their school fees and one thing is that the two younger ones are in Ebenezer academy while the older is Kakamega Boys High School. I am so grateful to him.

Donating Scholastic Materials To A School --- KICHUYANYI, SOROTI ( INDIVIDUAL
Mr Mike Mukula donated computers and even text books to kichiyani secondary school to help the school to improve on the education s tandards of the school. this came after the school has called different people and welwishers to help in their very issue

The night drew close and she had no idea on what she was going to have as the evening meal.having being left alone by her family.she had to find a way to cope up with life.she had to fetch for herself with little help from her mother which she got without her father's knowledge. Reason being, she refused to vacate with her family and so. her father was not in favour of providing for her at all. Doreen had no choice but to persever for the night with an empty stomach. all she could do was to chat with her fellows through the phone.luckily enough she had met a new pal. Dan. An average chocolate skinned goodlooking young man, who had recently completed high school and was beasy striving to live his life though in his aunt's house. He had just earned a temporary salary after a one week trail in an organisation or rather an institute. In the mid of their conversation through the phone,he asked Doreen whether she had super.she was straight. Dan asked her of what she needed and she spilled it out. All Dan could do was to budget on his earnings and do something for Doreen. Indeed he did. He shoped some few items for her and took them to her place. He needed not any reward but gratitude from her which he got with a warm heart. It was a responsibility which he took that was not meant for him,but he did it from the heart. He could not let go the thought that his friend was going to sleep in an empty stomach yet he had some ability and opportunity to show some sense of friendship, which he did. Though there is more attached to that.she got advice on what to do with her life

On the 13th of March this year I went to Farmview hotel to have lunch. I didn't want any disturbance so I just went there alone I ordered for the meals ate but when I checked in my pocket,I had no money. The waiter was on my neck,he was shouting at me and threatening me with a lot of words. His noise attracted the manager who came out and to my surprise he was Eugiene my high school desk mate. We hugged and when he asked what was wrong, the waiter told him and I thank God Eugiene asked him to God because he will settle bill. I really thanked God

Recently in the month of June school started to experience a financial crisis with many of the schools almost closing before the required or set date if closure. This crisis in schools was due to increase in food prices as a result of shortage of fuel and increased fuel prices with drought that has hit some parts of this country The principals of various high schools complained to the government and sure enough the government released funds to the accounts of this schools something that saw the schools continue with the normal programmes and required of school to clos

Disability Is Not Inability --- N/A, KAKAMEGA ( PEACE MAKERS CBO
Once upon there leaved a boy called Beta Makanga. The boy was born with some challenges on his one leg that has some conigental deformity. He went a school of special need children in Kakamega town he lost his mother somewhere in the year 2002 early. he managed to score 358 marks in his KCPE 2010. He was called at Mbale high school but his father who just a jua kali man. Had nothing about this boys education. I approached the father and I went to see the principal Mbale high school to allow the boy even with little school fees. I took the Father to the Kakamega Central (DEO) District Education Officer to write us a supporting letter to allow this boy at school. He did so and we took him with accompanied by his father called Makanga. The boy is doing well and his was among the first top 10 at his stream. May God be with this challenged hero boy

Education Is The Key Of Life --- SHITAHO, TRANZOIA ( INDIVIDUAL
I am 16 years old and am in form two student in a secondary school in St TERESA's SINYERERI. I am bright boy since I passed my KCPE exams well. I always pay attention in class but when exams come the results are not good and this quite discouraging. When I do my exams I walk away feeling I will perfom well but afail. Please if you need my care give me an advice on how I can improve my grades I would like to be a journalist or a teacher in future. If you want to give me advise please contact my father through 0702289147 or sent an sms.

Issue Of Free Sanitary Towels --- KHAYEGA, KAKAMEGA ( AMKENI WAKENYA
I am Ann kanini. I am a student at Mukumu Girls High School. Last term,my school happened to be one of th e beneficiary of the project stipulated by Amkeni Wakenya UNDP,an NGO. The project which aimed at the issuing free sanitary towel to women and girls within the locality was a success as it benefited many. My fellow students were happy,including i,as this meant that we could save a lot which could have been spent in purchasing the towels. The poor students were helped and this turned out to be a major boost

One girl who had been denied by her parents that she has to stop schooling,because there had no need of educating girls,the parents told her to stay home so that the brother to get feed for him to finish his forth course. The girl followed the rules and words of her parent and stayed at home but she was not satisfied. The girl was a good girl. Then one neighbor saw this was not good. She went and talked to her parents why they did that but her advice was in vain. The neighbour decided to take the girl to school far away from the village. The girl went back to school and work more harder. The neighbour decided to school her all through secondary schools. The girl is now i form one

The Strike At Our School. --- KACHEERA, RAKAI ( SCHOOL
After my senior six, i started teaching in a certain secondary school in our village. I was paid less but it was not all available. After a certain period, we went on strike and we refused to give exams to students, the students reacted when they saw the headmaster. The students reacting against the headmaster for using their money and he fails to give them exams. The students started throwing stones at the teachers and it was the police that chased away the students

An Auspicious Organization --- NEIGHBORHOOD, DISTRICT ( EQUITY BANK
It all happened about five months ago after the K. C. P. E results were announced. One of my friends Lucy Wanjiru had four hundred and twenty one marks in her K. C. P. E. The problem was that she could not afford anything needed in school. She had been called to Naivasha girls high school, a provincial school in Naivasha. The expenses were too many for her and her family to withstand and so they withdrew from the tight.she was almost despanding to continue with her education when an organization by the name equity bank came to her rescue . They decided to help the well performed but unable students to pursue their education upto form four or even after passing well in form four . This was as result of the form one admission performance. The were providing anything , merely anything including textbooks and school fees. Both her and her family were very happy for their golden help and assistance. She was atleast able to enroll to school an d for the time being she is continuing with her education. There are a lot of beneficial in as home area and also countrywide Everybody who has continually benefited from them is showering them with praises for their good work . Thanks to God they rescued her and many others who were in need. I also feel happy for their recognition.

My name is Lusiola James. I am a student at Muhanda Secondary School. A CBO project has been of great help to me and my fellow friends. After installing a certain project called behaviour change in our community mainly targeting the youth,we enrolled for their lessons and at the end of the whole practise,we had actually gathered alot of youths. Much of which even our own parents had never told us about our sexuality and how to respond to the opposite sex. We also learnt the HIV/AIDS scurge and sexually transmitted diseases and mind you,we learnt alot. A lot of youths have changed in our community and we awe our thanks to them

Jack had impregnated Jane, both were students at Langata secondary school. Jane had to drop out of school to become a mother. Soon after Jack completing his college and earned himself a job, he went for jane together with his baby son. The idea was to take back jane to school and college since he was the one responsible for her drop out. Thus he managed and Jane has just completed her diploma course in Nursing awaiting her posting

Last month form two students in our school had a misery or an accident that would have lost them lives. They were doing a lab experiment of preparing hydrogen gas and without knowledge, their teacher allowed the gas to mix with oxygen and another mistake he did was to light a matchstick because he wanted to test the presence of hydrogen. The moment he lite the matchstick, the whole set up blew up and pieces of glass thrown in the air. Some students were cut and others burnt down. Thanks to our laboratory technicians who came to their rescue and applied bases on their skin to neutralise the acids and some were quickly rushed to the Nangina hospital after being done the first aid

An Orphan Being Helped --- KATWE, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Naluyima fausta is a young girl in Katwe village in Uganda. She is an orphan and had stopped going to school at the age of twelve she had started working in a nearby hotel because she had no school fees. During the period of political campaigns one of the candidates who was contesting for member of parliament(mp)new about this young girl and promised to give the girl school fees until she finishes high school. Fausta says she is now a happy orphan

My name is Ida Ouma, I am eighteen years old and a form four student at Our Lady of Mercy Girls Secondary school. During the month of March I was really troubled because I thought that I won't be able to register for my KCSE exams. Two days to the deadline, yet my parents had not yet found the money. I felt so weak and I just couldn't concentrate on my studies. A time came that I couldn't just hold my tears, I cried untill the Principal Mrs Pamela had compassion on me and decided to pay for me the registration fee. I was so relieved when she finally confirmed to me that I had registered for the exams

Going Green House --- INGWE, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
The story I'm about to narrate will always be with me for as long as I live. Growing up I have always heard a person for the Environment. Having finished my college, I came back home to search for employment. I met a local NGO named WEWASAFO(Western Water and Sanitation Forum)who were conducting a pilot project on the use of the green house in local schools. I later joined hands with Mr. Humphrey Burads the director of the NGO and helped the project achieve it's dream of giving at least one green house to the primary and secondary school in the village. This would enable them plant vegetables so that they use and also sell to the local markets and earn revenue from it.

Many children face many challenges in life after their beloved mothers and fathers have passed away. Mostly they get neglected in the community. Sometimes they find themselves involving in different activities which is beyond their age like working as house girl or shamba boy. This actually denying them their right of getting education. Few children who passed through this difficulties got rescued by an organisation called Christian Life Community Kenya. This organization donated money to build a secondary school, where the needy students could go and get education. They build one school in Kibera slum called St Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School through partnering with a Jesuit Chaptine Father Chalton Jerry. Now many students have benefited through this kind of help and these children also go back to help the community through offering free voluntary services

I met a young boy of about fourteen years who looked very intelligent throughout the period i shared with him. When i was about to leave,i troubled him by demanding to know why he seemed not to be at the right place at that time ie school. The answer he gave me was that his parents cannot afford to pay his school fees in a local day secondary school. I felt uncomfortable and we arranged to meet at their home to access the situation which turned out to be true. I later learned this with a local government agency which visited the home and recorded what they saw and promised the family to be patient and await the outcome. The outcome could be positive or negative

In my community i have seen many changes for example from our Government, NGO,s and well wishers; from the positive change i have seen, i had my cousin who unfortunately loss her parents three years ago. After all burial programes my mother took her to Nairobi to cater for her basic need and also took her to the nearest school to class seven in Jamhuri primary school. In the year 2009 she did well in her final exam KCPE which she attain three hundred and fifty total marks. Unfortunately Equity Bank took charges of her High school expenses which my mother wasn't capable of. Sincerely we give thanks to well wishers of Equity Bank of Kenya

There was a girl who was in form 2 in our nearby community secondary school,who usually when he had been made pregnancy she usually abort. Recently he was mad pregnancy and he fried to abort but it didn't happen like she wanted. He was advised by the village women that abortion is a crime and she must that bore a baby. She fake in account the advice and she is now with a baby girl

leon musamba has never lost hope of acquiring knowledge through the hardest way. After the separation of his parents in Nrb, he was forced to stay with his granny in Siaya under the harsh climatic condition which he had never experienced before. He was forced not to join his secondary school which he acquired after scoring well in his KCPE exam because his mother could not afford the school fees for his boarding school. He toils for his school fees and many are the times stays out of the school, the climate does not favour him like his brothers and is always down with malaria and jigger. But he has learnt never to loose hope. He believes that one day things will change for the better for him and his brothers

When I went back to my former high school to collect my form four KCSE exam certificate, I was shocked to be told that I couldn't be given the certificate because I had lost the school three text books. I almost cried when I had the news because I actually needed the certificate to apply for a college that very day. I rushed back home and spoke with my aunt Jessica who bought for me the books and I was able to get my certificate that very day, I applied for a course at zetech college and only last month I got my admission letter which requires that I join the college in August

Last year I was in STD eight which I use to worked hard in, when K. C. P. E was just around the corner I put more effort and worked hard and revice the passed papares, when the exam of K. C. P. E started, I was able to do it and always pray before do it so that God may help me to pass. When the examination was over I was waiting to hear the result, when the result was given out i had that i was the best because i had a max of 390 and I was able to go to a good secondary which I was given a sponsor and now I am working hard in my secondary school so that I may achieve my goals and make my dream come true

In the month of April, there was an advertisement of a sponsorship/scholarship by the Indian government to Kenyan students. At that time I had not got my KCSE certificate because I still owed my former school Kakamega Boys High school a fee balance of around thirteen thousand shillings and this made me feel like I won't manage to apply for the scholarship but thanks to my aunty Regina whom I approached concerning the issue and she sacrificed her money to pay or clear the fee balance. I got my certificate, applied for the scholarship an I am waiting with great hopes for positive results

Our organization has help the near by secondary school called st teresa's secondary school to rise money for buying mabati for building a dinning hall since the student from that school are complaining about how they take their meals,During raining season they suffer alot when taking their meals from their class. Our organization saw that they are suffering since they have some beneficiary in the same school and they decided to donate iron sheets for building the dinning hall

World vision is an organization which helps people most especially the orphans it helps a student in Nyakabale senior secondary school where it pays his fees and provide him with the material neede. World vision also helps other people like the elderly where by it provides them with food and water harvesting tanks to enable them live happily

Construction Of A School --- KAZO, MBARARA ( INDIVIDUAL
Mr John started a school in a village in 2006, this school was founded on christianity, he started teaching and the parents gave him children because of his working conditions he used. This man said that although his school was a christian school but he could also allow other religion in his school.he could also allow religion in his school,he said that his school expanded from seven classes but now he constructed a secondary school. He said that his schools helped a lot of people at their village who did not have much money because he ask small amount of school fees to teachers the children of the country

The Project That Helped To Change The Community --- NATEETE, KAMPALA ( REACHING STREED KIDS UGANDA
Sometime back there were some children who couldn't go to school because of the problem of school fees because their parents couldn't afford the much amount of school fees which was paid in secondary schools. But when their parents heard of a project that used to help those who had no school fees and yet they wanted to go to school and learn,they took their children to that project which is called Reaching Street kids uganda. It was such a good project that it helped many children among which we had those in primary school and secondary schools. Not only helping those with school fees problem but also helped give others some neccessities like clothes,food,shelter only to mention but a few. From then onwards i liked that project because it has helped many children country wide and me inclusive. So i wish other children could come and be helped instead of becoming street kids because the project is healed by merceful people

It it were not for the parents of my friend Paul Kisango, I wouldn't have been registered for the KCSE exams this year given that the registration deadline had almost caught up with me. Paul spoke to his parents concerning my issue and they were so touched to help me because I had also helped their son improve in his studies and performance and so they gave Paul the registration money and he came and gave to me. I went, paid the fee and today I atleast have hope because I would be sitting for this years KCSE exams

Getting Scholarship --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( EQUITY BANK
Peter Kaggia is my name. I am a form one student at Starehe Boys center. i remember sometime at the start of the year. When the results of the primary's national examinations were out managed to be among the tops having passed very highly. I got a call at my current school (one of the best schools in the country) which left a smile on my face. However, my smile dwindled when I learnt that I dint have enough funds to pay for my fees through high school. I got discouraged, my spirit lay flat and clearly lost hope. However, Equity bank with its initiative of awarding scholarships to top students in the country was of great help to me. They awarded me a scholarship and they have been all along paying my school fees. I am really happy for that kind of gesture Equity bank is portraying

When I went to collect my secondary school KCSE certificate, the principal refused to give me because I had a balance of about thirty thousand shillings. I was frustrated and worried because I urgently needed the certificate to apply for a sponsorship with a certain US based organization. I approached my aunt Leonida Makokha who sacrificed and cleared the outstanding fee balance in three weeks and I was able to get back my certficate. Well I applied for the sponsorship and I am very optimistic that I will be successful

Education Advancement --- ESHITUNGU, KAKAMEGA NORTH ( CDF
My name is Fesa Mutoro from Kakamega North district. In the last six months, my children in High school, form two and three, have been helped by the CDF to pay their school fees. This has left me very encouraged and the children gaining a positive self-esteem so much that now really work hard

Last month in June here in Sigalame Boys High school we had a problem of water shortage in the school something that really made have a difficult time in trying to get water to wash our uniforms, wash our plates, cups and spoons, mope our dorms/hostel and washing bedsheets and even taking a bath or shower. The problem which lasted for three weeks was intervined by the area MP the honorable Paul Otuoma who brought engineers who repaired the pump at manana dam and the pump was able to pump water to our dam and the pump was able to pump water to our school and hence the problem came to an end

The Parents Teachers Association of Chavakali High school (PTA) has come up with a program of awarding the better performers. A new program of Ponyoka na Pikipiki for those who get grade A has been introduced. Under the co- ordination of Mr. Indimuli Kahi, the principal and PTA, it has been able to succeed. This has first made students realize that success never goes unrewarded and hence need for them to work smart. Secondly, those who get a chance to go away with the motor bikes it is a source of income to them before they join campus, rather than relying too much on parents

Donating Sports Jerseys --- AWAI, ZOMBO ( INDIVIDUAL
Mayo secondary school was donated two full set of Jerseys for both girls and boys as away of promoting sports in the school. This donation was given out the school's old bay in the names of Alaku Abo John

When my daughter got a green card that enabled her to go and work in the US last year, it was a real project to get her fare but thanks to God because she finally succeded and has since the minth of February been paying school fees for her brothers who are in college and high school. She has also sent me money that I have used to open two businesses in town one being a bicycle spare parts wholesale and a supermarket

There was a neighbour who came with her sister in law to Soweto slums. This neighbour at fist she did not show these girls bad heart but after staying with them for four months she chased these girls away at night and these girls had already joined the secondary school they had no where to go. The community neighbours contributed money door to door since they were only left with their brother that the wife mixed up many stories and dirty words. God always there for any person who has and who doesn't have and all the challenges has got ends

Just After the K. C. S. E Results were released early this year in februaly. I was overjoyed with praises from my gurdian and friend after i had realised i had got a B+ in my exams. The four years that had me in sheywe secondary school i were not a smooth sail,because of financial problems that strained me getting a good education. Since my parents could not afford to pay my school fees i had to depend on small donations from well wishers and a donor from with the support of WEWASAFO. Even sitting and registering for the exams didnt come that easy untill wewasafo intervened and made sure i did my exams & im so grateful to them for giving me a chance to be able to finish my studie

Finally Admitted --- MAYENJE, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
I really had no money to take my son Victor to form one even though he had performed excellently in KCPE exams having got four hundred and ten marks out of the possible five hundred. Thanks to my brother Gabriel who came in just at the eleventh hour before my son's chance at lenana high school was cancelled. He took my son there and am really happy because he is performing very well

Old boys and girls of Kasawo Secondary School in a bid to promote the education standards at the school solicited money amongst themselves and bought text books of both science and art subjects and handed them to the headmaster to help students carry out research

After scoring 401 marks in primary. Max could not join High school because he could not raise school fees. This is when a friend came on the way and told that he was an organization that was helping the needy students to pay their school fees. Max did not wait he went to that organization and because he passed so well the organization accepted to support him in his school fees only but as per now Max got full scholarship ie the organization is supporting him in everything needed in the school. The efforts of this organization has propelled Max and he is perfoming so well. Foresure this has made to have problems life again because he is always in school. It is doing well and has remain hopefull that life will be good in his side

A midst all the tough times and situations I was going through, I vowed to educate my daughter. His father had refused to take her to school and wanted her to be married off at form one but I was against the idea and took the burden to educate her. today she has brought so much changes in my hoe ever since she got or was employed in the government as a high school in the month of February. She has opened up a business for me and helped clear her younger brothers school fees

Helping The Community --- MADENDE, NAMBALE ( INDIVIDUAL
This well was not dug for me and my family alone but my son Joshua Kudoi financed its construction for the purpose of helping the members of my community who for a very long time had been walking for over ten killometres upto Madende secondary school to fetch water for drinking and use but today the useful resource is here with us and I am very glad to my Joshua who dis this wonderful thing

Two days to the restration deadline is when my uncle Bristone Wandera came to school and paid the two hundred shillings required for my KCSE exams registration giving the hope that I will finally sit for the exams. Before then, I was a really stressed up fellow who was not able to concentrate in his studies or do even concentrate in class when the teacher was reaching but all this disappeared when the headteacher finally confirmed to me that I was finally registered

Not long ago a school in my village was up raised to a secondary school. The news spread so fast among the community in the village and other villages too,everyone was happy about the information little did they know that it came with responsibility. There was need to upgrade the class and other facilities and even two staff to catter for the large number of expected students. A good Samaritan through came and gave a helping hand by providing six computers sets and a trainer to the school. The computers are currently used by the students for the lessons. These was truly a good gesture.

Employers Should Respect Their Employees --- KACHERA, RAKAI ( SCHOOL
Iwas a teacher in a certain secondary school. I worked for two terms but its unfortunate that the headmaster did not pay me any single coin When it came to time for exams, I decided not to give any exam to students. The headmaster persuaded to me to give exams to students claiming that he will pay me at the end of the term. When i completely refused to give exams the headmaster gave me all the money i demanded and i gave them the exam

Chavakali has always been a school of choice for many. Many people from the neighboring homes have always wanted their children to join the school. To some it is a nightmare not because they do not have the required marks to join the school but because they lack money and more of this happened to even the parents who pay ht e fee in instalments when the school was pronounced a national school, the school fees had to be increased hence most the parents could not afford the fees. Having realized that school fees was not paid by many of the student parents, the school principal decided to fund the students who were not able to pay school fees having learnt that most of them were orphaned and hence could not afford the fees. He called his friends and all the teachers and decided to raise funds for the students and raising two hundred thousand shillings to fund the students for the first time

After my father was buried in February, I started to make and burn bricks which I sold and the money I got from it I have used to pay my high school fees and some for food while some I have saved so that when an through with my `O` level studies this year I will be able to have a good amount to enable me join college and continue with my studies for a better tomorrow

Helping The Needy Educational --- SILANGA, NAIROBI ( CAROLINA FOR KIBERA
This is a non-governmental organisation that carriers out many activities and among them including offering scholarship to needy and intelligent students who regularly participates in the organisation's activities and programs. Many students have benefited from this program since they have attained their high school and university education which they could have not achieved otherwise.

Enterprise Development --- , ( WEWASAFO
I am self employed says Sophie. We are a group of women (10) that have jointly come together, we have taken a loan and we are selling maize in our community on wholesale. Since there is scarcity of maize, we sell 60 bags every week. We take a lorry jointly and travel to areas where we have plenty of maize. Our business is really doing well, we are in a better position of buying our own vehicle for business, we have gone a step ahead ass a group. People admire us but they can't match our success with them. Last year I almost died of poverty but right now my life has changed I am having enough money to feed my family and pay fees for my children who are in a high school learning

My story is about helping the needy which was organized by the 'NEEDY' Organization. The needy were the students of my school who were about six of them in total. That day we held a meeting in the school dinning for helping those needy students who lacked secondary school fees from term one term three. We prepared well and after starting with a prayer the principal spoke for a moment then we started offering what we had. Principals from other schools had come and they all donated50,000 the teachers donated 34,600 and we pupils donated 32,000. Some of the principals who joined the meeting late, donated a total amount of 50,900. Some parents donated 24,850. At the end the money was enough to pay for the needy pupils and the organization succeeded

I am Jane Malenya. I am 17 years old. My parents are very old and have not been able to be very supportive to my education and up keep. I am currently in Form three. I have been in and out of school for quite some time since I joined High school. This year, a volunteer from Germany began to support me (since March 2012) I have really found a boost to my academic needs as a result

In our village, girls education is something that is not so much emphasised and infact once a girl reaches class eight that is it, he either remains at home to help the mother and learn lessions of marriage or goes straight to get marriage. For me it almost happened to me but I thank God because in February a certain aunt of mine called Diana Akamu took me with her to Nairobi and took me to school and currently I am a form one student at Kahawa Sukari high school

Getting a chance or rather being admitted in a high school class this year was a dream that to me never was. Where could I get the school fees from when my own parents couldn't even be able to afford a two meal course for me and my three brothers. But thanks to the Neema Women Group director Mary who took the responsibility and ensured that I got admitted in Butere girls for my O levels. It's just amazing and a dream come true

Grace caught pregnant when she was very young. After her father realized her situation he chansed her away. The father of her baby also denied her. She use to go round house to house washing peoples clothes. She dropped in Std six. A saviour who saw this girl was very disappointed. She took her and asked her many questions. Grace expressed his situation and Esther took her to her house. Grace conceived a baby boy and she went back to school. The baby was taken by Esther and he is doing well. Grace completed high school, her boy in now in pre-unit with Esther. He is now in college soon she will be graduating. Thank for the woman who helped her

Poor Pupils And Students --- TRANS-NZOIA, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
My heart bleeds for the rural poor children who are in secondary and primary school who have to contend with extreme challenges to sit the same exams that their private schools sit. I am in a poor family and i am in form two at St. Theresa's high school although the whole of this year i could not participate in class. Remember i will do my national exams without questioning and with my friends who came to school throughout and remember my parents want me to pass and through the society and all nation by injecting equity and national integration in the new policy

Electricity Extension --- KATWE, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Kiwangoala Secondary school had for power extension though delayed by the government's to put the programme into implementation yet the students eagerly wanted power to enable them conduct night preps. In trying to respond to the school's call, the area member of parliament for three electricity poles that were need to access power at the school. Night preps have since then caught mantum

Promoting Volley Ball Sport --- ZOA, APAC ( INDIVIDUAL
Sports equipments worth twenty million siblings were given to over four secondary school's to improve and promote the volley Ball sports, the equipment given out induced volley ball nets, balls, among others. All there were donated by Jean Rosscow a French ma

Apart from teaching students on how to use pads but also each girl was given a packet of sanitary pads to help them in menstruation period because some fail to get a way of stopping blood from staining their clothes. This development was spearheaded, initiated and implemented by Family planning Association of Uganda. This was at St Edwards Secondary school at Nyamtyubore

The people of Kihunguro area lost hope as their girls got pregnant every few months. Many of them dropped out of schools and did not get back as they sat at home taking care of their children these forced them to go and get married which made them to be illiterate but as days went by Mr Obote decided to build a secondary school and gave these young mothers a second chance now they can go back to school after finishing their giving birth and can now continue with their education. This has given them hope again

It was in the year 2010 when one of my friends sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. The boy did very well and managed to scoop 380 marks out of 500 marks. The boy came from a humble background. His father was a security guard and mother was just a housewife. They did not have enough money to cater for their needs. This made the boy lose hope of joining a secondary school since they could not afford to pay for school fees. The boy was so frustrated and he was suffering alot because of the fact that he could not continue with his education. Luckily as other students had began joining secondary schools, The boy's headteacher in primary school decided to take the burden and educate the boy.

Moles and morality is a topic that I had never got its concept since last year when we staarted handling the topic and so any question that came in the exams with regard to the topic I automatically failed. Today I thank my friend Victor who since we reopened this year has been doing chemistry discussions with me concerning the topic and has greatly helped me to understand some major concepts in the topic and my performance in chemistry has greatly improved

After I finished standard eight national examination I was among the top students that had passed there examination. Coming from a poor family I did not have any one to pay my secondary school fees. As days went by other pupils I had finished with joined there secondary schools except me. One day some Indian missionary came to my rescue they took me to school. Although am now in form one after staying at home for one year I know I will finish my education and pass well

Global Giving Storytelling Project --- NAMBALE, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
I finished my secondary school but did not have the money to pick my certificate so that I could join the college. I struggled to get the money so that I could be able to get my certificate. Thanks to Global Giving Storytelling project in the community I got a job of writing and I was paid and now I have my certificate back

Promoting And Encouraging Science Subjects. --- KAKIRI, WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
The love to promote and encourage science subject amongst students as a mechanism of fighting unemployment saw the former vice president giving out science textbooks varying from agriculture, physics, biology and agriculture to Hill side secondary school in lwantama wakiso district

Being a timekeeper in high school is very challenging to me. At times people or rather students come to you and ask you not to ring the bell on weekends simply because they are tired. Sometimes i always feel for them and i just ignore ringing the bell during the morning preps especially during weekends something that makes teachers complain so much while students enjoy it

After I joined high school I started developing some problems. Everyday I would struggle with my stomach. I was admitted on several occasions but I did not get well. I was then refered to another hospital where I was found to have some growth after an x-ray was done on me. One day I was going through my work wondering how I would get some help to undergo an operation my class teacher Mrs Mtema came to my rescue she offered to pay for me. Now I am well.

Fundraising In School --- MWINYALA, KAKAMEGA ( CDF
It was important that rains poured down heavily. Trees were uprooted and buildings destroyed. Mwinyala secondary school was one of the schools that faced a problem of housing when the roofs of the buildings were blown off by the strong wind. The CDF project came and tried to make both ends meet and ensuring that the students are working despite of their conditions. This had a positive impact because at the end of the KCSE exam, it was among the best schools in the community

The people of Siambi village in ikolomani District western Kakamega county were shocked and us well suprised by the results released by the minister for education prof. Sam Ongeri. Siambi secondary school had performed so well to the suprise of teachers parents but not the students. The students who lacked adequate physical infrasture such as classes, laboratories had to cope with difficulties but to the determination of the students and teachers they beat the odds to be ranked among the best schools in the county . Because of the exceptional results the constitutiency Development fund gave money to build a labaratory and have adequate teachers and staff.

Daisy Diana hails from Siaya county and attended precious Girls High School, Riruta Nrb courtesy of the wings to fly scholarship. She is a second yr and shows on exceptional brilliance, she is always at the top , a position she is not willing to relinguish. Her performance has been against an unflattering background. her mother is a casual labour and has other school going children and could ill afford to pay for her education. daisy aspires to be a lawyer in future. She thanks the Equity Group and master card foundation for their care and love for her and the sacrifice they undergo to pay her fees

He Dropped Out Of School --- MANDIKA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
While in high school, my son Derrick was so much addicted to secular music such that every weekend he would escape from school to go and dance in the high clubs and jam sessions. I tried everything I could to stop him including taking him to guiding and counselling sessions but all was in vain He went on like that until he dropped out of school in form three and today he is struggling to make ends mee

Free Male Circumcision --- GAYALA, MASAKA ( MARIA STOPES
Ever since it was asserted that circumcision lowers one's chances of contracting HIV/AIDS, Maria Stopes have continuously offered free male circumcision to the community more so in the secondary school. This is really a good idea because in some places it is paid yet some people be unable to meet such cost

I am the principle of Sikenya high school recently school got burnt down by the unknown people as days went by i did not know what to do pupils all slept outside and did not have a place to eat there food as the dining had been converted into a dormitory. One day I called the citizen radio and one presenter Mr Obachi was there he was good to me and encouraged the people to help me build other classes now I have build the dormitories and my pupils are doing well.

Walking Together --- NGARA, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Jamhuri high school is an institution whereby students are all day scholars ,Students from every background are present those from very high social class and those from the lowest class as well. Many students come different places in Kenya whereas the school is situated near the city centre. It require cash for students to use as to move out of school and back home. Thus parents need to provide for the sons. A quarter of the Jamhurians students and less privileged as well making most of these students to miss school due to lack of fair to take them to school to attend classes and to enroll with the careers at heart. Missing of classes and lessons makes the performance of the school to go down in terms of mean grade. In 2010 the students council came with an idea of students who were privileged to provide for less privileged and its was titled the porola matatu initiative which the students involved in the management went round the school classroom from one to form four seeking out for little contribution which in any way hopes the orphans were not privileged. After math the performance of the school started improving and till today the initiative which was initiated by the student council in 2010 those are students in authority in that year countries to run today as we speak

Hiv/Aids Awareness And Adolescence --- SABATIA, VIHIGA ( INDIVIDUAL
4 years ago i can still remember my c.p.e from one students CRE is a christian syllabus of Kenya both in primary and secondary school it teach students into good students with christian values. His name was Mr Gabriel Barasa he used to inspire us anytime he got into class. Every CRE lesson apart from the normal classwork he would teach us about HIV/AIDS. His words encouraged us motivated us and modeled us into what we are today

Lack Of Secondary School Fees --- KIBERA/SIRANGA, NAIROBI ( EQUITY BANK
Many students in the community pass the K. C. P. E Examinations but due to the lack of secondary school fees they do not go to secondary schools and rather turn to be casual labourers some organisations have tried to help but some people representing the slum in the organization embezal the funds and the school fees provided does not help the studen

There were many children who were living orphans. In KAWANGWARE BUT THIS CHILDREN ONE OF THEM everyday has sadness fact and he was sixteen years old and he finished her class eight in+ a school called Voice of yark Primary School but the government helped her and move out of sadness and now he is in form one at St. Abida Secondary school and her life has been changed

Form One Admission --- MAYENJE, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Were it not for councilor Ogeya, I would never have joined form one this year because my parents had no single cent to take me to high school even though I had done so well. However, councillor Ogeya came home and told my parents that he was willing to sponsor my education because I had done well in my KCPE exams having been emerged top in the District. I was so happy when he and my parents finally took me to school in the last week of February only three weeks after my fellow form ones had joined

The Day To Recall --- FEM, KITALE ( TYSA
It was on saturday morning that i wake up early in the morning to prepair my journey to TYSA. The journey was so sweety until i reach my destination. For sure the chinese did so much when they said everything as an and.we started to play with Geta which was first game. We were so courage but we did not get even a single goal. After the match was over,we all went for a rest of ten to fifteen minutes,then we went back to field with Hilario secondary school. They just knocked us with 4 goals to 0. Then the march was over

Just after the K. C. S. E Results were released early this year in february. I was overjoyed with praises from my guardian and friend after i realised i had got a B+ in my exams. The four years that had me in shey we secondary school i were not a smooth sail,because of financial problems that strained me getting a good education. Since my parents could not afrord to pay my school fees i had to depend on small dodnations from well wishers and a donor from with the support of WEWASAFO. Even sitting and registering for the exams didn't come that easy until wewasafo intervened and made sure i did my exams im so granted to them for giving me a chance to be able to finish my studies

Giving Back To The Community --- JAMUHURI, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
J. J Rupeal is a European individual, who sponsors jomhuri high school students. he sponsors the best student in academies that is student who become the best in other respective classes. in jomhuri high school, every form contains or its made up of six streams thus totally upto twenty. four class-rooms. J. J Rupeal is a wealthy man who believer in education & properity aftermath. this man has dedicated his money to pay for students after respective classroom which are twenty four as said earlier and hence yearly he pays school fees for the whole year for twenty four students. because of his continuous help to students he has contributed much in making the moral of this students high and the students helped now are universities, colleges and many doing their professional occupations. this man is one of a kind till now he is helping students in jomhuri and also their parents as well.

Amasaka senior secondary school there came a woman who had a child that had a problem on her head The child was 1 year old but she appeared as if she had heads for three peopl. The mother of the child wanted money so that she can take her daughter in the hospital to release some water from the head of the child The students collected money and gave the woman 200,000/

Die Hard Learner --- GEM- YALA, SIAYA ( INDIVIDUAL
While in the Remand, Gibson had a chance to go back to school since he was a drop put. Come end of last year he sat for his KCPE and passed very well. he acquired good marks and got a chance to join a provincial school. Luckily, he was through with his sentence and got a scholarship to enable him continue with his studies, He is in form one at Sawagongo High School. he hopes to accomplish his dream.

Development Of Mbarara --- KENYATTA, MBARARA ( INDIVIDUAL
MP This is a person who helped people in regions of Mbarara by providing Educational Units with computers more especially in secondary schools hence developing Education Sector. Secondly this man has helped the infrastructure of the area by constructing the roads in Mbarara and even building good and permanent government building hence contributing tot the development sector

Phyliz okwemba is my name. I am 17 yrs and a form three student at Lugulu Girls High School. My single parent(mother) had not been in a position to pay my school fees since she lost her job some two years ago. When I was in form two lack of fees on my part was a real problem and I could frequently be send home. In the process I was missing classes and this really reduced my perfomance. We looked for a sponsor but we didn't get. Luckily our church pastor noticed my problem and decided to help me. From then he has been paying my school fees and in class I haven't dissappointed because I am working hard. I am happy and I see hope in my future

Apada A Helping Partner --- IMBIGA, MBALE ( USAID
In vihiga county there came an organization named (APADA) from USAID. This organization came to help those in need in vihiga county. Many people where help with organization like students who were going to secondary school where paid school fees with these organization. Children who came from poor families went back to school,some children who had no clothes and shelter and even food where provided with the organisation. My family and my friends where also assisted by the organisation. In the past you could see people walking with tored clothes when the organisation came you couldn't see anybody wearing tored clothes. I could thank the organisation and continue with that spirit

In our school Mahikalo Primary schoo. We had a student who was really working so hard and was always the first one in class. She came out to be the top girl when we finished our KCPE and results came out. it was really a struggle to him but at long last he met a good samaritan who came in to assist. Where I was leaving getting food was a big problem and even things they needed in school. This good Samaritan helped untill I joined form one in Mukumu boys secondary school. I am really working hard to achieve my goals. I know nothing is hard to achieve when you work for it. I want to go up to the university and finish then get a job

My name is Joseph Wanyama. i finished my class eight two years ago after which I passed highly with flying colours. i got admitted to a national school but I was sad when I learnt that i couldn't make it to the school due to my poor parents. i looked for funds in many areas but i couldn't get. Even sponsors were hard to get. Luckily a friend of mine who knew my background introduced me to a certain organisation named ACCESS. I sort help from them after which they accepted to pay my fee all throughout high school. I am now in school and my dream of becoming a doctor has been received

My name is Namala Lucheli. I am aged 40 and the secretary of Tinyilila Women Group in Kakamega North district. We are supporting the less fortunate in society. Since July this year we helped 15 children to have their education support and we intend to see them through to High school. We are linking them to donor who could really change their lives

My name is Everlyne Anyonyi. I am one of the beneficiaries of Township Self Help Group. I got into problems 9years ago while i was still in secondary school as i was caught up in a mess due to bad company as well as from my peers. They diluted my determination to concetrate on studies there by making me become pregnant at an early stage in life. This exposed me to a very tough life as a young mother. Township Self Help Group was instrumental to my building of self esteem in 2009 as being plugged into a low state like this was. They also cauncelled me and built my morale. They also supported me with material things including the very basic needs in life. Everlyne Anyony

Due to poverty Kenyans could not get basic education and society remained iliterate for hundreds of years. The cost of living was increasing at a rate that many poor families which live on less than a dollar could not manage to supply necesities for schooling. The Kenyan government with help from some donors started a program that introduced free primary education in 2007 and even reduced fees in secondary schools which has made many families in western access education at a low cost

It was 18th February 2011 when Ugandans elected their new leader (President and members of parliament. In mawokota south mpigi district people elected mrs Amelia Kyambadde. This lady (member of parliament)has done alot to constituency. She has been able to renovate roads,schools,hospitals that is dispensaries, The leader has facilitated the construction of wells,provided text books to both primary and secondary schools,and gives bursaries. This woman leader has also improved on the farming systems where by she has provided some young animals and birds in the start such as piglets,chicks to farmers. This woman leader has really changed the society through provision of small loans to both women&men,well done women leaders

Orphans Needing Help --- MARABA, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASOFA
We live in gramothers house we are three in number I am 18 years old My brother is in class eight and the is young one is in class six . I left school because i could not afford to the secondary school. I have the respon sibility of taking care of my grandmother and my brothes . My live is really difficult . Food is really a basic need and we couldnot afford WEWASAFO has come to help us . We are looking forward to recieving help from the

Neighbours Keeper --- SOUTH C, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Jackie is a tutor at Cleverland Educational centre in South C, during her work, she encountered with a boy who was a drug addict. The boy got this trait from his secondary school (peer group). Jackie counselled him and slowly he is changing

I knocked the door and a beautiful mature and welcoming voice come from inside come in i opened the door and there she was mary the director of Neema women Group ''Hallo my little daughter how can i help you'' It was a motherly voice that gave me a condusion that finally things would go well here. I told her my story of my delay to join from one becouse of lack of school fees and even shopping for myself the next thing she asked was''Are you ready to go back to school she any time soon'' Yes of course'' i replied and guess what that is how i simply joined my high school in misikhu girls high school.

An Auspicious Organization --- NEIGBOURHOOD, DISTRICT ( EQUITY BANK
It all happened five months ago,after the KCPE results were announced. One of my friends Lucy Wanjiru had four hundred and twenty one marks in her KCPE. The problem was that she could not afford everything needed in school. She had been called to Naivasha girls high school,a provincial school in Naivasha. The expenses were too many for her and her family to withstand and so they withdrew from the fight. She was almost despairing to continue with her education when an organization by the name Equity Bank came to her rescue. They decided to help the well-performed but unable students to pursue their education upto form four or even after passing well in form four. This was as a result of the form one admission proforma. They were providing everything ,merely everything inluding text books and school fees. Both her and her family were very happy for their golden help and assistance. She was atleast able to enroll to school and and for the time being she is continuing with her education . There are a lot of beneficiaries in our home area and also countrywide. Everybody who has continually benefited from them is showering them with praises for their good work. Thanks to God they rescued her and her family and many others who were in need. I also feel happy for their recognition.

Kaana Save Chavakali --- CHAVAKALI, SABATIA ( NO ANSWER
Chavakali high school has been laging behind in the music festival in the section of band playing. Chavakali which is considered a big school has been facing alot of embarassment from small school like booker who have became favourites in the bandplaying section of tghe music festival. Madam kanana from japan who is IT expert who offered to by band equipment worth hundreds of thousand. Madam kanana kind gesture has really put chavakali high school on everyone mouth this is because of the songs we play during ceremonies

Njoki finished high school and she had nothing to do at all. In her life she has always been a good looking girl who did not like what most of the idle girls do before she finsed high school. After finishing high school she got bored due to the idleness in the house. She had nothing to do and these got her deep in the mind thinking of what she should do now. It was clear to her mind that there is nothing she can do and this led her to start hanging out with men who were not at any point thoughtful or focused in their life. When a friend of her s saw her getting these far she called her to join and start dancing with jabe dancers to help her utilise some of the leisure time she had. Dance got into her and she found herself spending most of her time dancing

School Fees Problems --- NYENDO, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Am a student at a high school level in a certain school in Nyendo town. In 2010 October. I was approaching my "O" level final exams but i had a debt of school fees that my parents had failed to pay because they had no money. Owing to this debt that a was being demanded, there was no nay any possibility of sitting for exams. As i was swimming in a pool of tear , there came my church mate who i nerated that story to. This man paid huge chunks of money for me and i was able to sit for my "O" level final exams and now am continueing with my studies.

Equitable Assistance --- KA- LAZARO, BONDO ( INDIVIDUAL
After completing his KCPE exams Richard Owino has passed considerably well but lacked school fees that could see him join a good secondary school. His parents tried their best to look for the necessary finances but no avail, and finally all hope seemed to have been lost, Equity Bank came in a very big way. Offering a full paid sponsorship for Richard who soon joined Maranda High School. He is set to sit for his KCSE this year and is forever greteful to Equity Bank.

I still recall the year 2010 when my cousin finished his Kenya certificate Education (K. C. P. E). He managed to score 380 marks out of possible 500 marks. He was called in a provincial school by the name Vihiga. Unlucky for him ,could not join that High school he stayed at home for around two to three months since opening day. He tried to write letters for sponsorship application in organisation like Jommo Kenyatta Foundation (JKF) but did a fundraising meeting but out of 25.000 they could only raise six thousand. The student decided to join a local school by the name Raila high / Education centers located in kibera slum. Better enough the boy was walking on his way to Olympic and met on a notice board, that carolina for Kibera wanted to sponsor 160 students. The boy was given a form to fill in and after a few months , he bubbled with incredolous joy. Today he is studying peacefully

Brighter Future --- SOUTH MUGIRANGO, KISII ( CDF
Well wishers have turned out to sponsor two students in Gucha south who have gone back to school to complete their studies years after dropping out. Isaac Obare 42, sat K. C. P. E examination 23yrs ago and failed the proceed to proceed to secondary due to lack of fees, but he joined form one last year. He is a father of three. At neighbouring school, 22yrs old Joan Chebet is also back in high school after dropping out four tears ago. The South Mugirango Consistuency Development fund Committee paid the students school fees for two years. Committee secretary Julius Orangi visited the two at their school and their principles were presented with the cheques for 20000 shs each. the money win cater for their fees and pay exams fees for chebet who is sitting her KCSE next tear. The balance will be used to provide leaning materials and other basic needs for the two

In the slums of Mathare at Bondeni village where you walk and abandoned children crying and walking helplessly. Its for this reason that the good Samaritan home came about. Its a home raising more than 300 kids, some who were street kids and others abandoned orphans and vulnerable kids. The home provides food, shelter, clothing and other necessities for them. It Also caters for the kids education needs. The school are all way from university level to the youngest being seven months now. The kids at high school are usually taken to boarding schools and these at the university and colleges as well, this is because the home is very much congested and doesn't provide a conclusive environment for all of them especially those at higher levels. This home is full of young children, so beautiful, some with great dreams until one is left to wonder, what is left of this world if everyone keeps on giving birth and abandon their kids. But thank God for good Samaritan because it has been able to rescue this kids

New Development In The Village --- BURINGALA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Our village had no school and even though other communities are blessed with schools, for us we used to walk to their schools to study there however thanks to the government which has started the project of starting a primary school in the village and even a secondary school. This development is really very significant because it will help reduce the level of illiteracy from our community sitero

My name is Joseph Matwaka I am 23 years old. My home district is Kakamega county I have my siblings, a girl in high school who was almost being thrown out of school because of school fees. In January this year in 2012 a good Samaritan from USA was on missionary work in Kenya and when she was told about of my sister's state he opted to support her until she is through with her studies. She is thus now sponsored to continue with her learning.

Mr Kenneth is really trying in kibera as he is the director of children for kibera. He is not just a director,he is a director with action. Mr Kenneth has really sponsored many kids both in primary and secondary school. But it is only through academic appreciation of good performance that these kids have to appreciate this offer that is rendered to them. The society of kibera is really happy because of what they see. Orphans get an opportunity to go to school and the parent around kibera are really happy. Not only orphans does he cater for but also for those who are able to go school and are not able to pay fee

One of the local young boys, who had come from abroad after doing his higher learning in a re-known University returns to his native home with something big in mind. Due to the long drought that had spread wide across our village, the young man, who at that time had a lot of money in hand, sought to dig several boreholes in order to provide water to the natives. He brought with him highly professional engineers who would dig the boreholes with modern machines

In Kitale district,Sinyereri a boy dropped out of school due to lack of school fees.he decided to chip in business which could atleast give him some money to go back to school. As he was his father saw this. He went and talked with the father of the child on the issue. He tried to tell him on the benefit of taking a child to school instead of abandoning him. The father felt really that he had done a mistake he went and took the boy to school. luckily the boy completed even the high school education

In Tranzoia a girl who had dropped out of school because of her parents, one being and the mother at home had nothing to pay for her schooling After dropping out chore duty at home to wash clothes in homes for her to be paid. After some times that is two years his dad was set free. He was week and could not do anything good to help his daughter. well wishers came in and tried to help the family cope with the situation. After some time family was abale again to stand up the family was able again. Their doughtier was taken and work again. Their daughter was taken back to school and she did well. She back to school and she did well.she completed her high school student and currently she doing well with lur computer studies

I am a girl aged 17 and I learn in the Sacred heart Mukumu Girls High school in form two 2011. When I realized that I was an orphan, my hopes had died and I never knew anything about future. When I was still going through life torture, an organization I never knew came on my way. They meant to help those who suffer but intelligent students, whose hopes had died and their dreams shuttered. They were very inspiring and they inspired me not to lose hope but be very optimistic with life. They were like parents to me and advised me to work hard because all was not lost. I took in what they said and to my life has completely changed. i know i have direction which has done extra-ordinary sacrifice for us, they can even took us to visit the ancestral home of the US President Barack Obama. Therefore, they should have credit and provisions to go beyond the region. I am Akinyi leah Elizabeth form Mukumu girls high school

I am a student at Kimang'eti Secondary School in form four East. I remember when I finished my class eight, my parents had no way of helping me join high school since they were born in poor families and therefore had no finances of helping me out. I passed my exams well and it was by good luck that William Saya who is the GSU commandant decided to intervine and pay my school fees in secondary school. Up to now, he stll pays my school fees and i am looking foreard to work hard in life and help my parents from povery.

My name is David Ochoya. i am in musingu Boys High school in form 2 this year kakamega orphans care centre came to my rescue is 2004 while i was hopeless,desparate and orphaned and up until now they have reclamed my life from an ocean of hardship to the shoe, of hope. I am optimistic that one day very soon i shall be a proud achiever of my dream of becoming a surgion. The home has so many children it is supporting and has come a long way. It needs support from all people of good will to accomplish its enemous task of charity

My daughter Elizabeth was just at home doing nothing after she finished high school education. In March, my brother David came to me and talked to me about opening a business to my daughter since she had not passed well to enable her get into a college because her grade was so poor. Elizabeth gladly accepted the idea and David gave me thirty thousand shillings and we invested in the business of fish mongering which my daughter has successfully managed to do and today her business is doing very well

Uplifting Girls --- IKOLOMANI, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
I am student at Musodi girls High school. Girls school within the whole region have had a season after an NGO by the name W. S. F them about 3 months ago. In order to help the women access sanitary towels more cheaply,they have been supplying them to school and villages. In my school,got have been supplied with enough bundles to last them a year. The trend has been encouraging since the girls now are comfortable and happy, and also their perfomance has improved just because of that initiative. They no longer have to spend heavly in accessing these facilities.

Issue Of Free Sanitary Towels --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( AMKENI WAKENYA
A n initiative conducted by Amkeni Wakenga has been of great help to girls and Women in my region. All high schools at the beginning of the year were supplied with free sanitary towels. Ranging from plain girls and mixed schools,all girls benefited from that particular project.this initiative extended to primary school where girls who were now turning to puberty were also benefiting from the same.women too at homes were not left behind since they were also part of the target. This is really encouraging when it comes to helping and empowering the women

Girl Child Education --- EMAUKO, BUTULA ( GOVERNMENT
Girl child education is a programme that has just started to be embrassed in my village here in Emuako recently. Initially girls were not allowed to go to school and even if they went they never studied past high school. However this year the chief has been calling for meetings which were attended by some officials from the Ministry of gender and Social development who have been sensitising the members of this community on the importance of the girl child education. Something that has provoked many parents to take their girls to school. I also benefited because it is after the sensitisation that my parents felt the need to take me to college

Hope Restoration --- KHAYEGA, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
My name is Kepha Alungo, I am a student at Musingu High School. I am currently doing my form three and I hope to complete my high school sometime next year. Well, I may say life for me had proved to be hard immediately my only parent-my mum, lost her job, while I was still in form one. There and then it became hard to get stuff like school fees, shopping, pocket money. I can say life was really hard for me. However, lady luckstruck, when my mother approached a certain organization which was helping poor students with education. They agreed to pay for my school fees for the remaining time in high school and also cater for the other stuff. They have then been doing so and have thus brought hope into my life I am really grateful.

She is my friend living with her uncle (husband to her mother's sister). Colline has gone through hell. She had had a mother who was a matron in the high school where she was for her secondary school education. She could not tell anyone that that was her real mother just because they did not want people to know it and also the mother was sick. She was born out of wedlock and so did not know her dad. The mother later died and so she had no otherwise but to open up and explain the story to the people. It was later realised that the lady was being sponsored by director of that school and she did not want him to know for fear that he would stop surporting her. The director was very sorry for her and decided to educate her even to University level.

Located in Chavakali,the western part of Kenya is Chavakali High Chool,a school known for its good perfomance. A prime Ministers assistant was moved by the perfomance of this school and decided to pay a visit to the school one afternoon. Upon his arrival,he first thanked the students since they were properly behaved and indeed neat. Being a man of busy schedule,he decided to thank the school for making the entire kenya proud and indeed him. Having realised that most students who do well are either the less proviledged and the orphaned ,he decided to pay for all of them school fees and they promised to work hard. Keepind in mind that a promise is a debt,at the end of the form four class,all the students scooped grade 'A'and are due to join universtity soon

Fridah Atwenje has done a great job and also a far reaching contribution for the Welfare of Tisaki support support Group I am her daughter who too has benefited from this group i finished class 8 last year and were it not for the support of this Group my desire to join High school was no going to hold my other accessed a loan and she has continued to carry us through many tricky situations in life Projects mum has started are responding very remarkably for our good including poultry keeping and sugarcane growing which for now assured us of continuity

Somalia is a country located at the horn of Africa that has been plunged in civil war for the past 21 years. The has caused the death of many civilians especially women and children who are adversely affected. Abdul is one of those who ran away from Somalia and sough refuge in Kenya, at first life was not easy since he was still a minor and in a foreign country. Save the children foundation changed all this as it provided him with his basic needs as well as catering for his education. Abdul is due to join high school next year and is forever greatful to the save the children foundation.

A Project That Failed Him To Go To School --- CHERENGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
my neighbourhood friend had troubles with paying school as his parents were poor and could not manage the ailing secondary school fees. after seeking for advise for sometime he decided to start a project of vegetables. he could go to school and then afterwards come and deal with the business. this had happened as he was near a river and he had good access to it. come December the rain started and washed away what he thought would take him to school. upto now he is still at home

UNIVERSAL SECONDARY EDUCATION. This was organised by the government of Uganda coperating with the ministry of education under the president Yoweri Museveni who incouraged free education in schools during his period of ruling which was not their before he became president. UNIVERSAL SECONDARY EDUCATION have made students to complete their studies which could be dificult due to the absence of universal secondary education. Therefore parents and students are happy with this programme of free education secondary schools

A story that an organization helped to change someone's life. There's an organization NAMU FRIENDS self help group that assisted a boy whose both parents were death. The boys parents died when he was in class three whereby an organization took responsibility from there up to fourth form then to college. The boy was a very brave responsible and respectful person. When the boy reached in class eight in the year 2007 and obtained 380 marks then the organisation took him to secondary school assisted by Noah Mabunde the chairman of the organization. The organization took a complete responsible of the boy. When the boy reached in the fourth form he got C+ after which he was taken to Nairobi Aviation College Busia Branch,to pursue a diploma course in sales and marketing. Then looked for him employment with Unilever Company on a sales and marketing office. Right now he is staying a comfortable life married and has a family. It has also taken another boy & he's in form four at Chiliba Secondary School. It's a very responsible organization with very disciplined and helpful people.

Boys To Men Initiative --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
My name is Andrew Onyango. Iam 17years old and i am in form three at Kakamega High School. Last year a certain organization named WSF came to our school to launch an initiative named \boys to Men. Its core responsibility was to teach the boys how to be "real men". in being real men,boys were taught on how to be responsible fathers in future,good husbands and stand up for the well being of the society. Vices such as attempting rape,mistreating their wives in future,being irresponsible in heir families,being unfaithful were discouraged. Boys all along have been told to embrace the word of God in ensuring a God fearing society in the near future. Boys have really transformed an there is a big hope for the future

Income Generating Activity --- , ( WEWASAFO
I am Juliet from Maendeleo women group. I am married with 4 children, my husband is a farmer. Life in my house became very difficult when i used to depend on my so called husband. We no enough money to support us. It was a life of struggle especially my first born was going to join secondary school that he needed school fees. I thank God because of the training, loan and support given to our group by the NGO known as Wewasafo. I am now having my own business. I no longer depend on my husband. We eat well and our business is able to generate enough income to support our family. I am able to pay fees for my children

School Fees Cleared --- OJAMII, TESO ( INDIVIDUAL
After my form four,i had stll owed my former high school a fee of twenty thousand and this made them refuse to give me my KCSE certificate unless i cleared the fees. Iwas very frustrated because the fact that i did not have my certificate limited me from doing a lot of things. I shared with my aunt Jackline who cleared the fee balance with my school and i was able to get my KCSE certificate in april this year

Blaze is a enterpreneur who owns a local electronics shop. But the funny thing is that he didnt finish high school,this however didnt deter him in his quest for success and through his knowledge in electronic appliances he started his small business which has since grown

There was a boy in our community who was an orphan. This boy passed very well in his primary school level. There parents died when he was in class eight in road accident. He was supposed to join secondary school but he was not having school fees. He decided to look for a job so that he can help his younger brothers and sisters. This young boy heard that their was a man who wanted to sponsor orphans. He went and communicate with him and he decided to take him secondary school. That boy is very hardworking and he is very respectful to others. The man decided to sponsor the all family. He changed that familys life now they are enjoying and feeling that they have parents

School Fees Payment --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
My name is Jude Akhonya. I am a form one student at Kakamega High School 15 years of age. I remember during prayer day last year, by then I didn't know who will pay my school fees in high school. Since I was totally unable due to poverty in our home. Luckily a certain organisation which had visited us that day promised that whoever was going to be the best student in the K. C. P. E exams in the school, his/her school fees would be paid by that organization. I then saw some hope cause at least I was seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I entered the exam contagiously and worked had throughout until it was over. When the results were out I couldn't hide out my joy because I had happened to be the best student. My school fees is now being paid by them and I am happy

Exploitation At Work --- MUSANDA, MUMIAS ( INDIVIDUAL
Otieno is a young boy who is 17 years old. He has no mother but has a dad who doesn't care about him hence faced to look for ways of survival. Otieno has been waking for people to earn a leaving and to afford finish his class eight education. Its through this hardship that he maneged to 315 marks in KCPE. After KCPE he also had hopes of getting a place in a good Secondary School, but did not manage. Later his uncle decided to take him into a local newly famed secondary schools but on a condition that he will be waking for them Take grazing the livestocks, cleaning the house, washing clothes,cooking among others. Even if he wanted to learn, things were tough and so gave up. He has been struggling hence his going to school has been on and off due to lack of fees, uniform and even food. A well wisher took him in where he offered him a place to sleep and food but was to pay through waking ie waking of bicks and outside catering activities. This made it hard for him but he had managed to stay for the end of his KCSE. He did not perform better ave to too many responsibilities. He scored a D but to run away from that home due to a lot of wak

Introductory To Computer Training --- KIHANDA, MBARARA ( INDIVIDUAL
There has been Introduction of computers in primary and secondary schools by our member of parliament to be taught as a subject. This helped so many children to acquire the knowledge of computer without paying money. This creates job opportunities to children who stopped schooling due to inadequate school fees

After my son finished high school, we had no good money to take him to college but one good thing I did was to help him work on his talent and gift of drawing and painting pictures. The little money I got I invested in this talent by buying him paints and almost everything he needed for this job. This moment or rather as I speak today, he is working with one of the biggest hotels in Western region as painter decorating the hotels in attracive features, drawing some lucrative pictures something that is earning him a good amount of money

My name is Troon Arusi of opharns child care Home in Kakamega Central District. In 2006 I was lucky to join this Home with my brother Tonicafter we had been victms of the loss of our parents. The mistreatment we experienced under the watch of our relatives blocked all peace and imagination of succeeding in life. My uncle with whom we stayed get tired with taking care of us. He abused us and beat us severally for no reason. We were contemplating commiting suicide. One day he sought the help of this Childrens Home for help and they accepted to admit us. We have enjoyed the care and provision of basic needs. We have been taken to school and now my brother and \I are in form three, I am in Chebuyusi High school in Kakamega Central.

My name is Manase Wakhis. I have just completed my form four at Ingotse high school. I come from a poor background which even affected from doing well . My parents are not known where they disappeared to while i was still young they disappeared leaving me with my grandmother who brought me up. She has been sick so far too long. We have had all manners of problems . My grandmother went to seek the assistance of orphans child care in 2006. They declined to offer any assistance. After 2years, they started supporting me . I was in form tow by then. They started paying for me school fees i went on like that until form 4 when i did my kcse in 2010. I pray that i may get another sponsor to help me train. The orphans child care centre now says i am beyond childhood.

The world seemed to have lost meaning to me at that time my parents died in a fatal accident. I had no hopes of living live alone going to school or rather completing my high school education. i tried to do some casual jobs in order to earn a living so as to keep my life going. One day while in church i had about Neema Women Group, a group that was devoted in helping people like me and that s when my life got a new ray of hope. I booked an appointment with the director Mary who promised to help and sure enough she did. She took me back to school and now am full appreciation to her even as i prepare for my final exams KCSE

My name is Lucy Aquilina formally of Namirama Girls High School. I was supported to learn there by Orphan Child Care Centre as a result of the demise of my parents. Together with me was my sister with whom we joined this orphanage in 2000. We were given full basic needs ( care, and education , from Primary up to Form 4 secondary level . I worked hard but did not do very well as I hoped to. my wish was to repeat Form 4 , score much better then go to University so as to pursue a degree in Medicine but I have been unsuccessful in finding further assistance . This Orphanage has so many children and does not allow in any people above 18 years . I pray that I may get a sponsor to help me mould my future through college

Provision Of Free Sanitary Towels --- SHIEYWE, KAKAMEGA ( AMREF
My name is Aisha Sisewe. I am a student at Shieyiwe secondary school. My school is mixed,which means it has both boys and girl. Over last term,we had a priviledge to be paid a courtesy call and warm visit by AMREF,an international based NGO. It was actually nice for such an organisation for its colibe to settle in our peremiters. There were on a mission,in the school had thus a reason to smile after the organisation distributed free sanitary towels for their usage as they conduct their studies effectively. It was pretty nice

It's today when i am suffering and it's today or now when i have regreting the chance i lost. I get a chance, and i was registered in maddo That organisation was ha hepling children in need orphans and disable people at large But iwas sponsored until primary seven. Although my results was not as better as needed but i had a chance also to join any secondary school . But satan deceved my to stop from their. But my fellow children have been develo developed spiritually and accademically because maddo has helped them very much. It has payed school dues,It has given them water tanks and some physical needs for using. This organisation has o plan of holding it's children to astage of getting jobs.when i see that i regret regre

Free Education --- NAMASUBA, KAMPALA ( USE
Children or student are not able to study even for free in secondary schools. Also they can study for free and also just have to study only. This means that there was a kind of help that was given to students of secondary. This has created a large class of non- Ignorant people. People now have adequate education because this free- education is now good and even the poor can study

Hiv Aids Testing --- , ( PILLAR PROJECT
We the mavuno through the support of pillar (group) project in town,we have counselled women who are positive and formed more 5 groups in the location. We normally meet in pillar and discuss our short coming and challanges together. We thank God for pillar because they support our children with food and uniforms,others are payed for school fees who are in town secondary schools we are doing well. As a group we are known and other organisation here always identified us and helped us with different trainings

A boy in Kiminini could not absorb the beating of mother, being a children out of the marriage. She was moved out of school. She was left home to work for others and cook for others to come and comfortably relax. The boy was always on the painful part of the world as she could not bare with the fate at hand. She went around to seek for assistance. Well wishers came around him and assisted him on the councelling part. the made him feel that problems were part of life and could still survive. The people who came to his side of rescue helped the boy back to the family. they counselled the family on the importance of the boy and they accepted. the boy did well after going to school and he is currently doing well after completing his high school course

Education Is Expensive --- BWAISE LUFUZA ZONE, KAMPALA ( AMREF
Am called Nansubuga Florence. when I was still in primary school, my mother had no enough money to take me to school and whereby an organisation came in to help. This organisation is called AMREF sponsored me from primary school until I completed my primary school. The school was called Mateero Primary School at Lugoba. The following year, I joined secondary school and it could not help further. I dropped out of school in senior two because mum could not afford to support me due to lack of money

Konny is a young boy in Kako village. He sat his primary leaving examinations in 2010 and passed in his first grade but being an orphan with a single poor mother, he had no money to join secondary school. The chairman of Kako village where Konny stays came up with an idea that let the community members mobilize resources to educate the child because he belongs top the community. Most of the people bought the idea. Konny is now studying at Kako secondary school. The 15 people that promised to pay school fees for Konny confidently say "we shall educate Konny up to senior six level". I myself thank the chairman Mr. Mubiru who came up with the idea

Finally In Kamusinga --- BONDENI, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Joining form one this year was more of a dream, than a reality to me. I couldn't imagine that finally I would join Kamusinga Boys High School and start my 'O' level studies but thanks to my area councillor Magdaline who when my parents approached her to assist them financially, she was very willing to help and even solicited some funds from her fellow councillors and i was able to join the school and began my 'O' level studies

Mr. Shawn Bughes an American citizen on his tour to the mighty aclaimed,recognised,acknowledged and named Kibera slums,was deeply disturbed in his heart. Not because of the shanty dwellings but of the fingers of a nesty child stretching out like the paying mantis appendages asking for a shilling for lunch. This not only disturbed him but forced him to do something he recently came back and founded the Kibera King Association. He decided to get the Kibera Orphans and street kids from beggers to kings. He came built a school to take up the boys. He arranges for their school fees,meals and other needs. He has sponsored over thirty boys through their primary &Secondary school and others are still schooling. What a Vision

The rate of attack in our school; were so high and i remember there was a time this year when three prefects and some two students were attacked at night in the hostel and beaten to the point of death The assailants were not caught because there was so much darkness around the hostel and so they would easily disappear and so the students forwarded the idea of putting lights at the doors of the hostels and around the hostel something that the principal was fully supportive of The lights were put in place at every point that was noted as a hot spot and this brought an end to this attack

I am a student at Sheywe Secondary School. Anfeche tried to help my sister and I get a sponsorship for school and we money for registration. However after waiting until now we just discovered we were coned. There is no truth in it and we have have worse problems as we wait! Our family is of a poor background. We really regret people can pose as having an idea to help, when they do not mean so. We are in Kakamega Central district

Hijacked & Bullied --- SIGALAME, SAMIA ( INDIVIDUAL
When I joined high school this year in February, I faced it rough the very first day i got there. There were some form three boys who had got a hold of me and were trying to force give them all the money I had, others were forcing to do some press ups and yet another wanted me to jump from a tree in a slow motion. they harassed me to the extend that almost cried. By good luck the teacher on duty Mr. Opiyo came and got them. I was relieved as he told me to go to class while he dealt with them

Helping The Unfortunate --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
Juma Abdalla is a wealthy man within my local area. Hearing of his success story is just amazing.he actually emerged from grass to grace. His family was extremely poor to even cater the childrens school fees He was lucky taht when he was joining high school someone came up (agood samaritan)and decided to pay for him the school fees. He went a head to study and became a doctor which then earned him all the riches. Since he was helped by someone to come out of poverty he decided the same . Paying school fees for the poor students to even have a better life. He was been helping many poor families

In giving others a chance, the world could be a better place. Dar high school teachers words when she was giving out a wards for most excelled students in academics at the Academic Day. She herself went through alot. And when I see myself in the position I have reached I thank GOD for seeing me through, after getting a breakthrough and succeeding in getting an education. I myself I lost my parents died while I was still young and did not have much even, so myself dropping out of school. But now I can see light at the end of the tunnel

my name is John Lukesa. I am 18 yrs old and I finished my four last year and happened to pass by getting a B+, however finishing my high school was not a joke, more so after my mother losing her job. I dont have a father and so my mother has been the one who raised me up through thick and thin. After her losing her job I had no one to pay school fees for me. We looked for a sponsor but we didn't get one easily. Luckily a director of a certain community based organization named pillar voluntered to pay for me after he learned my fate. All this sucess I have grabbed I owe it to them and may the almighty God bless that organization abundantly.

My name is Lawrence Ochieng. I am in Bondeni primary school in std eight. I was recruited into the family of orphans child care home in 2005. My father died while i was still very young. My mother with whom i was left with is very poor and she could not manage supporting me.she approached orphans child care home to help me. In 2005 i was lucky to be given chance in this home. I am working very hard and i intend to do my own wonders in KCPE to join kakamega High school then move on to become an engenee

Donating Computers --- , ( INDIVIDUAL
The women men of parliament Feridah Mubanda donated 10 computers sets (flat) so to koboonera secondary school aiming at helping student to learn computer skills since its a prelinouist today in all discplines yet many students moreso those in village have lagged behind due to failure to acess them.

The opening of Bunjwanga Secondary school here in Bujwanja is a very significant step that will help remove or reduce the level of illiteracy in the area. Currently, there are only two classes that is form one North and South who are one hundred and thirty in total and next year the school will be admitting another lot of form one students with the current going to form two. It's fees charges is not as high because it is meant to be friendly to all who may want to take their children in the school

School Fees Payment --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
I finished my high school last year and passed with flying colours. However this success did not come just like that. I did struggle alot especially when it came to paying school fees. I remember even sometime in my second year in high school i was about to pullout due to lack of the school fees. Luckily i was informed of an organization which could help me in paying my school fees. They checked my perfomance and saw it was good and therefore they decided to help me. I went to school and my school fees was paid all the way long until i finished high school last year

Roselyne was very clever in school. One year ago she joined a group girls who normally go and sell themselves at Ngong hills hotel. Her former student in high school advice her but she care the less. A man approached her when they were dancing and drinking. He took advantage of her and went in bed after given ten thousand. Few month ago she realized it seems she is pregnant Going for test she found she was HIV positive. But her friend Juliet adviced her to do abortion then afterward Anne cancelled her she is living positive live and happy

I did my lasdt year in primary last year 201. I am bright and used to be the best student all along since i started my school. By the time i was completing my finals i was depicted to pass very well in KCPE exams I was sure i Was going to make it and even join a good high school unfortunately there was the major problem that was posing a great threat to my dream. I did not have enough school fees to enable me to study in high school after my primary education. My parents are poor and therefore is in a way seemed to shutter my dream. Luckily during prayer day an organisation named WSF dipped in and promised to pay my school fees for whoever would manage to be the best student I became the best and hence my fees were paid by WSF thus i encounter less or no problem at all

Ever since Nageri took as the principal of Ganjala secondary school this year in May a lot of changes have already been noted in the very few days that has been there. One remarkable thing is that, the school's compound is very clean more than it used to be, the teachers are attending classes strictly and promptly with many more other changes including the programme of doing both internal and external symposiums. The school has turned to be a very good place and many parents are planning to take their children to the school come next year

My parents had died some three years ago and left me and my siblings orphans. The people in my community and some of my relatives had to take us in and help in our education. Me being the eldest in of my siblings had to take charge and ensure that my brothers and sisters in get the best education that is there In my high school one year ago I got to learn of an organisation called (OGRA) foundation, that supporte orphans in education and taking care of them. The OGRA foundation heard about my case and offered to help me and my siblings get a decent education by offering fund to me and my siblings get a decent education by offering fund to me and my siblings.

Sanitary Towels For Girls --- MALARE, KAKAMEGA COUNTY ( AMREF
Amref has been very instrumental in providing the much needed sanitary towels to girls so as to ensure that they remain in school during their mensturation period and their education is uninterupted. The problem concerning lack of sanitary towels in rural areas was worse in Kakamega schools until Amref provided them with towels during the commencement of second team this year. At least now, girls from local secondary schools can comfortably concentrate in class without worrying about how to acquire sanitary towels for use

A head teacher of a school called faith Christian School had a very good vision for the school. He started by building lower classes,a few years later he built upper classess later,he wanted the parents to join in by holding a harrambee to build secondary school but they were not coperative.he was forced to call off the idea coz he didnt have the funds to do it a;on

Awarding Scholarship --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( EQUITY BANK
My name is Jason Opela. I completed my primary school last year and when the exam results were out in the late december,I had passed with flying colours. I had emerged the best in the district and in the long run,I was invited to join one of the prestigious national schools in the country. Though I had passed I still had doubts of joining since I came from a poor family which could not afford to pay my high school fees. However,Equity bank became of rescue to me when they chipped in to cater for my fee throughout high school. I was very happy for the same since hope had been restored at last. I joined the institution in january this year and they have been paying for me. Alongside they have been equipping me with pocket money and shopping. I am actually happy and I amm really working hard in my studie

Building Schools --- MADI, GULU ( WORLD VISION
Primary and secondary schools have been consructed in our community by an organisation called world vision. This was done to solve the problem of illiteracy among people in our community

This happened when I was in primary school, more than two years ago. I was doing when but it came a time when I was in class six in term three. We were about to do our end of term exam is when my mother and father separated apart. I had to take of my siblings as I am the first borne. My father came to kibera to look for a job but he was not successful he just got someone to help him with shelter and clothings. Years came to pass and I got myself doing K. C. P. E but I was hopeless I didnt have school fee for secondary school. I passed my K. C. P. E exam well with 290 marks but didnt get school fee still. It came a time just when form ones have already joinerd secondary schools that some one told my father that he know a scholarship in kibera where I can learn. But now I have no where to go after finishing secondary education.

I am a student of Ibinzo Secondary School. I joined this school in the year 2010 January,It was very challenging for me for having joined this school because I had much problem concerning my school fees. On the process of joining this school I lost my parents through a road accident thus I was left with my two brothers alone me being the eldest. Lucky enough one of the good samaritan from our church offered to pay for my school fees ,for now am going on with my studies well.

Helping Pay My High School Fees --- SHIANDA, MUMIAS ( ACCESS
my name is boaz katini. i am an orphan having lost my parents to HIV/AIDS scourge. i did complete my primary school last year and passed very highly in the national exams. though i had posted such exemplary results, i had no hope of making it to high school since my only guardian - my grandmother could not afford to get school fees for me due to our poverty status. lucky enough an individual introduced me to an organization that supports those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. since i was affected by my parents dying from the same, they volunteered to cater for my high school and i'm making it big by working hard and performing well. i hope to be a pilot in future

Offering Of Scholarship --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( IAT
i am John Adiko. i completed my form four last year at a certain school known as musingu high school.just before we were about to do our national examinations an initiative launched by IAT where students participate in east writing competitions and those who win accorded to study computer technology after school was launched. i did participate in the essay writing competition and i was lucky to be among the many students selected for the study.after, i completed my form four, i was awarded the ufunguo scholarship and then authorized to study at their for now, i am still studying and i am getting many skills in the computer world. i am really happ

Just after the K. C. S. E results were released early this year in february, I was overjoyed by praises from my guardian and friend after I realized i had got a B+ in my exams. The four years that me sheywe secondary school were not a smooth sail because of financial problems that strained me getting a good education. since my parents could not afford to pay my school fees i had to depend on small donations from well wishers and a donor with the support of WEWASAFO. Even sitting and registering for exams didn't come that easy until WEWASAFO intervened and made sure I did my exams. I'm so grateful to be able to finish my studie

I am living with 6 orphans under my care I have tried to bring them up. Two of them are in university, two are waiting to join the other two are in secondary school

Education Is The Key To Success. --- KIBERA-BOMBOLULU, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
Education is the key to success,most youths in slums drop out of school due to luck of school fees. Most of them pass their primary education with flying colours but when it comes to high school their parents are not able to pay for them. One of the youths is I,I sat for my primary education in the year 2009 and I joined high school the following yeat,due to luck of school feel i was forced to stay out until now because my parents could not afford to pay for me. I really have a dream of become an engineer after completing my education and after

Getting High School Sponsorship --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
I am Ian Bukeko. i am the only son of a mother, and born out of wedlock. i have never seen my father since childhood. I have been living with my mother and life has really been a struggle since my mother hasn't been having a permanent job. She has been doing casual jobs like cleaning other people's houses, washing their clothes etc. and at the end of the day, at least manage to put food on the table. i finished my primary school last year and fortunately passed very highly. However, I didn't have enough funds to continue with my high school education. I looked for sponsors everywhere but it was real hard to get one. Lucky enough I was taken to a certain Canadian organisation known as ACCESS by a friend. They heard my story and decided to pay my school fees. i am now in form one and happy with my life

My Knowledge My Burden --- SOWETO, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Andrew goes to school at Mzesa Day Care Centre and is in std 8. He performs well and is hopeful to acquire a good place in one of the secondary schools within the city. What worries him is where to get his school fees if such a thing occurs. He comes from a struggling background and is in a family of a single parent(mother) due to the death of his father. He thanks Mzesa Day Care Centre fratening for his primary education. He his hopeful that God will send manna from heaven to absorb his siatuation

Donation Of Science Equipments --- KASAMBYA, MUBENDE ( INDIVIDUAL
Light Secondary School Mubende despite teaching science subject at both A and A level, they lacked equipments needed to teach those subjects given that teach that they are strongly emphasised by government. Mr Kasivye Gwanga donated the school science equipment worth five hundred thousand shillings. This was during the schools clossing party were mr Kasinya was the guest of honour

Scholarship --- , KAKAMEGA ( EQUITY BANK
My name is Brian Kibet. Iam a student of Alliance Boys High School which is arguibly the best school in the country. I remember i had passed very highly managing to top my district. However on receiving my invitation letter to this prestigious school,reality struck when i realised that i had no fees to pay for mymy schooling. Coming from poor family, it was really hard. However , lady luck emerged when Equity Bank decided to pay school fees for those who had done very well in the various district. Being one of them i got the scholarship and now they are supporting me in paying the school fees. I am encouraged and i am studying hard enough to become a doctor.

Behaviour Change & Communication --- SHIYWE, KAKAMEGA ( PILLAR PROJECT
I am a student at bishop sulumeti girls high school. A certain organization named as pillar project which visited us over a month ago did impact us positively with their wonderful lessons. They taught us on behavior change as youths. They touched and encouraged us on leading good lives free of vices. Such as alcohol drinking, drug abuse and premarital sex. For from that HIV/AIDS, sex and other things were taught. It was really a nice experience being taught these wonderful messages

Educating Disabled Children --- ODEK, GULU ( WORLD VISION
Disabled people ie the orphans in our community had been educated by an organisation called World Vision. This had been a problem to most of people in our area that the primary and secondary schools which had been existing were burnt by rebels which hindered education in our community. Through this so many refugies were educated hence eliminating illiteracy

Life In Secondary School --- KISUMU, NAIROBI ( SCHOOL
It was a saturday when I was admitted in my Secondary school. The first night I spent there was a terrifying own. That night I did not have any sheet to put on my bed. Imeadiately I started asking and nobody could help me. So I just decided to sleep. The next morning when I woke up I found out that I was late and O had wet my bed. The dome captain was very Angry and told me to remove the matress and dry it. That is when a form four students saw me suffering and decided to teach the weakness that I had within a couple of weeks I had known all the things and he continued to teach me and teach the good moral value

Namuganga Community Was Changed --- NAMUGAANGA, MUKONO ( DANIDA
DANIDA This is an organization which has done a great role to help and improve on the academics of uganda through building classrooms,teachers quarters.donating desks,chairs,water tanks and etc.this organization builds a school called namuganga S. S school and they were given desks and other school stick materials which has improved in the development of namuganga senior secondary school
Encouraging Science Subjects --- MENGO, KAMPALA ( INDIVIDUAL
To ensure that science subjects are strictly taught in schools,Mr kasibant Moses gave Bright Angels secondary school twenty physics arbot books

My name is Benson Musavi, 19 years of age and in Form three in Chebuyusi High School. I am an orphan and a twin brother to Jackson with whom I am in an orphanage. Mission to the fatherless. Here we are taken good care of. I wish to thank God for an organization called Ufunguo child role model Development initiative that is trying to boost the morale of the less fortunate in schools. They motivate candidates of standard eight and form four. They also equip role models that they raise in orphanages to become meaningful persons. They have linked the child role models to role models in the community which is very productive. May God bless them with more open way to continue

Lacking funds to further one's education can be the most challenging and disolutionment senario that can bring one's future to look blick. For eunice it was very difficult for her,more so after completing her primary schooling, things look difficult for her. Finding a secondary school was very difficult having in mind their poor background. Things started lookong bright for her immediately she joined a taloring class without paying any cent. Her training fees was already croter for by a well wisher through friends of a certain school in kibera (magoso) to her a new begining has just started

Feeding The Education --- KATILU, TURKANA ( INDIVIDUAL
In the drought hit places in the Northern Kenya, due to the stop of education in high schools, due to lack of food and other necessities, there have been campaigns from well wishers with the government to find a way to help these students get back on the track of education

everytime i felt like something was wrong with me at home. i felt like running away to a far place. sometimes i felt like education was nothing and far away from. sometimes i could go emotional and cry, why always to crash with my parents even on something understandable. i always felt like this was too much. should i burn myself to ashes, should i turn to petrol and see everything come down but my mother was everything to me she gave me hope, stood for me and made feel like truly i could not loose the last hope in me. she was by my side until i completed my high school education until now

I would like to thank the government on the efforts of reducing the prices of sanitary towels which is a must have for women. The initiative which was launched sometime back by the honorable prime minister has been fruitful and in a way profited many women in the country, be it those from poor areas, since they can at least afford. Cases of girls missing school during their monthly periods have reduced a great deal since majority are in a position to access these facilities. In my school, which is a high school, girls are more comfortable and have even in their performances; all thanks to that wonderful initiative

Responding To Disaster Occurence --- LUKAYA, KALUNGO ( ROTARACT CLUB
King David's high school Lukaaya that went abraze/ that experinced an inferno and many students' property were ruined recieved after disasters responsible fromRotaract club of the area that donated blankets, bed sheets and also jerrycans worthy 12.2million which all aimed at recovering the destroyed students' property

My Community had no school for over a very long time and so students and pupils from this community would travel long distance to other areas in order to go to school. By good luck, we got sponsors early this year and bought a place where we have started to built a community school which shall comprise of a primary and a high school. This project has already started to bring hope and life to my community which was far behind in terms of developmen

Constructing Science Laboratories In Schools --- KYEBANDO, KAMPALA ( WORLD BANK
The World Bank through it's efforts of promoting education in Uganda especially promoting science studies in secondary schools, it has constructed many laboratories with aparatus which has stimulated the sturdy of science in schools and even enabling the poor schools which were in able to construct laboratories for them selves to benefit

My Community had no school for over a very long time and so students and pupils from this community would travel long distance to other areas in order to go to school. By good luck, we got sponsors early this year and bought a place where we have started to built a community school which shall comprise of a primary and a high school. This project has already started to bring hope and life to my community which was far behind in terms of developmen

In order to have better performances in students in arid and semi-arid areas, there have even food programmes introduced in primary and secondary schools. This has made the numbers of the students sky-rocket as this basic need is provided

A certain girl could not join high school due to the death of both parents. A certain area counselor came to her aid and helped her pay for the school fees The girl is doing well in school and believes to achieve her best. This has been an encouragement to the society and to those people who are able to help those who are poor and in nee

Money Is The Knowledge Of Kenyans Today. --- SONDU, KISUMU ( SALAMA GROUP
whe have very few schools and even polytechnic those that can help who can not see the door of school are high schools. In kadianga that is my village i have suffered alot. I am still school students and know cam in form two but the problem is money to pay my school fees now that they even do not allow me to entre school compound because of money. I am an orphan and balance to the school is wanting.what should i do?please help!others are attending classes but i can not leave out a given organisation which helped me some times back they paid the thousand kenya shillings to the school and that term i went to school and did well but now that i don't know where i should begin from what should i do i need help.

The head teacher Masaka secondary school built for us bathrooms and toilets because the ones we had were in a bad conditions and now we have standard bathrooms and toilets which can be easily cleaned hence sanitation was improved

Street Children Support Initiative --- KISUMU TOWN , KISUMU ( WEWASAFO
Way back in 2009, i was a street child within Kisumu city. we were a gang of 5 kids. had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for support. We survive by borrowing here and there, fed from the trash bins and put on tattered clothes life moral on us. lucky enough we hardly suffered from any serious disease and we were therefore able to cop with life. In may 9th 2009, we went looking for food and medical help for one of our friends who had filled very ill suddenly. On our way back as we were trying to help her out, we were approached by member of an NGO i.e. Western water and Sanitation forum , as they introduced themselves. We were able to discharge all our problems to them and they offered medical support to my friend. When she recovered we were able to go school. we are all now in secondary school, the NGO is paying our school fees and offering other supports

Donating Computers --- NAMAGOMA, WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
Namagana Secondary school received computers (100) from Mr. John Evans Clark from the USA. This development is aiming at providing computer science/technology in the country as it can be a remedy to the ever increasing unemployment amongst ugandan graduates. This will in turn create a job creating generation rather than a job seeking generation

My names Wilson Wesonga of maraba secondary school and im in form II my greatest worry and displeasure was when i had to spend a whole school fees that saw me spend all that time at home when the headteacher called my parents to school to inform them that i had got a scholarship to continue with my studies. I was happy and determine not to let them down

It has been along journey to this far I have reached and I just owe alot of credit to Neema Women Group for their continued support since my high school days to this moment that am a third year in Kenyatta University taking a bachelors degree in Economics and Statistics. I never knew I would reach this far especially after I lost both parents but Neema Women group has helped me fulfill dreams and am proud to be associated by the group

Many children in the kIberan slum pass their exams and are not able to join high school. The Equity bank has now decided to help those helpless children realise their dreams. The bank pays school fees for all the children who get four hundred and above marks in Kibera. Many parents are now happy seeing their children go to school

Were it not for my uncle Samson, I would not have registered for my KCSE exams this year. I remember during the months of February and march my parents were so broke such that at times we would spend the whole day hungry and only eat supper. It was a very bad situation and here the government wanted two thousand five hundred shillings for the registration of the exam. I was really stressed up but thanks to uncle Samson who came at the eleventh hour and paid for me the registration fee and today I can confidently study because I know at the end of the year I will be sitting for a major exam in my life

Getting My Son'S School Fees Being Paid --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
My name is Anne Kamande. Sometimes back when my son was about to join high school, I remember I did not have any money to pay for school fees. I had actually given up and thought that my son would not be able to see the doors of high school. However a friend of mine introduced me to a certain organization known as ACCESS which pays school fees for poor children. I went there, explained my problem and they agreed to accomodate my son. My son went to school happily and now he is working very hard to succeed

Mrs Chelang'at had been taking care of her five children after losing her husband two years ago in a road accident. her husband who worked for an NGO in Nairobi was looking forward to meet his family on a chrismas day but it never happened. He was involved in an accidentalong Nakuru -naivasha road in his saloon car.with a lorry which was travelling to the opposite direction his family was in their rural home in Marakwet. her eldest daughter and the firstborn had sae for her primary exams and results were released early last year. She was the top in the school having scored the marks that earned her to join Alliance girls high school which is a national school. Her mother having desperately searched for school fees which was needed for her daughterto join the school and failed.sort the decision to end daughter to join the school and failed, sort the decision end up her life. she hated to see her daughter staying at home for lack of school fees. She wrote in a note she left behind

A certain secondary school that carters for the disability has helped those guys who complete the primary course and due to their disability they feel like their is no school for them. S. A Joy secondary school has a good number of students with disability who assist each other live in an environment that offers the best future. Many of the students have been helped by the school to be where they could have never been

My cousin was in trouble of how he was going to join the secondary school due to the poverty and ability of his parents. He was taken by my uncle who took him to the secondary school. He continued well with no big problem. After school he managed to join the force and he is doing well to date.

Helping Pay My School Fees --- MILIMANI, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
My name is Leah Muthoni, I come from Kakamega and am currently a form two student. Sometime back when I had completed my primary education,I was caught in a fix I did pass my primary education,I did pass very well and got admitted to a good national schol but was in for it when reality hit me hard that I couldn't make it due to lack of school fees. However, my examplary performance became my Saviour as many owned up to support my case and ensure I continue with my education uninterupted . An organization by the name access was on the forefront and it thus has been paying for my entire high school fees

Drug Abuse By The Youths --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( ANTI-DRUG GROUP
Drug abuse in KIBERA by the youths has been growing at an alarming speed. It was not until the Anti-drug came in that it has now reduced. The youth,both in high schools and those in primary schools practiced harmful drug selling illegally. The group called out for the youths to cub the business by educating some rules and policies to be followed. They walk from school to school and advice the youths

Christian is a very young man who has just finished his forth form. He did not perform very well in his Secondary school education and so cannot get an opportunity to a university. He then met a friend who introduced him into crotcheting where they make mats using rubber mats and wool. They then sell them at very expensive prices but the mats are so smart and worth the prices. Through that Christian is able to earn a livin

Income Generating Activity --- , ( WEWASAFO
I'am No longer miserable says Jane. I'am a Happy woman. I'am a widow with 3 children my Husband Died and left me with my First born in a High School. I completed Her come out to Be Hard For the 2 to go to school. I struggled and become miserable. But after I joined the widows group. I was given a loan and started an Income Generating Activity. I started Restructuring in life and found out that the business was doing First born son Bought a Bicycle and joined together in Bussiness. I'am Able to get good Income,my children are completing school we are staying well,Happy and Healthy

I am a boy aged 19 and in Kakamega boys High School in Form three this year. As an orphan I suffered a low self-esteem and I had made a conclusion that life no longer means anything to me. An organization I little knew about came across offering to help students whose desperation and life dreams had crushed. They were fatherly/motherly. Willing to offer guiding and counseling and making a passionate one on one walk with such less fortunate people like me. This changed my whole cause of life. I have since just found my whole cause of life. I have since just found my whole world which had been turned up side down reset. I now feel like I have a new direction. My academic life changed as i started experiencing a psychological boost to my school work. My name is Raphael Andole - Form three Kakamega High School

Hiv/Aids Awareness --- MUSOLI, KAKAMEGA ( UNAIDS
Katriona Musavi is my name. I am a student at Musoli Girls High School. I attended the debate competition concerning HIV/AIDS which was sponsored by UNAIDS. Though we did not win the competition, we benefited alot in terms of knowledge concerning this deadly diseases. Though the debate we learnt on how different people think about HIV/AIDS a lot. This was a bold move in creating HIV/AIDS awareness specifically to the youth who are the hope and future of the society

Part of the money raised during the funds drive at petole secondary school was to start up a school library. The need was brought up by the school library. The need was brought up the need for book in the school to be raised and even after a clergy in the community donated books worth sh50,000. This library would see the books stared and kids get a better education

Timo is a sudent from Hidden Talent high school. He has been identified among those children who are dealing with drugs in the school as well in the community He joined a group of boys who are using drugs. It was due to peer pressure from his friends. Two months ago. They have been found and caught with police and has left school. He changed with case of drugs serving now six months in prison thus give and make change to other people and boys in the communit

Helping Pay School Fees --- SHIANDA, MUMIAS ( ACCESS
My name is banventure i am a student at friends school kakamega. i am in form two. i come from a poor family and therefore after i had finished my primary education i had no hope of making it to a high school. luckly enough, my mother sourced sponsorship to ACCESS a certain organisation which helps poor students in raising school fees. the organisation agreed to sponsor me and they have been doing so all along apart from that they've been buying me shopping and also school uniform together with textbooks. i am really happy and i am promising to pass very highly come the national examinations

My son had joined form one last year at Sigalame boys high school but later in October the same year sent back home due to huge fee balances. This year in February, my brother Jimmy who was in canada for two years working came back home and has since taken my now responsibility to school my son who is now back at Sigalame boys high school continuing with his studies

Early Pregnancy --- BUSIA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Some year back when I was in high school in form two I got pregnant and was sent away from school. When I went home I was also sent away from home. Having nowhere to go I walked around the town but did not know what to do or where to go. Recently I met with a girl who was with the same problem that I had. being of a good heart i decided to take her with me to my home where she is now continuing with her education as she waits to deliver

Education Through Donation --- LAINI SABA (KIBERA), NAIROBI ( AVSI
There is a group which is called AVSI which has helped me from baby class. Since i started my studies is the time that i got the sponser. They have been paying for me school fees and buying for me uniform. There is a time that they were giving me a voulcher for buying food. My parents did not have stress for paying school fees up to know and they will help me up to secondary school. They have heklped many children in the community to go to school. I pray to God to help them to help people in the village

Equiping Students With Information Technology --- SSAZA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
The ministry for information communication technology (ICT) in an attempt to teach the young generation computer skills in Uganda he has donated free computers to secondary schools. primary schools and also university as institutes. This is advantegeous because its erasing away computer illetracy in the county

Big Gun's face tall order by myself in Biblical I was discaded in hot water my life was on long problems process which was not be able to narrate it because I don't know the head can lie where the tail belong myself in harsh condition of the world situated. Then one of the clan member tried to hide somewhere i don't know. By the writter the story can be on the table from the kitchen I was born in 1980 BC where no modern re builder I was not seen many things that was made by the lord. It was not simple to get food so i fimmergasted in trouble when my parents were shooted and died in war. I knew how to play very few games to promote my physical body. At this modern condition my leaning was on bad calamity which I grown on learn like a slave I done heavy job's which cause me to suffer against body muscles by now I has joined the High School no enough money which can protect me and led me in pure study here in high school my clan members are also poor.

Jacob works as a boda boda operator here in Soweto, Nairobi. He is stationed at Jacaranda stage, His aim is to go back to school. He didn't finish his high school education because of school fees. He plans to join where he had left next year because he believes he has saved enough. He believes that he has a bright future given that he is a bright kid, he aspires to be a lawye

Helping Paying My Sschool Fees --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
i copmleted my primary school last year and happened to pass very highly. i got admitterd to a nationational school but at same point i got frustreted since i realised that i could not join bein a position to pay my high school fees. my parents were poor and thus could not be in a position to pay for the same. We started looking for a sponsor from place but it was difficult location one. lucky enough a certain wealthy man in my home region knownas Ambrose heard my story and decided to pay the school fees. i was able to go to school and he has been supporting me all along. i am very happy and i am working hard to become a doctor in future.

How I Joined In Secondary School. --- MWIYALA VILLAGE, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
I am an orphan who lost all my parents when i was going to do my class eight exams. Lettle did i kniow that my mother whom i was left with will pass away before my exams. Immediately she passed away i was left shock and never perfermed well in my exams. We was afo pledged to supart me but had to regleat to get good marks to go in a good school. I pepeated and was called at St. Agnes shibuye Girls in Form one. so now i am in secondary school coutry of wastern water $ sanitation form (W. S. F.

Kipsand is a student who schooled in Kipsang Primary school in Mt. Elgon. His parents were unable to pay for his school fees yet he was bright in his academics. After his KCPE exams,he scored highly and he had to go to Mangu Boys High school. UNICEF organisation planned to pay for him all the needs he wanted and even chater for his family members. Before even Kipsang reached in Form 2,because of bad friends and bad influence,kipsang became a bad boy and even dropped out of school. He started taking bang and alcohol. His parents tried to advise him on the truth deeds but it fell in deaf ears. He ended up stealing from the peoples house and also his parents. Kipsang even chased his parents away whenever he was drunk and threatened them to kill them. This behaviour continued untill kipsang realised that whatever he was doing was not right. By the time he realised his bad influence,it was too let to go back to school and he regreted for losing such a free sponsorship

Behaviour Change And Communication --- SHIEYWE, KAKAMEGA ( PILLAR PROJECT
I am a student at Bishop sulemeti Girls High School. A certain organization named as pillar project which visited as over a month ago did impact us positively with their wonderful lessons. They taught us on behaviour change as youths. They touched and encouraged us on leading good lifes free of vice.such as alcohol drinking ,drug abuse and premarital sex and other things were taught. It was really a nice experience being taught these wonderful messages

I was very sick and weak. For almost two days, I had not eaten anything because I was unable to even wake up and cook food for myself. As days went by I felt weak and weak but thanks to my neighbour Hariet who noticed that for two days I had not got out of my house and come to inquire what was wrong with me. She picked me up and took me to the Busia District Hospital where I underwent treatment. While there, she would come and bring for me food, wash me up and even my clothes. She also gave me company and washed my house and set it in order. Today am fully recovered and thanks her for gracious support

Education Is Success --- VILLAGE , NYERI ( INDIVIDUAL
It was 2009 where our MP helped to pay the school fees of the boy who had passed with good marks in KCPE. The boy (Kamau) had attained 402 marks out of 500 and he was to be admitted in Nyeri High School. His parents were unable to pay for his school fees. This is when our MP came in and promised to pay for the education of the boy.

A certain secondary school that carters for the disability has helped those guys who complete the primary course and due to their disability they feel like their is no school for them. S Ajoy secondary school has a good number of students with disability who assist each other live in an environment that offers the best future. Many of the students have been helped by the school to be where they could have never bee

For one year since my daughter finished he KCPE or primary level and passed extremely well, she was just at home because we could not be able to raise her high school fees. I was woried and troubled that my daughter Linet will not be able to join high school like her friends. Thanks to Neema Women Group who picked her and took her back to school in February the 10th this year. She joined form one at Misikhu girls and she is doing very well. For her, the sky is the limit

By now I am a boba boda man. When I started senior one in second term, I was helped by some of the teachers in Kijjabweni Secondary School because I was good in sports so they pay my school fees up to senior three. i never went back to school but if I leave my business, no where I am going to get fees

Income Generating Activity --- , ( WEWASAFO
My name is Jane from kakamega. I'am a business woman, I started selling vegetables but now I'am a whole seller. I supply a lorry of cabbages every week . I'am happy to be at this level beacuse WEWASAFO an N. G. O surpoted us as a group. They gave us a loan of 50 thousand. A group of 10 women to expand our excisting Business . I am able to feed for my 2 children learning in a secondary school . I am able to feed them well My health and the health of my children is good. I am a single mother . I am working forward to by my own land and building it. wright now i stay in a 2 Roomed House (A Rental) house. I am going to work hard so as to improve in live more and more. Thanks very much WEWASAFO

Walking from Tanga corner to Nasira Secondary School for students was not an easy thing and as a matter of facts so tiresome and energy consuming. At times I reached at school so tired and feeling dizzy and so I would spend the first one hour sleeping before I caught up with my classmates. This affected my studies but thanks to my brother Ben who after getting a job, hired or employed a motorist to be driving me to school and today life is easy and I enjoy my classes from the fast lesson to the last

World vision is an organization based in kakamega . This organization is actually doing god work to the vulnerable and the marginalized in the society. Those that have benefited a great deal are the orphans who mainly of HIV/AIDS it offers school uniforms and materials for use at school hence a chance for these children to get an education. One thing quite of significance is when they have also taken an initiative to take these some of the children to high schools which paying their school fees,It is really encouragin

Wasichana Tunaweza Project --- SINGESHA, POKOT ( TYSA
TYSA have come up with an organization of wasichana tunawenza project so that they can help children and girls from getting in bad company. The organization have projected two girls who was misused by getting pregnant when in high school. The organisation has made sure that they were back to school again

My name is Julius Makatiani. I am in Amalemba Primary school in class 7 this years 2011. I am a total orphan but God opened away for me to come to kakamega orphans care center in kakamega Central District. Soon after earning the chance here in 2008. I have found my life well lifted. I have been taken to school and given even the spiritual and emotional needs. If this is to go on then i am sure of surely exceling in life as i pursue my dream becoming a High school teacher.

When I was in standard seven my both parents passed away and i was the only child in the family. I filled that my life had ended by good lack the sister to my mum took me to her home to live with her. I did not give up in my education I worked hard until i completed my primary education wher i passed with good marks. In the process my mother sister loved me very much because of my altitude she stragle and took me in a secondary school where im now continued with my education.

Not Sure Of Completing Studies --- SINYERERI, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
Due to the death of parents a certain girl is not sure if she could complete her high school studies, through she is being paid for by politician,she is pessimistic that if the politician fails to gun up votes and maintain the seat of a counsellor she may lose. Currently the girl is in form two doing her best and living by the encouragemen

Die Hard Attitude --- KAREMO, SIAYA ( INDIVIDUAL
Odhiambo is a bodaboda operator in the town of Siaya. He didn't finish high school education due to lack of school fees but the little money that he gets from his business he uses it so as to further his studies. Currently he is due to sit for his KCSE exams at the end of the year and he owes all this to patience of his die hard attitude

Supporting Me With University Fees --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( EQUITY BANK
my name is laban. i completed my high school two years back and fortunately emerged the best student in my district. after the results were out i was contacted by equity bank who congratulated me and told me that i had secured a scholarship in their foundation. sometime later, they offered me employment opportunity and i was really happy for their offer. i worked there while earning some income at the end of the month before i had joined university. now i am at University of Nairobi studying medicine and they are catering for me financially and in many different ways. i am actually very happy for the same

Brookside has sponsered the Nairobi provincial tournament of Secondary Schools. It has helped in the smooth running of the tournament since they provide anything required.the schools that win are also sponsored in the East African Secondary Schools tournament. Brookside has played a very important role in sports in Kenya

A farmer Mr Oyode was arrested for marrying a secondary school girl after chasing away his wife. It is a crime to marry girls below eighteen years hence the villagers acted to rescue the girl from this marriage. She is back to school

Ovc'S Surport --- , ( VIPEP
I am grateful to Delila a CHW in my community. She has linked me to a certain C. B. O that has been of help to me. Imagine they are paying for my part of my fees, my parents are poor, I have been on and off from school. I am a day scholar in my nearest secondary school,yet unable to meet my needs. I am now happy because i am no longer being sent away for fees. I go to school every day. I am happy i have improved in class and last term i was number one Thanks very much for the timely support.

Education Support --- LUGUSI, KAKAMEGA NORTH ( CDF
My name is luke Mukanyole. I come from Kakamega North district. In the last six months the effort of CDF(Constituency Development Fund) has done a commendable job in our community. There has been a leading contribution by CDF in terms of constructing learning facilities and this has moved to ensure that almost no secondary school lacks a bus

Equity is known for the great works it has done. It's chairperson James Mwangi wants to see every poor child in kenya who is intelligent get the same opportunities in school as those who are rich. Equity has a project that quiet some time been supporting intelligent students from poor communities like in the North eastern part of kenya get education. It offers them full scholarship to high school and those that excel get the opportunity to expand their sponsorship and also get employment in the bank

How Rich People Oppressed The Poor --- MASENO, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
Maina was my best friend when we were in high school. His was a wealthy family but i came from an extremely poor family. I even lacked clothes to change to and hence would remain in uniform until dusk. then would wash them and sleep naked. On realising this Maina often gave me some of his clothes and i really did appreciated. One day the people who used to pay school fees for me were a bit delayed on the basis that the well wishers had not sent grants to them. I was sent home and on seeing this, maina gave me all his pocket money. I was really amazed that his pocket money was even more than my termly school fees. I refunded him the balance which he shared some to me. On realising this, his parents were angry with him but he testified he could not let me down. It was fortunate i completed my education and am the one who made Maina to be employed and promoted in my company with the most favourable salary. surely charity begins at home

Helping In School Fees Payment --- AMALEMBA, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
I am Peter Kanini. I am a student at Kakamega high school. I am also now in form three and I am waiting to complete high school sometime next year. After I had finished my primary school, a problem crept since i discovered I was not able to continue with because of hailing from a poor family. Though I had passed very well, it turned out that I could not continue with my education. However, I was lucky enough to get a sponsor who voluntered to pay my entire high school fees after learning of my plight. To date, he has been paying and furthermore he has been buying me shopping and offering pocket money. I am working hard and I hope to pass with flying colours come t the end of my final year

Last year when i was appointed the school time keeper, i went through some very challenging moments. I remember times when especially forth years would come and steal the bell from where i used to sleep so that i didn't ring the bell early in the morning for preps. This happened almost the whole term and the deputy head teacher blamed for luxity in performing my duties as the school timekeeper. I however explained to him what was happening and this year i was transferred to the head boys cubicle something that has really helped me perform my duties responsibly

My name is jemillah Natili. iam an orphan. A charitable organization offered me a chance to help support me and i have since benefited though academic provision and other ways. An organisation trying to help children develop their potential called ufunguo child role model development luckly took me and for the last one year they have continued to build my positive self esteem, identify my dream in life and even transfered me from a poor schoolto a more promising provincial High school called chaka Girls High school where iam currentry. I pray that such efforts of transparent and genuine organisation like this will be supported to continu

There was a slogan in my community that girls were to be married at an early stage. This took place for long untill a new headteacher, Mrs. Obongo was transfered to our primary school. She emphasised on children education especially the girls. To motivate girls and their parents, she was providing sanitary towels, stationery and sometimes meals. In addition, she was fulfilling her promises of taking girls to better secondary schools. To people's surprise, this took place successfully and some who eloped lived to regret

Being Granted Scholarship --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( EQUITY BANK
John Kangu is my name. I am currently a student at Alliance Boys School (the best high school in the country). I did finish my class 8 sometime two years back where I managed to be the best student in my province. I got called to this prestigious school but still had droughts of making it since my parents didn't have enough funds to support with school fees payment. However, Equity Bank came to my rescue when they did launch an initiative to help poor students with bigger brains to advance their education. The accepted to pay my school fees and they have been doing so to date. I am happy for the same ans as a result I am really working hard in my studies

This is a story about a young man who happens to be my good friend this friend of mine who we meet with in high school. Dorn was always there for me in one way or the other, he supported me physicaly and financially when i needed his support. The only bad thing with Dorn was that he never attended church services and even christian religious Education lessons. One day as we were out touring in another distance school away from our school in bull games activities, one of the teachers happen to teach the word of God after the games were over. Dorn was not that happy and before long Dorn displaced himself from there. I followed him to find out what was wrong only to realize my friend was not the Dorn that i knew. He changed his appearance to that of a good looking lady I reported the matter to authority. They took the changed Dorn prayed for long and he changed back to Dorn on that day Dorn my friend was saved and then have been a good christian

A Policeman Kills Himself --- CHAMA KANGA, KAKAMEGA ( GOVERNMENT
There was a policeman in sabatia district chamakanga location who had an affair with a girl who was in chamakanga girls high school. They stayed in love for one and a half years. When the girl reached form four,she decided to end the relationship with the policeman to concentrate in her studies. The policeman thought that when she would finish form four,she would come back to him. When the national exams ended,the woman/girl fall in love with another man in the same community. When the policeman was told that the girl he loved had fallen in love with another man he excused himself and went out to buy sugar at the market. When the policeman reached at the girls homestead,he removed a gun and shot himself on the head and the head was split into two parts. He was carried to the mortuary and the next day burried.

Giving Back To The Community --- SHINGODO, KAKAMEGA ( CLC
When someone happens to go to school to get that formal education,he comes back & help the community with the knowledge he has has gotten . Alot of people have been coming with that knowledge to bring some changes in the community. As in our school we are given a prom ledge of going back to the community & offer voluntary service to the socerty. We have really changed the lives of many people in the society. This has been a good experience & most of the graduate of st.aloysis gonzaga secondary school

Ushirika Children Centre --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( KITAVI
There is a children Centre in the heart of Lainisaba village in Kibera. It has made my neighbours chilren taken to school. The centre offers oportunity to the vulnarable and opharned children. The neighbour who could not aford even an ecercise book had a breakthrough when the propriator of the centre approached her for sponsorship of her children. Today the children are in high schools and are hopeful of joining university

My name is Hillary Mburu. I am a student at a certain Secondary school. The 2007 post-election violence really affected me and my family so bad. We got displaced from our home after we saw our house being burnt down by the enemy communities in another tribe. We escaped and found ourselves in internally displaced camps. life was hard out there but at least some organisations visited the camps and helped us. They supplied us with food and other things that we lacked. Shaping our lives this moment was contributed immensely by them

The organisation's name is Mama na Dada. This organisation has realy helped many people in my community both adults and children. The organisation works by sponsering those chidren who are orphans especially below 10years who have nobody to take care of them and therefore they ensure that the children have shelter, education, food and all things that they might need in their daily lives. They also give scholarship to people who performed very well and has a financial problem to join high school and also sponsered those who live with HIV/AIDS.

I am an orphan and disabled who had good parents who really loved me so much and took good care of me.they gave me education up to when i was finishing class 8,my last parent who was my mother passed away. I thought of how my future would would be but thank God of Eddoh which came in to my rescue. This organization support orphans in different ways. I am one of the lucky ones who have been taken and given support. I had no one to continue paying my fee but got an answered prayer through Eddoh. I am now in secondary school and doing very people should know that disability is not inability

Talent In Use --- KIANDA, NAIROBI ( JABE
JABE was fomed by youths from high school who realised that they had dancing talent With time they also realised that among themselves were good actors and post. JABE currently sensitive the community about the importance of National unity using their talent

Scholarships For Students --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( EQUITY BANK
Equity bank has been of greater influence to society having transformed it positively. It has made it possible for poor people to access small loans that they can use to start business or affect their lives positively. On the other hand, about some years back equity bank started a blast initiative worth to admire. It started issuing scholarships to students who did pass their national examinations both in primary level and high school level. The programme has been continuing for sometime and it has even grown into something big.

I was helped by my sister when i had no money to be used in secondary schools. Although my parents are still alive but they have less money that they can support us and coach at home. But my sister called me in kampala to be helped. Although my sister is not old and has no money to help but i want to thank her because she uses her small money to help me and her life at large. She taken me last year and i am in senior two in a good school called kallansi college school Entebe roa

Our hospitals,schools,homes every were you will find posters showing world vision has a hand in the community works in our schools families and also orphans have benefited much in world vision programs for example OVC,ADP all these are under world vision. Bicycles were out to help choldren who move long distances walking to school,water tanks were supplied every were in homes mainly in orphans in hospitals like kyanamukaa health centre, schools like Buwude,Kindu Senior Secondary School so world has been benefited

Helping The Street Children --- AMALEMBA, KAKAMEGA ( HOME OF GRACE
My name is basil khamala. Iam 17 years old and a student at kakamega high school. Iam an orphan having lost my parents at a tender age. From then life was really hard since no relative of mine was willing to take me in. I headed for the streets where life became even unbearable. We used to search for food in the dustbins as finding fresh food was very hard. We were mistreated and chased from place to place since to people we were considered as outcasts. I however got an opportunity to be taken by a children's home which marked the end of my misfortunes. This was after a certain individual came to us street children and asked us if we were willing to be taken to a home. I agreed quickly together with others and we have been able to get food, clothing, shelter and even an education. I owe thanks to to them for saving my life.

At time Education might be a problem to many people but when you get the change to go to school , books might pose a great problem to the learner especially when you don't have money to buy them A high school student name Ken , lacked money to buy text books after securing a scholarship from a well wisher luckily enough there was Haki self help group to assist in the building of a tex and exercise book he currenly gose to school without stress

A boy selected to join Lenana High School has not reported due to lack of fees, nearly two weeks after Form one students reported. The dream of Daniel Nyongesa, one of the top KCPE examination pupils, to become a university lecturer, culd be shattered owing to the poor financial status of his family. The former pupil at soweto primary school in Kibera scored 382 marks out of 500 to secure a place at national school. The boy lost his father in 2004 and his mother a casual labourer cannot afford to raise the fees so the former headteacher said that he is going to take the boy yo school at Lenana and his school fees and all the necessary things the boy might need

Motivating High School Students --- SABATIA, VIHIGA ( EQUITY BANK
Equity bank is one of the bank that is giving back to the community. its known for its project that play a big role in pupils lives. equity supports education so much and to motive the high school students equity picks the best performed student in every district and secures them a job after their secondary final examination. there are so many benefits when one works with equity one gets to be paid a salary hence can save for fees especially for the bright kids that care from poor backgrounds, one also gets job experience, learns a lot and meets different people from all walks of life. when the students finally enroll for their university schooling the chance is kept and during holidays they go back to work. this initiative has motivated most students to put more efforts in school to get this lifetime opportunity especially those from humble background

My Bricks Burning --- AGORO, SIAYA ( INDIVIDUAL
Ericko burns bricks in order to earn an income. He is married and has three children, one is secondary school whom he pays for school fees with his earnings. He has planned to join (Smep) to save and be loaned out some money for further investments.

I am Jackson Andolo in Form Three in Mbale High school. I am very happy because Ufunguo child role Model development Initiative have identified me as a role model. I am supported through material provision, morally and through coaching and counseling which is crucial for is students especially at the adolescent stage. Volunteers who are bringing up child support initiative like this initiative hold the key for the young people. May God bless this initiative and open their funding support

I never liked or wished to do bad to anyone around even if they were strangers or unknown to me. This has never run into my mind that I will one day do anything bad to anyone or cause harm to any human being. This was the very question I was always asking myself as i was growing up. Why would somebody do bad things to other. Now that I worked and got to meet many people after high school I came to realize why people do bad to others. Some people have this in them to do bad but others take advantage of the position in the society to hurt others It was a worker at Kibera Hamlet for three months and my observation was that the bags here takes his position as an excuse to intimidate other workers because he is sure after all there is nothing they can do to him after all.

A HELPING HAIND Children for Kibera project which has helped Kibera children in paging for their for their secondary school fee. It has realy helped Kibera kids who were unable to pay school fee in secondary school. It has even changed our community because children who were orphaned and needy and use to stay at home can now go to shcool

Sigalame Boys High School --- SAMIA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Sigalame boys high school was a school that posed a big threat to any member of the Sigalame community in Funyula SAmia. Any time the school was on the rampage , it meant danger to members of the community surrounding the school because most of their homes would be destoyed and businesses would be paralysed and losses count. my son tells of times in that school when even suspension was like a leave out cheat to students. The students in that school had grown beyond control and in the entire district Sigalame boys was known as the most indisciplined school which had fallen from glory to grass. Since 2000 to 2008 when a new principal was brought and from that moment he came things started to change in the school had just gone through a fierce strike that had cost the life of one student. Mr. Kito has ensured discipline in the school in terms of dressing, studies and even among the teachers he has ensured studies and even among the teachers he has ensured discipline, something that has revived the school performance to a mean of seven and is known as the most disciplined school in the district and the best performing school

A HELPING HAND children for kibera project which has helped kibera children in paying for their secondary school fee. It has realy helped kibera kids who were unable to pay school fee in secondary school. It has even changed our community becaus children who were orphaned and needy and use to stay at home can now go to school

My name is Harriet khaki. I am 16 years and a student at Kilimani Secondary School. I am an orphan since my both parents died of HIV/AIDS several years ago. I have thus been living with my grandmother who is the only relative alive. Life to me and my grandmother has been an uphill task. however, we were beneficiaries of a project launched at our area aimed at helping the orphans and the marginalized in the community. This was done so by an organisation called WEWASAFO. They were supplying food, clothes and other necessities to us which have really helped. They are even the ones who are paying my school fees, I and for other students

The bebining or starting of Mandulusia Secondary School early this year is really important and significant to residence of Mundika and mundulusia because there children are now able to join secondary school at a lower fees compared to the school fees paid in the established schools. The idea is also good because it will help remove or reduce the level of illiteracy in the area something that has been a problem in the area for a very long time

After doing her kenya certificate of primary education a certain girl from cheburas primary school has had problems of joining a good secondary school due to lack of school fees. Many people have come in only with a piece of advice. The girl is still wondering how she gonna make it without money and her parents are poor and divorced

My name is Lydia Wakhuyu. I lost my parents during my development stages of my life, so I do not even know how they looked like. Kind people have been the reason for my being fine until 2006 when Kakamega orphans care centre came in handy for me. Te charitable Home took to uplift me in all basic support lines. They gave me accommodation, food, security and took me to school. Up until now I am in High school being supported by the Home. They pay for me school fees, give me all moral support and as I near my exam time I am confident that I will make it. They intend to carry on with the support that will take me through to college to assure me of hope in my life

Education plays a big role in our lives. We as youths of Lurambi contituency in Kakamega we learn more about education by being leafund by people from the government. They promise free education for most of us who are in high school and now many of us has go back to school for that knowledge. School fees is not a problem in our community now and thanks to the government

How I Got My Way To Secondary School --- MWIYALA VILLAGE, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
It was on 8th November 2010 when we had a prayer day in our school,mwiyara primary school for class 8 candidates who were to site their national examinations when the Director Wewasafo (WSF) pledged to support the pupil who will emerge as the winner with secondary school fees. Little did i know that i will emerge as a winner after the results were released amonth after. Any parents could not not afford fees for me because my father abandoned us due to problems(poverty).my mother sells poriedge to keep us going. Now i am secondary school courtecy of western water & sanitation forum(wawesafo-WSF

Pauline my deskmate was very poor chemistry. Though very good in biology, mathematics, languages and humanities she terribly failed in chemistry and if I can remember well the highest mark she got in chemistry was a D+. As this year began, I started to do chemistry discussions with him and showing him how to do calculations concerning molarity and other calculations in chemistry. With time she started improving and by the time we were closing school in April she had a mean grade of C(Cplain) and today she has ventured into the mean grade of B(plain

Comedy Movie Production --- KABATI, KITUI ( INDIVIDUAL
Esther is a young lady who lives in kitui town,kabati District. She innorvated a certain scheme which benefited a college and high school dropouts who were busy tarmacking looking for employment. She used her savings from her small businesses enterprise and funded them to train,school and edit a certain comedy movie know as 'Melissa' which is now new in the market but has already started to do well. The idea was a surprise to their community and are very proud of grou

Constitution Implementation --- SHINYALU, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
I am peter stinoli. I am a secondary school teacher and a native of shinyalu constituency,Murhanda sublocation. I had the priviledge of attending the forum organized by UNDP Amkenya which saw I and several others being enlightened on the new constitution, more about gender and governance and the devolved funds. Before I didn' t understand the articles whenever I could read them but they explained to me and now I know every part of it including my rights. I am grateful.

Elevating The Girl Child Rights --- KAJUBI, KAMPALA ( INDIVIDUAL
In 2008 the director excel secondary school kawaara founded Bunyoro education fund with a view of assisting the girl child in region. The increasing molestation to form the organisation Apart from educating them it have also gone to advocate for the girl child rights in the countr

Kizo Kilukimi is my name. I am a father of two grown up young men. One finished school a long time ago and the other is in high school. My firstborn after graduating came and started looking for a job. but was bit lucky to get one. He moved from place to place but it was actually hard. About two years back the office of the prime minister initiated a programme dubbed as " Youth Enterprise Fund' which was to loan out funds to youths who should use the funds to start income generating activities. and a test to curb unemployment. My son applied for the loan which he used to start a poultry farm. He continued maintaining his farm well with time it staarted growing well . He started getting profits and in the process repaid the loan and the other proceeds to start a business. Actually my son is doing well and i owe thanks to that 'Youth Enterprise Fund

A certain woman could not manage herself though she had completed her fourth form that is high school studies. Somebody came to her with an idea that she join a certain school as a lower class teach. This plan worked as she was given the chance and now she teachers there

Early last year 2010, when the KSCE exams were being announced,Grace a girl at state House,Girls High School had passed considerably well, she was to join the university but faced quite a number of problems. First of all, she came from a poor background and had arrears that mounted upto Kshs.80,000. She had not cleared back at her school and by the look of things, university education just seemed to be a marriage to her. This however was not the case as through the help of Equity Bank, she was able to obtain a schoolarship and she cleared all her arrears.she is now ready to pursue her medicine course at Nairobi University

The Good Samaritanship Of C.D.F --- KAK EAST, KAKAMEGA ( CDF
For a long period of time there lived a small boy who just grew in our village, he was among the bereved family whose parents died a long ago. This boy was respectful in that he respect everybody who was in authority. it reach a time when he had his K. C. P. E and pass. He wanted to join in a secondary school but noone was there spouse him, He prayed God and one day wake up, he think so and decided to went and see the C. D. F manager to sponser him with a bursary. For God's presence that mange was merciful to these boy and support him with the whole years fees form one. These boy join in secondary school and the bursary the exam very well, he got a good grade. This time is joinng the university of Nairobi being sponsored by the government. Shenbekhe Joshu

Women Are Resource To Development --- KAKAMEGA, NAIROBI ( SHASABA WOMEN GROUP
I have a mother who joined a very innovative group championship the welfare of women. She joined this group while i was in class 7 and it would have been very hard for me to see the doors of high school. Our financial status was wanting and even the basic needs like food shelter and clothing were a challenge. Education was an uphill task. Through table banking loans are given to members and these really go along way to boost the members depending on how the cash is used. I therefore thank God for shasaba women grou

This story is about a young man who hoped to be a very good friend with friend of mine whom we meet with in high school. Doin was always there for me in one way or the other.he supported me phisically, mentally and financially when I needed his support.the only bad thing Doin was that he never attended church services even christion Religious Education Lessons in school (C. R. E

Helping The Forgotten Bright Students To Discover Their Future. --- LANG'ATA OTIENDE, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
Many children who come from poor families could not get a chance to join Secondary School, after they completed their primary education. In Kibera there came a person who had a heart to help such kind of children. Father Jerry Chalton,started to pay school fees and the needy children who could not afford school to enable with continue with their education, mostly in Kibera slum. I was one of the luckiest student who got that golden chance. Father Jerry started an orphans secondary school by the name of St Aloysius Gonzaga a secondary school there students are able to get better education to help them in their future life. Almost over 1500 needy student has gotten a chance of getting free quality education. They also go back to serve the community

The people of Zanzibar were waiting with a lot of hope all over the country for the announcement of free primary and secondary education. People were finally relieved when the minister of education announced it publicly that not a single cent would be needed from parents who have their children in primary and secondary schools this program was funded by the United Nations and it worked pretty well. All the children in Zanzibar went to school and up to this time the program is still moving on well. The government has put measures to parents who do not want to take their children to school

The Musingu School --- , ( SEMREP
Musinga high school is one of the district schools in Western province. It perfoms so well that every parent would struggle to get a chance in the school for his/her son. This lead to a high population in the school in that the domortries were not enough for the population. SEMREP decided to help Musinga school by putting up a domotry for the students. This was a big challenge to the school which made it to feel motivated to work more harder to produce colourful results. This made the students comfortable

Knowledge Is Power --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( EQUITY BANK
Equity has been very fair to all kenyas. It has promised many candidate that if they score four hundred marks, they will provide them school fees for the secondary school and the university. In the slum of kibera, they have helped many pupils. In our village there was a boy who scored four hundred and twenty four marks. When they heard about that they came took him to a good school. The boy passed his exam and he thanked God for what they did. I pray to God to help them to continue with the good work they are doing

How A Young Gilr Secured Scholarship Due To Her Good Performance --- MATEMBE(LUWERO), LUWEROO ( INDIVIDUAL
It was in 2009 when i sat my primary leaving examination, and i scored 13 aggregates. I was one of the best perfomer in our district(luweero). i was studing at matembe primary school. I was choosen to go and get free education(secondary) in one of the best private schools and that is seeta high school. which is owned by God fearing man known as mr muyingo. Am given all the scholaristic materils such as uniforms, textbooks, pens, toilet papers, brooms, food,shelter by the school. I have now studied for 2 years enjoying all the services like any other student, all i will still continue studying for all goes well Glory be to God, and long live mr(dr) muyingo

Samuel Makhoha a third year student at the Moi University,studying medicine was a role model in the community of ingavira as a whole. To the youth he was seen as turning ones fortune was possible since he had once dropped out of school in high school,started engaging with bad groups. It took almost three years out of school and his Grandfather advised him to go back to school and chase his dream to the level he can. Now he lectures youth at the community to engage in studies so that they may change their fortune

In the promotion of information technology mr. okello has donated dual core (100) laptops to Gulu secondary school and Gulu constituency, this has created employment opportunities to IT teachers and improved on the spread of information technology in the district and in the country wid

Sponsoring Poor Students --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
I am Oduor Omondi Martin. I am an engineer by profession having graduated a few years back. Getting to this level was not a bed of roses. I remember my childhood was married by problems due to object poverty in our household. I went through primary school though but then i was about to join high school reality hit me hard . I had no school fees ,neither had i sponsor. I saw my hopes for a bright furure being dashed a way. At that point i was totally hopeless. Good enough my good grades were able to earn a sponsorship deal from a wealthy man in my village who offered to pay the whole high school fees. I am happy that my life was saved then and am realy gratefull for that man turning tables in my life

My name is Rebecca Sakwa. I am in Bondeni primary school in class seven. In 2001 i lost my father and was left with my mother. My father had been the main bread winner and so all hope had disipated and desparation took over. My mother's effort to bring up our family of 4 were unfruitful. Through the struggle life staggered on until my mother approached orphan child care home to help us. They were kind enough to allow one lucky beneficiary and that was me . I started enjoying the care and provision of basic needs in 2005 which revived my hope for the future. I am hopeful that with this support i will be able to finish std 8next year, joining high school and later more on to realize my dream of becoming a doctor. However this home is unstable and does not have permanent sponsors. I appeal to well wishers or a specific sponsor who can become my role model and sponsor

THERE IS HOPE FOR TOMORROW During the last days in high school there was a motivational speaker who came to Bungoma high school, in the year 2010,at third term. Though at the start of the session,it seemed humorous;but its conclusion,was absolutely humbling. His story began when he grew up in the streets,her mother being a prostitute;not that he wanted to but because of the upkeep of the motivational speaker and his brothers. Something that really touched me the most,is that his father also threw him in a pit latrine!For the sake of his safety,her mother had to leave. Her mother continued with this kind of horrible lifestyle,until she was diagnosed with HIV/AIDs,in the year 1999. Long story short,the most emotional part that made me shed tears was that her mother was placed to a room closed to the mortuary,since the virus had kept her mother into critical conditions;death or life. He told us he used to wash her,wastes and clothing where she slept until she succumbed. Narrating the story,I felt that he really missed her mom.the worst of all when he narrated this part of his story, he was in bitterness and sorrow on stage. But he left something that i will never forget. No matter where you come from ,your background,you can make matter what!he made me learn that; "................ The greatest legacy is not what you leave for people- 'BUT WHAT YOU LEAVE IN PEOPLE.

Sponsoring Poor Students --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
There is a certain great guy in my county who goes by the name jason. This guy worth my admiration. He is just a simple guy but doing great things speaking of his activities he has actually changed the perspective of the poor in the center county. Majority he has sponsored poor and yet bright student in accessing education both in high school and higher institutions. More of those who benefited through his hands are prominent in the society i.e doctors ,lawyers,engineers etc. This man is a real man though he is in now old but he still continues to do this job which he himself sees as a calling. He gets funds from sourcing from NGO and even the government. It is just marvelous

Dealing With Withdrawal Symptoms --- SABASABA, MURANG'A ( INDIVIDUAL
Kizito was a young orphan. He lost his parents at a very young age to cancer. It had affected him psychologically due to the depreviation of parental love,care,guidance and sense of security at the young age of seven years. Once a social,vicacious,playful and full of life she had changed to become a quiet,withdrawn,sad and bitter boy. He blamed everybody he could for the death of his parents. He took out his emotions on God,his poor relatives,friends etc. I had known Kizito from his birth since his parents had been my godparents and best friends with my single mother. I had taken a liking for the young boy and had tried to help him in any way i could. We being poor ourselves could not do much about his financial position but i decided to stick on his side even when he pushed me away. I talked to him,encouraged him to share his fears with me and slowly he found a friend in me with whom he could confine in. We encouraged him,my mother even took him to a councellor when she could afford it. He no longer felt abandoned and alone. He realised that we all cared for him,He is now fifteen years and in secondary school thats public. We all have expectations that rhis bright boy will be successful in his life

Promoting Education To People --- AMOR, GULU ( INDIVIDUAL
Primary and secondary schools have been constructed in our community by our member of parliament to improve education in our community. So many orphans acquired free education from these schools

I am Brenda Wawire of Lirhembe Girls High School. I feel really honoured to be in High school at such time as now. Sometime past i was hopeless and desperate even at one time contemplating taking my own life. I had given up on life. In 2008,Kakamega Orphans care centre proved that they truely care as they directed the caring heart to me at my hour of need. I am sure that my dead parents wherever they are must be smiling at this Home with words of gratitude. I intend to work really hard and i am sure to fulfill the dream of my life of becoming a High school teacher

Born in a family of eight(8) Mike was the elderly of his sibling and therefore a role model. The parents died only at the age of eighteen(18)and in secondary school. These caused trauma and he was forced out of school due to lack of school fees. A well wisher immediatelty came in to secure and ensure that Mike and the other children got all the basic needs and went back to school He paid school fees and provided food for the family Today he is on his third year in a local university and doing well

The Great Chance --- KYATALE, MASAKA ( CFCA
I got a chance and registered in CFCA. At first i taken this chance or oportunity as a jork. But its today when i am seeing it that i was inportant. That organisation started giving help to me when i was in primary school,I reached secondary school or classes with support from it and now i am in senior four at asterndard school even That organisation has given sponsorship in school fees ,Ihave been give scholastic materials even last month. It has given me water tank and some physical needs. With CFCA plans i hope to joing upper classed and higher insitition as God the savior This organisation will help me up when i will get apaying job

How Global Giving Is Thought Of In Chavakali High School --- CHAVAKALI, KAKAMEGA ( GLOBAL GIVING
According to most students in my school they have resulted that the global giving story is one of the biggest project that assist people especially students in both the community and inside school

My name is Jane. My mother is a member of Kalenda Juakali Women group. She is also the Group's Secretary and since 2006 the Group has helped so many of their members to advance in life. Many children belonging to the members have been supported to go with their education. I was a beneficiary between 2006 and 2010 while I was both in Primary and Secondary school to be supported so as to pay school fees. My mother was able to get loans from their program of table banking and merry go round. I have therefore benefitted from this Group's support

Going To Secondary School --- SINYERERI, TRANS-NZOIA EAST ( TYSA
After finishing class eight I passed my exams nation but my parents were not able to get money to secondary school. I was in one of the organization. I went there and I said my problem and I was late in form one which I entered the third month ending but I did worried about that. Just I tried myself get a good position in the closing exams. I thanked the organization for the support they gave me

Mistressed Family --- MARAVBA, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
In the village a woman by the name June lost her husband. She was left with five kids which became difficult for her to provide food,shelter and health in general. The children including the mother were infested with Jiggers which became a problem for the family to fight against. One day an organization of WEWASAFO visited and build a and paid fees for the kids who were in secondary school the family members were happy and took a new face of life and children were in position of completing school and managed to pass and are now in tertiary tereto. All thanks goes to the director of WEWASAFO

After completing my primary education i didn't have enough money to go to secondary school this is until i approached Mr Ogira who took me to Olkejuado secondary school where am working hard to change my life and community in future such people may be funded more so that they can help many peopl

After i finished my 'O' level that is high school education,i had a major problem because i could not be able to collect my form four leaving certificate due to the high accrued school fees. I was even unable to look for jobs because the school could not give me the certificate. As an orphan,i could not afford to get ksh 15,000 to complete the fees so as to receive my certificate. One time while looking for a job with Neema Women Group,i met the director Mary who wanted to know why i had no certificate. I told her my situation and she willingly agreed to help. She paid the fees in two phases and then i got my certificate and to do more she even sponsored my education in college and i just thank God for her

Rabbit rearing is a new way of generating income, this has attracted many unemployed people to venture in the same business. An example of Joseph Kamau who runs an well infra structured meseaum around kinoo area. This tourists and other people as in the residents around also come to have a look at his well done job. It's also through this that he is schooling his 3 daughters at Limuru Girls High School

There were times when i was in high school when things go so tough for me. Whenever I read any subject after sometime I would get confused and forget everything or I would get tired and would not continue with my studies. This went on for almost the whole term and being a form three student I just thought it was time for me to drop out of school since there was no hope for me and already I was experiencing significant drop in my performance. I explained this problem to my teacher who guided me throughout my study. I tried this mode of study and in the following term, things changed.. I started to improve before anyone knew i was toping the class

With the loan she got from Cham gi wadu women group, min Athieno is able to pay her two daughters in secondary school their fees. She is grateful

My name is Joseph Shikeji. I am a form four student of Shikunga secondary school. But for me to reach form four, to come this far, it has taken the hard of God. Being an opharn whose parents were lost quite a while ago while I was still infant, I had no reason hoping to see another day. Everything was impossible. My ralatives tried helping me but failed as they too had their own children to take care of. In 2007 I was lucky when I got a chance to stay in Kakamega opharns care centre. I was taken to Amalemba primary school from where my hard work earned me a chance in high school. I believe I will do my form 4 exam and pass and that in future I will be a banker

Before the children of Kibera foundation came life was very hard. My father had to work extra harder to pay my school fees,but since i got sponsership in the children of Kibera foundation,life has become much easier. I now know how to read,write,speak in English,use computers and a little french. Alot of orphans in our school are sponsered and each one of them have different life stories. The children of kibera foundation has realy helped my community. Now i am in class seven soon i will be in class eight.if i pass my exams the scolarship will still help me,i hope to go in a good high school and university

The Most Terrible Mistake I Have Ever Commited In My Life --- NYENDO, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
I have a small restarant in Nyendo but i regreat why i got pregnant. My father died when i had just joined senior one. Lucky enough,my Aunt started paying for me school fees because she so much loved her brother whom was my father. I was in St Theresa Bwanda girls secondary school in senior three. But in the first term when i had joined Masaka secondary school, I got preginant and this marked the end of my education . Unfortunately i delivered the premature featusus. After few years I got married and produced two children. I spent three years with my husband and after we seperated because he was a womaniser and a left him with his two sons and started my own life. But had not realise the golden future my Aunt was preparing for me. Now i started as small restaurant which help me earn a living.

My friend and I had just finished our fourth year at a local school in the village. We were sitting at home early in the year with nothing to do while waiting for our results As we were visiting town one evening one gentle man approached us with a favor to mobilize young men and women in the community to take part in a volunteer programme at a local NGO called WEWASAFO. Our involvement with the NGO changed our perceptions about the community on giving back and sharing what we learned at high school. we are now hoping thanks to WEWASAFO who offered sponsors for us on tuition fees at Moi universit

Caring For The Envrionment --- KIMILILI, BUNGOMA ( INDIVIDUAL
Malla is an old man who lived in his farms which he had inherited from his father. He did not have knowledge of modern methods for farming, soil erosipn conservation and tree preservation. His soon Ruben compiled KCPE but idd not continue with education in high school. HE used is talent to improve his father's land. He planned his work planted grass across slopy eroded and cut terraces across the steer ground. He used rotten rubbish which lay at the bank of nearby stream. Finally he took step to obtain manure to add fertility he took step to obtain manure harvest Ruben now started caring for the work around him and had enough food for family as those around him and life if his family has change

Poverty Nor Riches Is Not A Choice --- AHERO, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
Otoyo came from a poor family. He was my school mate in primary school. You could hardly detect the colour of his uniform due to so many different coloured patches. He was looked down upon by many people. Though he was a bright pupil, Otoyo did not work hard because he believed his parents lacked the ability to educate him any further. One day l saw some students surrounding Otoyo and laughing at him because his short was torn unravelling the confidential secrets of his thighs, l ran over to him and l quickly picked up a log and dispersed the pupils. I felt a glow of humanity burning in my heart. Without even asking for permission, we went direct home and l did gave him a newly bought uniform. I also asked him to work hard and if he happened to register a good grade he will have to join a secondary school like the others. From then hence forth, Otoyo strengthened his hope and last year Otoyo was able to join a distingmished university leaving behind those who used to laugh at hi

Free Education --- MENGO, KAMPALA ( USE
USE is a government programme which gives free education to students. Many students in our community are helped and they are also given matrials to use. students in high schools are provided with free education which has developed the whole communit

Encouraging My Friend To Achieve In Education --- CHERANGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
My friend was in problems with his parents on issues to deal with school fees. He was always in and out of school that he was hurt so much. Sometimes he wanted to drop out of school but i always encouraged him to stand strong. Sometimes he could not go to school even for one week. By being close to him he managed to complete his high school course and he always thanks me for my encouragement and managing to control his anger for the past three years in school.

It was more than 2 years when my father died when I learnt that there is no good friend in this world apart from God. My father was an engeneer. When he was alive our relatives and friends used to come drink and laugh together with our family. It was when my father became very sick is when i knew there was no true friend. People came promising to be his friend and even take care of us. Unfortunately my father died. During burial ceremony my relatives promised to take care of us and even pay our school fees. My father had a lot of money and what this people wanted was my fathers money and not else. They told my mum to distribute the money to all family members that they will take care of us and provide everything that we will need, My mum refused and they started hating her so my mum gave out the money. The schooled my brother for only one year in secondary school and they all refused to school us that they don't have money. It was me and my brother who were schooling only. I used to be chased school to bring money. I stayed home when mum got something small I went to school finding others students covered many things, I applied for CDF money unluckily they didn't bring the money but their was one uncle of mine who came to help us pay our money but when my brother finished school he said that he doesn't have money to school me but he will try each time to pay al least something small. aim stressed by when am send away from school since my mum is not working.

I am Tabby Wafula a student of Shaywe secondary school. I am in form two and i come from a poor family who can't even afford to pay my school fees, luckily enough when i just finished my primary education i managed to pass well and joined high school through faith as a serious youth in our local church,God therefor through our pastor brought a well wisher who came to our church and was willing to take care of any two children from a very poor family or either orphans. I was among the two chosen and therefore joined school. I an now going on well and i wish that many people should come into this and assist some other disabled children in our community

Boys To Men Project --- SIGALAGALA, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
My name is Arnold Oloo. I am 17years and a from three student of Musingu High school. I happened to a beneficiary of a project launched by a certain organization in our school. They launched an initiative known as boys to men which saw us acquire alot about life and more so how to be a real man. We came to learn that being a real man meant alot;taking full responsibility of your family ,and many more

Daudi Returns To School --- MAILI SABA, TRANZOIA -EAST ( TYSA
Although he was very good at school ,Daudi had to leave after he had completed standard six . It was almost certain that if he would have stayed he would have got into the secondary school . His school was paid by anybody. So there was no more money for Daudi education . Daudi got a support from one of the organisation and was paid all the school fees in school. So Daudi returned to the school a proceeded with education.

There is a girl called veronicah Bochere. The girl narrates a sorrowful story of her life.she was the first girl in the family of four children. In all of their family she was one of the most beloved girl. In primary school she went to boarding school and passed with flying colours,she again went to a secondary school where she passed and managed to go collage. The life in the collage was so good and started to engage in friendship.she had a boyfriend which inturn imprignated her. His parents decided to disown her and decided to be married to this young man. The man was financially unstable their marriage

Empowering The Girl Child --- BUDALANGI, BUSIA ( AHADI KENYA TRUST
I am a student at a high school in Busia. As with the trend before, most of the girls these sides used to stay at home and miss classes when on periods due to lack of sanitary towels. This in a way contributed to their diomdling performance. However several organizations together with the government have risen to the ocassion and thrown in their support of providing free sanitary towels. One key organization that did help was Ahadi Kenya Trust and we would like to eamestly thank them for there good work

In jinja hospital,the scripture union of Jinja senior secondary school has donated many needs like soap,toilet paper,sugar and so on to the patients. It has also prayed for the patients. Through preaching the gospel in school,many youth have joined scripture union and this has helped to improve on the morals of the young generation

Supplying Free Sanitary Towels --- KHAYEGA, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
Hellen Kamadi is my name. I am 17 yrs old and a student at Mukumu girls High School. I am a poor family and therefore accessing basic needs at school such as enough sanitary towels has been a big problem. However, an organisation dubbed as W. S. F came as a great relief to my condition when they started supplying free sanitary towels to my school and several others within the local area. I together with other students have really benefited as life has been made comfortable hence creating convineient environemnt for learning. Furthermore, the performanc of girls in my calss has shot up and I can say all the credit should go to W. S. F for their good work

The Lucky Maria --- KATA, BARO ( INDIVIDUAL
There was once a young girl known as Maria her parents passed on when she was a very little young girls so she was left under her grandmother care. Her grandmother sacrificed too much for her and brought her up until she was a class eight candidate but afterward her grandmother kicked back. Maria was desperate and didnt know what to do if and if she passed with flying colours. So she went in the city mostly known as the city of the sun booking for a job she was lucky her employer were good hearted and instead of granting her the job they agreed to take her to secondary school and finally to the university. Twenty years later she was a managers sitting somewhere in her own office and thanked the couple for all the good deed they did to help

Ungenuine Character --- BUDOKOMI, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
When in high school, my son was one of those silent but dangerous students one could ever think of. No one could appeared to be very peaceful and a person without any harm and to me he was very innocent. I couldn't believe it, it was as though my life had just come to an end and the last this I remembered was waking up in a hospital ward with this very son besides me sobbing bitterly. I spoke to him and he promised to completely change and never to get involved in any such activities and today I am proud of this very boy who is a third year in University of Nairobi

In Chavakali High School were I take my studies, we had never gone to the national levels since 1989. All the time we strive to go to the nationals but we have failed all through. Many schools like Friends School Kamusinga usually go to the national level every time we get to provincials. this year, our new principal got us a new director who made us get a very new play which was number one at the districts. At the provincials level, we emerged number two and we are proceeding to the nationals. All the entire school is happy and last Saturday and Sunday, we hosted the Drama Gala Festivals. On 4th April, we are proceeding to the Nationals

The Support Of Orphans And Other Student By The Principal --- SINYERERI, TRANS NZOIA EAST ( NO ANSWER
Sure mr principal have decided to help some few members in our school who are being orphans. some few passed months the fees was paid for them and they were able to go o with their studies. This get of mr principal have touched many pepople.those students have been able to improve and compete with others in terms of Academics. Further more have bee well disciplined hence good perfomance in terms of academics and also most improved school in the district. Many parents have been touched with the behaviuor of our students and they are much eager of what is happening in st. Trizas sinyereri secondary school The school have been more supprtive at large

Girls Empowerment --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
It was five years ago when a man who is kind hearted, thoughtfull and selfless by the name Abdul Kassim tried to change the life of Girls in Kibera. He did that by starting a football club which would help the girls whoknew soccer but are not recognized in the society. He later sat down and thought that the girls need education other than knowing who they are and what talents they have. He and some of his friends built a school in Kibera situated near the railway line a place commonly known as darajani. They named it kibera Girls Soccer Academy. It doesnt mean that only soccer players are in the school but also girls who cant afford to pay for high school fees and have scored higher marks. Not only do they provide high school education but also further studies if a girl scores c+ and above. And also some Job connections if you are through with your education. This has been advantageous to most girls who have been learning I kibera Girls Soccer Academy.(K. G. S. A) For now most girls are being empowered and they have the potential to do anything that boys can do. Even if some people dont want to accept if the truth is that you cant resist change but you can influence it for sure Mr. Abdul is one in a million to me and he is my role model.

Helping Poor Students --- KIMILILI, BUNGOMA ( INDIVIDUAL
My name is John Kamau. I am a beneficiary Peter Odogo's initiative of helping poor students access education opportunities. I remember way back when I had just completed my primary school . I did pass highly but did not have enough funds to join high school. Lucky enough,a relative introduced me to this man who after teaming of my sterling performance,agreed to pay my high school fees. I did join my high school where I continued posting good results. I worked hard and I managed to pass highly my national exams. I am now in university in my second year pursuing my Engineering course. I am actually greatfull for whatever was done to me by the ma

Building Of Latrines And Toilets Ins Chools --- NYANZA, KISUMU ( AMREF
AMREF has helped most of the schools in Nyanza to improve their education levels by building latrines and toilets free in schools. These really helps to conserve the environment because before the children and students in both primary and secondary school were using the bushes around which really pollutes the environment. Now the children are feeling well because they have the latrines around. This really has has helped to improve the education levels in schools

My name is Alister Amalemba. Kakamega Orphans Care Center admitted me in 2005 at a time when I had lost hope. I am total whose both parents were no more by 2000. That exposed me to the "hell" on earth. Few people cared about me and many others added injury to the wound by molesting me. I could hardly eat anything and even became a street child. Luckily in 2005 this Home,KOCC took me up. I have since that time been taken care of and even sent to school. I worked hard and passed my KCPE exam then joined Ingotse High School. I intend to become a lawyer in future upon my successful completion of my studies

I live in Lukosi village in Shinyalu Kakamega county. I am a girl aged eighteen years. My parents are very poor and old. I am the second born and third born girls were married of early at a tender age so as to get dowry as money survival. I ran away since i was also to be forced to get married to a very old man. I had often heard of charitable services such as provision of food, shelter and scholarships by Mr. Enock Irungu to the needy members of the community. I went to him and explained my situation. He adopted me legally as his child having gotten the consent from my parents and authority. He has taken me to school. I finished my secondary school KCSE exams and got a B+. I have been admitted to Maseno University for computer science. I am grateful to God and to Mzee Irungu for helping me have a bright future.

School Fees Payment --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
Juma is my name. I am a 17 years old, a form three student at Lubinu High School. I am an orphan. my parents died long time ago when I was still young. I then went ahead to live with my grandmother after which life became a struggle all along. All through out my primary school life has been really a astruggle. Getting food, clothing and other needs became hard to get. I managed to finish my primary school and got admitted tio Lubinu High School. Though I had made it through, there was still on eproblem that stood in place, lack of funds, to get to pay school fees. I wondered, moving from place to place in order to get a sponsor but it was difficult. Luckily, a friend of mine introduced me to a acertain NGO after learning of my need for school fees. Th eorganisation namerd ACCESS chipped in and agreed to pay my high school fees and I am happy that I have hope in future

My name is Linda Omoka. I lost my father some year ago. I have been living with my mother who didn't have a job and all along life has been a struggle. Some two years back I did my final year in primary school and when the results were out, I happened to have posted exemplary performance. I got admitted to a national school but the hope of joining wasn't there since I didn't have school fees. My primary school headteacher realised that I oculd have fee problems in high school and decided to look for a sponsor. My story spread across the whole village like bushfire and luckily a certain wealthy man stepped up to pay my whole high school fees. I am now in form three and I am doing well. I don't have fee problems at all and I am lasting forward to passing my form four exams and have a bright future alongside helping my mum

Text Books For Primary And Secondary School --- MASAKA TOWN, MASAKA ( READ INTERNATIONAL
READ international an organization from England offered over five thousand (5,000) text books to Mubende Town Council. The books were both fro primary and secondary students in Mathematics and sciences . It also built a public library fro them and it wanted to improve the education standard of pupils in Mubembe

Establishing A School In The Locality --- KIBINGE, BUYOGA ( INDIVIDUAL
It is true in Kibiigwe Dukomonsimbi district had for many years lacked a secondary school forcing parents to forward their children to distant schools thus questioning the academic performance of that area. Thanks for Engineer Mawardo who for now three years has established a secondary school in the area

One day when I was at home I had anything to do there. My parent had no money to take me to the secondary school. My parent had told me to wait the month finished to take me to go to work in house. One neighbor told me there is a school located in Machakos town. I did not know the school is course. When my parent come evening I told him there is a neighbor who told me that there is a course in Machakos called Jitengee that teaches pupil about there all abilities of there future. The following day my parent come the Machakos he asked where is that course. My parents he met with one student who was coming in town. He show is located and come parent he then take me in that school from that time I have a skill in my mind that I started used it in my future. Jitengee has helped me in my future. I remember jitengee for helping me in life

High School Journalists In Kenya --- SONDU, KISUMU ( NEWS MEDIA
Kenyan journalist students are not secure. This is perhaps because they are still in school and under the control of the school in administration. They always face criticism and others end up being punished draconianly. Reason? Because of writing dirt in the school especially about teachers. The consequences are always unbearable. They have to go through all sorts of harassment, humiliation and face the wrath of the disappointed teachers. A good example is one which happened recently in my school. A journalist had written an article asking the school whether corporal punishment was back. The outcome was discouraging and devastating. The student was forcefully got out of the class and ordered to remove the article from the notice board. Later during class, teachers were sarcastic with the journalist. They spoke the opposite of what they meant. The incident gave a cold shoulder to other journalists in the school. They went on strike by stopping to write but then nobody paid attention to them. Really It is a high time that the freedom of the press should also be practised in schools

Think Of Victory --- SINYERERI, KITALE ( TYSA
Sarah had completed her primary education and passed well, but she did not have a hope of join high school. Her home background was poor and could not manage to educate her through high school. TYSA organisation gave in, in the situation and enrolled Sarah to a nearby where she is pursuing her education and performing excellently

Talents In Use --- KIANDA, NAIROBI ( JABE
JABE was formed by youths from high school who realized that they had dancing talent. With time they also realized that they also realized that among themselve were good actors and poet. JABE currently sensitive the community about the importance of national unity using their talents

I thank God that disability is not inability. I am just a normal human being who can do what other human beings can do. I believe every person God has a plan for each one of us. I appreciate my parents who are really working out to see my futurebright. Despite the challenge i am doing very well in life and hope for the best. I am now in secondary school and believe to go up to university. I am connected to an organization that give support to my coligue too. They buy school uniforms to us and provide other needs to others. People with disability need to be supported

Source of light is an organisation that is dedicated to preach gospel to the youths in high school and upper primary. The organisation moves to different schools and talk to the youths about the bible and good news. The organisation also talk to the youths about the challenges they face in life and how to overcome them

Be Thankful Of What You Have --- , ( INDIVIDUAL
When i was in high school, my aunt who works in Sudan used to send us photos through email. One holiday when she had come for her leave,she brought us photos she had got from the internet. The photos showed how a child had put his mouth on the anus of a cow waiting for it to deficate so that he could have something to eat. Another photo showed how a child sitted next to as keleton and besides him was a volture which seemed it was waiting for the child to die so that so that it can eat his remains. My aunt told us that both children were in drought striken areas with no food to eat. The purpose of he bringing us the photos was to tell us that throwing away food is not food as there other people who lacked food to put in their mouths. We in our do not throw food when it remains henceforth. Even when i go to a hotel to eat, when the food remains i tell the waiter to pack it foe me so that i carry it home or i sometimes give it to a homeless person begging on the street

When I was in school I used to work hard in all my way I finished my primary education very well and passed. With three hundred and twenty marks but the but thing came across in my life I didn't get a school fee to continue with my education but by good luck a good person with good heart took me in secondary school where I finished my school

Cdf(Community Development Fund) Helps --- MUMIAS, KAKAMEGA ( GOVERNMENT
Our community being a small and well known for education it was also known for having poor people. As a matter of fact people were not able to complete their school fees hence leading to school dropout. This continued for sometime and the cdf (community development fund) had to step in and assist in providing fees. The dropouts were able to go back to school. As per me i was unable to pay my K. C. P. E fee and my parents had earlier told me that i was not able to go to secondary school. But surprisingly, the cdf paid for my kcpe fee one week earlier an that gave me a motive to do well. When K. C. P. E results were out i had passed with flying colours and i was given a chance to chavakali high school. Were it not for C. D. F i would not be where i am

A Timely Support But Not Adequate Enough --- KAKUNGA, KAKAMEGA NORTH ( INDIVIDUAL
I am a son to a widow by name Velentine Adisa. I 13 years old. In 2009 a good samaritan came to our rescue to recruit my mother onto a support programme. This arrangement has been paying beneficiaries some amount of ksh 1500 monthly to support the education,health and social upkeep of the orphans in those houses. I have been a beneficiary.its timing of at a time when even more needy since i am only now getting to secondary. It will be a very temporary solution if it does not take care of the high school basic cost of my lif

School Fees Payment --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( WSF
There is a certain student from my high school who was about to abandon school due to lack of school fees. The sad thing was that the boy was bright but lacked funds to continue school. He is from a single parent family,that is he was raised by his mother only. The mother earlier on had lost her job and thus there was no source of income. Luckily his mother through a friend was connected to an N. G. O named WSF Western Sanitation Forum. The organisation chipped in and went ahead to support the boy in paying the school fees. The boy finished his school last year and even managed to pass with flying colour. Were it not for the NGO (WSF) he could not have been able to successfully complete his high school education.

I'm Jude Okwaro,a student at Shiewe secondary school. I come from ushindi childrens home which i have called home for a very long time. They picked me from the streets and took care of me since then. I have a reason to smile. But back in the streets i could not access things like food,shelter and clothes every reason to be happy again. Another thing they did for me that i will not forget is that they took me to school. I am thankful to them for all the help they have given me and to other children

My dad used to beat me and abuse me. I felt like the world was over,i felt like nobody was their for me except my mum. But she was not enough as she do nothing. I decided that i could leave school and decide to live my own way whether to die or survive. I left for Nairobi and lived with my uncle at his home place i found out that many guys were learned. I felt a strong feeling of going back to school.there was nothing else i could do. After going back home my dad had understood me to some stages. I managed to complete my high school studies

An Inspiring Teacher --- RUARAKA, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
My father who is a teacher ,usualy in third term he carries out school tours to give inspirational speech to students to encourage them before doing their exam. Two years ago during long vocation from the university me and my brothe rwho are both in the university decide to accompany him to Ruaraka secondary school during one of his inspirational days. After ha had given the tips on how to answer the questions well, he introduced as to the students. After creating a rapport with then, we told them our story of how we grew in the same neighbourhood, went to neighbourhood schools and managed to work hard in school and eventually head to the university. After telling our stories, most of the students promised to work hard as they had seen an example from us. Even after the end of the session, the students still followed us to know now university life was like and how we managed our secondary life. From this session, we were proud of our father who assists other people's children to successed in life

A Principled Girl --- , KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
There was a young girl who got pregnant at an early age wile she was in secondary school. Due to her pregnancy was a unable to continue with her education. Her mother was a prostitute and she was advicing her daughter to get into that business so that they would be able to pay off their bills and also been able to afford their food. The girl refused and she started getting small jobs but they were not catering for her needs but one day she met a man who helped her to get employed and they fell in love and later got married. The girl went back to school and studied medicine she was empowered by the man

Nothing in life is good as the last minute. Mary had spend four years in his secondary school course,but she didn't have any hope in life. She was totally confused and need no more about education but earthly issues. The headmistress assisted mary throughout the years but she didn't change his behaviour. It is during her last year that she got pregnant and decided to abort. She was late for abortion because it was eight months old and the exams were around the corner. Although she was given hope after the state,she made it to commit suicide

Dream Big Dreams --- , NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
''Dream big dreams and have unfailing confidence in yourself'', my mother always told me and unfailing confidence. I did have been a first yr student in high school, i greatly admired the senior, mostly because of their ability to express themselves without fear. They interacted with each other freely and of course very few talked to the seniors. In high school every one wants to be famous. My best friend Sylvia Okwemba was one of the best suffering from an intense desire to be known admirable and even adored by some. Sylvia did not talk to me most of the time because i kept myself a part from her because i realize that she was the one who took over when i resigned.

I remember my neighbourhood whose their parents died the previous1yr. They did not have anything to eat. They did not have even a good clothes to wear. Their neighbours hated them very much. They were forced by landlord to move out of that place. They went to children's home that was near their house. They told this organisation. They felt felt very sorryful about their story. This organisation took them to a nice school. and they continued with their education. Lastly they did their KCPE and got a good marks. This org was happy about that. they were taken to a nice high school and now they feel comfortable

After languishing in poverty for a very long time, finally I had a reason to smile about when my son built a poshomill for me. Something or a business investment that enables me earn upto ten thousand shillings or more in a week given that even the secondary schools in the area and one teachers college and primary schools come there to have their maize ground to flour. Today the poshomill is not only helping me but also other members of my community who previously had to walk for long distances to get to other poshomills for flour

There is a man who founded an organization for helping the needy in the community. He started by farming which earned him money and supported those who were living in total poverty. He assisted them by buying them clothes, food and even taking them to schools. I am one of those children who benefited a lot from him. He has sponsored me from Primary school till the year 2010 when the organization fall. He also made friends from Australia who also accepted to sponsor some children but unfortunately the organization lacked financial stability and it was to stop sponsoring children. The manager/founder of the organization went to Australia recently to make more friends who may establish an organization to help those who are needy. The main reason that led to the failure of the organization was that we were a big number of children who were to join high school and there were no enough school fees for as all. His friends in Australia carried out research about the founder of this organization and concluded that he used the money they send to help children to benefit himself hence they stopped sending money to sponsor children

My story is about how i changed my attitude towards education. Since i joined high school in term one form one i had a positive attitude towards education. From primary i liked learning and i was coming among the top eight in the class,but since i was influenced by my parents separation and that made my education horrible. By then it was 2007 i did not hve any positive attitude i didn't like education and never concentrated with education but only thinking about the way my parents divorce. I was feeling isolated and very hated but i discovered i was not hated. I thank God now i don't feel like that and that someone talk to me and made me motivated because he also told me this story

In an enviroment with no adiquate facilities to use is a challenging and difficult. While in high school we had no laboratories to use and this made learning difficult for us affecting our studies and results. Access one of the NGO have been helping to that school by giving and building laboratory equipments to be used. It has been able to bring change in that school and the community. The small how the issue seems to be it has brought big changein the schooland its enviromen

Providing Free Health Services And Education --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( SEMREP
SEMREP is an NGO based in Western province,part of Kenya. In full it is defined as Serve Education Medication and Relief Program. Throughout my home area,an exercise carried out by this organization saw many faces smiling. One three occasions within last year,they exhibited an event which saw people access free medical services. They had hired professional doctors and they were the ones accessing those medical services. Those suffering from Malaria,Tuberculosis,water bone diseases got treated. Many people from my area really benefited from that program which also saw many medicines being administered to patients. Also sometime last year,they launched a initiative to ensure poor students are able to get high school education. From then to date,they have been paying school fees for bright but poor students who find it difficult to got school fees.

Computer Technology --- SSAZA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Hon Alintuma Usambu gave a secondary school in our community ten(10) computers and the students are doing practical work on the computers which were offered to them on so doing Hon Alintuma wanted to improve computer technology in Uganda

Assisting A Friend Through Peace Of Advice --- CHERANGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
After completing high school education and moving around in search of a job in vain my friend decided to turn to alcohol. I used to advice him on the way forward using an exampling of myself who has been out of school for more than three years without a job and strong this made him to change his mind. He decided to open his own business and its doing well.

Most of the student who normally do well in primary school lack fund to continue with their high school education. A certain lady from canada came to kenya and settled in kakamega,western province. While here she launched a project to be helping poor students who pass very highly in primary school but lack the funds to continue high school Majority of students xfrom poor family have benefited from the project and that lady,Norrah, to be pricise has really transformed the society positively. Some of the great doctors and lawyers seen in this country are beneficiances of her project. We need great people like her in the society to continue emporing the community.

Dancing is one of the arts that many have not realized but it can really impact on somebody. I joined dance group when i finished high school. Getting into this dance group has opened many doors to me. Youths in JABE says that Jabe is a special place to be and they do not intend to let it go. They only lack resources and support and they hope they will find some one day

As time goes our continent continues to enlarge widely and every now and then. We as students really appreciate the efforts of every one who wants to better our facilities come to communication sector. More computer classes have been established, at least if you turn around where there are were no computer appearance, come this round children have known this machine. There our school does not remain behind. Many pupils get bored of education and therefore take computer studies as a way of living and earning a future life. As others said that computer was a very hard thing to understand, right now are fruitless in life. Those who took the studies are now very magnificent people in the society. This has given a challenge to we, who are now still joining the course. It is a good course of which you can admire

Lady Turning To Alcohol --- BONDENI, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
After completing the high school course my cousin sister turned into a drunkard. This was introduced to her by peer. She could not even communicate at night at she was always drunkard. I always took my time to encourage her on what could be the fate of drinking too much to her as a lady. She took my advice into account and she is currently a respected lady with a commendable behaviour

Second Chance --- , KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
My localm secondary school in lukume secondary school is just two years old and were are now facing problems of infrastructure problem which is inadequate. My local mp (member of parliament) helped us trough the constituency development fund (CDF) kitty but it was never enough for the development of the school a local N. G. O came in and helped built modern latrines and fero-cement tank in the school and help in the development of our school. WEWASAFO came in handy by helping us in our school and helped us very much.

With Cfca I Will Complete --- LUBUMBA, MASAKA ( CFCA
I ma in astandard school,i am in secondary school,i can get all school requirements,i am now fine concerning school dues because of CFCA. That organisation came up with a need of helping poor,diasabled and orphans concerning well being in the world. Iwant to thank it again for the good plans and work it has of processing us up to higher levels of education. I have seen many registered students completing schooling because of CFCA. I hope also i will complete.

After living and being brought up in a family where local brew is always factorized a boy of sixteen was already an addict . He was sent out of school because he joined others at school while drunk. At home he just became a rotten gabbage i always encouraged him and talked to him on need of education as its the only way to success. One time he accepted to reduce drinking and after sometime he was out of it. He went back to another school and continued well. He completed the high school course and he is doing well

The non-governmental organizationhas assisted many young youths in the community. Now it help one girl who is parents had no enough money to support her education, the girl knows how to play football and the organization deals with sports and it has a link with many secondary schools. This girl was taken to school through the organization rules. But when the girl joined the school, she misbehaved and was send back home, and the first rule was discipline. So she left the school and the principle reported the case to the organization. There was no otherwise she was given suspension from the organization until further notic

The 2007 Political Elections Violence --- DAGORETI, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
It was on this friday evening when the results of the presidential elections were announced . Thats when i started hearing people saying 'waende, waende hao wakikuyu wachomwe'. My parents , my brother and i were very afraid . We had to find away of escaping from their cruel hands and i fortunately we managed to get out our house and went to the Nairobi show ground arena . We spent the night there in the cold and the following day we went to my Aunts place who lived in Kikuyu. She accepted us gladly. When the people were now calm my parents went back to check our property was fine. They found everything was down as ashes we had no other option but to stay at my aunt place but as day went by the amount of food became a burden for her to provide for us all so my parents had to find away to earn a living and we managed to rent a house for ourselves. After a while in all certain school in that village and later finished my class eight and joined form 1 at Uthiru High School.

Clean Water Business --- , BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Having fished my high school i had nothing to do at home as job were hard to find without qualifications so i started a project of selling clean drinking water to people. As time went by my business grew and as we are talking my business is doing well . I decided to educate other youth like me that they can also become innovative to get money instead of sitting all alone and idling

When I finished my high school education almost five years ago. I stayed at home just burning charcoal and splitting firewood for sell. Life was very tough and unbearable. Some of my friends whom I had finished high school with joined universities and colleges and were now working and among them was now EMmanuel Omurunga a very good friend of mine who was now working with Equity bank. Early this year he came to me and told me to apply for a university degree course because he was going to sponsor me. Oh my I did apply and in May as a May intake student and doing Economics pure. Thank God for Emmanuel

50 Schools Given Computers --- OBIA, PAC ( GOVERNMENT
Over fifty secondary schools were give computers from government to help in the teaching of science subjects because most jobs today needs hands on skills. The computers were handed over to those schools by Mr. Edward Ssebukuyu the project co-ordinator in the ministry of education

Light At The End Of The Tunnel --- BABA DOGO, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Education is a vital asset that turns dreams into reality. It is the key to unlock the potential to lifestyle but this does not always imply to all. Zaddock was a boy brought up in Babadogo slums and being an intelligent boy he was enrolled t a nursery school where all teachers admired him. When it was time to join primary school a hush reality meet him since his parents couldn't pay the fees nor feed him. His mother had to work harder by doing laundry in th enext estate his father doing nothing and taking the money the woman made to drink local brew. Their being no other option he had to remain at home and take care of his siblings. It was in the year 2003 when free primary education was introduced. Many would have despaired goining back to school at an older age but he din't. He decided to go live with his grandmother who cherished education despite old. She introduced him to her friends at church and he got a sponsor. He did his class eight and did well,he went to secondary school where after finishing he wants to become a social worker to fight for families facing challenges in the slums. The motivating factor is his mother and even more he has promised to better her life and help raise her siblings to greater highs

My name is Juliana Mukoboto. I am 14 and in form one at Mahira Secondary school. The world Bank will live alot in my mind as a redemptive base upon which my life hinged to be hopeful. Had it not been for this world boldly to come in handy in 2008 which I had given up in life ,I think I would never have seen the appearance of the gates of a secondary school.

School pupils in both primary and secondary schools in the community are taken through sex education,which they are taught the importance of the need to refrain or abstain from sex as these has led to numerous problems in our society like early pregnancies,school drop-outs and spread of sexually transmitted disease

The choose to wait programme is similar to Abstinence programme or more so 'chill as commonly refered by the teens and youths in Kenya. The choose to wait programme encourages the teenagers on abstinence. It takes them through the benefits of abstaining. It also teaches the kids what abstinence is, the importance of abstaining till when one is responsible enough to have sex also teaches them on HIV/AIDS and STI diseases. They choose to eait programme is taught in high schools and primary schools to avoid early sex, early pregnancy and emotional problems. This programe has helped solve and prevent issues that could in one way or another affect the peers negatively

after running away from home and coming back home i was taken to a nearby school so as to be watched closely. at school there was a mathematics teacher who always sat by my side. he kept advising me that all was not lost. he always sat by my side in times of study. This kept my morale high and i always promised him to be an achiever. i completed the high school studies by his encourage and advise. i always live to thank him for being good to me and taking me more than a brother

Equity Mastercard Foundation --- MATETE, WEBUYE ( EQUITY BANK
Miriam was a very bright gal who used to perform very well in her studies. Miriam is from a poor family who after her classes eight exams,ahe performed very well but was unable to join a secondary school. She did not loose hope as she kept on looking for a way so that she get education. She kept on looking for a friend who talked to her about Equity Mastercard foundation that sponsors the needy well performing students. There and then she went to equity and luck enough she was taken and she is finishing her fouth fam this year Thanks to Equity bank.

Helping the needy people in the society is more important than people who love themselves. Many years ago,there was a boy who was not going to school he was found by a good samaritan who knows how to take care of small kids. She admitted him in school and passed his K. C. P. E exams well and now he joined secondary school. Now Johny is in form three and he is doing well at school until today. He still with a person who take care of him since he was a young boy

Caleb was not able to continue with his secondary education although he had passed well. His family was poor due to the death of his father some years back. His mother advised Caleb to start small project on land they possed. Caleb Caleb decided to plant vegetables and sell them ,he tried his best and started feeling in some profits. Two years later,Caleb was a leading vegetable producer in the village. He was able to buy a car of his own and built his family by educating two siblings in secondary school

A certain girl who has completed her high schoolhad turned to alcoholism she used to drink too much that even people knew it all over. Her parents decided to entertain her behavior they could not end even an hour without advising him on the effects of alcohol to a woman. After under standing she has changed and today she runs her own shop

Scholarships For The Needy --- LANG'ATA, NAIROBI ( SAFARICOM
Safaricom has expanded its charitable wings to sponsoring students the giant organisation is now fully sponsoring two students at Lang'ata High schoolthe new ceo promised to increase the scholarship with time and gave the principals 100,000 to build the domitorie

General Cleaning Of The Town --- MBARARA TOWN, MBARARA ( SCHOOL
Mbarara high school used to get atlist two day in a month and make general cleaning in Mbarara town this plan the school has made has helped people in Mbarara to leave in a good area which has helped people in town to be in a good environment which is clan and keep the helth hence promoting sanitation in tow

After my primary education I could not pay for my secondary school fees so i did not join high school. I repeated my class 8 due to lack of school fees. The next year i moved in with my uncle. When i was still staying with him i saw an advertisement. It was of school called st. Aloysws. When i applied for a chance wsa successful. This school helped me through may high school education and still itbwill help me to college

Fighting Illiteracy And Ignorance. --- KACHEERA, RAKAI ( INDIVIDUAL
Our sub county had no secondary school. The people mobilized themselves and decided to start their own secondary school. They mobilized all the other people and brought the materials including the bricks, sand, cement and put up a school. This has enabled the people to provide the school fees for their own children and the school is now operatin

A Miraculous Idea That Lifted My Life --- BUFULA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
I am a single mother of two children. It reached a time in my life that the going become impossible. Rent was in access and food for my babies was a nightmare. A good samaritan offered me ksh 300/- to pay rent and meet some cost for food for my came to my thought not to do any of the above but buy groundnuts,roast them and then thank them with different measurements. To my suprice i sold the groundnuts for ksh 1000/- and this made me light up i bought some food for my children paid part of the rent and bought more groundnuts for roasting. I continued with the business until i coul d take my children to school, pay rent hire land to plant the groundnuts my children have now finished high school and looking forward to the future

Development Of Secondary School --- MATHARE, NAIROBI ( COMMUNITY
The development in our school was very poor to make it worse we had no secondary school near by. people could go very far along distance to seek education. The members of the community came together and they shared the ideas. Their opinion was a bout how to bring or start secondary school in the community. They set the date of fund raising (harambe). They agreed in one thing that they were going to donate little they could have. They did this in one year. By the end of that year, they found themselves having enough to buy plot that they could set the school. parents now are having place to put their kids and children.

School Fee Payment --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
Juma Keith is my name. I am 16 years old and a student at Kakamega High school. Way back just after finishing primary school and getting my invitation letter from Kakamega High school,I was stuck since I didn't have enough school fees. I was very discouraged . I didn't know what to do since my parents were also helpless . However a relative helped in looking for a sponsor and lucky enough I got one. Access caton body did chip in and paid for me and they are still doing so. Am happy since my dream of becoming a doctor is not in anyway close to sinking.

Saved From Peer Pressure --- MUMBUNI, MACHAKOS ( FAMILY
When I entered the seventh grade, life was becoming unbearable. Some friends i had complained that life in school was too hard. Being adolescents they believed that they had freedom to do anything they wanted. Later they dropped from school. By mid year 50% of the class had dropped out of school . Back at school, teachers were becoming more strict. The homework was doubling up and the rods of correction much painful. I had to wake up an hour earlier and go home an hour later. With all these changes, I was also convinced that dropped out of school was the only solution. When I disclosed the idea to my parents, they gave me advice on the importance of education. Today, I am eagerly waiting to join high school. I'm glad I listened to the advice

Women in my Kisii community having been experience the humiliation of the out dated practice of Female Genital Mutilation. They were at times forcefully held and circumcised. However more Organizations have come up to stop this including the government. The latest was the 'SAY NO TO FGM' lobby group which started a mission to educate residence of Kisii on the negative effects of FGM. Though such crusade against FGM, the community is slowly turning away from the practice.

The catholic church has been in the fore front of promoting education in kenya. The crist the king church laini saba has also copied the same. They have a primary school,secondary school and also a technical training. They provide quality education to the community. They also provide food to the disabled in the society. Other churches should also copy the same trend and help the society

A certain boy after failing to be desperate after the death of his parents.dropped out of school for lack of support and decided to involve himself in crime. After trying hard, a pastor who used to teach him while in Sunday school came to his rescue. He advised him and encouraged him on the way forward. Though community help,the boy was taken back to school. Right now he has completed his forth form at the high school education and at least he can do productive things and set a good example in the societ

My name is Nancy Patisi. I come from Kakamega Central district. I had dropped out of school in form two when by good luck ACCES selected me to benefit from then academic from their academic support programme in May this year. I am now assured of this continued support through my High school and beyond. I am now very determined and I am working hard to the realization of my dream of becoming a future pilot

After completing high school course my brother went back home and he was just idling at home ,i had even that he could join a bad company in the community luckily enough my uncle came and proposed to go and live with him as he kept him busy. Currently he is assisting him to do business as he prepares to join college come next year.

In The Hands Of A Step Mother --- KOMAROCK, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
A certain girl was passing through hell in the hands of her step mother. Whenever there was an issue that was irritating she was beaten by her step mother. A certain humble and caring woman decided to take her and took her to school . The girl is doing well and she currently about to join a high school

Basi had not passed her high school well and due to the fact that the brother wanted her to do a specific course which she agreed to do due to pressure. unfortunately, she failed the course after all and with all the resources lost the brother now no longer feels ready to support her education she is now just at home helping the mother in the shop.

Promoting Dance Music And Drums --- MASUULITA , WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
Clear land secondary school Masuulita received musical instruments like drums,xylophones from Mr. Medi Nsereko as a way of enabling the school to compete favorably with other schools

Kamene was an orphan girl,she has been living with her grandmother, who was also very old. She was obedient girl who was always following whatever good she was told to do. One day,A woman by the name of Grace,sponsored her education up to where she will reach. At this time she joined a secondary school

Training Workshop --- SINERERI, TRANS-ZOIA ( TYSA
There was a workshop training which was held at St theresa Secondary school. It was for the ladies and girls only. The facilitators were young ladies from different towns. They had come to make a change for the rural girls. These workshop was of a big help to the girls because they saw there was not big change among the urban ladies and rural. It made them to open up and shared out their challenges

Importance Of Education --- VILLAGE, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
There are various importance of education is highly important education is highly important because it highly moulds our life very many successful people have had a good education in order to have a good life one should work hard and score good marks in their final exams. Musa was quite an ignorant boy he payed no attention in class and thought school was a waste of time. The day of his final exams came he went to school with a bright smile assuming that he would pass his parents searched for him a high school but his marks couldn't make him join a good school in the village

Advantage Of Awards In Student And Children --- SINGERERI, TRANS-NZOIA EAST ( TYSA
Many students and children who used not work hard in school are know working hard after the organization introduced scollership award and prizes for the best students and childrens every term. Most students and children were lezzy in school. This program as made most of them to pass well in school and get good secondary schools and colleges

Jitegemee Steeet Children Program --- MWATUA NGOMA, MACHAKOS ( INDUVIDUAL
It was about five months after i did the certificate of primary education. My parents had no money to take me to secondary school. Within those five months, problems was too much and i decided to look for a job. I went into Machakos town and i didnt got a job. I slept in the street with another street children. I used to hve breakfast, lunch and super in the dustbins. One day as i was passing near one supermarket i met with a woman. She asked me whether i wanted to be helped. She bought me good food to eat. After that she told me that there was a school that used to help children those who are in problems. She directed me up to the place where i found a black gate. I was very frightened thinking i would enter the offices being dirty i was. But with courage i went straight to the offices and found happy teachers. I told them all my problems and i was welcomed with open arms

There is Japanees lady who has been offering charity things to kibera children.she pays school fees to over 40 students in high school and also feeds over 410 pupil in a primary school in the area. She also supports youth organization and supports the single mothers who are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. She has changed the lives of many and recently she is working out on ways to train the youths on community resource mobilization skills

Empowement In Education --- NYAMUSI DIVISION, ( RESSO
I Micheal Abuga Ogita i witnessed the following which RESSO helped in my community. It helped needy in education. For example an orphan Mr. Benand Atuya Ogendi who is a councillor in our ward,the girls who learnt at Rae Girls up to Form is now a Lab technician in one of the Tea industry as a worker. My daughter was offered part of school fee in a secondary school. She is now one of a qualified Nurse in an NGO. RESSO gave desks to engera primary school in the bore hole was dug in ongera community to help in domestic usage. One widow was offered iron sheets to construct as a semi-house. Some of the widows and vulnerable members were offered,maize seeds and fertilizer.seedlings of tea were provided for members to grow tea for self income of the women group was offered a dairy cow. There i appreciate work within ongera community and location at large

Walking while going to school has never been a problem to me, because I used to walk a short distance from home to school. However after my primary seven dad had to shift to a recorgnised secondary school located beyond my district so the journey looked longer than I used to walk before. So education look bad to be and started regreting why I could walk and go for studies. But dad continued encouraging me not to go back tired of walking that God would provide me means out of my rears. Suprisingly today I own a bicycle from an organization named mado/christian foundation for children and aged. God cares

Promoting Culture For Developement --- BUWAMA, MPIGI ( NKOBA ZAMBOGO
Nkoba Zambogo culture association this group has helped to promote culture in Buganda region. it teaches children in secondary schools and universities about their family back ground and it contributes maney to it's poor members for this studies

Tourment In Tysa --- NYARAGONGO, KISUMU ( TYSA
Thhe organisation of TYSA organised the tourment of secondary school. They gives a gift and cup for the team that won. They also give gifts for the students who worked hard in the academic

A Letter To High School Teacher --- BWELA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Brenda was studying in high school and experienced a challenge that alomst forced her change school or drop out of school,Brenda had a teacher who seemedto be so loving and caring about her future. The teacher could sometimes arrange special lessons for her ,Brenda was performing well due to the teachers training and care. The teachers intention later changed and requested for love relationship with the student. Brenda faced a conflicting royality because the teacher had done alot for her . The students started dodging the teacher while the teacher looking for her . Days passed however the teacher apolgised to her on phone,Brenda wondered what had happened only to discover that 10 other girls had the same problem with the teacher and had reported to the administration the administration summoned him and told him to apologise to every body ,he tried tired ti disturb or else be expeeled from service

In 2006,I happened to be one of the field officers of CHES,aboard dealing with High School Scholarships for needy children who have performed in their K. C. P. E exams. I visited one of the applicants home where teaus rolled down ma cheeks because of the pathetic situation i.e younger siblings suffering from kwashokoh,they were rained on because the grass thatched house was not properly made,no single chair/sit but they were sitting on the stones. She joined Bishop Njenga where she was fully supported by this org. Scoring a B+ and currently she is working with one of the UN organizations in Kenya. She has built up a better house for the parents and supplies daily needs to the family hence supporting educationally the younger brothers and sisters. In addition,she has bought several uniforms to several children having the same problems she had

My name is Doreen Juma, I tell this story just to appreciate and thank my uncle Emmanuel Chisamu for his financial support to me having paid my school fees for the entire year and even did my budget as I was joining form one in February here at Our Lady of Mercy Girls Secondary School. Just like he does to her daughters, he gave me pocket money and bought for me sanitary towels plus other things or rather personal effects that I need as a girl. He has really been so helpful and inspirational to me I believe I will workhard not to disappoint him

My name is Joyce Mulupi. My mother is the treasurer of Clock Triangle Women Group in Kakamega East district. She joined the group in 2006 just as it was being formed as part of the great minds behind its founding. I am now in Form Three in Musoli Girls High School. This academic development is however only courtesy of my mother's Group. They supported me very specifically because by loaning mother with funds that were instrunmental for benefit to date

My name is Gladys Oslo from a women group by name Mungoma Self Help Group in kakamega Copunty, Kakamega Central district. This group is an old one and has spent much of its efforts to help its members to make ends meet. In 2012 in the month of January it helped me to send my child to form one in High school, when I had no hope at all. I have been able when through our table banking programme I was given school fees which has enabled my boy join Mbale Boys High school

Promoting Quality Education --- KIKYUSA, LUWERO ( INDIVIDUAL
Hon JC muyingo helped our children to get quality education in bumunanika county.he biult a good secondary school and encouraged the citizens to take their children to study

Fighting For Children Right --- SINYERERI, TRANS-NZOIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Ten years ago a man called Francis Gichuthe came up with an idea of helping school drop outs childeren. Those girls who became mothers were sent back to school. Also those people who were from poor family were able to secure places in primary and secondary schools. These has contributed to the literate members in the community

Grey was a drug peddler. She walked from one part of the slum to the other selling bhang. This was where she earned a living. This has been here business for the past two years since she left high school. When you ask her she would say that that is beacause of lck of job when J. A. B. E was started we adviced her to come along at least to taste the other side of life. She agreed to come to J. A. B. E Since then she has change and she is not willing to cell drugs any more

I had totally given up in mathematics and as a matter of facts I really hated my mathematics teacher because he was very tough and always beating us. However when May came, a new maths teacher was given to us and really did alot. He was one person who wanted us to follow him and get the concepts right. He actually took his time to explain to us every concept unlike the former mathematics teacher who only used to rush through the topics. Today I can boldly confess that I love mathematics and my performance in it has greatly improved

Need For Sponsor To University --- AMALEMBA, KAKAMEGA ( ROTARY CLUB
My name David Ekombe aged 19. I have completed form four in Musingu high school. For me to complete High school the Rotray club supported me through paying of my school fees. They also had other students in my school they were paying school fees and in other schools. After qualfying in my exams i started to persue a degree in Engineering. However my main challenge is how to pay for the university fees involved be very glad if i got a sponsor

Values Clarification --- LUANDA, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
Identifying ones personal core value is the first step in practicing personal values development once you have clarified and prioritize ones value then you can focus on bringing them to life. Our school counsel always told those words. After finishing high school i went to the outside world more inspired and motivated to face the challenging world with the best of my knowledge.and this has turned out to be one of the best things and teachings i got from high school,since my hard work belief and focus after realizing my dream of studying medicine after my high school . Thanks to Mrs Nafula who inspired me to become who i am toda

Our school was known as an indisciplined school. Its performance was also deteriorating year by year. The school's population had fallen down and was at two hundred and fifty. I mean we were so few in the huge compound of Sigalame Boys High School. When Mr Muhula was moved from the school as the principal and Mr Okello transferred to that school in February thanks changed. The new principal has initiated alot of programmes that help us to improve in our studies. When it comes to discipline, he is very tough and barely five months since he came but the school's discipline ha greatly improved and the performance this year is highly expected to improve

Our class was always known for poor performance. Since we got into that school in form one, we were always the last class when it came to academic performance and the trend was beginning to be the same this year but things changed when Mr Barasa was assigned to us as our new class teacher. He was very tough and strict on us such that we couldn't even engage in jokes or play around in the class or make noise as it was our habit. He seriously punished those who were found in mistakes from our class and anyone who got below five hundred and fifty makes which was the average pass mark. With time we started improving and at first we got into the second position and today, history has completely changed and a new history began two months ago when we became the first class in academic performance

Promoting Girl-Child Education --- KAWAALA, KAMPALA ( INDIVIDUAL
He is the headmaster of Excel secondary school in Kawaala Kampala Mr Bwamuganzi coming from Kibale District,he offered free education to girls within his village who finish primary seven(P.7) Their parents only buy uniforms and other scholastic materials like books

Using one free time can always be the most challenging thing in ones life. Many are time youths fail to use their time well. Since the beginning of this year, many youths have been introduced to many activities within the slum to help them manage their time well more so after high school. They even go ahead and form business joint to come up with business propasal where they even get funds to run those business. The ideas have raised the standards of living amongst the youths and some success stories are really inspirin

There is a boy called Ferdinant Omwakwe. This boy although bright and multi talented had a poor upbringing due to the financial status of his parents. After the long struggle with poverty throughout his primary school education had been crowned with the National exams known as KCPE he was called in one of the provincial schools in the country but due to financial status his parents could not raise the required money. They had to sent him to a village school which to others seemed like a joke. Later he was dropped from school due to money problems and ended up begging for daily bread from door to door. Following an advertisement on television he applied for a bursary fund and soon was helped. The boy as we now talk is in his 2nd year in high school and respected for his talent in football and brightness in class

My name is chartes Opela. I am a student at kakamega High school in form three. I am 17yrs old. During last term,i and my fellow students cotributed blood to Red cross society of kenya after they visited our school requesting us to donate to be used by those in need. The excercise was carried out successfully. Not only were the student donating but teachers,workers,groundmen and several others of the school of the fratenity also did the same. The blood that is normally donated is taken to hospitals where it is given out to patients that are in need of it.i can say that Red cross is doing a good job with that initiative

Educating Disabled Children --- PAGEYA, GULU ( WORLD VISION
Disabled people ie the orphans in our community had been educated by an organisation called World Vision. This had been a problem to most of people n our area in that the primary and secondary schools which had been existing were burnt by rebel which hindered education in our community. Through this so many refugees were educated hence elimination illiteracy

St Catherine's childrens home is one of the homes in Soweto where many orphans have prefered to be because of their care and love toward such children. The children h ave a school in the home and it has been established upto class five while some orphans who reside there have also been taken to secondary school,They have hostels for boys and girls and are able to accommodate 20 children without difficulty. Thanks to pastor Owuor and the wife who is also a matron who has also taken this children as their own

I am a student in Mwiyala secondary school. I am happy to be in this school but there is poor sanitation. We have classrooms that are dusty no windows in classes and have toilets that are not well made. So the place is really in a critical condition that need to be conditioned. We thank God for Namatsi self help group that has come in to support

Jane Soila is a form two student in a local secondary school and a mother of two, at only a tender age of 17. Just like many she was forced into early marriage by her parents who were eager to acquire wealth from her dowry. But the area chief Mr. Frank ole Kolget saved her from the abuse marriage and sort funds from the One More Day for Children taking her back to school

There leaved a man and his son in matatisa village. The man as early as two years of his son's age, he took the son to school to kick off his journey of education. The man was so concernt about his son's studing environment. He confirmed that the environment was condusive for his son's learn process. At the age of eleven, the boy joined a secondary school which was at the national class school. This is the time, when beloved son of the man started showing his true colour. The boy started to speaking aftenly out of the school. His father tried to encourage him but all was in vain and finally the boy droped out of the school. This man got discouraged and did away with his son. The boy had no any option for his livehood and alternatively the boy went to a certain sugar industry to look for a job but he could not get any job apart from canecutter only. The life became hard and nothing changed up to now

Poverty rate is so high in Western region of Kenya. Alot of children are witnessed around the region due to increase in fertility rate. This children usually come from poor family where they are may be 10 or 12 in the family where neither of the parents is working. The children from these poor families are then taken by the Mahiakalo child development center. In the centre, they are sponsored academically since childhood and are encouraged to work hard in that those that perform well in schools are taken to secondary schools where if they are also perform well there, they apply for leadership development programme where they are paid for university fees. The children have also lessons during weekends where they are taught on social, emotional, spitual and health matters

Development In The Society --- SONDU/MIRIU, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
In just about a year now, there is an individual who is playing a very important role in our society by mainly taking most of the pupils to secondary schools by paying for them school fees. This is because most of the people in the society are not able to take care and educate their young ones yet most of the children are performing very well in their academic but due to lack of money they are not able to continue with their education. But the man is helping to support them and they are in secondary schools learning as other people. I wish that if most of people can be like this man peple or every pupils and students can be very useful in the future it taken to school for educatio

My mother is a member of JIHESHIMU SELF HELP GROUP in kakamega north. I am a form 3 student at kivaywa boys high school and i saw it became quite a challange at the time i was due to join form one in 2007 My mother by way of the support she drew from group was able to save the situation as a result of table banking and merry go round in their group they can land members money on very friendly terms some use such money to boot their projects and really change their live

Decision Making --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( CARE
There was a girl who did not have a father and her mother abandoned hr while she is stil young. So she stayid with her step mother. Her step mother took her as her own and she even paid her school fees. When she reached form two her aunt came and told her that she knew her mother was. She took her to her mother. Her mother couldn't stand seeing her child schooling in Kibera. So she took her to Bahari Secondary school. She paid her school for only one term and disrupted so the girl droped out of school and she got pregnant. She gave birth to twins and she is now regreting for making such a bad decision

Behaviour Change (Bcc) --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMENGA ( AMREF
I am Nancy Mulimi. I am a student at St. Mary's Mumias girls high school. During the holidays I had the priviledge of attending the BCC (behavour change) programme, organised by VIPEP, an NGO within Kakamega. I got to learn many things concerning sexuality being responsible,how to ensure peaceful co- existence in our community,treating the elderty, vices like drug abuse and alcohol taking and actually by the end of the whole session that lasted a week, I had gained alot to be precise. It was actually an eye opener for good life for me as a yout

Abu was a student in Samaritan high school. Due to peer pressure he joined a group of boys who were using drugs. He started using bang. He used to skip classes and go out to smoke. One day they were concerned by the police and is now serving a sentence of six months in prison for using drugs

Water is one of the most vital things in life more than just having wealth. Many people in the area of Shandorama have suffered in a period of time because of water shortage in their area. The only place they could get the water was on a small stream which was far away from people's home. Through the principal of Shandorama Boys High School Mr Fredric Tali in conjunction with the government through the ministry of water, come up with a strategy to cub this problem that had become a breath to area residence. Mr. Fredrick Tali teamed up with the parents, the area residence and community to raise up money. He followed up the project unit finally when the government through the people of water services sent their staff to go and drill a borehole which is servicing the entire community of Shandorama through taped water and piped water services area

One of the Jesus school in eastern Africa called St. Aloysrus Gonzaga Secondary school, has come out with a very good programme which makes the students who have graduated from that school to go out in the sociey to offer a voluntary service to the community. They have managed to change life of many people in the society. As many ghraduates give out their best to places of community services they have posted. They have been helping the sick, old and even children. Those that were in a place of physical disabled persons are being appreciated so much

My name is Isaiah Musicho and am sixteen years old, a form two student at Butula Boys High School. My story dates back in April when we had just closed schools were going back home for the April holiday. Unfortunately I lost my fare which was one thousand five hundred shillings that was to take from Busia to Nairobi. I tried to ask for help from my friends but all of them had no extra money to help and so I just sat at the school gate and started crying; it was shameful but that's the only thing that I had to do. My school Principal came and I shared with him my situation and he was of great help to me because he gave me the fare which I refunded back to him when we opened schools in May

Our neighbour school Nangina girls high school had issues with their principal sometimes in March because the principal was so corrupt and non performing year by year the school's performance went down and the performance was even worse last year when they dropped from a mean of 6.1 to 5.4. It was a terrible thing for them and so this year they resulted to do demonstration which saw them match to the DC's office to address or present their grievances. The District Education Officers was also around and they promised to them that something will be done but upto now nothing has actually been done

Aloysius' Objective --- KIBERA (OLYMPIC), NAIROBI ( ST. ALOYSIUS
St. Aloysius Gonzana Secondary School has always been the first option when it comes time for one to think how to join college. The school has always ensured that all her students are taught up to colleges and then left with easy time after completion

When i was in primary two,I had a big problem at school. Every now and then I could be chased from school due to school fees. I had about support An Orphan. I inquired about how to join them and indeed influenced my mother to meet them. Together with her we met them and within that very year I was got a sponsor who began paying my school fees. Am glad that they laid a good foundation for me until i completed my secondary school
My name is Erick Shikokoti, a form two student at Mundika Boys High School. Last month, we had been sent back home to get school fees but unfortunately I didn't have any money for fare because I actually was really broke. I stood at the entrance of the school for almost three hours untill Mr Francis Opiyo our history teacher came to inquire why I wasn't going home. I told him my problem and he volunteered and gave me four hundred shillings to take to Eldoret to collect my fee balance

How Amref Assisted Me --- KAREN, NAIROBI ( AMREF
It was on 2010 when Ian had done his K. C. P.e. exams. After the results Ian had four hundred and sixty two marks,His parents had no money to take Ian to Secondary School and her mother Rahab was very sick,soon she passed away. As sadness surged through Ian as tears rolled down his rosy cheeks like a river that has broken it's bank,at the burial .one of the mourning on lookers,called Ian and told him that he will call AMREF When his neighbour Asola called AMREF they came at a neck breaking speed. They took Ian;s family and they went at a fashioned big red wooden house. Soon they payed Ian's school fees and later he was in secondary,Ian thanked them and God Almighty

Choosing A Career Path --- MARINGO, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Most of the youths find it difficult to choose a career after their completion of high school. Some don't even know what they want to become or some choose a career which they dont like and they come to regret later. All that confussion was changed by a certain lady who visited out school and taught us on how to choose a career or which career path should one follow. Today most of the youths know how to choose their career and no regrets so far

I will live to appreciate people take part in my upkeep. There is this man who volunteered to buy my first pair of shoes in secondary school. When my pair of shoes wear out, he buys new ones. During my enrollment to form one, the man supported the contribution of my school fees. Till now the man is concerned of my living. He even gives out my pocket money. Surprisingly, the man has been paying my school fees for one student from one upto from four. Every expense this student needed came from the man surely, this man is great in kindness

Wish For Better Lives --- KIBERA MAKINA, NAIROBI ( AVSI
As it continues to remain a dream for many, the wish for a better tommorrow will always remain in the hearts of the poor. A. V. S. I international has however tried the much it could to make these wishes a reality. It has sponsored hundreds of children seeing them through secondary schooling and others through college, however need is still on the rise for the remaining thousand who cant be sponsore

More than 50 girls in Ganze and Bahari dropped out of school last year due to early pregnancies,District Education office records have shown,that most of the girls got impregnated by relatives,others by school mates and yet others by non-school going people. Kilifi D. E. O says that high poverty levels force the girls to engage in early sexual relations in exchange for goodies like money,the trend affects the transition rate of girls from primary to secondary school because most of them drop out before reaching standard eight

I am a teacher in a high school here in Busia. Close to 4 months ago my school got to be lucky for being visited by Ahadi Kenya Trust; an organization that offers free sanitary towels to needy students (those who cannot afford). Lack of these basic needs have caused many girls to stay at home during their periods and performance in school. I would like to thank Ahadi Kenya Trust for supporting the girl students with towels

Some few years ago my community in lusumu had to come together at our local secondary school help and participate in raising funds, for building of a bore hole that will pump water to nearby locals home from the bore hole via the nearby spring. This project was was noted by an elder in the community forwarded it to the director western water and sanitation forum. the project of which was to cost more than two million we couldn't manage on our own. WESAFO said it would assist by building a Fero-cement tank from where the project would take place. This helped cut lots of costs

Offering Scholarships --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( IAT
ufunnguo scholraship programmes conduscted by institute of advanced technology has been great help to students who complete their form four and lack eniough funds to study computer technology IAT initaited a programme in high schools where students about writing competiotion which is then acessd by institution. those who manage to write good essay are selected and offerd ufunguo schorlaships where they are authorised to learn much about computer where they are authorised to learn much about computer technology in IAT campuses. the programme which is actually implemneted in many high scholls in kenya has seen many students bbenefiting. this is a great move towrads having technologically developed country

Academic Advancement --- SHINYALU, KAKAMEGA EAST ( CDF
Iam a girl aged 15 by name, Modesta Kalamu from Kakamega East district. I did very well in my KCPE last year but because of our poor back ground, I was almost missing a place in a National school in Nairobi, Alliance Girls High School. I was at home, then my old mother approached the CDF office in Shinyalu. When they saw my admission letter; they agreed to sponsor all my fees. Since February therefore(2012), I started benefitting from the help of our Constituency Development Fund in Shinyalu

The Power Of Investing --- HURUMA, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Every individual has a story to tell. Some of us are seen walking confidently yet with a lot of stories to in our hearts. Am a 20 year old girl. I have my own ups and downs in my life just when i ws thinking or when i was at the peak of achieving something. In my high school year i was severally chased out of school and at some point aand could not defend my titile as a table tennis player reason? i wss not in school. Luckily i managed to secure myself a hance at campus because i had passed with flying colours. I ws not able to join campus immediately and so far two g ood years i had to voulunteer at a community based organization. I later did a fundraiser and i was able to go to school. I am currently doing Bachelor of commerce. With the kind of life i havee been though i could not want any Kenyan child to undergo the same challenges. I want to own my own investment company and teach the young ones financial illetracy. I want to teach everyone of us the power to Invest

Education Brought Closer --- KAJIADO NORTH, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
Patto's Engineering and construction company is well known for its good work in Kajiado constituency further more by the maasai's around oloishobor and coner baridi The construction company recently constructed a primary and secondary school in the region for the children around who most of them had to walk for more than 100km to the school. Now they just have to walk for 3 km to reach the school

My name is Milka, the mother of Modeste who has passed so well becoming the top student in her division in Shinyalu, yet due to our poverty was nearly missing a place in a National School in February this year the Consitutuency Development Fund in our area changed this situation. They offered to support her education leading to her joining Alliance Girls School where she is currently pursuing her High School Course I highly credit CDF for thi

The faulu kenya had really helped people in our community there was a mother who had a daughter in secondary school which he had been given by the faulu organisation had helped him know the girl is doing her form four chores the mother said that the failu had helped and she will continue participating the organisatio

The Faithful Donor --- BUSIA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
One upon a time there was a man named Victor Musyoka. He went to a primary school known as baptist Education centre. After he was called to a national school. The school known as Starehe Boys Centre. He lived in a village called Kihunguro. Later he joined Nairobi university . He was twenty five years old. He made alot of changes in the community like building roads, hospitals and planted trees. Examples of schools he made are kingdom Academy and Ruiru Boys high school. He also dug boreholes. Recently he donated millions of money. He liked telling Children stories when ever he got time.

Some few years ago my community in Lusumu had to come together at our local secondary school to help participate in raising funds for building a bore hole that will pump water to near by locals home from the bore hole from the near by spring. This project was noted by an elder in the community forwarded it to the director western water and sanitation frum. the project of which was to cost more than two million we couldn't manage on our own. WEWASAFO said it would assist by building a fero-cement tank from where the project would take place. This helped cut lots of costs in the project and the water got from the nearby stream now helps alot of people in the communit

Kelvin ouma is young teenager currentry in form three at guu secondary school in nyakach constituency. He grew up in town and schooled in primary school by name Ngong township primary school . Now kelvin is in a day school in the village looking after her sick mum and even sometimes comes back to nairobi to pick her some of her medicine. the mother has got a growth in her stomach

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way --- MWIYALA, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
IDA was one of thee brightest girls in class six at MWIYALA primary school. She really knew that even if she passed her exams with flying colours,she would not be able to join Secondary school since her parents were poor and were not able to raise her school fees. She was encouraged by her teachers to keep on struggling and not to see the situation she was in since the teachers understood well about her backgrounds. When she sat for the K. C. P. E Exams she passed with flying colours. No one could imagine that she was going to school. MR. Humphrey Buradi offered to pay he school fees. Ida was very happy that her dream of becoming an engineer would become a reality. She is now in form one at Sheywe Secondary school

After living with a child whom they had taken from the road side, a certain family decided to take him to school. He continued with his studies well. They took him all through as their own. He completed high school course and then he was taken to driving school. He is doing well.

It was in the year 2008 when i had just completed my K. C. P. E and the results were already out. I got a good grade but ha no hopes that i could join a high school due to lack of finance. I was not alone,some of my colleges were also in the same situation. After staying home for the first term that is form one because our parents were not able to pay for our fees,a well wisher who had seen the problem in that village,offered to take us to school for one year then the next year he would take us to a training college after form one. This was because we were four and he could not pay the fees for four years. Fortunately he got the help of other people who surpoted him to take us to school untill form four

In my school we have been having some needy students being send out of school to bring fees yet they are not able to raise it. This is whereby a project to help this people was started by the schools administration

Our School Projects --- CHAVAKALI, KAKAMEGA ( SCHOOL
Our school,chavakali High School,is a developed school upto now many things have improved like our computer laboratories and facilitates are now advanced and suitable for our practical and learning activities. Apart from that,essential learning and connecting classes with those in outside world has been improved by our ICT teachers Mr. Ombajo and Mr. Angule. This has enabled us to exchange different programmes and it has also facilitated visits to those outside countries. Our school also needs to start a project of bee keeping and fish ponds. This will improved in agriculture as a subject and practicals in the school. It will also be economical to our club when we sell the products e.g honey. Despite that,our Biology department needs to rear some rabbits in the labs to improve on our studies e.g the operations and studying different parts and organs of animals. It will help improve on our scientific research activities. Therefore we need more efforts and funds and support from different organisations and outside word.

There was a man in our community who had just finished is secondary school, joined a university and came out of there with a Degree of Science and environment. He had heard many people complaining of the youth roaming around bringing problems in the community. He thought of an idea which could make the youth busy instead of idling around. He brought the people together and told them the useful of taking care of the environment. At they refused and started mocking him but as time went by they were convinced and they agree. They soon started taking of the environment which made the community to look happy. The community continued to grow up until one day when they started having rain which was a rare thing

Promoting Technology Ib Uganda --- KILLABWENI, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Nsuboga Nsumba gave out computers to many schools in our community of Masaka for example Kissabueni Secondary School. This has promoted exposure to technology in many schools in Masaka. Nsambu went on to build schools in Masaka in a bid to improve education, after he provided there schools with some food like posho

Education Is The Key To Success --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( EQUITY BANK
Many people has been help by the equity bank. The equity bank provide fees for those pupils who are serius in there education. I t help those pupils who have four hundred and above. They pay school fee for those who have b plain in secondary school. In that way may God bless them

The Kind Kinani Organization --- CHAVAKALI, IGUNGA ( INDIVIDUAL
I am Minyande Kevin, a boy of 15 yrs. In 2009 i was in class eight at Havuyiya primary school where i did my exams at the end of the year. I was called at Chavakali high school where i was unable to come because of fees. There existed an organization at Igugnga called Kihani of teachers. I sent a letter to the organization asking them to assist me possess money that would enable me to come to Chavakali high school. 2 weeks after i had written a letter i received another letter saying that they were in a position to assist me. They asked a date in which i was to come to school. I told them the day and they went and deposited my school fees at the bank for the whole year of 2010th form one. Even now the organization is still paying school fees for me

Helping The Girl Child --- , ( AHADI KENYA TRUST
I am a student of Ikonyero high school and currently in form three. Our school was lucky to receive visitors from Ahadi Kenya Trust organization, that impacted all the girls in the school positively; me inclusive. We were taught many things; things to do with life after school; how to succeed in life, and modes of living a rightful life, and modes of living a rightful life. We were even provided with sex education and advised not to involve ourselves with risky behaviours that might get us regretting later in life. Were really happy for all the information they shared

A girl after completing class eight then the parents did have enough money to make her continue with her secondary school education. She was asked to be taken to any course that will atleast support her life but she refused instead she decided to get marriage. After a short period of time things changed in the house and she turned back home while pregnant. She then knew that she had made a mistake and asked for forgiveness but the parents accepted her despite the mistake

I witnessed a situation when my teacher back in high school who was a head of the of the guidance and counselling department talked to my class mate and changed their sinful and uncalled for behaviours. The student was very evil minded and all his crooked ways turned around and he was able to live a good life that is free of sin

It was on 2006 when this happened to a girl named Mary. Mary and her family were relying on their father because her mother was ill. After his father passed they were very much troubled. Their relatives and friends looked down upon them as if they were strangers. Mary was very much stressed so she tried to get help from the. The headteacher was pleased with Mary's action and decided to help her. Her perfomance in school was nice so she got a sponsor from the committee of the school with the help of the headteacher. As i am writing this story she is in state house Girls High School. I always pray for her to succeed

Hiv Aids --- , ( WEWASAFO
My name is Jane, I'am 21 years of age. I just finished school, my secondary school last year. I came home last year and since then I'am bed ridden. My mother and sisters have rejected me. But one day a friend visited our home for the purpose of seeing me. He said he learnt of me being sick through another community health worker. When she came, she talked to me and took me to hospital for testing and counselling. I tested positive. That's the i was put on medication. I'am doing well to my surprise when i started going into missions opening myself. I am among the youth that was taken to counsel other youth in another organization. I may say I'm employed. Those ones who were discriminating me admire me, because you don't know I'am sick

The Lucky Teenage --- MAKINA, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
he has been earning a small amount of money though he has qualifications that can earn him alot and make him change his community and family. victor is a teenage who graduated from high school and was sponsored to do computer repair and maintenance. after school he got a job at kibera hamlets where they were paying him an amount that he can use for a single days lunch. he was lucky with his patience to start his own computer school and received volunteers who are willing to donate computers to his school and make him happy. i am really happy for him that he can now fees (school) for his small siblings. he never feels special despite of where he is and he is very humbled to have had that golden opportunity. but i fail to understand why he has never got support from his leaders who are at a financial well-being

Now it is three years since i finished high school. We developed a group with an aim to support little children in our community. As we continued for four years came a good samaritan who decided to take role in that project

Helping The Needy --- MBALE, KISUMU ( COMMUNITY
It was in February 13th on Sunday at 2:00 p.m when we called by the principle of our school, "Chavakali High School", at the dining hall. We settled as soon as possible and the principle, teachers, guests arrived. The meeting was about helping those students who cannot aford school fees in our schol by paying for them. During the meeting we organized it by praying first then we distributed some money. We students contributed one thousand one hundred and fifty six plus an aditional nine thousand. The project didnt fail because of social relations. Teachers contributed thirty two thousand and the guests who included principles of other schools contibuted thirty nine thousand

A Community Fundraising Aagency --- , ( COMMUNITY MEMBERS
My community to help one the community members who had passed his 'KCSE' exam well, and he was called to oxford university in Britain. The session started very well, the invited guests arrived, we started giving our contribution we waited for the results, after sometime the speaker of the session announced that we had contributed a total amount of two million six hundred thousand. The student who had finished his secondary school came to the plattform and told us thankyou for the contribution and may God and you more. The session came to an en

My being to school today is because of my aunt Mary who offerred to pay for my entire school fees this year as I joined sigalame boys high school for my 'O' level education. I really had no hope to join any high school but her financial support has really given me a lot of hope in life and every time we meet or when she came to visit me at school I never fail to promise her that I will never disappoint her

Equity Bank Sponsorship --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( EQUITY BANK
In many African communities the girl child was not given time to go to school. They were only associated with the kitchen. In 2010 the Equity bank sponsored many girls to secondary school. These have made the future of these girls be bright. the girls have also been taken and boys been given opportunities as boy. Let us treat our girls and boys

It was an organisation that is called KICOSHEP. Their was an orphan called martin o'chieng who lived in mashimoni village kichinjiio location. This organisation helped this young boy by providing him with books and other things that consern learning also a free education. His relatives were glad and this organization has helped so many people in our society including my causin Eric mtua who has now finished his high school level and he is studying in bachelor in air lines engineiring which is my career. And I would like to thank KICOSHE

How Kiboi'S Life Was Changed --- KYASOO, MACHAKOS ( INDIVIDUAL
Three years ago i met a boy known as Kiboi. His parents had past away and he had nowhere to go. Two weeks later he was sent away from school for he had not paid his fees. His relatives could not help him to continue on his education, ;so he decided to go and there looking for a job to earn some money. Fortunately he got a man who employed him. He worked for a month and one day he talked to his employee and told him all about his problems. His employee decided to educate him from where he stopped his school. He was taken to machakos primary where he did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and past with flying colours. He went in high school and past too. He was taken in a University in Kenya and succuceded as a Doctor. Today he is working

Education Support --- CHEKULO, KAKAMEGA NORTH ( C.D.F.
My brother is being supported to take his studies in High School by C. D. F in Kakamega North District. This is helping to boost development of our community. After we had tried to get this support for sometime and were almost giving up, it was until this year in March that they actually started supporting him. It has been a boost and inspiration that has led to his working very hard promising to become a doctor in future. Joel Nati

When I went to my former school, I was told they couldn't be able to give me my certificate because I had lost or misplaced two textbooks that a form four Biology and Chemistry books. I was so worried because I actually didn't know where to get money to purchase the books. As I was going back home, I decided to visit my cousin Patrick who bought for me the books which I took to the school and was able to get my certificate

The Stranded School Boy --- BUSIA TOWN, BUSIA ( INDIVIDDUAL
In April after schools closed, a certain high school boy came to me crying that he had been robbed by some youngmen his fare and so requested me to help call his parents so that they can send him the fare. I agreed and topped up some credit in my phone and gave him the phone to communicate to his parents. The parents agreed to sent the money for the boy and he was able to book an evening bus to Nairobi

Project Development --- IKONYERO, KLAKAMEGA ( WEWASOFA
I konyero high school,a secondary school located within my locality really benefited from the initiative that was conducted by WEWASO. The organization had realized a shorted of latrine within the school in the area and had decided to help. They went ahead to construct latrines and toilets for the teacher and students. This initiatives aimed at helping the students maintaining a high level of hygiene within their compound. This is because a success since its not only benefited the high school but also other school in the area

Educating The Poor. --- GATUNDU, THIKA ( EQUITY BANK
-Many poor families find it difficult to educate their children despite them having passed their primary level education. But equity bank has seen it an important thing to help the poor families educate their children. They offer forms that the children will fill to ask for a sponsorship for education opportunity in high school. -The bank was also offered job opportunities to those students who did perform well in their high school exams in various districts. This has helped create confidence in students and also improve the competition in schools for such opportunities

After completing her fourth year in secondary school,my cousin felt that she could make it has her parents had died long ago . She wanted to get married but I opposed it. After some months one of our aunties decided to take her to colledge,this has helped her and made her happy again

In high school, I shared a class with an epileptic boy. One day he fell down, bit his lips and urinated on his shorts. Everyone came out of the class. I remained there, not knowing what to do. I had never seen it happen because it it was my first week in the school. I recalled the first aid we were taught back in primary school. I did the best I could,carried him to a safe place, washed his bloody lips, changed his shorts. I then sat next to him, untill he recovered. When he came round, he saw me next to him , he looked at his shorts and realised he wore mine. He looked at me and said thank you and broke into tears

Last month form two students in our school had a misery or an accident that would have cost them lives. They were doing a lab experiment of preparing hydrogen gas and without knowledge, their teacher allowed the gas to mix with oxygen and another mistake he did was to light a matchstick because he wanted to test the presence of hydrogen. The moment he lite the matchstick, the whole set up blew up and pieces of glass thrown in the air some students were cut and others burnt down Thanks to our laboratory technicians who came to their rescue and applied bases on their skin to neutralise the acids and some were quickly rushed to the Nangina hospital after being done the first aid

My name is Brian Mulira. I am 17 yrs old. I am a student at MUkumu boys high school. I am currently in form three. I remember about some two years ago in form one, one day I was about to drop out of school. The main reason for this is that I did not have enough school fees to help me proceed of with education swiftly. Both my parents are not working and thus we are generally poor. I then heard of an organization named 'UFUNGUO CHILD ROLE MODEL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE' which was willing to pay school fees for those bright but needy students. I informed my parents of it and they took a further step to go and check for an inquiry. They looked at my performance, concluded that it was good and thus started paying school fees for me. I am now okay, moving on swiftly with my education and hope that I am going to succeed in futur

I have a syster who finished class 8 last year,but due to the lack of money she did not went to form one so one day a good samaritan came and ask us if we were interested to find a sponsor,we told him that my sister needed a sponsor to finish her education. So the man find for us a sponsor who could take my young little sister to secondary school. The sponsor was found and my sister and my sister was taken to the school and now she is in form 1 in a school which is in meru. The sponsor helped my mother from the burden of paying the school fees and now the sponsor are the good samaritan who God sent them to us. The individual who help for the sponsorship of my sister to a secondary school is my uncle. Who is living in Kisumu. The sponsor also helped many people in the community arouind us.

Stuy Habit --- , BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
They say too much of something is poisonous in high school i was about to sit for my KCSE so i used to study the whole night without sleeping. My mother was against it because she wanted me to rest that was a good idea but i was afraid of failing i continued with my habit until the exams started. When the results came out i had passed with a grade A. Though i find it bad idea to study with no rest

My friend lost his father when he was in his second year in high school. He remained with his mother only. He thought that his mother was worthless and could not control him any more. he went into drugs and opted to drop out of school. His mother gave up on him and did not care about whatever she did. He got into trouble most of the times and he was in and out of police cells weekly. One day I approached him, he played hard to get but I did not give up. On the second trial he gave me chance to speak to him. I only realized he was willing to change but there no one to give him moral and psychological support he wanted. From the day I spoke to him, he changed totally and did away with drugs. Right now he is a third year student in a government university studying medicine

Needy Students Helped In Chavakali School. --- CHAVAKALI, VIHIGA ( INDIVIDUAL
Chavakali High School started a program which would be used to pay fees to the needy students. It was the school principle (Mr. Kahi) who came up with the idea. It started by students holding special Sundays where they would raise money for the students. The teachers also had to raise an amount of money at the end of every month. An account was opened for that activity and all money collected was sent there. Principle took more initiative by asking some of his friends (especially old Chavakali boys)to raise money. The money was raised which was able to assist some of the needy students who learn in our school. The program is still on in order for all children to learn without disturbance.

A certain girl had attained good marks in primary school to join a good high school . She failed due to lack of school fees but the area member of parliament heard her cries and he is currently paying her whole school fees from form one to form four

Back To School --- MAKINDU, KITALE ( TYSA
In early January when the school opens and now the student starts preparing to go back to school and also those who have finished class 8 join one. Many students lacked schools to join through TYSA within their programs concern about education many parents came their for help to find school for them which the organization helped them to get school for them. Many of them so far have joined secondary school through the organization

This is when our foot ball coach called Isaac told of our member that he will be helped sponsor with scholl fees and food. They boy had both the parents but they were poor in that they could not manage to pay him for the secondary school fees as he was joining.. The coach was a helpfull person to his family who bought to them light in darkeness. Now the boy is learning i;e finishing his fourhth year this year.e thanks very much the coachHe says the person/samaritan is more than a coach in football. The only burden remaining is for the boy to workhard and make sure that he accomplishes his dream as he said he wants to be an engeneer. Rememner to God everything is possible according to the book of Luke and hard work pay

I was at school when I fell terribly sick. My joints were so weak and I felt some fever in my body. My classteacher Mr Okwero took me to a nearby clinic where I was diagnoised of malaria and given some prescription. He gave me the money to buy the drugs which I took and after three days I was fine and continued with my studies.

Support For School Fees --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( VIVEP
My husband died of HIV/AIDS 3 years ago . He left me with 5 children that were both in high school,two managed to complete form four,but 3 dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. I managed to take them back but learning in arreas. I happened to learn about Village Pillar Empowerment Project,who gave my son 10,000 for school fees

My name is June Kalonje. I am a student at Ikonyero secondary school. During last month, my school happened to benefit greatly form a certain organisation named in a bid to their improve hygiene. The organisation went as far as constructing latrines for the school. Also a class was constructed and this has reduced crowding in classes. Students at my shcool are very happy for the initative.

One Paired Man Gets A Light Moment --- KAKAMEGA, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
When i was in high school i only had one pair of uniform and a pair of shoes. I was a student lead and this meant that i was to be always neat. As a leader you needed to be a role model and always addressing students. At night i used to sleep at 10 pm to avoid embarrassment,one day my friend bought two pairs of shoes and another one pair of uniform

I knocked the door and a beautiful mature welcoming voice came from inside ''come in''. I opened the door and there she was Mary the director of Neema Women Group. ''Hallo my little son, how can i help you'', It was a motherly voice that gave me a conclusion that finally things would go well here. i told her of my story of my delay to join form one because of lack of school fees and even shopping for myself. The next thing she asked for was ''Are you ready to go to school anytime soon?'' ''Yes of course'' i replied, and guess what that is simply how i joined high school in Kakamega boys High school

Amani Africa is an N. G. O working in Kenya and Japan. In Kenya it working in kibera and thika. It has helped many vulnerable pupils by taking them to school. They have also trained the physically challenged on various skills on how to work and depend on themselves. Today have over 30 students in high schools other organizations should also copy the same trend of helping the needy

Fostering Development --- KYABAKUZA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Mr ssenyenwa and friends former makerere university students having completed their studied did not sit down they in an attempt to desdop their area by providing quality education funded/started Makerere university mubende student's association (MUMUSA) high school that is providing quality education and also employments to the natives. Hence promoting education and development in the district.

A father helped a street kid. One day in the year 1996 my father mate a kid in the way the boy was six years of age he told him that he don't know any relative my father took the boy home and took him to school right now the boy now a man has completed high school and he got a government sponsorship because he perfomed really well he is no a good citizen and beneficial to the community, every body admires him

After we cleared our high school,most of us passed very well and since we came from very humble backgrounds,our families could not raise enough money for us to further our education in the tertiary level. Due to this situation at hand,the American Embassy came in to offer help by sponsoring our education of hyher learning

Giving Out Computer To Secondary School --- LIVA DIOCESE, LIVA ( CARITAS MADDO OF LIVA DIOCESE
Caritas maddo of Liva Discase in an attempt to improve and promote education in Uganda, Liva it particular donated five computer yo over twenty secondary school in Liva irrespective of religion. This intended to improve to eqipe students with computer knowledge and skills

Giving Back And Promoting Science Subjects --- NANSONYA, WAKISO ( BUKEDDE FM
The Secretary General of Bukedde FM Mr. Anthony Ssampereza hand over secondary science text books to the students of Mubende army Secondary School on behalf of their listeners and also to promote education more so science subjects

A Good Encouraged After Help From Our Mother --- KAISAGAT, ( INDIVIDUAL
One year that passed someone came and meet me to school. I was shocked but suddenly he told me that he has been told to help me and take care of our family. I was very frightened and then i could not believe my eyes. I thank God for the care and protection he provides to our family. Long i was not having my own grandmother that was taking care of us. But surely God has brought back my mother so that we can fell like having our own mother. Surely from that day we changed our minds and now i am in form one at Bishop Alexander Miege High school in Kaisagat

Kicoshep selp help group is upon Kihua slum. The center helps who are orphans to meet their goals i life. It accommodates children from poor background to get primary education free of charge. The are also guided to undergo secondary education at an achievable These students after completing high school get a chance to be good members of the societ

Minimising High Rate Of Accidents --- VILLAGE SITATUNGA, TRANS-NZOIA ( TYSA
There is a road near our organisation which is a black spot where accidents occur regulary since it is a croner and besides it a school is located which is a secondary school,our organisation has tried to have a mass prayer at the place to minimise the high rate of accidents in plac

The Girls Spirit --- BUSIA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
I was studying in Cardinal Otunga girls high school and my studies were always a problem,although i was a high performer i had a problem with my school fees which had nobody to care of as my parents were too poor to pay the school fees. Thank you to Cardinal Otunga's old school girls who came in and helped me settle my bills in school and i can sit for my examination in peace

Young farmers' Club of Lwabunyonyi Secondary School having been appreciated by their activities and making fellow students to love agriculture as the backborn of Uganda's economy received farming items from Tonnet agro-engineering Company limited

John parent were found HIV positive and after sometime his father passed away. Two months later his mum also died, and John was orphaned . It was not easy for John who had just reached his final year in primary. This affected him so badly he felt as though life had come to stand still but one individual volunteered to sponsor John after his K. C. P. E which he passed very well. This particular individual paid his school fees through high school to college where he is training to be a social worker.

Humphrey had just taken with him some church deacons and friends in total almost five to his fiancis home for introduction. They all seemed well. However, one of those guys that Humphrey went with spoke ill about Humphrey saying that he was very much possed by demons and was also fond of collapsing. His fiancee was so much shocked and decided to cut off the relationship between her and Humphrey. She even told himeverything that happened and also had told her something that really discouraged Humphrey causing him to leave the church

Since this organization was formed children from around this school known as Magose has never suffered because of education. In this school the offer food for free, and they sponsor children when the have finished their primary education. The take people big secondary schools such as Kaani Secondary school

Equity Sponsorship --- MUKURU, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
Recently the Equity bank came up with a solution to start a project which would be able to help the needy students who had passed in the community. Those that had passed and did not have enough money to take them to school got sponsored. These has encouraged the people in the village to take the children to school. The children are also working hard so that they are being sponsored to the secondary school

Awards Giving Day --- IVONA, SABATIA ( NO ANSWER
IN our school chavakali boys high school,an inspiring programme that made pupils to work hard. This programme was that pupil who gets an A is given a motorbike. This gave pupils morale to work hard. As students,we discussed on how we can achieve the vision and we got a solution. We had to form groups which were used for discusion.this made pupils to under subjects better and therefore improving exams after exam. At the end of the 2nd term ,our school was the most improved and many trophies were brought in the school.\ This gave the principle together4 with the Board of Governors and PTA members to buy the motorcycles. First they bought there but when results came there were fours A's. A day was set apart for awarding the best pupils. This year,we year expecting good results than before

School Fees Problem --- BONDENI, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
In kitale one friend of mine was in a turmoil with nothing to do at hand after the frailer of their parents in terms of education in making him achieve the best in education. He was very much determined to become what the fluter cold hold for him but the issue of school made him out of school many times. Sometimes he cold wake up with a faint that resulted him to abscond school for months . As one of my friends i had to gather courage and we tried to talk with the parents and his uncles who in return did acknowledge it. They did pay school fees in turns and bits until the boy complied his forth year in high school Through this the boy has learnt many things in life that has motivated him more to learn that nothing is impossible and that you can make it no matter what so long as you are determined and having faith and hope of making it

Last month when I fell terribly sick, while at school it took my fellow students who came and carried me to the school clinic a courier or cart. The school nurse referred me to the Busia District Hospital because the situation was too bad. Thanks to Mr Fredrick Opiyo who brought or came with his car and drove me to the hospital. He helped and I got treated and given some drugs, he then drove me back to school. I was so much grateful to him for his kind heartedness

This fays people tried their best by taking their children to school since the government introduced free primary education and secondary. Long time people do not complete their primary education because of school fees. This has change many thing and there is a big development in education.children pass their exams in primary and join high school and then universities. Government introduced also bursury funds even C. D. F is more importan

My name is Alpha Kamande. I am a student at Musungu High School i did complete my primary school and passed very highly two year back. I have to pay ,unluckily i had no money to pay school fees in high school. I got frustrated more when i was just watching other join form ones while,i still at home. did not last long when a certain wealthy neighbour of ours after learning my plight decided to pay my high school fees. He is still paying my fees and i am actually grateful for everyhing.

Amani Africa are on of the organization supporting education in Magoso center. They distribute learning materials to the Magoso students who are both in primary and secondary schools they donate books. Amani Africa has also sponsored best performers in KCPE to join form one and the sponsorship only becomes automatic if you perform well through out the years.

Determination And Hope --- KACHOLA, HOMABAY ( INDIVIDUAL
Adogo has been struggling for her education due to the fact that she had some prolemsw with her brother who was supporting her that led her to dropout of the school for sometimes. then she resumed to a local school when her mother a single parent aws supporting her she tried her best in her finally exams at high school by getting a c- which to her was not enough hence she went back to school i but to a better school and she is now in school.

Swallowed By Alcohol --- NYALENDA, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
Drug abuse and addiction is a major problem among the youths and the society as a whole. Many have lost everything they had in life and Briedel Oyugi is one of these people, he was once a very wealthy high school teacher who owned many rental houses in Kisumu town but following his dependence on alcohol, he has lost everything. His story has source of reference for many as they try to discourage the youths from indulging in drug abuse

Helping Poor Children --- KASANA, LUWERO ( INDIVIDUAL
Individual. A bishop in our district started a school for poor children. This school provides free education for secondary and yet secondary education is very expensive. This has helped so many children to attend secondary school yet they would have dropped out at primary. Thank you Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga for St Cyprian Shavano college Kasana

LINUS is an orphaned bright child who needs Educational assistance. He has repeated class 8 twice with a hope that he will get somebody to pay for him school. This year he is suppose to join form after obtaining 320 marks. The assistance offered to him has enabled him do very well in last year exam. When i met him this year he looked very positive and was ready to join any school provided he went for secondary school. The support from the family cannot afford secondary education, it was only possible at the primary level

Green School Intiative --- INDISI, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
the ministries of environment and minerals resources and education will lunch this conservation initiative last week at kakamega high school. the initiative will start off with 92 schools, but it is expected to roll out in all schools in the country. according to officials of the two ministries, the green school programme will strenghten and help improve the quality of education towards sustainable environmental conservation

In the high school I went to I had so much debt of school fees that I did not know what to do. My mother did not have enough money to the school fees at the same time feed our three siblings. As days went by I was send away from school. I was very sad as I went away from school. When I reached home my uncle decided to pay for me the fees I was very grateful now I am back in school

A Better Future For Young Haitians --- TABARRE, CLERCINE 4, PORT AU PRINCE ( EDV
As to my story was very long to explain. Since I was little I was fighting by myself to educate me. It wasn't so easy for me. My mom and dad weren't educated, so they didn't understand what education does mean. I had worked bad jobs to afford my primary school. Grace of god, I just got finished my primary school. Then it was my high school. I was going but I didn't finish and I dropped out of it, cause of the money. It was so hard for me, because I was helping my mother and father too early. Cause of that I saw alot of grief in my life and education is my relief. I often pray to God to change my life. That was my prayer to God. According to me, I think EDV mean alot to me and where ever I'll see, I'll never forget what you have done in my community, specially for me. It's something unforgettable. I'm really appreciated your jobs that you came to do in Haiti. It's in my benefit because you involved in different layers. For example, education and construction. May God grant you and you alive for the rest of your lives.

Provision Of Schools --- NKUKE, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Children in our community have been walking long distances looking for primary and secondary schools. This problems have been solved by our member of parliament called Nsambu by constructing primary schools at Nkuke. So now children are walking short distances.

Poor Person Have No Opportunity In High Level --- ELDORET, KABSABET ( COMMUNITY
Thei were a child in a suddun family where his parent could not aford paying school primary level he did well,in national examination he scored 450 marks and promoted to national high school the family lack the fees,chief of that location went in and made a contribution of school fees of that child. The child went highly in grades and did well in KCSE also scored highly in grades he went on to college and get a career ,of teaching he became a teacher .we thank our community for being united as on

Most of the organisation are verry important in our lifestyle. Exampel of organisation is feed the child project. There is a certain time when i had pass my K. C. P. E and i didnnt have some one to pay me my secondary school but by good luck womens of faith came and helped me in my situation. They paid my school fees took me to a boarding schhol. They promised to take me even to the university after finishing my secondary school

Promoting And Encouraging Science Subjects --- SAAZA, MASAKA ( STEPU
In the awake of promoting science and technology in Uganda as among the mechanism of curbing unemployment rates moreso amongst the youth, science and technology production unit (STEPU) found at kyambogo manufacturies and distributes these equipments to various districts at a relatively lower prices of recent, they visited mpigi district and demonstrated their items something that forced the headmaster of st Joseph's secondary school to buy some for the school hence saving them from incuring transport costs that world have been used to transport the items had they been brought far away.

Many young and qualified young men,mis opportunities of proceeding with their education AMANI AFRICA has helped many young people by paying their college and secondary school fee. Currently they are sponsoring over 40 students in various school. This spirit should continue and extended to other parts of the country

We had joined the secondary school and were in form two. Our school was not a joined school and these made us long for boys which was hard to get. So instead of punishing ourselves we decided to go and get something that we could as boys. These we came up with testtubes that we used and pretend that it was boys. These is safe as we cannot get pregnant and can not get infected with any disease

I'm Josephine Mulamba a form one student and an orphan. After my KCPE exams last year, I had hope of exceling in my papers but had no vision for my future as there was no one to pay my high school education fees. Despite excelling, I had to stay home till end of February this year when an organization known as Wewasafo through their director offered to support my education by paying school fees and buying me shopping. Thanks to this organization, I can now vision my career after my form four and hope for a better future

With the free education era, it is most likely that a child would be able to atleast go to school upto class eight something that has atleast contributed something in the lives of our children. For me after all that, my child had finally passed well getting 420 marks out of the possible 500 and had been called to Mangu High School but the only problem was that I had no fees to take him to school and so I started soliciting for funds and go enough some community members organised a fund raising event and fundraised Ksh 300,000 which I paid for my child's fees upto fourth year and today I just thank the members of my community for their great support

Equipping Students With Information Technology --- SSAZA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
The Ministyr of Information Technology (ICT) in an attempt to teacher the young generation computer skills in Uganda he has donated free computers to secondary schools and also universities as institutes. This is advantageos because is erasing away computer illetracy in the country

I am Kevin Obare. I am a student at Kibabii boys high school. I am currently in form three and so i will be finishing high school next year. My journey in high school has not been that smooth as it has been characterised by hills and downs, mainly resonating around school fees. My family is not that financially stable and so we used to find it hard to raise the school fees. I am happy though that ACCESS has come in and so they've pay my school fees and have an easy time with studies. I am really motivated

Supporting Sports --- KEBERA &TOY, NAIROBI ( BROOKSIDE
Sports is a major activity which entails for many youths. Some of the youths even end up getting their income from it. Sports expands ones talents. Some do it as fun. A strongly supported team of sports end up in a better place and this is what made the managers of Brookside to chip into supporting sports. Brookside has supported sports activities for many years in many ways. They at times in the higher levels in secondary school sports offer kits and other gifts for the best team and its runners up. They even support many lucky and talented sports girls and boys abroad by sponsoring them. They select some talented individuals and offer them special help like paying them school fees. They are urged to continue with such a supportive heart.

I am a widow a mother of three and I have been living with a girl orphan who was chased away from from her home by hey relatives because she was HIV positive. I have been catering for her for the last 8 years and now I have been unable to take her to secondary school because I lack finance for her fees. I also do casual work and the little little I get is not enough for house rent and food. But somehow Gos's provides for us. At present I have been unable to do any work because both of my feet are swollen. I would like some support to help her and also my three children. Hoping you will help and support me. Thank in advance

It was in 2008; when my sister Judith took me in Nairobi for only education in Watoto Center Secondary school. I joined form one to form two. When I was in form two with my fullish thick mind I didin't completed with my education coz of two or three things which didn't help me at all

Mary, a mid-aged woman benefited drastically with the water project done by the organization called KAMADEP in conjuction with the finish embasy and save the children , FINLAND in kabrs location of kakamega North District.the women started fish farming project and is currently supplying fish to residents of the District. Her life has transformed to a better one for she can now afford to pay school fees for her two children in secondary school as well as meeting her daily expenses. furthermore she has constructed an iron sheet roofed house. She is now thankful to the funders for their intervention, without which her life would have remained the same for years on end or even get worse

The Injtoduction of modems,laptops, computer and many more in our primary schools and secondary schools, has led to a great danger since majority of the students use the computers to watch pon-movies that lead to poverted ,imds at a very young age. The parents and teachers should make a good schedule of what time the students use the internet to avoid all this cases, ''said the chief of the area Mr. Okano.'

When I was applying for a degree course at Kenyatta University I didn't know what course to apply for and so I was very confused but thanks to my mentor Mr Almon who gave me some sense direction on which course to pick or choose based on the subjects that I had performed well while in high school and in my KCSE exams. From his advise its when I decided to do a bachelors degree in economics and statistics since I was so good in mathematics when in high school

Helping A Girl To Continue With School --- CHERANGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
A certain girl, a cousin of mine had problems of completing her course in secondary school due to the misunderstanding between her parents. Her uncle came in and always gave in some money that helped her throught her course at school until she managed to complete her form four and currently she is planning to take her to college

Discipline Has No Substitute --- BOMET, BARINGO ( INDIVIDUAL
Ms Mary Chirchir is the pricipal of Saseta girls High school in Bomet one of the best performing Girls school in the region. But success didn't come easy for her and the school. when she was posted at the school in the year 2005 it was renowned for the high case of indiscipline among the students most dropping out due to pregnancy while the lucky ones failing to perform well in the national exams. But she managed to change all this through hard work and discipline

Faith Help Victory is name for our group, were faith based group we normally, help the less fortunate in the society, we sponsor orphan kids apart from that we offer spiritual couselling... We're based in Kayole we're so grateful for the govt support and other NGOs coming on board with us we have sponsored 45 kids to high school and also we've build a water kiosk to generate capital to support the group

Many pupils who had passed well in primary school could not manage to join secondary schools. Lack of schools and poverty was the major problem. But through assistance from the TYSA organisation ,many have been able to be enrolled in schools

Due to high prices of food many schools could not sustain their pupils to the last dates of the term. CARE Kenya realized the problems in the schools and donated food stuffs to 14 primary schools and secondary schools in Kibera,this made learning effective and hopefully improvement of result

Education Support --- MARABA, KAKAMEGA ( CDF
In Maraba area,kakamega district there were pupils in Makaburini slums who had finished primary level and they had passed to qualify joining secondary school. The 5 pupils,there parents were unable to take them to school as they were depending on casual manual work to survive. The children went through traumatizing moments when it dowmned on them that they will not see the door of secondry school after the first term of the following term. In march 2010 they got lucky when our councellor decided to take them to a nearby school and promised to pay for their fees all 5 of them

I am Marcos Witindi of Kakamega Boys High School a footballer and bright student with great aspiration. This has been made possible by the gross Kindness of Kakamega Orphans Care Center which they are bestowed to me in 2008 and among other needs. They have taken me into the learning environment where i am working very hard. In Kakamega High School. I am promising students whose hopes and dreams for the future cannot be dashed. I intend to be a doctor in future sa as to be a blessing to the many suffering orphans like i am

My name is Irene Aluoch . I am a student at St. Mary Mumias Girls High School Last term ,saw poor students in my school have a reason to smile. Majority were from time to time lacking sanitary towels which was really affecting them negatively in their studies. However ,Aphia II a certain NGO cme and from then has been supplying free sanitary towels to the girls. Not only is my school benefiting but also the neghbouring schools. This is amazing and it has really helped the girls more so those who were not able to get this materials.

The results of KCSE of last was very interesting to me because many of the private schools awoke from an academic slumber. Until now the top places in the school rankings on merit have been a preserve of the public national and top provincial schools with only a few such as Strathmore and Moi High School Kabarak flying the flag for the private institutions, but this is no more. This year, there were about 28 private schools in the top 100 nationally and the first boy came from a private school but the public schools were all down. Why?

Due to free primary education introduced way back the number of secondary schools has increased. This again has led to the increase in the number of students who may have qualified to join further institution and now the government as seen into it it to introduce the middle level colleges to atleast cater for those who may miss a chance in universities and other colleges. Surely this has helped a number of individuals but many of the middle colleges should be build and it should be done in different parts of the country to show a greater help

How Employment Has Helped Girls In Kibera --- KIBERA OLIMPIC, NAIROBI ( CAROLINA FOR KIBERA
This about the binti group which help in creating employment to girls who have reached atto 18 yrs of age whether one has completed high school or not. The organization offered various jobs i.e cleaning the office for a month and get a pay of 5,000/=. It is also organized groups whereby girls had to be leaders and teach their peers about sexual reproductive issues and thus one earned some cash from them.

Wamama Musilale Dulemia --- BULEMIX BUTULA, BUSIA ( NO ANSWER
This a project of women group within the group the village who had solution to contribute money in their group to buy plastic chairs for people to hire so as to have income generating activity in their group. The money they get after,they put down and share as laans after which they bring back after a certain period as profit in their project is as to uplift their smile business within the village and also to assist them in paying school fee for their children who are in secondary schools and other business

Monica Gakii is one of the remnants victims of the tragedy that hit Bombolulu girls high school. The memories of her friends being burnt up by five infront of her hit so bad and has never left her memories. it left her traumatised and for that reason she easily got herself into drugs. She has been battling with drugs for 12 years now. A young 30 years old girl with lots of dreams, goals as so much to offer this life yet still the fact that she is traumatised fights back even when she wants to quite drugs. She comes out to the limelight , so full of hipe and asks the public through the media to help her fight drugs. She represents every young girl undergoing the same tragedy. Her father advices every parent to give love and support to their children and most of all support them. For Monica Gakii, she awakens the society and reminds us all thatthose in drugs would really wish to battle it out but to overcome that they need their love and support. And this challenges everyone in the community to accept those battling out with drugs

Outbreak Of Cholera In School --- LIRANDA, KAKAMEGA ( NO ANSWER
There was an out break of cholera in Liranda Girls High school in the year 2010. This was due to poor sanitation in our school. There were only a few pit latrines but many students. Mr Wekesa who was the principal of the institution intervened in and actually we got the solution. The first solution was to built more units(toilets) secondly the cooks were told to practice good hygiene while in the kitchen. From that on wards, we have not been attacked by any water bonme disease. There is good hygiene at school. Now,liranda has healthy students who practice hygiene conditions

Thanks to master card foundation. Pupils from my area have had another chance to attain high school education. The foundation has been offering scholarship to bright students after their KCPE results are released. Two pupils from our village were his year lucky to receive scholarships offered and applied for through equity bank. Now their parents do not have to worry about entire high school education for the foundation will take care of it hence forth. As a result of master cards fine gesture of kindness to promote education, by providing the pupils with wings to fly to the sky and beyond

She Could Be Drunkard --- LIKONI, MOMBASA ( FAMILY
She could be a drunkard, there's a couple that spent the entire night at a club the other Saturday. Nothing weird about that. That's what Saturday are for clubbing, drinking and maybe a little hunky panky later on. This particular couple however spent the entire night staring into each other's eyes and holding hands like a pair of high school love birds. How nice! Unfortunately, they both happen to be certified drunkards, Mututho's damnable law notwithstanding. The dude was on Tusker and the lady on something imported

THE SACRED HEART MUKUMU GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL This a school in Kakamega East district located in Khayega. As a school it has been in raising up the children at an orphanage in Kakamega. Students from each class always raise money according to the amount one is willing to pay/give. This fund raising is always called "MATOLEO" usually done once in a month. The money raised is used to purchase items like cooking oil, a bag of rice or sugar etc. The class with the lightest amount of money always take the items to the orphanage personally. The orphanage is located near Kakamega High school

I am a student in Mwiyala primary school who is an orphan. My mother passed away when i was to sit for my KCPE. My Father passed away ling time ago and was left a total orphan with my two brothers who were also in school. I never performed well because i was in a shock that over so like my life had ended there i heard of an organisation called waster water and sanitation that supports children who are in need. I went and told them to support children who are in need. i went and told them part of my story and agreed to support me. I am now in secondary school in form one persuing my studies because of this organisation

Chavakali high school is known for its global education level in western region of country Kenya. The school started in year 1956 as a local school rised academically slowly by slowly up to where the school is now. All this could not have happened without : parents, teachers, students and other supportive staff which made Chavakali a conducive environment for learning process. The government has played a very big role by sending reputable teachers to the school. The school is known not only in academics but also in different fields of activities, among this is social choir drama and others. Via support from organizations well, Chavakali as a school shall be able to reach it pinnacle of education. Lastly education is the greatest weapon that a man can use to change the world and Chavakali high school is trying to get it out of available resources

Promoting Cbs Fm To The Listeners --- MUKONO TOWN, MUKONO ( CBS
Central broadcasting services(CBS) Fm has helped to build a library to Mukono high school in Mukono district. This is one of radios programme to benefit the listeners and promote education in Buganda region. This programme has improved the standards of living of peopl

Boasting Education And Care To Poor Children. --- NYENDO, MASAKA ( KITOVU MOBILE
I had no money for schooling my a level yet I had my knowledge in the class, I had no one to help me in my problem and I was hopeless about my problem but kitovu mobile helped me to pay my school fees and I started schoolong in masaka secondary school for my A level

Lucille Kamadi is my name. Am employee of equity bank i can attest that about 5 years back we did launch a programme of helping students who normally perform well in their national examination to access further education by awarding them scholarships.many students from primary schools to high schools have already benefited from this intiative. The initiative has also seen many students pursuing their education in higher instituitions prior to their help. There are some students who have even been able to go and study in international universities just because equity mighty intiative. People are grateful for what we are offering to the society as a ban

Education has always be a problem to several people in kibera slums. Providing the money for all that is needed to undergo all this process is very expensive and difficult to afford. Many people loose hope when they finish primary school under the free primary education.s.t Aloysius Gonzaga secondary school provides free secondary education to needy orphans form kibera slums. It has done that since 2006 when the first class sat for their K. C. S. E exams. God bless and long live st. Aloysius Gonzaga high school.

This has to come to an end . The government has to tell the private schools whether to construct their own secondary schools or what to do. Course this is too much the pupils perform but they are denied national positions. Why?

A boy of seventeen dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. It is parents were not capable of paying the school fees for their son due to their financial crisis at hand. Having nothing to do this boy decided to venture in bricks business in order to pay for his school fees. He searched for a good place to start the work and after some weeks he started the personal programme. After a whole year the boy had managed to get some money to take him back to school. He had left school while in form two. He went back to school and payed the money. Currently he is doing well and looking forward to complete his fourth year in secondary school two years after this year. He is foccussed and motivated to achieve the best in school

Care About Youth --- YMCA KIBERA, NAIROBI ( STEP
The organization that I have witnessed is in (NMG) that they introduced an organization that is based on teaching young people in the souronding secondary school. They have changed many youths in the community to know their responsibility as youth and how to be good leaders in future

Painting For A Good Cause --- MARICH, POKOT ( INDIVIDUAL
Clair Mungai artwork has got a long way of changing lives in Pokot. Morish Claire decided to do artwork not for sale but for philanthropic purpose. She is awell educated lady hence giving her chance to be able to give back to the society and help the under privileged in the society to acheive educative and pursue their dreams. She do organise projects through which she raise money for this cause. Currently she was albe to prganise an exhibition at microsoft head office in seattle. The proceeds shall be going to St.elizabeth secondary school in pokot. Merish pass.(aAn institution) for the young girl rescued from FGM

I am a widow my husband passed away long time ago. I also lost my parents in law and also my own parents. I was born in a family of five of us where by i also lost all of them and was left alone with my children. I had it tuff because i could not manage. I thank God to the director of w.s.f who came in when my last born was to drop again. I had to explain to them my situation and offered to help my young boy who had just left after class 8. He only had finished a year without going to school. They offered to pay school fees for him and he is now in mwiyala secondary school now in form three.

I am a son of one member of Jisadie( Self Sustain) Self Help Group in Kakamega North District by name I am Jackton Bulovi. I finished my class eight last year and had no hope. My hope to join High School this year in February was by the Self Help Group as they aided my mother through a program of table banking. It has gone on and enabled me to move on with my educatio

Nobert never knew how to relate with fellow agemates of the opposite sex though, he was twenty years old. To him girls or ladies were bad people who could make one contract HIV/AIDs. This idea he was taught by his parents as a young child because as he grew up they told him frequently that if he joked or played with people of the opposite sex he would be infected of HIV/AIDs and would inturn die. To worsen the matter, his parents took him to a boys boarding school while in primary and this contributed much because while in boarding he only knew to relate with boys and not girls . When he joined High school, he feared going out for toursand even academic trips because he never wanted to meet the girls. After learning his problem my son helped him by taking him to the guiding and counselling masters. Nobert got cancelled and my son also did encouraged him and he realised the importance of socialising with all groups, male and female and up to this day he appreciates the help and friendship of my son

I had walked about fifteen kilometres from school just because of my stupidity. I had given a friend of mine my fare and by bad luck he left me at the stage because i was busy talking to pur fellow high school girls. i got tired along the way until a certain old man came and so me seating under a tree. He asked me what the problem was and i explained to him everything of course hoding the fact that i had been left because i was busy trying to socialise with school girls from a neighbouring girls school. He gave me a lift to town saving me the hussle of working another ten kilometres to home

Universal Secondary Education --- LWANDA, RAKAI ( GOVERNMENT
Many children could not study futher than primary seven becouse of the school fees to be paid in secondary schools. Now universal secondary education has come let all people go and study for a better Uganda

Education Process --- LAIN SABA, NAIROBI ( CARE KENYA
There is an organisation which helped many school students. There are from different school & different classes regadless of their years. Here is where by they assisted many students & also pupils both in primary and secondary schools. They offered many gifts to both girls & boys, girls they were given sanitary towels, books and also many others. Boys were given balls, books and also pens which help them to write and have a comfortable learning process. The organisation also supported the theme of education in our community

Schools form a basis for better life to purr members of our society. My village was for a long time engulfed by this problem where students have to ealk for long distances to go to the next secondary school These has triggered members of the society to brain storm and come up with a lasting solution to these issue. They finally decided to build a school in a farm provided by a local church where the school has become one of the best in the region and with good enrollment report. Thanks to the communities of people who made their various contributions

Helping Brothers To Be Achievers --- CHERANGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
after completing their courses at high school the brothers of my dad came to live with him in one of his businesses. he used to teach them the best way to live. today they are people with jobs and they have kids whom they too teach them the best way to tackle life

Many children who are orphan sometimes live a very difficult life . when there is no one to pay for their secondary education fees, they become hopeless in life. One organisation has come out to assist such children . They have build secondary school which provide free and quality education for children in order to make them men and women for others.

After i had finished class eight last year together with my other friends,we had to stay at home for quite a long time to wait for our results then join secondary school. In our village and even others i saw young girls being harrased mostly the ones who had just finished class eight and form four. Some of the harrasements were,being employed as housewifes,given heavy tasks not of their age to do and some were even forced to marriage. Most of them who were done this were not from a well to do and may be that was a reason. Those who could do by themselves felt it and decided to form a group to try and help them. We called our group fighting for Girls' Rights (F. F. G. R). This group was ment to provide all the neccesities they lacked and because we could not do all by myself,we did all that we could do like providing some money and clothes then joined hands with a certain organisation that fights for child's Rights(PLAN) so that they could help us how they could. We provided for the fees,gave them some money,clothes & even build for them some houses for shelter and not forgetting,we helped them come out from those jobs they were doing and arrested all their employers. Since then the girls' life has been a bed of roses and they really do appreciate for all that we did to them as they are in their schools doing well

When i was in high school,our teacher used to tell us that we should not select or choose any job to do. We should do anything which can earn us something rather than idling around. It was true because right now to get white collar job is very difficult there is no job opportunity

There is a person known David Josphat in the community this man had a vision of studying so as to become a pilot his parents were poor and were only able to educate in primary education ha came as well and passed his standard eight examination with 450 marks he had to stay home because of lack of school fees for secondary school. He never loosed hope in life for. David Josphat got a job of feeding cows with a salary of 1000per month. He went back to school and paid his own school fees he finished secondary school in 2005 he passed with A he got scholar ship and in 2009 he got his fast owner degree he went in USA to continue with his education in masters degree for pilo

Listening To Your Child No Matter What --- CHERANGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
My cousin never managed to join secondary school due to his poor performance, when asked to repeat in order to at least improve and reach the performance mark, he neglected. His parents never throw him out of the family due to the ignorance and unwelcoming behavior instead they sat down with him and they took him to a polytechnic where he performed well in mechanic up to date he is in town and doing well.

An Inspiring Experieance --- MACHAKOS, ( INDIVIDUAL
It was one afternoon when we visited one of my mothers friends. one reaching we were met with a sad stare. the woman we were visiting was deceased. her only son and husband were around and they welcomed us warmly. Then they narrated to us what hard to the woman. Unfortunately the father was unable to pay school fees for the son. so my kind and loving mother volunteered to pay the fees for the boy. To be frank, we returned home and the first thing my mother did was to send the school fees for the boy through Posta Pay. After a few years the boy finished his Secondary school education and passed with flying colours. My mother still paid for his University fees where he studied to b e a lawyer. to speak the mere truth, after the boy finished his studies he is working as a lawyer in Mombasa

A School Mate Died After Severe Nose Bleeding --- KITALE, TRANS-NZOIA ( INDIVIDUAL
On last week there was nose bleeding of a student and it brought sad memories in my mind. Back in high school(singereri) , there was a boy who nose bled till he died. What is painful ids that the school administration had denied him permission to seek medical attention. Arguing that nose bleeding was a small matter. He could not hold back our tears during his burial when his mother said the bright young man was the families only hope. Let us take nose bleeding with the seriousness it deserves and seeks medical attention if it is severe.

Free Medical Service --- KIMININI, BUNGOMA ( EDDO
EDDO, a certain NGO situated within the central business district of Kakamega became of greater help people in my community for a duration of 2 days,they carried out a free medical service at a local secondary school. They had sourced professional doctors and nurses who were administering the service. They had done so after a public out cry of the water borne diseases,outbreak. Many people turned up and many were treated. To add on that people were taught on ways of maintaining high standards of cleanliness to avoid such kind of scenario. This was really nice.

Busaries For Secondary And Vocational Students --- KAMUGOMBWA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
All Saints international vocation secondary school gives busaries to students of this school in vocational studies and in Higher education. Also those who do not have colifications for busaries pay little money and this will improve the education of uganda

Education Support --- MURANDA, SHINYALU ( CABDA
Acces to basic education has been made easier my free primary education,But after them the pupil who had graduated from primary and secondary always get challenger on how to make life. In the year 2009, in muranda subloacation shunyain constituency there were challenger as youthful person abandoned their ambitions and decided on alcohol. This was accassioned mostly by challeger of lack of support to proceed in either secondary orn college CABIDA helped the youth who were orphaned its ensure they get skills necessary for livehood support and working 50 youth we paid fees 20 in day school secondary school and 30 in villagetechnical school to learn technical skills This programme has helped man

In my lukongo village when you attained the age of 16yrs you were ready for marriage. Old men would be seen discouraging what they had seen and who they wanted to marry as there sixth wife. One day my father told me that i should not go to school but i was to escort him on a journey,immediately i knew that he wanted me to go and get that night i ran away to REEP camps near our home and reported the father was warned and now am a teacher in a secondary school near our home

Donating Computers --- MBURO, MBARARA ( INDIVIDUAL
Many schools today have been facing a problem of computers yet we are believed to be in the dot com era unabling them to promote computer education aiming students partly. this has been tried to be curbed by Mr. nuambu whoa has donated computers to both primary and secondary schools hence promoting computer literac

I was get to leave studying because my parents had no money to pay for me school fees. But the head master masaka secondary school gave me a bursary and now am studying well and with hope to succeed

Poverty Is Not An Excuse To Leave A Stressed Life. --- VIHIGA, MAHANGA ( MAVIRA
I am Bushuru Nelson,16 and a witness of a change of something. I used to stay in bunyore land for about one and a half years. There is an association there for needy children. These are orhans,physically handicupped children or children whose parents are financially unstable. It has helped many and if i have to give an example,one of them was a girl, Jane Hamisi;an orphan whose fee for secondary school was paid by this association(all of it).another one is a boy,Daniel Orwanda whose fee for form three and four was paid by this association. This association has converted children from poor backgrounds into very rich people who help the community in various ways

When i was still in s.4 at comprehensive sinor secondary school,the straight talk organisation used to send various straight talk papers we to read. But when i went through questions and answers in it,i learnt various things and their advices like how one could protect her or his self from various diseases more especially AIDS and the major emphasises was abstainance from sex and now am practising it and am very happy for that

Promoting Education --- KACHERA, RAKAI ( RACOBAO
Icompleted my primary seven at Kacheera mixed primary school in 2003 and passed very well but my parents failed to get money for me to join a secondary school. A certain organization called RACOBAO helped me and paid for my school fees at st. Gonzaza secondary school. They paid for my school fees gave me transport and assisted me pay for hospital bills incase i fell sick as wellas providing me with scholastic materials like books pens and the rest

There is this boy who had done his KCPE and had passed very well. But he could not afford to go on with his education at the secondary level. This happened because he had come from a humble background. He stayed at home for a period of one year. Then a well being person sponsord him to start his high school education. The boy performed very well during this period that when he sat for KCSE, he had gotten a A. This sav him getting a scholarship to study medicine. When he came back he was employed and started helping other boys and girls who had a similar problem to his. Up to now he has helped boys and girls.

Bursary Funding --- SINOKO, TRANS-NZOIA ( CDF
In 2008,it happened to my dear friend who is an orphan and he had a passion to continue with education,but he was unable. Emmanuel as he was known in st. Paul high school sinoko he was very bright and calm boy. He tried going to school but due to lack of school fees he was chased back home. At home,he never gave up he started a small business. But after some years ,there came a bursary fund that was to fund for orphanage school fees in the schools. This was Emmanuel lucky time to continue with education from CDF really helped him up to finish his education and bring dreams of becoming a doctor into reality.

Beaten By Parents From Childhood --- CHERENGANY, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
I always saw one of my friends being beaten by his parents since childhood to high school,he could not handle himself even a band at their own door made him uncomfortable but we managed t encourage him until he finished his form four education

The sexual abuse of school girls by bicycle and motorcycle taxi operators featured prominently during the Nyanza Provincial Drama Festival held at Lunza Secondary School in Kakamega. Boda Bodas are very popular in Nyanza as a mode of transport from the market [places to the rural areas. According to adjudicator Bwire Ojiambo from the Bomas of Kenya the items were very vivid in the boda boda menace

Development And Education. --- NYAKACH, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
There was a man in Nyanza Province in Kisumu who volunteer to take care of children who are not able in financial problem,food,shelter. Even now he still keep his promise some of these children were in primary school and some were in high school enjoying their education so that they can have a better furture in life after they finished their studies. This project improves lives of many children because they get all their basic needs they require. The project is still going on until today.and he also plan to get some children who are not capable of doing well and those who suffer most

Help Form Catolic Brothers --- KASAALI, RAKAI ( NO ANSWER
In Bikira catholic church, there are Banakaloli Brothers. This have helped the development of the people around in the following ways. they have constructed primary schools,secondary schools, health centres and technical institutes. Many people have acquire education form the above institutions. Scholarships have also been offered topoor children to enable them learn. Living standards of the people who live near Bikira were uplifted

Relatives Pay School Dues --- WOBULENZI, LUWEERO ( INDIVIDUAL
My mother passed away when i was 5years and my sister was 3years old,our dad was so poor because he did not have a job and so mum was the breadwinner he4r sudden death brought misery and total suffering to me, my sister and my dad. Dad failed to raise enough money to sustain us at home and also pay school fees and due to that we spent 3 years with out going to school. One time our uncle Busco and our aunt Evelyn came to visit us and they leart of the situation,they felt so sorry to us took us to their homes and started paying our school does,provided all the life necessities. We are now living a happy life and we are both in senior one at Kololo high school
Iam a Kenyan citizen. A boy aged 24 years old. I went to Friends school Kamusinga where i sat for my KSCE exams and got grade A. Equity Bank often held motivation talks in our school to inspire us to work hard. The manager promised a scholarship to the best student and a job for one year before the student who achieved the target got to the university. i wished to join Oxford university for medicine and surgery. My dream was to become Kenyan's best nuero-surgeon since I wanted to help and serve as many suffering Kenyan's as i could. I performed very well in my exams and qualified for the job opportunity granted before i went to university. I saved enough money to pay my sister's school fees in secondary school. I also qualified to get the scholarship to Oxford university since i was the best in my district. Iam now a fourth year student of medicine in Oxford. Iam very grateful that i have been able to develop my career. When i finish my studies i will support the bright and needy students in my community. I will work hard in my academics to get the best experience to help treat people in my country Kenya to ensure the citizens are healthy and working

I had just finished high school when I realised that I was pregnant. I was very frustrated and worried because of the shame I had brought to my parents. They had tried to warn me not go for night clubs and to sleep with them but I was too rude to give hid to their advice. When my friend Melly came,she advised that I abort the pregnancy and the safe rather than keep it and face the wrath of my parents. I agreed with him and did the abortion something that has kept on tormenting me day and night upto this day

Vegetable Seller --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( C.P.D.A
I finished my youth train in 2005. My parents could not afford to pay my secondary school fees. I then decided as a girl not to sit and wait for my parents to provide for me. I then asked my father to give me a small plot behind our house so that i could plant vegetables which i would sell to people around since then i have been selling the vegetables. A friend of mine then came and told me about C. P. D. A that supports small enterprises. I approached them and was able to get a loan that enabled me plant more vegetables and got a tender in a certain school to be supplying them with vegetables through that business, I am driving and i managed to build my parents a good house and even i have applied for my secondary school examinations as a private student thanks to C. P. D.

When Mr Indimuli Kahi came to Chavakali High School, he came with a new way of motivating the students who got quality grades (A-plain) in K. C. S. E. Any student who got an A plain was to be bought a new motorcycle. The 2010 candidates were asked the number of A's they would have and they promised 10A's. The principle started with three motorcycle and when the results came out the school had 4A's and they lacked money to buy the 4th motorcycle. The principle wrote a letter to the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) asking for the money and the 4th motorcycle was bouhgt and will be given to the students of 14th May 2011. The motivation was named ''Ponyoka na Pikipiki.

Education being the key to life's success, people must be encouraged to get the best education possible with the best time allocated. This also helps improve the economy. In Kibera, the level of education is still wanting as most pupils go to local school that some of them are not managed. Some of the schools offer poor quality education. However despite all the challenges, an NGO has come up with a library in Kibera for both primary school and high school students. They provide them with books and an ample reading environment which is free from noise. This is a solution to the difficult conditions at school and more organisations need to cater for the rising numbers

Despite the peer influence back at home . Jane Akoth struggled and cleared her high school education. There were challenges like lack of fee and support from relatives she managed to clear her high school education which is not possible with other girls back at home who opt for marriage at an early age

Determination --- SEME, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
Winny passed her final high school exams well due to the fact that the parents had money to educate her without frequent interruptions that could interfere with her education. she is planning to join university very soon for her to continue with her higher education through the support of higher education loans board which gives loans to university students

How To Promote Piasy --- LYANTONDE, MBARARA ( PIASY
PIASY This is an organization in both primary and secondary schools. This organization helps in teaching both pupils and students about the way of promoting sanitation. However, this organisation also teaches many children about how to promote sanitation in these ways like brushing teeth and others. This organization also teaches students about the good things in promoting PIASY. This is a good organization to all people in schools

A Great Contribution By Cbf International --- JOYLAND, KAKAMEGA ( CBF INTERNATIONAL
As teachers at Musaa Primary school we are happy that community based Funding international came in handy to help some of our students who come from hard backgrounds. Many who would hardly have been able to achieve anything after losing their parents through various means including HIV/AIDS and other calamities have been assisted to go really far. For the current children however it sounds unfortunate as the programme reaches its termination. We hope another sponsor may timely step in for these very promising children who are bright and needy as they go to high school in few years to com

In the village of Chavakali near Chavakali high school,it was becoming a routine that people were being robbed whenever darkness neared. This sent fears down the backbones of the villagers making them fear going out at night. People would be indoors as early as seven p.m. The villagers decided to take law into their own hands and set a trap for the robbers. As usual,they attacked the man unaware that it was a trap. When the robbers tried to rob the guy,all the villagers came out from their hidings and bit the robbers. I was their surprise when they realize that one of them was a rich businessman in the village. Until now non of such cases has been heard.

In our school we had a teacher called Chepkony who was a science club teacher. He was a teacher of vision and expectation of students. Mr Chepkony was loved by all the students in our school. Due to his much concern to his work and to students. One day Mr Chepkony organized a science competition in our school that we welcomed all our neighbouring schools and totalled twenty high schools. The competition was highly congratulated for their better performance compared to other schools. Afterwards Mr Chepkony was given a scholarship to America for the same purpose, we as the science club members were so happy as the donor decided to cut for us the passports. We enjoy the same there in the new states as were well fed and returned back with trophy

Abwao and his siblings were staying with aged grandmother in their rural home after the death of their parents. They died of HIV/AIDS. Abwao was forced not to continue with his secondary school in order to cater for his siblings and their aged grandmother, therefore he landed a watchman job in one of the buildings in Kisumu. The little he earned used to go to his grandmother for their food, but he had never lost hope of joining his secondary school and going for further studies. he decided to join a partime class after his work and went up to form 4 where he registered as a candidate. t the surprise of many people including his neighbour, Abwao emerged among the best candidates countrywide having scored a straight"A". He was excited while was being interviewed saying that his dream as a doctor as come true because he had qualified to go for it. He was therefore thankful to God and said that as he was waiting to join universitry, he would still continue to humble himself and continue with his work which has enabled him to move a step ahead in life

An Organization Inspiring Role Models --- KAKAMEGA MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( NO ANSWER
My name is Grotel MALESI,currently in form 2 at the kenya high school. Shortly after joining High School, i came to know of an organisation whose main aim was to raise role models. I was lucky enough to join it and become part of it. I have watched and seen many,Who through this organisation have been able to achieve their dreams,and are still pursuing on the them,and apart from that,they have also been able to find successive rolr models who have not onlymade a great impact to the society but have also been an inspiring to man

About some four years ago,when i was in primaryy school;there was this partivcular bright student named jason. The guy was extremly smart in books but there was one thing which seemed to affected him and that was poverty in their home. He could often come to school without necessities like enough books and other supplementaries to asssist him during studies. Though it was areal struggle to him but he managed to pull it off until he approached the nationnal examinations. He did it with the others and when the results were out he had posted exemplary results. He even managed to scoop the best position in the whole district. He was called to a national school but then cropped up. He had no one to pay his high school fees. He could not locate one. Fortunately an individual by the name plus shistsama a pastor by profession volunteered to pay the boys school fees throughout high schoo. The boy finished medicine at teh university. Were it not for that good samaritan his hopes would have been quashed definately

Sponsoring A Student To Study --- OBOJA, JINJA ( INDIVIDUAL
I lost my parents in 2005. My relatives were poor and could not take me for further studies. It was in 2011 when I was connected to a German Red cross volunteer. He was told my problem and he communicated to the relatives who later got interest in sponsoring me. I am now in S. 4 at Jinja Senior Secondary School

Carolina for Kibera has been carrying out out a programme of education to all by taking the vulnerable girls to high school. This has changed the lives of several girls who did not have hopes before. This is a good idea that should be embraced by all

Serving The Unable In The Society --- CHAMAKANGA, CHAVAKALI ( UNITED NATIONS
Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Musalia Mudavadi helped the unable to bring their children to school using the Community Development Funds. The school, Is called Mululu Primary School situated near his homestead. He provided funds to buy; exercise books, pens and pencils, text books and other learning materials. Children from the neighbourhood benefited from this and they came to the school in large numbers eager to learn. The school is now a set of two: boarding and day. It has been recording a recommending and encouraging performance after the assistance. The Deputy prime minister is now thinking to start a secondary school near it

Improvement On Science And Technology --- KABAALE, MBARARA ( INDIVIDUAL
People in our community are helped by an individual called Komugisha which is a member of parliament. Through providing computers to primary and secondary schools. This has led to improvement of science and technology to such schools in our community . They are also used to simply work and save time where by they are in typing of exams to the students . Aids they are also used for searching

One day i was in class eight and do my last examination in two thousand and nine then when the results came back i was position three with four hundred and ten marks,that time my mother died and my father go and married another wife. When i was asking for money to go in high school , he refused then there was one guy in Carolina Fir Kibera came to my place aand asked me why are you not going to school? then i answer him that there was lack of money in our place then he asked for my result slip . When i give him he looked and he says that from today i am going to pay for you school fees then i was happy as a king

Unexpected Flood&Its Damages --- NYANZA,BUDALANGI, KISUMU ( RED CROSS
Second term had began well but when it reached on march 21st tne climate changed. It started raining from morning untill evening non-stop. Maranda High School which was my neighbouring school started breaking down because of the strong wind that blew every now&then. The whole area of bondo and Bundalangi was now badly flooded. No sooner had peoole and animals started dying than the red cross society intervened in.the draining of water started by constructing dams and water tanks . People &student were served in life boats. The school was rebuilt and food was supplied all over This was a great solution to the problem.

Responsible Orphans --- KIANDA, NAIROBI ( CLC
Life in Kibera is cheap but expensive to others. I met this family that has for so long lived without parents. This was a family of five,two boys and three girls/ladies. The eldest was a boy who was a boy who was at teenage and could not even afford to go for any easy job as he was underage. They lived by the small amount that they earned after school by fetching water,washing peoples clothes and the small amount from these tiny jobs. What shocked many was how this children co-operated to ensure they had a bread for the day. Their duties were assigned to each other everyday. They never went a day without something to smile about. Despite their financial status,they lived a life optimism and hope,hope that one day they will make it in life and be able to stand for themselves. Their respect was admired by every neighbour around them. They not only respected people but of all they respected God of all things. This was seen as they never missed going to church every sunday. It never took long after high school that their elder brother who was sponsored by st. Aloysius a school that is run by CL. C and the got a well paying job

There are many people who lament after completing the secondary school education but this has changed. There are many qualified councellors who are teachers and many who may be confused of what to do have been taken for sychometric test in school and even change of apraoch in the future life. This should be encouraged

The organization was introduced so as to help some people whom they cannot help themselve in anything. Since it started i saw our community started changing. The organization help them in the school learners whom were in secondary school. They helped the pupils wanted to learn but they did not have money. They prepared the future of our country. Apart from that it help people physical. They helped in putting off the fire which mistakeble got on a forest or a house. People were dying because of fire which were mistakeble. They use to give insurance on house

Educating The Youths --- MASHIMONI, NAIROBI ( OB-OG CLUBS
In kibera there is a club known as OB-OG club which is located in mashimoni Magoso school OB-OG club educates young girls and boys from primary school to secondary school. The club is changing the lives of many youths and some of those who were educated by this club are now big people and have jobs. Apart from educating people it also entails singing, dancing and recording the songs in CDs and tapes. OB-OG club is managed by a Japanese woman who loves young boys and girls. This club also educate, feed and help orphans because it has one branch of orphans. The big people from eighteen years and above are also taught carpentry, HIV/AIDS awareness and there is a tailoring and computer classes going on in the compound.

Hiv & Aids Training --- AMALEMBA , KAKAMEGA ( NO ANSWER
St John's ambulance is an NGO founded for humanitarian assistance I joined the volunteers from st, John ambulance in educating youths from Lurambi constituency about Hiv/ aids. This was done in schools i e. primary and secondary schools. The pupils were divided according to the age groups and classes they were in. I also did not take chances with teachers and non-teaching staff from those schools. The schools we visited were as follows; Nabongo primary, Ikonyero and chebuyusi. Nanganda secondary, Matende secondary and Malara boys high school. This education benefited the youths a lot, they learned more than they were to learn and this improved the number of those youths knowing how to protect themselves from Hiv & aids

Promoting Education --- SOWETO, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
School fees was a problem to me. I had a talent of soccer. One day I was playing football in Coca cola post primary. Here I got a school called Masaka Secondary School which gave me a bursary to get education due to the talent I have. And I have used this chance given to me to get education

Being Of Help To Others --- HURUMA, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
It was at our church where there was this boy who served as sunday school teacher while also attending his secondary school education but he was really struggling to get his school fees and the saddest part was that he was a candidate doing his Form four which he really wanted to finish but most of the time was sent home since he didn't have the money. But the best thing is that the youth chairman asked the youthis and congregation to contribute tiwards his school Fees and people responded amicably and we were able to colleect 24,000 Ksh which enabled him clear his Fees and enabled him to sit for his examinataion which was a blessing to this boy and people had made his dream come true

Free Primary Education --- AMALEMBA, KAKAMEGA ( GOVERNMENT
Introduction of free primary education and making it compulsory have seen many children from rural areas access it. However in Kakamega county only 75% of the population have access to free primary education, most of them being those found near major highways and urban centers. Although large number of them sit for K. C. P. E exams only 10% to 20% procede to secondary level. Major problem being high school fees for secondary education. Also the primary institution faces a major challenge of overcrowiding and poor states of classrooms, lack of better sanitation facilitates to accomodate this large number of pupil wishing for a better life. If this environment can be changed then we will hope for a better society

Initiation Force --- AMALEMBA, KAKAMEGA ( CDF.
When i joining secondary school in the nearby school i was very sly and i had not finished paying my school fees i had to apply for C. D. F funds which at the end gave me eight thousand shillings which was paid to the school. The C. D. F really helped me in my education until now. C. D. F is an organisation from the government to help the needy students all over the country which has become successful it also helps in building facilities at the school and also buying textbooks and other needs

Although i was very good in school. I had to leave after i had completed standard six. It was almost certain that if i would have stayed i would have gotten into secondary school. The school fee had always been paid by my brother who was working in town. but my brother had lost his job, so there was no more money for me to be father reminded me that i was lucky to have to have had six year of schooling paid for already. I decided myself that i hope i could go to secondary school and know i will such an organisation that will help me achieve my goal. I went to TYSA and i told them my problems and they understood it and helped me and know i am in Form 2. from standard si

The Church Is A Source Of Wisdom --- MADI, GURU ( CATHOLIC MEMBERS
In our community we have acatholic church which has brought alot of development in the community. This Roman catholic church has managed to established a well and attractive primary school which oes not charge any amount to patients whose children learn for there. It has also established an 'O' and 'A' level secondary school with a vocation training programme on it. This secondary school offers bursaries to poor children and those who are orphans. Finally this church has contributed alot towards the academic standards of the areas around.

There was a time when a student from kitale primary school wanted to join secondary school and his parent did not have money to pay for his school fees. His parents try to find the money but they were not able to find the some one told them about how they can get money through Faulu. They approached faulu offices in Kitale the they managed to secure a loan and pay for the sons school fees. Their son entered the secondary school which was called and now to be he is in form four doing his final examination

Improving Performance --- BUSAKU, WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
Lackof rural electrification has affected many rural schools as they cannot access preps and this was a similar problem to ST Luke Busunju secondary school Najjuko an OG of the school bought for the school stimmer lamps to enable students attend evening preps. In a long run, this has improved on students academic perfomance.

Since prevention is better than cure. In Uganda various efforts have been directed towards fighting HIV/AIDS. To ensure this ignorance about the epidermic has to be fought against first. Uganda cares Masaka has done by visiting secondary schools and teach all issues related to HIV/AIDS. This has resulted into having a generation equiped with the information about HIV/AIDS

World Vision Helps The People Of Kasali --- KASALI SUBCOUNTY, RAKAI ( WORLD VISION
World vision helped the people of kali subcounty by establishing classrooms in many primary and secondary schools and proviing free scholaships to pupils in primary schools also many pupils benefited form the free clothes and school uniforms that world vision used to give out

We as a group of boys who completed High School saw that we need to create an income geneating project. so we started supplying bread to earn a living. each member contributed small amount so that we can give the company which was suppose to supply us with bread a deposit . for nowwe have entered into the market,the community is benefiting from the services we wre giving to them

Wonders Shall Never End --- MBOONI, KITUI ( NO ANSWER
Mr mapesa the local council was attending a harambee meeting at gatanga high school. He had over a hundred thousands shillings. But he did not want to take his big bundle to donate but just a few thousands shilings so he slipped off to the vip latrine to cash out the in secret his contribution unfotunately the cash and the wallet slipped in the latrine

Computer Training --- NDEGEYA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
In our community people were lacking computer knowledge but when we had a member if parliament called Nsambu this problem was solved. This was done by provision of computers in primary and secondary schools. Now children in our community are computer oriented.

There is a person that told us, by education, it doesn't mean that to be successful you have to have gone to university. In actual fact, some of the richest people in the world never went beyond high school. However, education enables you to increase success. This is because, especially in an emerging market like our beautiful continent Africa, education acts as stimuli for achievement. you are able to secure better jobs and experience which gives you a hands up. That is why many people in the corporate world are going to study for masters and doctorate degrees. The more educated you are, the more your radar signal appears to blink. I believe that if I had not had a doctorate, that the person could not have a doctorate, he would not have received the same appreciation

Donating Science Equipments --- KATWE, MASAKA ( MASAKA DISTRICT LG
In abid to promote science subjects in Masaka District local government bought different science equipments that is donated to different schools within the district and among those that benefited included centinary secondary school, masaka parents among others. This was revealed by both students from the above schools because they saw and also were affected

Kelvin is a young boy in OTONGOLO Area though he didi not go to a high school,he used the primary knowledge to start up a barber shop where people could be given service by being shaved. Kevin was always making work easier for people by failing to travel for a distance

As a time keeper, I faced very tough times of people just throwing stones at me at times when I was ringing the bell for morning Preps. This habit was even worse during the first weeks after opening when people still had homesicks and didn't want to wake up and during third term when the forth years were preparing to do their final exams and they didn't want any noise. I raised the issue and they came up with the idea of putting lights around the hostels and also ensuring that the lights in the hostels were on before I rang the bell. A guard was also given to me to ensure that I was not attacked and this encouraged me a lot

This is a story of an orphaned child Steve who have been doing well in school through the help of our local church members. He has done well and is joining form 1 this year after getting 395 marks. Following the poverty and single parent remaining the dream of secondary school is not possible. The burden is also too heavy for the church member s since they also too have children to join schools. We are currently planning for a "harembee" donations to help him be able to attend a local day community school within the locality

Teaching Pupils And Children How To Promote Sanitation --- KABARAGALA, KAMPALA ( PIASY
PIASY This is an organization in both primary and secondary schools. This organization helps in teaching both pupils and students about the ways of promoting sanitation. However this organization also teaches many children about how to promote sanitation in these ways cutting finger nails short, ironing clothes and others. This organization is good to both of them

Beig a member of the church is something good and interesting. One of my fellow youth was helped to join high school through respect and cooperation

I recall of a certain doctor back in high school who though from a different country helped some of the less fortunate students to complete their secondary education by assisting them in payment of school fees. The doctor would send money to our school from his country to pay school fees and other necessities for these students. He would also visit these students once n a while and the students and the school administration thanked him a lot

Lilian wagallah is one of the most influencing people to bring change to our community. She saw the need of establishing a center at our place which could cater for formal and informal education. She opened an institution called the Magoso center. It is mainly a pre-school and there are undergoing plans to open up a secondary school and a college. With the help of some donors lilian wagallah opened the school four years back and has managed to produce top students to join secondary schools. She has also managed to take care of over 10 orphans fully. She pays everything they need. She also has opened a tailoring business whereby she has created job opportunities to some members of the society. She also manages some 20 secondary school children and i thank her for the great work she has done

Scholastic Material Provision --- KINONI, LWENGO ( DANIDA
More than 60 primary school and 10 secondary schools in Lwengo district benefited from the DANIDA's programme of donating desks and boxes of chalk to these school as this seemed to be ahead for these school responding according to DANIDA's survey carried out in the district

A Day Nit To Forgot Forever --- SONDU/AGAI, KISUMU ( NONE
Days are going by very fast but we could not believed when all our parents perish before we joined secondary school. But by a good lucks there was a group who emeged from nowhere and they told us to take our properties so as they would came back to take us to school. Whta amazing is that we after waited for them since last two years ago before we have seen them. In our family we can not made it even we can not go to school. In our society girls are not able to go to school. we are just requesting if you can help us so that we can go to school. We are wait for your mercip

Helping The Girl Child --- , ( AHADI KENYA TRUST
I am Leah. I am student at Ikonyero high school doing my form two. Over the last 4 months we were visited by Ahadi Kenya Trust, an NGO, that went ahead to help the girls in my school in several ways. They advised on many things to do in life, how to succeed in life and many positive things that got us really motivated at the end of it all. And before calling it a day, they supplied each girl with sanitary towels to last one year. We are happy. Indeed very happy

There is a woman i mashimoni village who has changed the lives of many. She has an orphanage and a school where many children learn and get their lunch. Mama chuchu as she is widely known currently hosting over one hundred children in her orphanage. She has also taken over forty pupils to high school. She is currently employing over thirty staffs. She has changed lives of many. She is also a role model to many young people in this village. The government should provide her with enough land to accomodate for increasing number of pupils

Students Denied Books --- MWATATE, TIAITA-TAVETA ( NO ANSWER
The performance by school in the country has been caused by failure to issue leaners with. textbooks produced under the free primary education. programme. A shurvey shows textbooks produced under the fpf were kept in bookstores instead of being distributed. Taifa Deo samuel Nyatika,opeaking in kenyatta high school in mwatate disrict

I completed primary seven and my mother had no way of taking me in secondary levels, i met a man who was looking for students without ability of joining secondary schools. He made a friendship with a Britain woman because she saw that African girls lose their education in funny excuses, she started helping me from senior one to senior four and after i decided to join vocational institute by her help. Now she provides me and my sisters fees,it is her effort that we have managed to be in schools

Behaviour Change (Bcc) --- KEFINCO, KAKAMENGA ( AMREF
Nick Karanja is my name. Iam a student at Kapsabet boys high school and a youth. During last holidays, I attended a forum about behaviour change organised by VIPEP,an NGO with help of AMREF. The forum carried out lessons to the youths that ranged from avoiding bad vices eg alcohol drug abuse,avoiding bad compay,taking charge of our lives as youths among many other positive things, to help us get the best from our lives. It was acctually encouraging and touching to have such a good initiative in place

The Governments idea for initiative free secondary education is a good idea,although it will encounter its own challenges. The initiative may not be success full regarding the fact that a similar idea for the primary education has its own problems which have not yet been solved. The Government should ensure that such problems such us the deficiency of teachers in primary schools is solved first.

Radio Japan through their urgent masaya Onishi have sponsored four boys in high school. This is a recommended act, that should be copied by other organization. They have changed the lives of those boys who did not have hopes in life. It's now upto these pupils to work hard. Thanks to Radio Japan and Masaya Onishi.

Helping The Less Priviledged --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
Harun is a retired rally driver who has obtained millions of money due to this sport. Winning in many championships led to his greater. However, he has gone a mile further to do something recommendable. Through Harun foundation which he found about some years ago,he has been able to pay school fees for poor students who may risk not joining high school or higher institutions due to lack of funds. Many at the moment have benefited from this project and thus the poor students have now hope in the near future.

Using Health In The Right Way --- AMALEMBA, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
My name is Kiza Majani . I am a native of Amalemba,An area based in kakamega county,western part of Kenya. I would like to ate a certain wealthy man found in my home area . I can say that the lord was not wrong in granting that the lord was not wrong in granting the man his immence wealth . For sure he has really helped the poor students who haven't been able to go to school due to high levels of poverty . He is sponsoring many in primary school ,High schools and also higher institutions. Also some of the great people in the society like doctors,engineers pay their fees and succeed . This man actually done a great job worth to be admired

My name is Brian shikanda of form two at Sheywe secondary school. I was recruited into Orphans Child Care Home in 2009 being a total orphan. This home has lived up to a good solution for me giving me hope and a turn to see life in a bright way of a future. This home provides me with needs of basicrequirements including food, accomodation and education. i worked hard and after KCPE jined Sheywe Secondary. Here i have given a good account of myself and I intend to become an accountant in futur

The bursary scheme in my high school he helpd me to completer school. When i was in my senior five my dad was imprisoned over suspected murder, my mother could not support all of us in school because she was almost a house wife. But because i was a bright boy i was put on the school bursary scheme which helped me to complete my high school

Many promising students from poor backgrounds face unclear futures after topping the list in national examinations.for them,it is one thing to qualify to join top national schools in the country and another to take up the admission. The big schools generally charge high tuition boarding fees,which look out qualifying students whose parents are not adequately financially endowed. to pay about sh.80,000 in annual fees is not easy for many. Thus many of the students from such backgrounds actually end up joining local secondary schools in their districts or provinces where the school fees are much lower. Those who are completely unable to raise school fees slide into,so the kenya bursary association help give the pupils who have succeeded in the exams some bursary funds.

University Fee Payment --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
Luke Angote is my elder brother. He is now a student at the university of Nairobi. He completed his high school about some two years ago, where he happened to get a 'B' which could not earn him direct entry to university. He thus in order to get to university, he was to advance as a self-sponsored student. My family being poor, he saw his hopes being quashed. We looked for someone who could sponsor him but it was really hard to get one. However a month before others joined, something nice happened in his. Our parents happened to locate a certain organization names ACCESS which then volunteered to pay his university fees all through. They have been paying for his fees and have thus opened a bright future for him

Peter a young gentleman in the slums of Kariobangi hadn't studied to a higher level of education but only managed to finish his primary school. Due to lack of school fees,he was not able to join secondary school and became an idler in the area. Being an innovative young man,he saw to it that he needed some thing to keep him busy. He started a used battery collection site,This would serve as a collection site for used batteries for recycling later. He has done this for quiet awhile and it has really impacted on his life positively. He looks forward to increasing his business assets and level of purchases and sales

Helping A Boy With No School Fees. --- MARAVA, KAKAMEGA ( INDIVIDUAL
A student named Peter Osoro passed very highly from our village in his K. C. P. E exams and got admitted to a national school. It was really a beautiful moment for him, his scores. And Moreso, Managing t grab a place in a national school was really a sucess since no one in the entire village had ever gone to a national school. However, amid all happiness their lingered a huge problem. His family was poor and could not afford to take him to high school due to an indistrous and hardworking boy. But sooner lady luck struck and a sponsor came in a volunteer villager who decided to help with fees from one to four. The boy in the end had a chance to go to school

I am Stella Kaveke, a student at Butere Girls High school. My family is no well off and so in the beginning i had problems with school fees. I used to be send home frequently to go bring school fees and in the process could miss classes. But long after i approached ACCESS, a scholarship organization that gives school fees to needy students, things became well because they agred to pay my school fees. I am really happy for they have brought big hope into my life and I'm forever indebted

Helping The Needy Children --- SOWETO, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
As i was still a child my mother could tell my to study hard and pass all my exams, i was a hard working girl. When i did my exam i got B plain in my KCPE exams , i had no money for secondary school ,fees ,my dad and mom tried but they could not, until now iam still waiting for a good samaritan to help me

Support In Education --- KABONDO, KISUMU ( RESSO
I Tom Otieno Ngidi I receive Resso as an organization that tried their best to communicate with my community ti have Atela Secondary School which help our children and this time we have a chance to educate our children and they pass very well in that school. From that time I never forget that organization and to my in life time. My community is feeling very well of their children now joining Universities and colleges. May God thanks so much for that organization this time we have got no idlenes people in our community

Giving The Monogornised Wings To Fly --- MUNINCIPAL, KAKAMEGA CENTRAL ( EQUITY BANK
Equity group and card foundation are a great source of respirstion in connection to their pre-university sponsorship and high school scholaships they offer as away of giving back to the society As we all know education is a dream of any kenyan child as well as tyheir constitutional night. Despite 0this many have from receiving this precious commodity due to financial consructs. As they say miracles do happen. It finally did when Equity group foundation started 0ffering 0pportunities to performing students without means to finally attain their dream of completing education and thus offering them wings to fly to their future ambitions. These realatioships which are nomally applied for forum district levels have thus left a mark engroved in the lives of many whose life will forever be transformed for the better. This simple gesture of giving boda to the society has also enabled many who had one lost lost hope of the future to revise them and eventuary realize their childhood dream

Light At The End Of The Tunnel --- CHEPTULU, KAIMOSI ( NO ANSWER
In my community at Bunyore Girls' High School, we value helping each other and bringing hope to the hopeless. It was the second term of our fourth year term of secondary or high school education. Since it was a school policy for the students to clear any fee balance or nay amount of money they owned the school,many students were sent home to bring the arrears. This was like an obvious thing to do but during our year it was not. One student was sent home to bring the arrears but two months down the line the student had not come back to school. It was later discovered that the student owed the school a large amount of money and she could not pay back the money by the date of the deadline. The class teacher, Mr. Makokha, sacrificed himself and urged the class to contribute any amount of money they had to help their colleague. The parents stopped in and contributed some money that was paid the students came back to school. Furthermore,Mr. Makokha helped the student to apply for a bursary and he is also one of the founders of "life-touch organization" in the school that contributes basic properties needed by a student in school and helps poor students feed comfortable and loved [in the school. Mr. Makokha taught us a remarkable lesson that will forever linger in our heart strings at whatever place we will live on this earth

Helping To Pay School Fees --- , KAKAMEGA ( ACCESS
Kevin mopesa is my friend whom we went with to the same primary school. He was always the best student in our class but it was so unfortunate he was an orphan.he was just staying with his grandmother. Life was unbearable to him,he was struggling all along when it came to accessing food,clothing and other basic needs. Time came when we did our final year in primary school after which he posted exemplary results. He was then called by a national high school. It was good news to our school for having sent someone to a national school since it's inception but it wasn't long when our happiness was cut short. The reason for this is that he did not have enough funds to pay his high school fees. Kevin saw his dreams cut short. However ,our former kindhearted headmaster led Kevin to a certain organization named ACCESS which gives a chance to poor students to access education. ACCESS heard his story and decided to pay his high school fees. They have been paying his school fees up to when he finished his final year,last year. Good enough,when the results were out he got an 'A' in everything and hopes to be a doctor in future. I thank ACCESS for helping him and many others

A Transformation Tool For Development --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA CENTRAL ( WEAEP
I am a 16 year old boy in form two Chebuyusi High school.from kakamega town where i come from there has been a good contribution to ddevelopment courtesy of organisations and groups.such are social and as such the civil society tool for enhanced development of community. i know particularly of WEAEP which which is Western Education Advocacy and Empowerment Programme that is doing exactly what it has taken to transform the community i a number of ways

ACCESS is a canadan organization that offers education fee for needy students. It was started some years back and through the programme many have benefited both boys and girls. They've indeed changed and touched many lives, Raising engeeners from peasants, cattle keepers into doctors and many other children getting into great occupations in the society. They sponsor children who who study in high schools and also those in high institutions of learning. It is wonderful to see them bring hope into the hopeles

In our village,their is a grandmother who is very poor and she lives with her grandson and granddaughter. Everyday everytime they dont have food for depending on it. One day their member of parliament (mp) came to visit the people who lived in the village. They asked them their problems and they were helped. The mp goes to the grandmother's house and gave her food,built her a house and took the children and went with them. The grandmother was happy as as a king in his palace. Those children some were not learning and now they are learning. The member of the parliament took them to the retreat and some some in the projects. When the children learnt and finished their education,they went to a good secondary school and they succeed. The went to the university and they decided to help their parents and their grandmother. Those children got hteir jobs some were doctors,engineers,teachers,lawyers,and even the members of the parliament even judges. When they got those jobs,daughters were getting married and sons marrying. When they got babies,they told them their stories. They went back to a good samaritan who saved us in being poor and brought us to be rich people. They thank him because that time he was like their parents. I learned something through our help. Now they are the one who are helping others

My name is Judy. I am a member of staff, ACCESS, an african Canadian organization that offers scholarship for needy students. I have been part of the team for about two years and through efforts we have seen many lives being changed. We help children we feel are extremely needy and thus dont have something contribute towards their school fees. We do this for high school students and those in higher institutions , say universities. I'am really motivated to be part of the team that is changing people's lives in a more positive manne

After running out of my parental home and coming back i needed somebody to encourage and be my side. My uncle always gave me encourage and always asked me to understand my Dad. Although he stood by me untill i completed my high school course well

My name is Mark. I am a security guard at ACCESS, African Canadian Continuing Education scholarship programme, an organization that offers scholarship opportunities for needy students as the name suggests. I've worked here for a period of of 2 years so far and I have seen many lives being changed; right from high school students to those in higher learning institutions. Even my brother got assistance from here in raising fees to undertake his university studies. The organization has helped alot of people in this region of Kakamega and am really happy about i

Supporting Education In The Slum --- KIBERA KIANDA, NAIROBI ( WORLD VISION
Tedline is an orphan having with his order in the slums of mkoro kwa njenga this boy went to a private primary school. and passed his exams well. there was no many to take him to school. he stayed at home for two years. there is a group called World vision that come to his help. he was taken to high school and now he has finished his education

I am Nelson. I work at ACCESS, an african Canadian organization that is committed to help needy students to complete their studies and be great and successful people in the society. We support both girls and boys right from high school into high learning institutions being colleges and universities. I am grateful to be part of the team that is steering this historic programme and so our call is to change and touch lives of many needy children Kakamega over. It is through our hands many came weak but came out strong and were are really happy for the mov

In Masaka Secondary school their came a woman who had a child who was suffering from a certain disease we did not know but she was asking for help because her child was going to be operated and the doctors needed alot of money. we organised ourselves and e managed to collect for her 200,000 shillings. So afte a certain peroid of time she came back and thanked us because her child got cured from that disease

A boy was a very good footballer while in school high school. He was the star in the school team. After finishing his high school he was known with many football clubs. He went back home and engage himself in drinking alcohol with other groups of youths in the village. He had a letter from one of the clubs,he chosen one time they were playing while in school. He assume the letter and continue being in the village. He married but for now he has rust as if he has never gone to school or even did anything like co-curriculum activities in school. He is regretting

My name is Julius Luvembe. I am 16 year old but an orphan since both my parents died more than 5 ears ago. Their demise expressed me to a vulnerability but God helped me to survive. I got a reprive when Love Children's Center took me in 2007. They have been helping me since then to to meet my basic needs that include food, shelter and clothing. Their kindness was even more fulfilling when they took me to school to continue with my studies which has enabled me to get up to form 2 this year. I believe i will be able to get the support that gets me through high school. However i appeal to any willing sponsor o sponsor me on

I am Edwin Omae, student at Shingwe secondary school. I'm lucky to be one of the ACCESS scholarship fund beneficiaries and so I'm able to learn with zeal and hope. Sometime back after finishing my K. C. P. E and had no fees to pursue high school education and I approached them of which they agreed to sponsor me fully. They've helped settle down and boosted my hope of making it into being an Engineer, my dream career. I'm very happy and indebted

Most of my high school life was spent on drugs and sometime last year I was expelled out of school for drug abuse. I just felt great every time I used this drugs but little did I know that I was destroying my life. February this year, the NACADA group came to our school with their campaigns of SAY NO TO DRUGS. We were taught alot of stuff that completely changed my life from drug addiction to a seriouse anti drug abuse campaigner.

Most of my high school life was spent on drugs and sometime last year I was expelled out of school for drug abuse. I just felt great every time I used this drugs but little did I know that I was destroying my life. February this year, the NACADA group came to our school with their campaigns of SAY NO TO DRUGS. We were taught alot of stuff that completely changed my life from drug addiction to a seriouse anti drug abuse campaigner.

I am Lindah Chelanang'a. I am a student at Kaimosi girls high school. I am a beneficiary of ACCESS scholarship programme that helps sponsor needy children across western province of Kenya. They've helped me as I had no hope of pursuing due to the poverty in my hoe. I had passed with flying colours in K. C. P. E primary results but had no hope until someone introduced me to them. They agreed after a series of assessment and to date they are still sponsoring me. I am grateful

The Murdered Girl --- LUKAYA, KALUNGU ( RED CROSS
On, thursaday, i was still asleep in my bed, i had the voice on speakers in lukaya.those speakers were annoucing the girl who was murdered by the waggwa high school in lukaya and her body was in Bulakati near lukaya and it was thought to be hid boyfriend agter the girl hate his boy friend but the red- cross society was at the place and the body was carried in masaka hospital by the redcross for further details

Secondary School Students Get Support From Cess --- KAKAMEGA , KAKAMEGA ( CESS
CESS an organisation based in Canada has been helping school going students in Kakamega county. Ten students who come from poor backgrounds have been benefiting from this organisation yearly and in two weeks ago more than hundred students have benefited from the organisation

it was on saturday morning when we prepared to come on tysa ground to play our football game. when we reached at tysa ground my heart treambling has the sweat roll downrosecy check. our first game we played with kapsasa and we beat them six goal. i was very happy as the kings daughter walking on the palace although at first my hearth was treambling but when we manage to beat kapsasa that is the time now my mood came back and i was very caurageous with my fellow player

I have always had the passion to work in the society. To get to interact with this living both HIV and AIDS then when I completed high school I managed to secure myself a chance at community transformers a community based organisation that deals with issues affecting our health. Here I got to learn a lot. They deal with home based care ans so i got the counselling and nutrition skills. I also got a chance to be trained as a peer educator, to be trained on drug adherence on entrepreneurship among others. This is far much different that if i could be staying at home because they could earn themselves some skills

How My Cousin Got Help --- KISUMU, CHAVAKALI ( CDF
Last year my cousin finished her class 8 and passed well. She was called to join Bunyore High but unfortunetly she could not due to lack of fees. Her father applied for bursary which succeeded and currently she is in form one Bunyore High School

Consequences Of Addiction And How To Solve Them. --- N/A, CHAVAKALI ( SCHOOL
The Bunyore quarry has become an employment area for young boys, one case is of two friend of mine. It all started with a joke. Koech and Noti would sneak out of school and go to the quarry for a period of two hours and each of them a hundred shillings. The pay was not equal to the work but their did not care they saw a chance to get quick money. The is become a routine sometimes they would miss a lesson of the day so as earn extra money, this affected they academic performance. Koech and Noti who were always number one were now operating at position sixteen and twenty. This continued for a long time until the school administration intervened. Noti and Kpech were counseled. Noti and Koech took in the advice and stopped attending the quarry business. Hence improved their academics

Kanyeki was a student at Olkesuke primary school,he then graduated and called to one of the perfoming schools in Rift valley known as Olkejuado High school. Due t financial instability her parent would not afford the school fees for his course at high school,so every time he was usually sent home for fees. By the third year course he had a balance of fourty eight thousand,which the school wouldnt withstand with him with a such balance. He was sent home,where he had only a single parent cause the father had died long ago since he was in primary level.due to this her mother was forced to go and smarsh stone,which she sold to pay for kanyekis fee. During the finalyear Kanyeki was unable to be paid for the fees for the fourth course. He therefore explained the prolem to the class teacher and the class teacher told the principal,by which the principal refused and after this information came to the recognisaton of the teacher,he was contributed for those fees. After the results Kanyeki emerged the top in the Rift-Valley province which in our surprise was all away from school. Now Kanyeki has been taken By equity to work before proceeding to a more higher learning institution

In vitakwa village in maliza secondary school we had a problem in that our teacher never taught us but gave us examination and told us revise that as it was the real final paper we were going to sit for everybody did not read anything else but the examination come everybody had gotten no results. We were forced to repeat again and this time we would do the examination ourselves

Kenneth Marende the speaker of the National Assembly today donated a school bus to kericho Boys High School.this was done following a donation various books to the school and thus this was ment to add value and knowledge to the school

The Role Of Our Charitable Childrens Home --- MARABA, KAKAMEGA ( NO ANSWER
My name is Isaac Lusemo aged 16. I am in form one in Musingu High school. For me to join this school it has taken the support of a caring children s home by name Mission to the fatherless. I have been in the home for over ten years and have been helped to grow, develop and advance in life. This home is doing a good work in the community and helping many other orphans and needy children who had lost hope in life. If there can be any well wishers to help our home to meet the many needs we have it would be very good

Baraka za ibrahim has been acting as a rescue center fro orphans who have faced hardships in their guardian homes and now it has established a primary and secondary school fro the children so that they can gain knowledge which will help them in future so that they can be independent and help their siblings. Some orphans are boarders while some are comfortable staying with their guardians are given the choice of doing so but meals are provided fro them during lunch time

Never Get Pregnant In School. --- KAWEMPE, KAMPALA ( KAYEMBA PHIONAB
Once upon a time there lived a girl called ANGELA not have a mother and father they died in an an accident when they were going to MASAVA Angel was in a secondary school and she got unwanted pregnancy and she wanted to abort that child and she remembered that her mother told her that never and never abort a child,Few months later she produced a boy or a baby boy. After she waited at night and she brought that chikd on one of the side of "LUBITI" swamp. A woman found that child in the morning when she was going to work.she took that child to "sanyu Babies' home"and they looked after that boy until he grew u

We as travelers and as a community we appreciate for administration of Gaseta boys secondary school for support and help the government by repairing roads and where holes his also their are making sure that the security in the society is tity through their support electricity power today are running smoothly without any interference of thieve also their are also making the environment clean by planting flowers and new trees

I write this express a story a needy child who had dropped out of school due to lack of school fees was supported by a projectin my village and manged to continue with education After computing University,she was employed by the government as teacher. She appreciates very much for the support she received from the project and she rolosted from her self to educate two children in the village who are now in secondary school. After computing the primary education, she support by paying their school fees. Their parents cannot afford to pay the school fees. This assistance reflect a good example in our village and the project which supported this child

The number of ophans and vulnerable children is growing so fast in kakamega central district of western province There are many organizations working on the issue by helping the needy by provide the basic such as food, shelter,clothing for them since most of their other relatives are poor & cannot manage their sustainance. One organization in particular- Western water &sanitation forum was been vocal and instrumental in helping these angels. They have done these by providing to many of them in the homes and providing school fees for those who cannot . And I am a beneficiary of the project since my mum could not pay my fees to secondary school. I am currently in school and performing so well. Thank you ''wewasato'

Education Centers --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Mulei is a bishob in Kibara. The man of God has tried to reside the standard of education of the childreb and students of Kibera by setting uo around three schools in the slum. The schools are doing well with as many children and high school students as possible. This is a very disping story besides education is the key to a better life.

In my village in bumalama there was this boy that had passed well but could not get some money to take him to high school. He would work for people who would pay him some little money which he kept for use. The international Christian organisation (ics) come in and sponsored the children to school as we talk now he is a qualified doctor in our village and has helped us a great deal

The religious community in our area has really taken part in improving the way we live around here.up to now the churches have secondary schools around here while the government doeskin have times of hunger the churches are always open for visitors in times of chaos-they are a form of refuge,they give bursaries and other forms of sponsorship

Mr. Kariuki barasa is a former head of English department at Nairobi. He is trying to develop and encourage young nations to take their education seriously so that they can leave better life in feature also the man is trying to visit district secondary schools and gives skills to unskills teachers and students through doing that many students are surprised to him and are living to play and back to their academic seriously by doing that parents are happy for what Barasa had done to their child.

Back then in the years when one completed his or her Kenya Certificate of Secondary or primary education,this person could dispose the books he or she has used for the years to pursue intelligence in books or he will rather burn them into ashes. For many years this has been the trend until of recent a radio program was introduced in one of the radio program was introduced in one of the radio stations in town.the program and campaign is durbed ''save our future life with a well educated generation''. Here when you complete your primary or high school education you hand of the books and other school materials that you feel are unresourcesful to you to the school administration or you hand them over to other students and pupils behind you by classes. The program is currently going well and it has secured many books from being disposed and it has secured many books from being disposed or being burned

Hiv Aids --- , ( WEWASAFO
I'am 15 yrs old. Std 8 pupil in mbururu secondary school. I started loosing weight and wondered why it happens that way. After inquiring I found out that it's because of body immune system that is very low. My teachers encouraged me to go for testing. After testing I found out that I'am positive. Many people were wondering where i might have received the disease but after asking my grandmother he told me that my father and mother died when i was 9 years. But never knew they were positive. I feel the disease is because of the death of my father and mother. I went to hospital and I have started medication. I have been put on ARV's and hope to stay longer

Street Needy Children --- GIMOMOI, GISAMBAI ( CHURCH
I am from Hamisi constituency. There was an organization that was just visiting schools at Hamisi. They came across a school called Edith junior Academy where children were collected from the streets and brought there. The head of the school explained about it and also told them that others were still in streets. When they heared that they decided to bring the children up by providing them with basic needs. Those at the streets were collected and the number increased to 95 children. They did everything where the head of the school thanked them. I was among them where i was brought from std 2 to up to now am in secondary school. They are still continuing with their support

A poor family which had childrens in school had some difficulties after their two children finished class eight. This was a challenge to the parents because the kids wanted to continue with their education. It was a boy and a girl. The mother seek advise from other grown ups women on what to do. She was told to look for the little money to make the girl join form one then the boy next year. She did like that and they support her with the little they had. She was also advised to join merry-go round and to start small businesses which she did and now the boy also joined secondary school

CABDA helped our school, Lwanda secondary school to construct facilities in the school. Through this dedication by CABDA for some time this organization has helped the community a great deal in ensuring that there is development. in some other cases community asset Building Development Association has done the same and more

In the year of 2009 i had finished my K. C. P. E examination and i wasanxiosly to go to a national school. I passed the exams with flying colors. I got four hundred and three and i was called in Mang'u Boys high school. but unfortunately my dream failed since my parents could not pay my school fees. That is when my uncle who lived in Nairobi had to admit me in Chavakali High School and payed for my necessities up to when he died and there was no any other to continue with my uncles kindness. Within a few months my father was called back to job and was able to pay my fee although it was enough. That is when the principal Mr. Indimuli started his own project to help those in needy in our school. From that day on i have no problem with school fees and i thank God for resciung me

Fees Assistance --- CHAVAKALI, SABATIA ( USAID
In the year 2008 after i had finished my KCPE the previous year and i was now joining high school,my cousin who had also finished class 8 was called for kakamega high school but he could not make it there because of school fees. Fortunately he was assisted to make it there

World Vision --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( WHO
The World Vision has been majorly brought in to help the orphans, widows and widowers and those can't make it in the society. They educate students who are pursuing their high school education and those undergoing higher education but have a problem in fees payment. This is the only done to one or two members of each family considering the status of the parents

When Silas had finished his secondary school, he passed highly and was among the best students in the country. After Silas was enrolled in one of the best Universities, he always remembered Eshimuli for giving him the second chance to further his education, achieve the unthinkable snd be the best of the best, now a role model at his community and is a champion at whatever he does in life.

How Role Modeling Has Impacted Positively My Life. --- KAMBIRI, KAKAMEGA ( NO ANSWER
My name is doris Itambo from Ushindi childrens home. I am a form three at Musoli Girls high school. I am an orphan. For a long time i have had a disturbing effect due to the death of both my parents who died ten years ago. I was taken up into an orphanage but still could't overcome the feelings of despair. When ufunguo child role model development took me up with my brother Raphael Andole things positively changed. The organization hs ensured that our self esteem is always positive. They have kept visiting us in school to encourage us and give us material and moral support. This term we learnt that their main sponsor had gone back overseas leaving them supportless. It is my prayer that this organization gets other good minded friends to sponsor their activities

Norbert is a young artist living in the slums of kibera. he have not under gone any travailing yet he can draw well without any problem he has done alot of potraits and lapse. last year when two guys from the maasai mbili arts centre have to their high school they saw the ability in the boy and promised to make him go to great height. Norbert is now receiving a free arts at the institution

Reaching Out Of The Needy --- NANDEREMA, FUNYULA ( NCBO.
Nanderema Community Based Organization has really done alot in our community in trying to help the poor and the needy children in Samia. This year they started a programme of sponsoring the orphans and the vulnerable children, a programme that has seen over two hundred primary children and over fifty high school students receive their sponsorship. This is really a big thing that has started here in Samia region

i know of a friend of mine by the name Jane.she was brought up in kibera and not finished her high school. Later on a university lecturer from the university came and offered her scholarship.he payed for her school fees for form three and four.he also booked a hostel for her in a catholic premises. to ensure that she will be safe while she studied.he also ensured that Jane's mother had a business that supported her and other children. the lecturer took Jane and his own daughter and used to buy her gifts that are expensive.when Jane reached form four in second term she started moving out with young men and bringing them at the hostel.she had troubles with the nuns who were caretakers at the compound who reported Jane to the lecturer.two months later she got pregnant and stopped her education.the lecturer came back from Germany and convinced her that after giving birth she still can go back to school.he even payed a home teacher for her but she refused to go back to school and ran away with the baby's father. Today i meet her she feels embarrassed as she missed an opportunity of a lifetime

Girl Child Education --- SOWETO, NAIROBI ( COMMUNITY
For many years girl child has been denied several rights including rights to education. Many parents believed that boys are so much helpful than girls. At recent agirl at Mzesa day care center academy proved that no matter the gender,anybody can do it. The girl passed with 300 marks. But due to the fact that her elder brother got 285 marks. The latter was taken to join secondary school of his choice. The girl was later taken by an organisation and at per now she is in her second year at Jomo Kenyatta University

A Help By The Governmental --- AHERO, KISUMU ( GOVERNMENT
I am from poor background. I could not continue with high school after my primary school because my parents could not raise money. It had gone as far as sleeping without eating anything. We tried visiting different organization so that i could be sponsored for my secondary school.we visited very many places but no space could be found. Indeciaded to visit the chief to solve for me this problem. I found bursary fund and good luck and i started filling it. After everything was over i receiver a letter that the government was out to pay my fees and account for my needs. So preparations were made and i went to school

When l was in school l used to work hard all my way l finished my primary education very well and passed with three hundred and twenty marks but the but things come, across in my life l did't get school fee to continue with my education but my good luck a good person with a good heart took me in secondary school where l finished my secondary school and l wanted to continue but there was no money that l could continue with my educatio

I passed in flying colours in my class eight K. C. P. E examination. My father and mother were jobless and yet I needed fees for my secondary school education. It was then that I met an organisation called Jitegemee which helped us back to our feet. First they helped my parents start a chicken rearing farm in which they could earn money by selling the eggs and meat. They also provided a good market for the products. Secondly and most importantly they agreed to pay my fees to the last level of my education. Jitegemee also provided pocket money and my basic needs at school. Now I no longer have to worry that my parents might go into crime just to meet our needs. Forever will I be thankful for Jitegemee for helping me and hundreds of other families

At the age of thirteen when i was doing my K. C. P. E final exams, both of my parents passed away and for a while i thought that all my dreams had been shutted but GOD had a different plan for me. i passed well and my uncle John took me to ST. Pauls Amukura and through out my four years in high school he paid my fees and was like a parent to me. I managed to score an a( minus) and joined the university of Nairobi and today three years after completing my university education i just thank God for him

The School Endorement Funds. --- GHANA, YOUMOUSSOUKRE ( GOVERNMENT
The school committee of Kisumu Girls High school with the help of Mr. Musalia Mudavadi decided to introduce a program at the kisumu girls high school. The programme had an aim of helping the needy students. Therefore a fundraising was held at the school dining hall. The principal Mr. Shikanda Felix invited some guest to the function. The guest speaker was Mr. Ambushi Joel who is the school's boarding master. In the function some of the students who were helped by the school committee were introduced and some of them were in the universities. The programme was an advantage to many poor students. All their needs were met

Mr. Omari has been the principal of WeiWei Secondary School in West Pokot for only six years and his presence in this school can be felt. Since he joined this school, many things that had been dormant revived, the school also started performing well. It was early this year when when the Minister for Education Sam Ongeri announced that the sixth top student countrywide in KCSE results Edwin Magema came from this school. This shocked many because it is unusual to find better students from that area. Usually the top ten positions countrywide is normally for the national schools but rarely from a less known District School like weiwei secondary school. Due to this tramendous performance promotion which was noticed by the government, he received a promotion to a better school as the principal of Nyamira Boys in Nyanza Province

When my brother finally got a job this year in January,the first thing he made sure was that i atleast joined a college and study something that will be helpful to me in the future. It was three years since i completed my high school education but i could not join any college due to lack of finances.but thanks be to God that my brother got a job something that has enabled me to join a college. Am really happy

Joshua onyacha was helped by another organization this boy was not having any money and he was an orphan so that organization decided to help this boy. The boy done his class eight examination in 3 yrs back and he pass 390. The organization with the board and he was taken to Bwake high school. Now the boy is in the second yrs in that school and he is performing very well.

A Boost For Education For Poor Students. --- KENFINCO, KAKAMEGA ( KEEF
KEEF is an organization with a desire to see education boosted in kenya. Under Mama marre she ensured that bright male students are supported after going through an interview. They meet conditions such as must be orphans or coming from poor backgrounds but bright.mainly they must have get 350 marks and above to qualify. They are then supported witbh tuition fees and all other learning facilities through high school. So many children have so far benefited as a result

in many years farming formed the back bone of the country's economic activities. This is changing from time to time. Today many youths would not like to be associated with farming. The blames can be for the governement.since the government removed agriculture as an examinable subject in primary schools and optional in secondary school people doesn't like it and therefore brought famine and hunger in the country. The government should think of the importance of the subject and take it back to the sylabus

WORLD VISSION is an organization which has helped people most especially the orphans. It helps a student in Namagoma secondary school and she says she studies very well because she did not know that she will study. WORLD VISSION also helps the eldery to receive their basic needs to live happily

This programme has helped many people in our country because it has helped many of us gain our knowledge Those who are in need really are being helped because they have donated computers to some primary schools and secondary school. This organization has made many of us being happy

The schools ambition to promote science subjects was boosted by the old boy's school who contributed 10 million shilling to case the extension of the science laboratory. Mengo Secondary school received the cash.

When Silas finished his secondary school, he passed highly and was among the top student in the country. After Silas had been enrolled in one of the best universities, he would always remember. Eshimuli for giving him the second chance to further his education. Achieve the unthinkable and be the best of the best. Now a srole model in his community for undergoing alot and coming out a champion, in whatever he does in life

A Silver Lining --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( CISCO
Training colleges or institution have been expensive for the family within my community. Many youths after finishing their secondary school many a times does not know which way to take. Since the coming of an ICT comp any known as CISCO things hav e began to shine for an individual known as Steve. Steve have got a new beginning after undergoing that ICT course with CISCO. They even went ahead to offer him a trip to abroad to go and attend a seminar. Today Steve has opened a business dealing with ICT things and even currently mentoring a fellow youth so as to be success in futur

Helping Needy Children --- KIKYUSA, LUWERO ( INDIVIDUAL
Mr Ignatius Komu Kiwaruka the former head teacher Luwero secondary school helped to offer a bursary to one of my sons. He helped him to study to the advanced leve

Our former LCV Bogonza helped to donate a sollar system to alskasongala secondary school school this has helped to boost the standard of the school

Preventing The Spread Of Hiv/Aids --- NKOZI, MPIGI ( STRAIGHT TALK
The straight talk foundation this organisation helped to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Uganda most especialy among the youth in secondary schools. it provides condoms to students and encourage those who cannot abstain to use it for safe sex

I am a Boy aged 20 years. I am the first and only son in the family. I lost my parents when I was 5 years. I lived my step mother since then in a family of 5 more children. she was very hostile I sold charcoal during the vacation and saved money for my primary and High school education. With struggle and determination I managed to get grade B+ in my secondary K. S. C. E exams. I applied for bursay and loan at the Higher Education Loans Board. I was given full bursary for my 4 years of study at Kenyatta University where I was admitted in 2010 for Bachelor of Education Science. Am working hard in my studies to develope my carrier as a teacher so that I can help other needy children in the society. I use the loan awarded to meet the educational needs (financial) of foster siblings. I thank HELB for helping me develope my carrier and assist other needy people in my society

There is a high school teacher knows as Mary Rague. she has a big heart for the orphans and though she has no capacity to open an orphanage. She has picked two orphans to stay with and she pays for them school fees. She has really uplifted these two once hopeless children who now can see the end of the tunnel. They have hope for the future an will now fulfill the dream of their life

Issuing Sanitary Towels To Poor Girls --- ILEHO, KAKAMEGA ( AMREF
Poverty is what is really dragging down our drastic development as an area. Girls, I may say are the ones who are hit hard by the effects of this scourge. You find that due to lack of sanitary towels, they do not go to school until the whole process is over. Due to the plight being too common, we did have a NGO named AMREF. Girls on their part have really improved in class perfomance and also last year saw seven positions out of ten going to to girls, high schools.

Paul, a high school graduate,but now 32 years old,left schooling in a number of years ago. He always had the urge to continue schooling. He looked for all means but he lacked all. He therefore decided working in the building industry where he built for the better part of his adulthood. He was sponsored by an MD in a local organization whereby his school fees for tertiary Education were all catered for.

My dad passed away in 2008. Just after I had completed KCPE exams. My mother was a farmer. She really struggled for me to join form one. I managed to join secondary school then in form four my mother also passed away. I am the only bread winner now, father as well as mother. It had been hard very had to sustain my siblings. We stay at Ngando village. Well wishers in the community have been helping us. I complited my certificate in marketing but the problem is, I have to take care of my sister in Std 6 and a brother in baby class. I have hope despite difficult I will educate my sibling. I know my brother and my sister will make it

Education Is The Key Of Our Life --- ST. CHRISTOPHER'S, KITALE ( SCHOOL
There was a girl who come from a poor family. Who was always asked her parents, how comes my fellow girls went to school but me her always be silent and absent minded. Her parents told her that we dont have money to pay for school fees. The girl cry and cry until she join the necessary school. The girl thank God for giving her a chance for studying,She struggled hard in school. At the end of last year in primary school. She passed with flying colour, wheras she was old. She was called in best secondary school were she was sponserd by the Government. She continued with her school until she finished her secondary At the end she become a powerful person in the world

I have a cousin who finishes his school (high School) in 2007 and lucky he performed so well and was qualified to join Jomo Kenyatta University. With the luck on his side there was a point he could not raise the funds which we needed for up keep and so a white lady whom his father was helping because his father is a house help so this white lady aproached the boy and asked what is was working on and the boy narrated his story. Luckly the white lady was touched and she dicided to support my cousin to see his university education throug

The Undugu society of Kenya has played a very crucial role in helping youths who cant afford money to join primary and high schools. The institution helps these youths by teaching them various courses, e.g carpentry welding, mechanic etc which would help them to earn a living and sustain their lives economically. It has helped many youths to avoid idleness hence avoiding to indulge to unprofitable activities

My name is Mary Kidaha. I am a mother of three with my first born doing his bachelor of Economics at the university. The other two are in high school and so school fees was really breaking my neck. Although I'm working my finance could not be able to sponsor all the three children in their education and so I had to seek alternatives elsewhere. I was lucky to get helped from ACCESS who agreed to sponsor my son who's at university with school fees. That has been very kind and so, it has given me an easy time to help the other sons. I'm very happy

Promoting Science Subjects In Uganda --- KIKYUSA, LUWERO ( WORLD VISION
World vision international helped to construct a laboratory room to Kikyusa secondary school and donated laboratory apparatus which to be used in studies of science subjects

Free Primary Education --- MACHAKOS, NAIROBI ( DAIMA
More than six years now since the government bring free primary education many people have changed, some worked hard and passed their primary education and even in secondary school people work hard because they only paid foe lunch per term that's why government have made a very big change in our country. Many people have been in school the all term because their was nobody to ask them to collect money

St. Aloysius Gonzaga is a secondary school situated in Langata though it was once operating in Kianda. The school targets students from Kibera slums only and the students are learning for free since it is dealing with orphans only. I think many saw it as this hour of grace the moment they were enrolled in that school especially those who had lost hope at ever going to secondary school. The school has really brought a great impact in my community and therefore given many a chance to achieve their dreams of becoming people of their with. My community has now moved from an illiterate community to a literate community since it nowadays targets the disabled people also as far as paying school fees is concerned

In our village the was a man who was helping people who is in need. I thank God so much for the chance e was given to me. I thank God for me to e found in that village because that man came to our home and took me and take me to school. I was living with my grandparent ,When my parent die. And i was not in school. That man took me and take me to school. I was taken to Karaus primary school up to standard six then he took me to boarding school at Ortum board school, where i does my KCPE. I was not pass as my expect but i got 258 and know i am in Bishop Alex Muge secondary school. I thank God for that opportunity he has given into me. I pray to God to give me knowledge and understanding so that i can achieve what i need. Know i am in form two i am work hard to achieve my ambition

Chepkoech is a beneficiaries of Etycus after she was sponsored by save African children. She is an orphan and through cornerstone church. She managed to sung well and visitors were very happy. The visitors were from save Africa children organization in U. S. A. Now she will be sponsored from primary school education high school and higher education provided she can learn. Now she can afford a smile on her face and thus changes her life completely.

Promoting Education In The Country --- MUGE, MPIGI ( USE
The universal secondary education this program has helped to boost education in uganda. It gives school fees to students in secondary school something which helped to boost education and decrease the number of uneducated people in the countr

Monica Wangari yesterday took to the orphanage and primary schools with surprises when she stomed their places and started distributing sanitary towels. She says most of the school going girls don't go to school due to this issue

Students of modern Secondary school volleyball team had lacked equipment to develop their talent in volleyball. Dr ZZiwa a former student brought them volleyball nets ,jerseys and balls hence enabling them promote their talen

Every time i sit down and look in the sky's one thing comes to my mind the ''Sky is the limit''. That evening i never thought there could be a solution to my problem. My parents could be able to afford my high school fees and as a matter of facts we were poor leaving alone living below a dollar in a day. As i walked to the market to sell some vegetables for a living, i met this woman by the name of Jane who stopped and inquired why a small girl like me was not in school and before i could answer her tears started rolling down my cheeks and so she just took me in her arms and then i told her about my family. The following day she came in with a group of women from Neema Women Group with alot of food stuffs for us. We shared alot and since then the took me to school and catered for everything and even today as i sit in my form three class i do appreciate Neema Women Group

Linus cleared his high school and fortunately got interested in drawing which he did at a certificate level and he is now married working and supporting his siblings through the little money he get from the job. He is working with the standard media thus in a position to support his family and parents back home

Promoting Education --- , RAKAI ( INDIVIDUAL
Aunt Juliet gives me a story of their village their is a man who is very rich but what he did was very great for the village members. He constructed schools,a primary and secondary school. Parents pay little money at school according to other schools. So he did this in order to help the village members

In cardinal Otunga Girls High School there was a problem that made the school to almost close down. This was because the school had no water and life for the pupils was tough as they had to struggle for the small amount of water that would trickle down their taps just for a few minutes before disappearing again. The principle talked to the minister Mr Wetangula and he came in and donated funds that are now used to make water tanks that are helping the school

My name is Tonic Ateku. I am a boy aged 16. I have a brother by name Twon with whom we came to stay in orphans child care Home in Kakamega Central District. Being opharns, left at a tender age we were subjected to a harsh enviroment which trained us that it is good to struggle in life. Our relatives hated us and mistreated us until a door opened for us to be supported by opharn child care Home. This home has given us hope. We get our provision for survival, basic needs and education. I am in Mukumu Boys High School where I work very hard. I intend to become a surgeon upon my completion of my school/ education

The need to enable all the children of Luwero access education saw Bukenya foundation estamblishing a secondary school in the area. On top of the above, give out bursaries to those children who are orphans.

The Headmaster Nakasongala secondary school helped me to study at the secondary level for free.this man provided me all the school requirements

Constituency Development Fund --- CHAVAKALI, KAKAMEGA ( GOVERNMENT
It was on 2010 march when an organization was set up for certain important circumstances. The organization was the constituency development fund (CDF). The organization developed social amenities eg. churches, schools, hospitals that could help the communities to develop churches were build up in this way people in the society could go to church to pray and get spiritual growth. They were also building of hospital which settle most of diseases in the community which medicinemen could not manager. They was also building of school like primary and secondary schools, colleges which made people go to school to be exposed to new things. Now they new how to write and speak Kiswahili and English. Water was also a problem but the project help us and they was supply of water all over the community to evade drought

African Canadian continuing education society has been on the forefront giving scholarships to university students and high school students in Western province since 2006 and they target poor students across this area. This year, more than two thousand students have been awarded funds in Masinde Muliro university and other colleges in western province. The students who received funds are from poor background and the program also restores hope and dignity to the students

Many students who have been graduating from st. Aloysius Gonzaga secondary school,have gotten a chance to change their community where they are living in. This has become successful because they offer a voluntary service to the community In their places of community service their have been assisting sick people, physically challenged persons, young children in children's homes. They have assisted such people and changed their lives due to good work they do for them

We struggled so much when outing times came in our local secondary school. We would have to look for funds to hire a vehicle so that we would go out or attend a function that was far. Mrs Mango our area MP was concerned and touched as we also are the best performers in the district. She gave us a new bus and now we don't waste money on transportatio

Education Enhancement --- BUKOKO, WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
Lack of good secondary school in the area meant poor academic performance in the area and low development. Madam Nabukenya Exe a business lady did not await for this as she constructed a secondary school in our area Bukoko known as saint claire secondary school hence fostering development.

Mr. Chomba has been a very good man in Kakamega town. He has ensured that he helps the parents who are not able to take their children to school. He is assisting so many opharns today. So many that have passed through his help are in Universities secondary schools others married with good jobs and others making. Chomba has been assisting is still assisting people to an extend he would even lack fees for his children, food for the family and even cash to buy a good car. This has helped him alot in that between his two sons who are the only children, one was taken after joining form 1 at Alliance boys by a stranger who promise to pay his fee and every other need. The boy was clever in that he participated in International Mathematics Competition, won and was taken to South Africa where he started earning as he was learning. The boy completed highschool and is now at the U. S. A fully employed. The young one is completing his form one this year

Donating Scholastic Materials --- ILONGO, DOKOLO ( ROTARY CLUB
The danish Rotary club on its visit to Dokolo region, distributed various text and exercise books to many schools both primary and secondary school on top of immunising people/ children

Education Improvement --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( EQUITY BANK
Since free primary education was introduced in Kenya most of the needy children are very few in the community. This is because as they reach in class eight, most of the organization and business companies even individuals sponsor them for this high school learning. This has improved our community and even has improved education in the country. Here is one of the students who pass their form four and now is being sponsored by Equity bank for her University

The foundation of Hope youth group brings together youth from Kibera slums .some of the youth hyave completed their high school education while others have not . The group participants in community clean up exercise and making the environment clean . Through this activities ,they serve the community and make it better for human residence. They also participate in dances,performances and dances for themselves. They have developed position morals and behavoir and are role models in the society

The constituency Development Fund (C. D. F) malava had gotten enough money to put up a 3 stoney classroom in the malava Boys High School. A school thats now a centre of excellence in the region was benefiting from its hardwork and their success has come from the commissionary and opening of the 3 stoney classroom. This will help more facilities in the regio

The foundation of Hope youth group brings together youth from kibera slums. some of the youth have completed their high school education while others have not . The group participates in community clean up exercise and making the environment clean. Through this activities, they serve the community and make it better for human residence. They also participate in dances, performances and dances as a way of raising revenue for themselves. They have developed positive morals and behavior and are roles models in the society

It studied in a harambee local school and we worked extra hard with the hope of passing well to go to best secondary school in the country. When the results were out I had gotten 380 marks out of the possible 500. I was excited when the government said we would be considered fast. We got good schools now am in Alliance girls and am grateful to the government

Sometimes people thin k that a good life is to go to better schools, high schools and then have a masters degree but end up having no job or having the job not intended for his education level. Kigen only studied up to high school and ventured his own firm as a car washer. He proceeded with it and after sometime was involved as a staff at Kenyatta National Hospital, what a wonderful job he undergoing

My success is greatly attributed to the international christian service organisation that just came in at the point when i thought that life was meaningless. The organisation paid my fees provided me with uniforms something that to me was a mirage. Week after week i would be sent home for fees and that meant that most of the time i was out of class. But with the help of the NGO,life changed and my attendance in class was regular and to add more good to the best they had done, they even sponsored my high school education and even today they still sponsor my college studies thanks to them

Promoting Quality Education --- KIKYUSA, LUWERO ( INDIVIDUAL
Hon JC muyingo our area member of parliament has helped to start a secondary school in our area which provides quality education to our children

Langata Rotary Club visited our county and donated sanitary pads to girls in five primary schools and three secondary schools. It was a one year supply and indeed it would help girls focus on studies as most of the girls during their menstruation period opt not to go to school since they cannot afford to buy there towels and at the same time they don't want to be embarrassed. The few that go to school use rugs which is not hygienic.

Restoring Hope To The Diabled --- , THIKA ( INDIVIDUAL
A certain Secondary school that deals with students with disabilities has the teachers who are really with a good heart. The teachers have always sticked by the students and offered them Councelling hence making it a suitable environment for those one joining the form one.

For the country to be stable economicaly education plays a major role. To ensure this government of Kenya did all they could to see the people of Kenya through their academic dreams. The government the consructions of schools. Primary schools secondary schools universities colleges and technical schools. They introduced free primary and secondary education. The government sponsered poor children who could not make kit to university because of lack of finance. They ensure the constant supply of books and money on the daily use they also ensure the allocation of C. D. F funds

Giving Iron Sheets To The Teachers --- GULU HIGH SCHOOL, GULU ( HOLO HIGH SCHOOL
In celebrating the school's silver jubilee at Gulu High school, different teachers both retired and still in service were given 30 iron sheets to over twenty teach in recognition of their efforts in educating the childre

Tusaidie Umaskini In The Community --- KISII KEHANCHA, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
Tusaidie Umaskini Organisation came some two years in our established itself very well until the district commisioner offered the offices. Most peolpe in the society contributed either directly or indirectly towards this project. Their main aim was to assist those needy students who performed well in primary education but unable to make to high school. Since the needy students were too many they decided that they limit. The minimum marks marks they indicated was three hundred and fifty marks(350). They promised to support them join respective schools of admission. I was of the candidates by then and managed to score more than 350 marks. We waited support but nowhere. Two months of admision went out. We heard later that rich students were benefiting from the project. I was astonishe

After completing high school a certain girl decided to sit at home . At one time somebody told her about a certain woman who had a helping hand she faced the woman and after that she was helped She is currently at work and doing wel

I am opharn my father died the year 2008 when i am still in secondary school. I have assisted with C. D. F until form four first term now i have stop and i still need help to finish my secondary education until university. I am happy to join this organization has i know that God is able in everything you believe at. After my father died i have siffted t home for almost one year when i am looking where to go, when i am still waiting one member of C. D. F came across our home and ask me about my education i start to tell him about my life and she told me that she can help me only when i need to continue with my education i told him that i can, then she give me some forms to fill when i finish to do so, she told me that after some two month i will be needed at school, i go back to school. From the year 2008-2009, i back in form 2 again upto know i am in form four class and i still need help in our home nobody their is capable we are all unable and my father died when he is a farmer case my is a farmer. I can feel happy when i succeeded in this project

Scholarship Programme --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( USAID
I am Richard Mabia . I am 21 years old and a student at the university of Nairobi. I passed very highly my high school education but i wasn't able to further my university education due to lack of funds tom cater for the same. This meant that my dream to do my career course, civil engineering were shuttled. I had completely lost hope and life for me didn't have any taste. However some 2 days later my mother came home with some good news. She said that USAID had launched an initiative aimed at helping poor students further their higher education. The following that i went and asked for a chance and lucky enough i got a chance. I thus i joined university of Nairobi more so went to do 'Engineering'.my dream career and USAID have been catering for all the fees and upkeep expenses, i greatly owe my thanks to them for having restored hope in my lif

I am an orphan and when my parents die i faced alot of problem in my life. Our family members took everything belonging to my parents and left me with my other brothers. When i reached high school my uncle came in and promissed to pay all my school fees to form IV.he provided me with everything i needed

Educating Students On Hiv/Aids --- CHERANGANY, KITALE ( UNDVIDUAL
In schools around Transnzoia district they there have been an article called "Teens talk". The magazine has many youths in secondary schools (high schools) HIV/AIds and upto date they are still being educated as more magazines of the same are still in circulation

When Silas finished his secondary school, he passed highly and was among the top students in the country. After he had been enrolled in one of the best universities, he would always remember Eshimulki for giving him the second chance to further his education. Achieve the unthinkable and be the best of th ebest. Now a role model in his community for undergoing a lot and coming out a champion, in whatever he does in life

Once in Bulimbo secondary school there was a girl that was so good in her education. The girl however could not go with her studies because she could not have the school fees to pay at school. Nobody was concerned about her studies but one day she approached the ICS organization who sponsored her and now she is through with her studies

On January this year the Kiharu CDF decided to offer school fees to the students of the poor who are clever. When the money was deposited in the bank the principal of Kigetu-ini Secondary school never told the student who have been paid the school fees and he took the money to his account. When people noted that the repoted it to the Kiharu MP who took an immediate action towards the principal who is now jobless and is waiting to answer some questions in Murang'a law courts.

I once had this close friend who happened to be my very good friend. I and him were in the same education center. I joined secondary school too but a year later he managed to complete teh 'o'level ahead of me but started celebrating joyfully for the completeion of his o level. Unfortunately the middle of celebrations he was drinking too much anmd causing chaos after drink. The boy ended up in the grave after he caused chaos with young boys who seemed to gangster. He was killed by knife.

Support To The School --- CHEPARUS, TRANZOIA EAST ( WHO
It was that our dome went down on fire that student of usufficient dome it was after words that non-Govermental organisaation came together to give support for building another dome the organisation brought up to about two million shillings. now chisare secondary school student are enjoying life in school and therfore thanks for thieir great support

There was a time that an issue of homosexuality had emerged in our area and this mainly occurred in high school until government knew and the got have tried to solve this problem but it has not managed

Living As An Inspiration. --- MBALE, CHAVAKALI ( SCHOOL
Kana Sughai is a Japanese volunteer in kenya who was always worked with determination to assist the entire Chavakali community. Through her hardwork she has been able to assist repair most of the computer that had broken down inorder to assit the students in the research programmes. She has also helped in the teaching of the Japanese language inorder to help most of the students be multilinguists. Kana has always been remembered for her kindness and hardwork

Most of us in Kamkuywa Girls secondary school wanted to pass our examination and secure a place at the university. We worked extra hard and did all we could to get our exams and pass the. When the results were out we found out that we could not get ourselves places at the university. When we went to a certain school they told us we could not get a chance to repeat we later decided to change our names and we are now registered in another school ready to pass out examinatio

Hope Restoration --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( USAID
USAID an american organisation has been of great help to me and several others. Having launched an initiative dubbed as USAID higher education schorlaship programme, it has sponsored many students from vulnerable and marginalized communities to have an access to higher education despite of their levels of poverty. I come from an extremely poor family;extrme in such a way that having a meal daily is a problem. I did my primary school several years ago and by good i happened to get a sponsor who paid my high school fees all throughout. After that i had a problem of who will pay my fees at the university since the guy had promised only to cater for my high school expenses only. However hope was restored when USAID launched the initiative of sponsoring poor students. Iam currently at the university and hope to be a doctor in future and thus Iam extremely grateful to USAID.

Kibera is one of the highly populated areas with the levels of poverty also very high. The Equity Bank has started a branch in Kibera which has changed peoples perspective on how to keep money. They also sponsore bright pupil to join good government high schools. This has also made people around Kibera trust and own accounts with the bank

I am a member of staff ACCESS group, an organization in Kakamega that sponsors needy children to pursue their education be it high school or tertially institution. So far we've sponsored alot of children and students and have gone ahead to impact positively on their society,. We are really happy for having touched many hopeless hearts and souls, and we're till in sync of doing that for the betterment of our societ

Taking Our Education To Greater Heights --- DIANI, MOMBASA ( NO ANSWER
Kenyans have already understood the power of education. The kenya secondary school heads association is an assosiation that includesall heads of high school meeting up every 20th of June of every year to dicuss on issues that affect their schools the challenges achievements and not to mention aspirations as a school. This has helped the schools create a way forward The association also discuss issues that them as teachers face and also their ministry. Currently theres a problem with the funds that were supposed to reach all schools. The association is meeting to inquire from the minister where the funds that were saposed to assist and benefit the students went to

Education Of Girls --- MENGO, KAMPALA ( GEM
GEM: It is a club in mid-field senior secondary school. It is deal with girl movement in that it helps girls to be in schools to avoid school dropouts, to stay in school, Go back to school. It Invested in education of girls. It also help children who can't afford topay school fees, to go back to school and learn. How ever; GEM have worked well but still need some members to Join their club

The introduction of internet use is a very good investment for a school like Chavakali High School in the past it had no contact with the outside world until when our new principal Mr Indimuli Kahi with partnership with safaricom managed to get the school connected. This inciative has assisted the Chavakali community atlarge and the students to be at per with the fast moving era of computer and internet. The school can now communicate with the outside world hence creating opportunity to get scholarships and jobs for the locals of Chavakali and its neighbours

In Butula girls high school life was so hard at one point this was because the school was separate the dormitories were located at the other side of the main school. It was so hard to get to the classes on time as you hard to walk thank to Mr Masakhalia who came to school and build the school again.

Donating Science Equipments --- KAMAGUA, WAKISO ( LOCAL COUNCIL FIVE. WAKISO
Saint Augustine Secondary School Kamagowa Wakiso district had lacked enough Science equipment to promote science subjects at the school. rootin call to the parents to help, they finally received the equipments from Wakiso district local government Local Council Five

Donating Scholastic Materials --- KIGATA, MBARARA ( NORWEGIAN PEOPLE'S AID
Norwegian People's Aid has tremendously done a great work in promoting education sector for instance over six primary and secondary schools in mbarara received scholastic materials like textbooks from the organisation hence promoting and encouraging education sector

In two thousand and two the Narc government initiated a programme of free and compulsory primary education,they also subsidize a certain amount for the secondary schools. This has made those who could not take their children to school because of fees taking them. This programe should continue but the government should build enough facilities to cater for he high number of children in Kenya

A Second Chance --- N/A, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
After completing my secondary school education, I was able to obtain 66 points. Though everyone at home was happy I had pass, I wan not because I had missed one mark to go to the university which was my desire. My parents tried to console me by making a party for me but inside I was devastated. After applying for almost a year in different institutions to start parallel program, without replies, I almost gave up in education. One evening while taking supper with my parents, my uncle called my father and asked him how many points I had got. He later told my father though the phone that JAB had reduced enrty points of going to the university to 65 points. I was very happy to know that I got a second chance to enter the university. Now I have only one year remaining to finish my university education

A story about a child called his child had nine year. It was very let in the evening a found his chidl sleeping on the verander of the shops of a setain moncole which i was running.this was Bwani mancel I packed this boy asking where and when he started to stay on the shops at night,this gave a very big story abbout his step mother called MaRia;this lady used to canned severely and no allowing him cooke food for more than four month yet this boy had no father. I picked Baba through legal stages from 2004up to know. Babu is giving good of p7 and ow Babu is my son to see school of Bwaire High School and my society also helps with some funds to connutinue. I live to get a good promiemg

My name is Paul Masheti. Im 18 years old and a student at M ukomari Secondary School. Some few month back most of the students at my school did not have mosquito nets to prevent them from contracting Malaria. There could be recorded high cases of malaria patients and this was a really serious problem,Luckily a certain organisation named Aphia 2 came moving from school to school and in the process distributing mosquito nets free of charge. Many of our students if not all happened to get the nets and from that day to date cases of malaria among the students have been minimal

In the slums obviously after KCPE, most of the past students lack money for joining high school,especially orphans and AIDS victims. But thanks God for CLC group which set up a school to help bright orphaned and AIDs victims. The school,St AL's Gonzaga, has given hope to many children who were once hopeless. Hopeless children have been transformed into useful people in the society by the school. When I finished school i did not know where to go but God placed saint Al's to transformed. the school trained children to be role model to others in the slums. The school made the hopeless children to be independent

CHILDREN'S RIGHT I am a woman who deals with children who don't go to school like orphans, street children. I have helped two of them to go back to school and they later joined high school. Where I have reached I need financial help with the fees

one of my friend was agood footballer and she joined Witeya girls high school which was well known in football for girls. While in school she was in the first eleven in the school team she was the best. They were the national and international in football. The girl reached form four and did her exams, and after exams she ran away with one boy who used to be her boyfriend. This hurts her parents very much . Infact she could have been in one the clubs. Later on she call her mother telling her that she has been married by somebody and having a baby. Her mother had nothing to say. Upto now her talent was no use in her life

In the slums obviously after KCPE, most of the past students lack money for joining high school especially orphans and AIDS victims. But thank God for CLC group which set up a school to help bright orphans and unable HIv/AIDs children. The school, St Als Gonzaga, has given hope to many children who were once hopeless. Hopeless children have now been transformed in to useful people in the society by the school. When i finished school i did not know where to go but god placed me to saint Als to be transformed. The school trained children to be role models to others in the slums. The school has made the hopeless children to be independent adult

We as total orphan my parents passed away long time ago. My mum was the last person to die when i was preparing to do my class eight exam. I was affected and did not do well in my exams. I was forced to repeat and now was wondering how to move on with life. We are a family of three that non of us would assist the other. My aunt agreed to support me in my education if i promise to repeat . I went back to class eight and got a good max to go to secondary school. I joined Malava girls as she still support me but her job got finished . I had no one to run too through her i was connected to an organisation known as WCWASAFO. I am now in form two praying by the Grace of God i do my Fourth form and go up to University and God willing to get a job to support myself.

Great Love And Concern --- KINDU, MASABA ( INDIVIDUAL
My uncle has truly showed great love and concern about me it is so hard to find somebody who cares about a child that never belongs to him. Why do i have to say such about my uncle today am in senior six at Nazarene vocational senior secondary school and ready to six for my exams this year 201

The deaths of two students at Ebushiri secondary school in Kakamenga came as a shock to many. The students who had committed suicide after learning of deaths of their parents had been infected with HIV/AIDs The parents who had been with the students since childhood had alot with the students. It came as a big shocker to other students and we vowed not to engage in pre-marital sex

Poverty is actually it is a disease to many families in Kenya. This relates to a story of one girl whose parents are very poor. The only thing they can afford is shelter and food which they get in trouble. These girl finished her class eight and passed very well, due to poverty level they face in the family, she didnt join secondary school. The girl remain at home lonely. Unfortunately this came to TYSA because she is a talented girl who plays football to play. The director asked her why she doesn't go to school while others they go. The girl without fear expressed is problem to the director after that the director took as step on how to go to school which was done and the girl is now in school learning and playing football seriously

When a person is being born,he/she cannot predict whatever will happen to his/her life. This happened to me,as i have been trying to go through thick and thin life situations. When i did my kcpe education. I did not have enough money to enable me join secondary school. When man bvy the name Terry chalton came out very strong to support in my education. He supported me in many different areas like giving me some basic needs.

Taking A Step Ahead By Sponsoring --- SONDU, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
Our country being a third world, we find it very difficult to get rich to education due to lack of money. It was on 14th January 2009 when I was to join secondary school but my parents were not able to make that step with me. My heart was thundering very loudly against my chest when it was coming to my attention that I was not going to join form one after I have performed very well in my final examination. Other colleagues whom I was with by then whom I have even differed in performance have joined school while with me I was still at home looking confused not knowing what to do due to poverty viruses that have affected my family. All these made me very sick and I was not even able to take in something like food. At last I heard a group called CCF sponsoring students who had scored more than 300 marks and above. I was lucky to be among these ones. They sponsored me to a good district secondary school in Nyanza where I studied started my learning. I was very grateful to them especially to one of the member of the organisation who stood very strongly on my side and she ensured that i joined school. i love her and if there could be there anything to offer her, I could have offered her the whole earth. She changed my story from zero to somewhere. I'm very sure that I will make it out of my life. i really appreciated her.

Helping The Needy In The Society --- SONDU/CHIGA, KISUMU ( GOVERNMENT
There was a minister in Kasipul Kabnondo constituency who formed his own organization with his brother. He started by helping the orphans taking them to school and taking care of their basic needs. His brother had an hospital . He was helping the people whom their people died in that hospital by transporting the body from the hospital upto their homes. The minster started to distribute buses to schools like Ringa boys Wangapala,Wire mixed and Nyangi'ela secondary school. He also started making the murram roads. He also introduced another system of giving primary schools CDF funds. The schools used the funds to build classes,offices an dbuying text books for the pupils. He and his brother helped the widows by giving them food. They introduced seeds for the widows to plant during the planting season. They started to introduce maize for the widows for four once a week. The people they helpled appreciated their token of help to them. As a civilized nation we need people who help the needy people

A Sacrificial Attempt To Provide Quality Education To The Needy --- , KAKAMEGA EAST ( INDIVIDUAL
Flophin Blessed Academy may want to do much more that a needy child needs. The learning facility sponsored by a volunteer, former high school principal is doing well without a big cost to the parents. It targets also the children of the poor background just to lift them and ensure that they too can attain quality education. The institution may do better. It is hoped that sponsors may come in handy to help the school realize their objective successfully

I'm only boy in our family of two parents my parents took me to school in th year 1997 as a primary kid,whereby is started to catch up with others i completed my primary course in the year 2004 where again i didn't join for the secondary school due to lack of parents were unable to raise the secondary school. So they decided to advice me to burn and sale charcoals. Sincerely that work was extremely heavy compare with the age i had on that days. We struggled together with my parents but eventually after two good years,they got something small i was to start with. They took me to nearby secondary school and i was admitted by the principal of that school. Good luck i catched up very fast with others. We did end term exams where i didn't perform very bad,but aqualified to other form.

A mother had left with four children after the cheatn of her husband. She depend on him in all ways of up bringing their children. Life become very hard for after her husband's death. She had no where to depend. The first born who had done her primary education could not join secondary school. The widow had a farm,she decided to cultivate it with her children and well wishers. She grew maize and beans. She sold some few bags form school fees and others kept for food. She also grew cabbages and kales,people came and buy from her farm and she continued like that till the children cuntined with their education and life became as earlier when her husband was alive.

Bringing Education Nearer --- ZANA, KAMPALA ( INDIVIDUAL
Zanna high school was started by our moyas (chairperson Local Council III) here in this village it has the population of 200 students most of them are from this village now you cannot find a child now is not schooling so we have to recognise the well job done

In Nakuru, there are not many schools that play team cricket, this forced Asiji (Chair person in charge women cricket) to combine players drawn from both primary and secondary schools and that's how Aoko dominated in the championship by secondary school students. She plays for Chania Sharks despite her junior age. She dumped soccer cricket while in std 6. This was due to the visiting United Kingdom-Based charity and cricket development group. She has travelled widely because of this sport, her mentor being Steve Tikolo. She is thankful for her school Management and her parents who are quite supportive. She is hopeful to play internationally

2010Kenya Football Association --- KASARANI, NAIROBI ( PEARL PROJECT
In 2010 the KFA (Kenya Football Association)managed to travel countrywide to schools of different kind. Their tour commenced on 6th June to establishment of the organisation. Campaion rally to support football growth in Kenya was hosted by safaricom and Brookside campanies. It started in secondary schools where at least 3boys talented in football would come our from each district. Fortynately two student from our school were among the chosen and attended the copa cocacola tournament at Bomas of Kenya. Due to our a friendly match with portugal before we were booked for tickets to south Africa to watch the world cup

Mugabi christian accadamy is another orphanage secondary school in kyan amukaaka sub county that has beared to help poor people and orphans depending on sponsorship from donors,sponsors,and many children have been uplifted mainly in deccition or knowledge ways and we have been to put up program of helping the aged and often the people who need help in the area and often basics and so i can join mugabi to help and uplift peoples standard

Children'S Rights --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( UNICEF
There lived a woman who had get married to a European. The woman was so rich and decided to give all the money to the poor. She decided to build up a private which she took only girl child. Many people loved that woman because of her good feeling heart, she has decided even to build school for a a baby boy, now nobody is having a problem. Nevertheless, she has taken some adults and she had given them jobs (eg) cooking in the kitchen for the small children,sweeping their bedroom and looking after them. Now some of the children's are in high school, and all are in boarding school, she makes sure everybody gets his or her needs. No child is abused and some of them have managed to go to the university of Nairobi. They have decided to come up with a group of many Europeans and help all the needy children.

Dam Sarah,is an orphan,my mother Died 3 yrs Ago when i was in secondary school.after my fathers Death. They all Died of HIV-AIDS.we are 4 children staying with our Grandmother Aged 50 yrs. I thank God for Rebbecca,who Really surported me complete my Education,i Have completed form 4 class and will Join university. When i get employed i am going to Help my grandmother Bringing up my 3 sisters who are still in primary school. I thank God for this sister for identifying us a needy person in our society,God bles

I came from a rich family. But due to abortion while still in secondary school I lost my womb. I got married and did not know what to do as they expected me to be pregnant after some months. I pretend to be pregnant. I had given a doctor some money and he had promised to give ma a baby but at a price. Which I paid as I came from a rich family. Recently I was given a child and I am grateful as I have won the heart of my husband and parents-in-law

Youth Enterprise Fund --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( GOVERNMENT
I am Sesame keith. I finished my university some years back. After being through with my high school. I embarked on looking for a job. I went from office to office but unluckily i was unable to locate one. This got me frustrated very much. However sometime later the Government initiated an enterprise dubbed Youth Enterprise Fund which aimed at giving loans t the youth and helping them to invest in different ventures to reduce unemployment. Having some knowledge in poultry farming. I applied for the loan which i used to embark on the same. I started small by using the cash to construct some shelter and also using it to buy some few chicken. That initiative that i took has turned out to be a big venture which has seen me benefiting and i a really happy for the same.

Apart from teaching students on how to use pads but also each girl was given a packet of sanitary pads to help them in menstration period because some fail to get away of stopping blood from staining their clothes. This development was spear headed, intiated and implemented by family planning association of Uganda. This was at St. Edward's secondary school at Nyamtyibore

Upgrade Of Secondary Schools. --- LANGATA, NAIROBI ( GOVERNMENT
The creation of 96 new national school has started with the first batch of 30 institutions being evelated this year. In the first year three phases,each of the school selected will receive sh 25 million to refurbish and raise the number of classrooms,dormitories and other learning facilities. This project would raise the number of students joining forme one in national schools to 22,500 from current 4,417. This will also give a learning opportunity to many student who come from poor family background.

Empowering Ugandans Through Education --- MENGO, KAMPALA ( NO ANSWER
Am delighted to introduce to you an organisation based for the citizens of Uganda, right from Bulanga Mengo Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Founded by the Buganda kingdom, for the purpose of empowering Ugandans throughEducation, from secondary school to he university and other higher learning institutions. Situated in the Kabaka's palace(Bulange),Kabaka foundation does not charge any fee for enrty in school. It just offers chance to any Ugandan who is in need of joining higher education. It just needs you to perform well in your senior four examinations and win a scholarship to any school or institution you wanw jion. There were alot of Ugandans who had no dream of joining higher education and university because of tuition bottleneck. but Kabaka Foundation has made their dreams a reality. Am Just proud of it because i am one of them . It has really done us proud in Uganda. Big up to the Kabaka of Buganda- Ronald Munanda Mutebi II.

School Construction --- GABULA, KAMULI ( SAVE THE CHILDREN
Save the children, In our village we had no school around so our children moved long distances to attend school and most of them easily gave up on school because of the distance and others especially girls got pregnant because of the challenges they faced while moving such distances. Save the children in died changed my village when it constructed a primary and secondary school at our village. Today so many kids love going to school adn they can be easily monitored by their parents. The school has also created development in our village. Thank you save the children

They Helped Their Friends --- BWALA, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Health club masaka senior secondary school helped Uganda care by giving clothes,food stuffs,scholastic materials like books,pens and giving guidance and councilling to association those people

Stacy is a form three student at Ambrose Adeya Secondary School. She used to shun away from sciences but since joining Siwindhe, it is her favorite. Her performance has really improved in these subjects.

Equity Bank Charity Fund --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( EQUITY BANK
About 3 years ago there was a boy who had no parents .the parents died in an accident and the boy was left with his aunt who wasn't wealthy,She only depended on the little sukuma that she sold to take the boy to school. In KCPE he passed and got 450 marks and the aunt was unable to pay for his school fees . And Equity bank kibera branch that had been opened gave him a scholarship to mang'u high school. The bank has dominated alot to the students who has in the KCSE certificate.the boy is now in form 3 and is still passing with flying colors thanks to Equity ban

It the day which had been longing for. The boy who named Akoyi who had finished his Kenya certificate of primary education. The boy managed to get four hundred forty two. Sincely the boy came from a poor which could not even manage to teste food. The boy was called to join Alliance Boys High School. By Gods love a certain organization came up with a good reason. They decided to donate for Akiyi some money so that he could continue with his education. They tried to put on more effort and at last they gave out three hundred thousand and Akoyi directly joined the school sincely this was good

Humanitarian Support --- MUDUMA, MITYANA ( ST. JOHN S. S. MUDUMA
St Johns secondary school muduma paid a visit to Mengo - the administrative centre of Buganda Kingdom and bought certificates worth seven hundred thousand shilling aimed at educating the needy children of Buganda who are benefactors of Kabaka education fund

The global giving project gave some twenty six candidates of class eight of Magoso school hopes by participating in the story telling and collecting. This made them to pay the National examination fees. The pupils who could not get enough to pay for their exams today have impressed their parents and have joined good secondary school through well wishers after passing their exams

Primary school drop outs has increased. This is due to poor living standards in Kibera. Amani Africa through their argent Donnah have given hope to some of the children. They have taken ove forty pupils to various secondary school. The government should come up with a scheme to accomodate these poor children

Ebby and Juma are pupils at samaritan high school. They are also neighbours at home. One day Juma suggested they take a walk along the river nearby lonely as they go home. Ebby agreed. When they reached near bush juma tried to make Ebby have sex with him. Ebby refused and warned him never again should they be friends and ran away. Juma was very disappointed and ashamed. He went to find Ebby to aplogize. Ebby refused but finally her neighbour Rose intervined. Rose adviced Juma and warned Juma sex before marriage is asin,you can get AIDS or get pregnant others before right time. They she talked to Ebby forgive him and become friends with respec

Promoting Tree Planting --- KAYOLE - KIOI , NAIROBI ( ECOPLANT LIMITED
Through his company known as Ecoplant Limited, Boniface Kamiti teaches children both in primary and secondary schools how to take care of the environment using toys. Ecoplant Limited promotes tree planting activities with schools and local firms and also sells toys.

Free Secondary Education --- GEM, KISUMU ( GOVERNMENT
Since the kenyan government introduced free secondary education,parents and we needy in the community were much glad with the new idea because they expected good learning facilities to their children who passed well in K. C. P. E(Ken ya Certificate for Primary Education) Many pupils fot the benefit of this Education system for a period of five years,the government failed to support the more pupils and schools by providing the learning facilites enough teaching staff. The population sin schools are higher than the previous years inthe history,teachers are nor tnough. The government had tried but tothe recent years,there is poor perfomance in most secondary schools in the country

Two years ago there was a man in Nakuru who promised to support one of three girls who had passed her primary education and was unable to join secondary school because she was not capable of doing it because of poverty. He accepted to help her and admitted her in secondary school(MOI SECONDARY HIGH SCHOOL). Before a girl finished her secondary education that is in form three,a man changed his mind forcing a girl to fall in love with him because he spend alot of money on her that is why he must do it. One day after school a man come home early because he want to have sex with a school girl but he did not succed because a girl reject him and tell neighbours who lived around all the story. She was urged to abandone that house because her life was in a big danger

Educating Students --- MAKINDYE, KAMPALA ( U.S.E
USE is a government programme aimed at helping students in secondary schools by paying for them school fees and some other materials. A student at Makindye Secondary School has been helped and managed to go to school again after the death of her father who used to pay her school fees

There is a sounding reason as to why there is an increased number of students yearning to study from a certain government school here in Jinja district. This school is preferrably known as "Mighty School." This school was known for the unending strikes and demonstrations by the students. This was attributed to the poor administration of the school by the administrators . But now,pass by and see,due to the good administration that were brought about by the new head teacher that was brought in 2008,it is now a school influencing parents and students to come and pay a visit. There is a graet change that was introduced in the school and now students,teachers and the entire community of Jinja are proud of it

Joyce is now a student at the university of Nairobi. She go help from Nairobi Chapel where she was a member of the youth group. Through her good performance the sponsored her through secondary school and now she is about to reap the fruits of her labour

As a member of Kenya Red society we were invited to Maraba secondary school to be the facilitators so as to teach them more about Kenya Red Cross society . I being one of them I mobilized the students on roles and importance of red cross. Most of the student were convinced and were able to register temporary as members of Kenya Red Cros

Dear Patrobus --- , ( NO ANSWER
Dear Patrobus My dear fellow,this is a weird tell you the truth I don't really understand what you are talking about. You fail to provide the age of the lady and you don't explain what you mean by dating. I have always found the word 'dating' a bit mature for high school kids. Let's go with what you have provided.she said you are young. That indicates to me that she is considered older than you. I must say congratulations are in order.

My son had just finished his KCPE exams and attained 430 marks out of the possible 500 marks. The only problem that faced us was lack of school fees even though i could be able to afford part of it. Fred,my son was worried that despite working hard he wont be able to go to Mang'u high school. I heard of Neema Women group and sought for help from them and good enough they promised to contribute half of the school fees while i looked for the other half. i was so that they finally agreed to help and so was my son who joined m=Mang'u high school in 2003 and completed in 2007

Two years ago I was with cousin called Isha Rose.we were going to Carolina to learn some activities like dancing,singing and narrating poems. As days went on, my cousin grew she sat for her national examination she passed and she taken to boarding where they paid for her the whole school fees with the organisation called (C F K)and thus she is now contuining with her studies at Ngara high school she is in formnfour (form 4) I give thanks to CAROLINA FOR KIBERA for helping my cousin in paying the fees

Alcoholism Not Wanted --- KASUBI, GULU ( LOCAL COUNCIL
Alcohol is any liquor when drunk change ones body composition and state of mind in our community this time it is the mist way of spending leisure time. The majority of the population are the young who defend themselves that there is nothing wrong or bad with alcohol due to the following;- It is one way of spending leisure time which relaxes their minds,promote love and cooperation,forget about some of the problem,health reason eg reduce fat,bring joy and happiness, bar attendant get employment. As the result the all of the members of the community realised that the above is so dangerous for human lives as below: it lead to high blood pressure,body weakness, heart diseases,t.b,mental imbalance,loss of job, body injurious eg falling in deep pit,insecurity in home fighting, high school drop out. Therefore the government ,NGO,parents joined their hands, come out with the law against alcoholism like the person under 18years are not allowed to drink alcohol, teaching the community about the danger of alcoholism and imprisonment of law breakers. Due to the following attempt made there is great chances in our community

Lenana High school play took top honours at the Nairobi Provincial Drama Festival that ended at the school yesterday. The play Faceless Faces,written and directed by Michael Mwangi,is about a society in crisis,where the youth face myriad problems,including drugs,HIV/AIDS and lack of role models

World Vision In Nyanza --- HOMA-BAY, KISUMU ( WORLD VISION
For several years, Nyanza Province have not been doing well in school due to lack of motivation, natural calamities and culture. The support from the World Vision has made several bright boys and girls joining secondary school. The World Vision ha provided the schools with infrastructures, stationeries and even employ teachers. There should be more organisations to work on such difficult areas.

Need For Quality Education --- KATWE, KAMPALA ( INDIVIDUAL
The need for the promotion of quality Education in Kalangala rose attention of former member of parliament for Kyamuswa county to look for funds to establish a good private primary and secondary school. Though the commencement of the work is due to start, the idea was drastically embraced by the natives

Solivng Water Problem --- SECTA, MUKONO ( DANIDA
DANDA project helped to donate both exercise and desks to Mukono high school and build crassrooms and water tank to solve the water problem at school.this project uplifting the education in mukono district

Solid Rock is a community centres that deals with unfortunate children eg. orphans, needy and HIV positive. Angela is the beneficiary of the less fortunate among the needy. Her life has really changed now she will be sitting 8.4.4 KCPE exams. Her parents died four years back but a teacher from solid rock took her case forward and was among the children being sponsored by the centre through a volunteer swhi came to the centres and freely volunteered to pay school fees for two children who are orphans and brave. After primary education she will also be sponsored untill she finishes high school and colleges thanks to the volunteer who has changed her life

That long awaited day at shikutse secondary school where all the students had assembled at the parade to receive the guests who had traveled from so far. The football coach Mr. Marangi makokha,had brought a team of proffessional players for a talent search for the ongoing extreme football challenge.the participants would form a team that will represent western province at the nationwide championship.the winning team will represent Kenya at the international stage where they'll face teams in Brazil,English,France at wembly in the United kingdo

Akinyi could not clear her high school education due to peer influence from friends. This has made her live a miserable life. Since everybody is performing at school in her family she looked down upon and further she has two pregnancy which make the family members not to like her most.

My son Ryan had a football talent. He was very good in primary and I remember in several occasions he played up to national levels. When he joined high school this year, it was a greater opportunity for him after copa cola selected to play inn the tournament. Today he is in south Africa playing for the Kenya under 20 national team and I believe there are more greater things for him a head

After filing for a divorce with her husband a certain woman decided to settle down her own way. In the process she could not even manage to raise school fees for her son who was supposed to join the secondary school. Her sister came to her rescue and took the boy to school. The boy is took the boy to school. The boy is in school doing wel

Education Is The Key To Sucess. --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( WEWASAFO
Me as a widow i lost my husband long time ago. He left me with children that were still going in school. All my children really wanted to persue their education but i had no money to pay for their school fees. It forced my children from school after they finish class 8. I thank God because my last born who is now in form 3 has really been determined to finish high school. This is help with western water and sanitation forum that is paying for his school fees. I would request through you that this organization that is supportive to the needy you assist them so that they can continue to help us too. My son is now in form 3 and really working hard to finish

How God Doesn'T Leave Their People In Vain --- ARUBA, TRAN-ZOIA (KITALE) ( GOVERNMENT
We have a family of 15 children wonderfully made. We are poor but all our parents tried their best atleast to educate each person. 12 children have finished up to secondary school but they have not managed to continue with learning. This reaming 4 children are in secondary school and are working very hard to achieve their goals. One of my brother used to be polite and innocent all the time. Because God doesnt leave their people one day during their campaigning time my brother was chosed to be among the people who used to be working with the MPs to campaign for themselves. My brother got a chance from there up to now he has organised for his other 3 brothers and one sister. They are now working with the 3 MPs in this country. There work are now helping us and we have gone far from a poor family to a rich family. Truly God can lift you from nothing to something

Promoting Computer Litracy --- BUKOTO, MASAKA ( INDIVIDUAL
Hon Akintumla Nsambu helped to promote computer litracy in Uganda, he provide computer to primary schools and secondary schools which is god to provide computer awereness

Quiker Development For A Nation --- , ( GOVERNMENT
His Excellecy the president of kenya E. G. H m.p Mwai kibaki changed life in the community when he took power in the year 2002. He initiated (CDF). Community Development Fund in the year 2003. Through this fund quiker development has and is being achieved. Dispensaries passable raods,Environmental programmes, primary and secondary schools have been conctructed etc. Poor parents are educating their children in higher education by applying for this fund. in kenya with the tenth parliament we have two hundred and ten constituencies. Each member of parliament has to avail the funds from the treasury then to his community The community must decide the projects to be given first priority because no development can go on without security and then other project use to follow. I there for congratulate his Exellency the president again for his motto- called Zero torellance to corruption because senior government officials found to be corrupt are facing the law for well being of kenyans. Thanks to the Almighty God

The Community Being Helped By A Stranger. --- SABATI, VIHIGA DIVISION ( INDIVIDUAL
Once there came a visitor in our community. She was a Canadian but she was married to an African from our community. One day she decided to follow him to his home which is in Kenya our community. When she reached Kenya she saw it was interesting climate to stay. She went but soon she came back, this time she came back with an idea. 'Helping the community' Our community was starving of water. People could walk for a long distance in search of water. She started a project which her coligues who accompanied her promised to give a helping hand and they did so, the community is enjoying. Never the less she started helping pupils who passed exams and can not afford school fees for secondary school, she paid for them school fees. inclusive of I. Am being sponsored by her. So as a community we thank her for the support

One day Nekesa carried home for his April holidays just before sunset. She had looked forward to being at home. Although the was fourteen years old and in high school,Nekesa always played with his three years old baby sister,Naomi she had been an only child for a long time until she was born. When Nekesa was delivered by Cesarean section,Nekesa was in standard seven.she took care for his mother and baby sister for days single-handedly. Their house help had gone to her rural home for her uncle's burial and had over stayed. Nekesa's father was at time working in Nairobi, town for away from home. Nekesa would change Naomi's nappies and wash the soiled ones everyday. She would change also prepare delicious meals. His mother had sufficiently trained him. Nekesa would nontheless spare some time for study. Now she was at form one in Moi girls. His lord work and good character had really paid dividends and had seed her God blessings

Children Of Uganda To Study --- SEETA, KAMPALA ( USE
U. S. E is an organisation which is government funded. U. S. E helps students in secondary schools. it gives them school fees, shoes, food, books and other scholostic materials and students have benefited in U. S. E because some are orphans and do not have parents to educate them

Mr Moses Wetangula was helped many people on how to keep bee in land for food. Moses encourage people not to remain iddle and there are many way of aquiring money and at the same time we get food. Moses also told people in Mailisaba at bishop Muga Secondary School that if you keep bee hivesin your home no flies will found in your compound also Wetangular told people that honey is is a medicine. So is for important to keep bee hives also Wetangula finished by saying that fish is of important because are sold to earn income for the farme also he sayed if famers what beehives he will make sure to bring beehives for them

Luis Muninga is my name. i am a form two student at Muringu High school. During last term a certain organization called APHIA II came to our school and educated us on Drug and alcohol abuse for a period of one week. We did get a lot of information which our parents had even never told us. The effects of drug abuse and alcohol to an individual, to family, to community and finally the nation were also addressed. We were told on how to avoid these vices and save our lives. At the end of the whole practice, we had actually learnt alot. Few of the students who had secretly involved themselves in these vices rehabilitated and their conditions improved. I can say we were really transformed

The Cost Of Post Election Violence (2007) --- SHIBIRIRI, KAKAMEGA ( KAKAMEGA ELITE SCHOOL
In Kakamega county, there was this school called Kakamega Elite. The manager of that school was saved. He turned his school into a place where it was not only a business but a place where the less fortunate in the community would take their children to get quality education at a very cheap fee or even fee for those that could not afford anything. Their duties would just be to buy their children uniforms and may be little shopping since they were provided with books. The community benefited alot since many children managed to get primary education and some that performed well he even sponsored them to secondary schools and even universities. The school was closed during the 2007 post election violence since some people threatened to burn it. He was a Kikuyu.

The Village Effort --- BUSIA, BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
Kenneth did well in his Kenya National Examination in secondary school. He got good marks but did not have money to take him through collage. He started selling water in the village and saving the money when the village saw his effort they helped him and he is in collage

Mariga is an international footballer who has opened his foundation. Mariga is helping orphans in his community and many who are needy Evans is among the vulnerable who are benefiting from Mariga's foundation. He is a student at Chavakali high school but mariga is the one paying for his school fees. He did it for sympathy of his hardworking and community. Evans is one of the fourth form and through his hardwork he can make it to university and his "motto" is to help needy in the same way mariga is doing.

The Laboratory --- , BUSIA ( INDIVIDUAL
In our secondary school our lab was not furnished. Every experiment we had to do we would go to a boy school nearby so that we can perform it. This was tiresome and sometimes we would not be given the chance as they were also using the lab. Thanks to Mr Kilonzo who was the guest of honour he gave us 500000/= to build and purchase the lab utensils now we have a lab of our ow

One day in Chavakali high school, our Principal was taken to another school. All of us were so annoyed with the organization. After 2 days, we received a new principal from Vihiga High School. At that time, we knew this new principal as a football coach. But were were agap when we received him. After a while we found out the principal was a very good more than the other one. He provided us with new environment for learning. He supported us in all the way he could. When it came to co-curriculum activities, he supported and participated fully. In terms of academics, he supported us fully and always was strict on how we study. We got many facilities in school which made us to perform well in school. He was the one who made us to score 4-A grades

Helping The Poor --- , NAIROBI ( WOMEN GROUP
There was a boy in a village, his parent had died long time ago he was left by his grandparents, after completing his primary course he had no where to go they had no money. His grandparents could not take him to secondary school. The boy passed with flying colours then the women of the community had formed an organisation known as KOLIEL women group, took him as one of the persons in the community because they were taking one pupil per community but those who performed well in KCPE. They took him to secondary school, the boy did well and by luck, the principal of that school sponsored him and now he is in Jomo Kenyatta University

Promoting Education --- ODEK, GULU ( U.P.D.F
Due to the movement of people up and down children lack education. Indeed some of their primary and secondary schools were burnt by rebels. In this so many children were not able to acquire education. This was solved by an organisation called U. P. D. F a goverment organisation to eliminate illiteracy in the are

THE SCHOOL HAD DONE well and passed in the Kenya national examinations but they had no bus and some school needs. They had tried to contribute to buy some items so that the school could use but they had not succeeded. Then the president decided to provide them with some items and gave them one bus so that they could use whenever they wanted to. Then the principal of Nyakach Girls High School decided to organize so that they could thank the president who had retired and they promised to work hard in the next exams that will be done

Nairobi Chapel Church has recently initiated a Jubilee schoolorship fund that is currently sponsoring the education of youth in various high schools around the country. The church is making a difference in life of a child by bringing a lasting change to an entire community

The Day I Never Forgot --- KIBERA, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
There was aboy used to live in kibera the boy brilliant and intelligence he worked hard every day at school and at home. When the final primary Examin ation occured he was a fail but his teacher encouraged him not give up he did his exams and he passed with flying colours he got 431 marks when the time came for joining his secondary forms no was willing to help him her parents wer poor he stayed home and there was one project came up and helped him to go to secondary school he was

Girl Child Education --- LURAMBI, KAKAMEGA ( NO ANSWER
Girl child education is something that was never taken serious. You could find a girl and a boy who were in a primary school and finish their KCPE together,the girl performance well than the boy but the boy is let to continue with high school but not the girl. It was said by our elders that girls work were just to be home with their mother and so education to them would just be a waste. The girls were meant to be house wives. In the western parts of Kenya many girl were led into marriage at earlier age which was very bad. It was during this time when Canadians and come to Kakamega and introduced scholarships for girls to continue with their higher education only if they performed well. They did not only look at the performance but also the backgrounds. This has improved things and parents are taking their girls to school. The girls who got the scholarships are now women of substance and can now stand in the community and help others in the development or others activities not only house work

Dundi has tried her level of continuing with her high school education despite trying to be a house help for sometimes. She left the job and come back and joined from out on realizing that being an house help could not help her in the future. The is currently at school and focused on her education despite the peer influence of being married at young age

Omondi was a very young handsome boy. After his parents had separated, the children (4 boys) decided to look for means of survival. Omondi was lucky where by he got someone taught him how to drive and later employed him as a taxi driver. Because Omondi was still under age, he did not have identity card, a birth certificate, any educational certificates nor anything to identify himself with. He was then told to drive night duties mostly because he did not want to bump into policeman. One evening as he was going for duty four young men hired his taxi and told him to take them to some place around migori town. It was still very early in the evening and so did not worry for he knew he was safe. In the cone of the journey, the four men turned on him and struggled him to death throwing his body near migori high school. They then took off with the car. The father later to burry the body but the taxi drivers contributed and took the body to Omondi's father home and faced him to burry and he did

Indifferences In Religion --- MADI, GURU ( CATHOLICS
The German community has done almost the needful in our community. It has constructed beautiful primary and secondary school plus agood looking dispensary. This German community was called by the Roman catholic to come to this area. Unfortunately these people do not entertain any employee who is not acatholic and most of non-catholic teachers who were found working in these schools were transfered to other schools. Finally, they have developmental views but they descriminated from religion affairs.

I witnessed a very important occassion in primary school It was a case of my classmate who was a very bright boy. This bright boy background was poor, and could not support himself with basic needs, for comfortable education persuetion. The boy would go without lunch and the previous night, he didn't have supper. One of the teachers of the school looked into that situation and became concerned with it. First he talked with the parents of the boy wether he can take care of him. The parents accepted and the teacher took the boy to his home. The boy even become more stable and focussed. He could now read and learn without frustrations. The teacher also helped him to apply fopr starehe boys high school. The boy passed his KCPE with flying colours and he is now at starehe boys . The teacher realy helped him to reach this leve

There is this lady who wanted to be a lawyer. She finishes high school and got the grades that could allow her to join the university to study law. Unlikely/ unfortunately her parents died in a road accident when they in the process of mobilizing funds for their daughter. To this lady it was like the doors of hope were closed for good. But God was also on his side and a member of their church notice the problem she was facing and report her situation to church members. The church then decided that they would held harambee for this lady. Right now this lady is studying law at Nairobi University.

Helping The Unable --- PARKLANDS, NAIROBI ( NONE
Nairobi Parklands Sports Club as an organisation assists its workers to pay school fees for secondary school for their children who pass K. C. P. E. The organisation has been helping the workers to pay fees for the four-year stay in school. It started issuing its services for over ten years now. This acted as a motivational factor to the students which encouraged them to work hard in school. The ones who have been supported non has scored, in K. C. S. E anythign less that a grade B+. The organisation is still continuing with its services and is even extending its bounderies slowly

Mbaga Girls Secondary school in Siaya county is among those who get support from the Kenya Tourist Board. They do drama and music and have managed to reach the national levels. They are thankful for the K. T. B support

In Kibera there are HIV positive children who need to get medication and social support. So there is organization that helps HIV positive children by providing medication and social support to the needy once. This has help to improve the life of this children and i can a test that some of the children are in high school and not only high but best high school in Kenya. They get medication for free and even food stuff . Finally i see this as a way of giving hope to young generation who could not support themselves

The youth in Kenya have not had a chancer to showcase their abilities and explore economic opportunities,A lot of reasons can be attributed to this. A group of youth from the Kibera slums who have completed their high school education formed a group in order to solve this problem. Through joint activities ,they called revenue benefit.this group has made the idle youths share their problems and propose solutions for themselves. They have developed talent like dancing . They have parted ways with negative behavior idle crime and immorality

Hardworking Never Goes Unrewarded --- LUANDA, VIHIGA ( NO ANSWER
In 1990 a boy called Brian was born. He was the first born in the family of Mr and mrs Ontigore. In 1992, Mr. Otingore died and left the boy under care of his mother. After the death of his father ,Brian grew to be aresponsible boy. When he was seven years old he joined class one unfortunately his mother died when he was in class three. His mothers death made a big change in Brian's life. He was left in charge of everything. He used to wake up early in the morning prepare his younger siblings to go to school. Although poor Brian was a hardworking boy. He sat for his k.c.p.e in 2005 and obtained 320 marks out of the possible 500. Due to luck of school fees he spent the first term of 20006 at home looking for school fees. After a hard struggle it happened that he met an organization that deal with orphans. He explained to them all his needs. After a sshort period of time the organization took Brian together with his other three siblings to kanyaweji children home. He was taken to orando High school in 2010 he sat for his kenya certificate of secondary education and obtained a mean grade of A. Early this year he joined Nairobi University where he is studying medicine

Saviour In Slum --- KIBERA, KENYA ( CLC
FAther Tery Chalton has done a lot to children in Kibera to achieve their dreams. MAny children had nowhere to go after finishing their primary eductaion. Father Terry came into Kibera slums and helped to restore the hopes of the hopeless children. He set up St AL's secondary school where children got free secondary education. He also went an extra mile of providing the children with basic needs like accommodation, clothes and even food. Through FAther Terry, many children from Kibera has gone to United States either to visit or get more education from there. Many children also achieved the dream because Father Terry who worked tirelessly to make sure they get what they want to achieve what they want

My name is Juely Ligano and go to school at Muiyala primary school. After finishing my primary level I was unable to proceed and ended up staying out for a year before my story was heard by a local NGO called Wewasato. They came in and looked for a school in malava Girls High School enrolled me for my for my form one and currently doing very well. I thank Western water sanitation forum for coming into my help. Im studying hard and when I finish I would like to be a doctor so that i may work with a community. Thank yo

Kids Club Organization --- MATHARE, NAIROBI ( NO ANSWER
Vocabulary Kids Club organization has sponsored me because I am a child whom my father died in 2006 March. I am now living with my mother who is a widow and a sister in Karoti Girls High School in Central province. I have help my sister and to be accepted as children who live with widows. Thanks to kids club organization.

I was not going to school ,after when i founded secondary school . My father was not able to pay for my school fees,but i was seeing that there was a near organisation which has helped some people by paying school fees for them . As i realized that i went and i gained the organisation know the organisation have now left helped people such as orphans,the needy and the poor. I have enjoyed their opportunity they gave me and i am still enjoying them

Vocational Training --- KIBERA - LAINI SABA, NAIROBI ( CHURCH
Most churches have been of good help to the community. Apart from providing spiritual nourishment, they also offer vocational training to those who have failed to pass their education. Laini Saba Catholic Church has started a program of providing vocational training like tailoring and dress making. This helps those pupils who do not qualify for secondary schools

Magoso center has helped many orphans in terms of education. Total orphans are sponsored in secondary school and also the most needy are not left behind they are also sponsored but sponsorship is guaranteed to a pupil who performs best academically this is when the sponsorship is renewed. Magoso center has also needy people who stays within the center and are being provided for everything

The Heart Of Gold --- SONDU, KISUMU ( FAMILY
My mother ha a heart of gold.there is no one like her.she has made me proud of myself today;from nothing that i was when i was young. My father died in 1990,quite a number of years when i started my baby class. This was due to an outbreak of cholera in the area a thing that i totally dont want to hear about this time. I have there fore been under the care of the mother, who breatsfed me, took me to nursery school, primary and secondary school. However much there was a problem of school fees,my mother tried as much as possible and i went through my secondary school life and i passed with an A- grade in KCSE. I am waiting to join campass and to do medicine. Glory be to God and my mother who else is like her

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School has brought light and hope to many including me. It helps orphans from poor families living in kibera access quality education for free and acquire skills that enable them be dependable members of the society. After high school,the school took me to a children centre to offer voluntary services while i gain maturation. I testify that volunteering is such a good experience. During the six months,i have undergone change and transformation. I thank the school for this great experience that i have had

Coping With Computer Age --- NANSANA, WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
With the computer era in advance it thus means that all schooling pupils and students should access computer skills though some schools are restricted due to financial problems. Trusted high school kakiri receives 50 computers from Mr matia Lwanga the lc5 chairman.

A Person Who Helps People --- SONDU - KABONDO, KISUMU ( GOVERNMENT
In the year 2006, there was an MP in Kabondo constituency who is called Hon Paddy Ahanda. He is a honest person. He used to help people in need or pupils whose parents are dead. In our village, there was a girl who comes from a poor family and her parents have tried to take her from class one to class eight, but he used to pass her exams very well but her parents did not have money to take her to secondary school. When Ahanda heard that he tried to help her and he take care of her and take her to school

No one knows why he had to do all that he did. This man is nineteen years old boy who finished school (high) just one year ago and was now waiting for his fate out there. He started stealing and got into a neighbuors cow and was beaten cow and was beaten to death. He is ailing and his life is not in a good condition for he is now at the lcu. the kenyan youth aid is now waiting to help him out and and find something for him to do lf he succeeds to survive. Everybody is shocked about his story as he had passed high school

Nakumatt changed my life. Being who I am is nakumatt. Wambua is now in Secondary School after his parents passed away. They lived in Gorokocho slums but through his Aunt Eunice who lives in kawangware she took care of him and managed to get sponsored with Nakumatt after he did well in K. C. P. E. Eunice approached the manager for hrlp and he forwarded Wambua case and now he is in Lenana. His life is changed from courtesy of Nakumatt function supermarket manager. Nakumatt is his destination and bisic / secondary need. Help more Nakumatt.

Food For Thought --- MUIYALA, KAKAMEGA ( CDF
Am Reuben Tella, a student in Mwiyala Secondary School. I was in a primary School where washrooms were scarce and we used to ask for permission to go to a neighbours home to help ourselves their. So one day the toilet collapsed and we had no any other place to go. Our school closed for a month as finances were being explored to build another washroom. When we came back to school, the toilet that was built had been writen on courtesy of CDF Lurambi and just knew that the constituency development funds had helped us out of such a mess

Education --- WOTE, MAKUENI ( K-REP BANK
Providing education to those who are not able to cater for themselves is the best way to improve development of an area. K-REP bank has been sponsoring bright pupils from families to join secondary schools. In Makueni around wote,two pupils lead to celebrate since they were offered for the sponsorship. This has really improved the living standards and created hope for the needy pupils.

Lydia was a poor girl that had passed well in her examination her parents were too poor to take her to a secondary school,but she did not give up and she continued to work hard and did all the best to her parents. The villagers saw her effort and they decided to help her with her education ,now she is finishing her education

My name is Ann. I am a high school student at a local high school herein in my hometown. I am now in form two. I would like to thank Ahadi Kenya Trust for meeting the plight of the girl in this sides of the country. Most of people in my area are poor and this means girls are not able to afford sanitary towels. Luckily Ahadi did support many of the girls in the milestone. We are really happy for benefiting in that life changing initiative

The government have given free education in both primary and secondary schools. It has happened that many youth who were at home returned to secure free education. It has been happened that even old people have decided to return back to school. The government have changed the life of many people in my community

Conservation Of Natural Environment --- BUTEERA, MBARARA ( NTARA HIGH SCHOOL
The need to conserve environment and beautify th city propelled students of Ntara High School to buy various tree species and planted them in mbarara town as a way of maintaining the green natural colour and also beautifying the town. This was done to reveal respect to natural environment

Problems In Schools --- , BUTULA ( INDIVIDUAL
In our high school there were talents that were being wasted simply because there was no one to make or encourage the students who had those skills to continue with them in the future. One day the coca-cola company came in and started sponsoring games like football,Netball and others by giving them uniforms to put on and balls. This has encouraged the teams so much

After completing the caurse of electrician this boy called Antorney had stayed home with any job. A friend came and advice him not just stay at home there is no miracle to be done. He went to the nearby high school and asked if he could assist teaching in some subjects. He was given a chance and now is getting allowances before he gets his professional

In our secondary school our dorms got burnt. we had nothing to do but go home as we did not have a place to spend the night. we waited for long to be called back to school. finlly we were called to go back to school. new dorms had been constructed by Mr. Daniel Moi, we were grateful to him

It is now four years now ever since students of fairland high school Mbarara Kitagata rescued a child who had been dumped in the school dust bin. Having vowed to look after the baby after police interrogation, the student were continued to vender support to baby miracle as they call her. She looked after at school with the help of the school administration and board of director

Underdeveloped --- LUKONYI, BUSIA ( CDF
My community was one of those underdeveloped communities in kenya with nothing to be proud of. There were no schools health centres markets or storage facilities even though there was so much agricultural output in the area. Children never went to school and illiteracy was very high in the community children was pregnant women were heavily affected by sickness and disease while agricultural products rot due to poor storage facilities and lack of a market centre where this products could be sold. In 2004 things became different when a new party came into power and initiated community Development funds(CDF) which has been used to construct a primary school around the area and a secondary school thereby reducing illiteracy. A modern health centre has also been constructed and stocked in 2009 a market and storage facility wereput under construction and now there so much development in the community due to the iniation of CDF by the government

I am a Kenyan citizen. A widow aged 45 years. I was married 21 years ago in Kakamega Shilele village. My husband died 6 years ago due to malaria and diabetic complications. I was a housewife. Having no empolyment since I dropped out at class 7. I have 2 children both in secondary school. Their fee areas have been lumpsom since their father died. Mr Buradi and his family have helped me a lot since that time. They gave me money to pay for my childrens schools at secondary level. They also employed me to manage their farm and paid me some income to buy food. My children are now educated and are working in big firms. I thank God for having given Mr Buradi and his family the burden to support me and my family educationaly and economicaly

Caring For The Needy --- GOSETA, KITALE ( INDIVIDUAL
After a boy moving around the village with nothing at hand. Acertain family took the boy and lived with him as one of their family members. He completed secondary school education while in their hands he is doing well as per now he has something at hand to cal his

Ufunguo child role model development is an organization that has helped to improve social relations among institutions of learning and among charitable children institutions in our community. When as teachers in musingu high school noticed this unique input into our young men we were supportive and true to our conviction have not regretted to realize positive outcomes. A teacher at musingu high school

My sister by name Ruth Shimengo works with ACCES in Kakamega Central District. In the month of February Acces helped to support over 100 students to go on with their education. Such children who are from poor backgrounds have done well in their former levels but would have no hope to join High School but due to the intervention of ACCES there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bright students in our community have greatly benefited from this caring partner Peter Muru

How C-Mad Changed Lives In Our Community --- HOMABAY, KISUMU ( CMAD
About six years ago our community was well known of poverty. Pupils used to drop from education at the ages if fifteen for gifts and seventeen for boys respectively. This was not due to their own option but poverty. The coming of C-MAD well evidenced and noticed the need of people. Community mobilisation against desertification started bringing in ARV's for the poor women had started selling their bodies so as to get basic needs. They then saw that there was need for education for the community to develop because they we not to live forever since all people in village had been primarily educated and some we old to go and start education they established Polytechnics and provided fees for the students who managed to finish primary school so as to join secondary schools. They also had a view in the limited number of social amenities and tried to advice people to atleast have a pit latrine and dumping post so as to conserve environment. Economically the brought hybrid seeds and taught people how to make an

Politicians --- MATAYOS , BUSIA ( NO ANSWER
Politicians are people i have never trusted in my life. sometimes they can have ideas but greed overwhelms and they even forget their ideas and service to the wananchi only to satisfy themselves. In my constituency during 1997 elections a certain high school headteacher went into politics to vie for the seat of area member parliament. He had such good ideas and promises that made people in my constituency to see him as a preferred candidate to help them given that he had been a headteacher of the area and knew the problems of his own people so the entire constituency saw him as the most suitable candidate. Come the election day, the guy was voted in as the area M. P and that was just the last day of his appearance to members of his constituency. He went to Nairobi together with his family and surprising his voice was never had in any parliamentary proceeding for the five years that he was in term as the area M. P . No one could even access and someone we thought to be a right idea and solution had now turned out to be a betrayer and a total failur

Supporting Old Age People --- MASUULITA, WAKISO ( AFRICAN UNION
On last years mothers day st paul secondary school donated mosquito net sugar soap and parrafin to the old people (70 and above)who seemed lacked acces to the above items

My sister by name Ruth Shimengo works with ACCES in Kakamega Central District. In the month of February Acces helped to support over 100 students to go on with their education. Such children who are from poor backgrounds have done well in their former levels but would have no hope to join High School but due to the intervention of ACCES there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bright students in our community have greatly benefited from this caring partner Peter Muru

My name is Murunga Shiro. I am 19 and i come from Kakamega North district. In the CDF, Schools have been greatly elevated in terms of development. Many Secondary school now have buses that enable the schools operate very efficiently

Education Is Not As Expensive As Ignorance --- , KAMPALA ( SCHOOL
Grace's education was becoming difficult as she started the secondary because she had three sisters who were bigger classes compared and it was that our father gradually reducing his earning because he had a big the take care of (extended family). Fortunately our had sponsors for the students from countries like cech republic from which he also got and the organization was providing school fees, scholastic materials every year till she finished S 6. Though she never joined university and has not got a job, she claims that at least she can fit in society

My name is Vivian,I am 18 yrs old and a student at Keveye Girls High School. Majority of the youth in our region are ignorant of the right of women. Most communities still look down upon women and furthermore this has had a strong effect and influence on their minds hence they haven't realised their full potential. In a bid to sensitize the whole community about the role of women in the society, an NGO Pillarproject has been moving in schools and has been enlightening the youth about the role and rights of women since the youth hold the future of this country. Alot of schools all around including boys schools have been visited and thus this initiative has influence the thinking of the youth positively toward the rights of the women in the society. Girls have been encouraged to work hard and a great change has been seen

As my self esteem grew stronger i continued getting chances to go out for trainings. I was trained in leadership by the Kenya Community development foundation. After this training the organization was funded by the same organization(KCDF) and i was chosen to be the girls coordinator. I coordinated in six schools three primary schools and three secondary schools with two villages for one year and it was successfully,where life of many had been changed through the girls project

I got pregnant when i was in secondary school this tome i was in senior four. I fearred my parents plus fearring students to know about it. I decided to carry out abortion but after that repacations where not good and my parents decided to send me away from school and even at home but a sertain lady helped me and even took me back to school now am in my last year and this time i was realised my mistakes which i will never repeat again. She took me to school and i completed my secondary am now in a university

I am an orphan without parents and left alone with my brother. i am in form 1 this year in Sheywe Secondary school. Our parents passed away and left us with nothing bit through an organisation known as W. S. F has assisted us to continue with education. They have been supporting is to pursue our education. They pay school fees but still we need more support from good samaritan. We need food, shelter and many other things. So we are requesting you support them and they support us too. I pray God for them to help us have a better future

Atienos Life Change --- NGANDO, NAIROBI ( HUMANIST
Humanist is an organization that changed Atieno life. She had done well in her exams and her parent were not able to take her to a secondary school. Humanist are the ones who took her to school paid for her fees, bought for her everything that she needed and she is in school learning congrates to humanist for making her dream possible

Voluntary Service To The Needy --- LUTONYI, KISUMU ( INDIVIDUAL
In 1996,i took on a girl age about Nine years old and the parent were a live but separated. This girl was then staying with her father and a step mother but was not atteding school. I took her t o class one and was staying with her she is an average student and had to repeat several times, but managed to do her KCPE and joined secondary school. while in form Three she took off and went back to her father who had married another wife not the one the girl was used to form two. I had wished to see her through college

Tree Planting-Good Environment Of A Nation --- , ( COMMUNITY
The person who changed life in my community in one way or another is myself- I am tree conservitionist and I like trees because I tree is life, wealth and beauty of a country i.e Good Environment. I joined a youth club where I learnt about tree nursery planting and good husbandry. Then after secondary school I started a tree nursery where I sold idigigenous and exotic seedlings to the community. I told them to plant more trees as it influences rainfall, it is wealth and also environmental beauty of our country. By so doing I became famous in 1984 I was employed as a factory manager in a coffee factory where I trained the community on good tree husbandry and coffee as a foreign currency earner. Tourists who visited the factory enjoyed seeing coffee beens being processed

Education Is The Key To Success --- ORUBA, MIGORI ( GOVERNMENT
Education is the they to success and it contributes to the economic growth of the country. For the government to ensure the stability of country.there was the introduction of free primary & secondary schools,Bassary & cdf funds allocation and uprading learning insitutions. The migori people were not left out in the competative academic programes of their was known the importance of going to school. They made sure that all their children got your education hence being success

I am in Mwiyala Secondary Secondary School as an orphan. I thank God for compassion which is now pay for my fee and even supporting me physically and even materially. I am what I am because of them since I was last left with my parents. There is alot they are doing to my life that I know and believe I will never remain the same.

She became hopeless imidiately when her husband died leaving her with four children with no home. Being to two of her children were to join high school was another big deal.this realy stressed salome and she could not sleep a single night without thinking of her situation and what tomorrow holds for her. It is by the grace of God if might say that the organisation (world vision)came and volunteered to buid her, teach her children and enssure that theydo not suffer at any point. This has seen this family smile again after along time and for them these organisation is realy heaven sent. They are now happy and everyone who knew them is also happy for them too

Linet is a nominated councillor. She has been working harder than the elect councellor. She used part of her salary to sponsor some of the children in her ward. She has sponsored six children to Dagoreti High School and two children to Pumwani Girls High School

Western water and sanitation forum is community based organization to reach out to the marginalized members of the community . We want to reach out the marginalized members in many areas eg Gender covernance ,HIV/AIDS programme Agriculture and water &sanitation forum. The organization has helped many students go through schooling helped HIV/AIDS VICTIMS and the vulnable woman who have issues with the family. I am one of the beneficiaries also went through schooling courtesy of western water &sanitation forum which helped sponsored my secondary school education. They sought someone who helped me out.

Availing Free Education To The Disadvantaged Children --- GAYAZA, MASAKA ( ST PAUL AND PAULINES S.SCHOOL
St paul and paulines secondary school Gayaza Masaka has been credited by community members for helping the needy and vulnerable children to join secondary school. In this,every year it offers 10 full bursaries to students whom been confirmed to be full orphans and those coming from totally poor(financially constrained). Harriet whose parents died in a car accident in her p7 vacation is among those who have been benefited

Living a happy life at times can be very challenging and difficult within a a set up. It was very difficult for Tonny more so after spending many years in the street. During his first ten years he knew to home but living in the street of Nairobi was the best home he knew. Things change when he was housed by a good samaritan and taken back to school. Joining Jumbo in Mombasa,Adritin was a big step into his life Currently he is in High school and living under the root of a well wisher in kiber

Promoting Proper Hygiene And Sanitation --- NYAMIRIRE, MBARARA ( GREEN VILLAGE PROJECT
Green village project with their little funds have tried to promote good hygine and sanitation in its operating area. The project community based constructed tiptops to more than ten primary and secondary schools and also to different homes. This has tried to promote proper sanitation and hygiene at both schools and in homes hence overcoming/preventing diseases like Ebola, cholera among others

Primary School --- SONDU/AGAI, KISUMU ( NONE
School have alway been the most resource a community can own. They transform an individual to be a personality. With the gr4owing population my community used to have only one primary school with no near secondary school. Things have to change due to the fact that the world was changing. Time came for us to want school. The schools were brought by private developers. One individual came up with a primary school and the other one built the same primary. This opened more chances for fellows to be in school

There once lived a boy in our neighbourhood who was an international drunker. The guy had just left high school life a year ago. It was narrated all over the village that he ventured into drugs as a result of peer influence in his school. Fortunately he was rescued by a girl who had just accomplished a course in G&C. After having counselled the victim he started leading a better life than b4 and he is now a man sobber mind and no longer leading a life of object poverty. Do you know what he is now on the upper hand to fight against drug trafficking in our village and for sure in his speeches he elaborate fully the adage that goes"Once bitten twice shy"

Tunza clinic/KMTC students sessions for students within Soweto slums where they were taught about HIV/AIDS, STIs, early pregnancies and many others. They also offered free medical check up and free medication. an example is Rachael, a form two girl at Bahati secondary school who was suffering from itches on her private parts and had a heavy food discharge. She was adviced that this means normal as it affects girls and women who are in the bracket of menstration and she was given insertion which bring down the condition. She was also given some tablets to swallow after some few weeks this problem dissappeared

In two years i was a streetgirl i used to look up and down so that i could take something to improve my living But one day i met with one jitegemee scolarship and she told me that it can do something to help me. She went with me to the jitegemee office and i was happy to be helped When i was helped i was twelve years old i was taken to school to be taught And now i am in class eight and i am excited to be a jitegemee scolarship i worked heard so that i can pass well in my exam to go in form one in secondary school i have entertained more than five childrens to jitegemee i am happy because jitegemee helps me with many things my school uniform pays my school fees and iam fed well Now iam working so haerde to impro ve my future living i want to join the best secondary school in my county i thank jitegemee for giving me free educatio

How Joseph Came From Poor To Rich --- LAIKO, KERICHO ( NO ANSWER
Once ago there lived a boy called Joseph. He used to live with his mother and they were as poor as churchmice.he was a God fearing and hardworking as he believed that hard work never goes unrewarded. He passed with flying colour in his K. C. P. E exam but he did not have school fees for secondary school. Unfortunately,his mother died of tetanus and the burial was organized by her boss,Michael,Joseph sat on a bench as rhetoric questions flooded in his mind. Tears of despondency casedade down his visage and he thought it was the end of life. Suddenly,the boss,come and sat beside . He was as strange as a vision to Joseph. He introduced himself to the boy and he said He would do anything to help. He paid the school fees,he provided the basic needs. The boss did not know the boy well. It was not until when the boy passed the K. C. S. E that the boy was bright. Now he has achieved his first be a doctor. He is a doctor of the biggest hospital in our village. Surely,God never forgets his servants

One day there was a man whose name was Musyoki. Musyoki was a very polite boy in our class y7ear two thousand and ten. Our classmates was enjoying with him. When we do and exam Musyoki is number one with three hundred and above. But the last exam Musyoki filled. The teachers were very sad. But our member of parliament was happy with that boy. Saw I brought that boy to secondary school and he performed in form one. Everybody in the school was very happy and excieted

I am a young girl in mwiyala secondary school. I thank God for the government to bring free primary education. I am a total orphan who never new if i will ever step in secondary school. I thank God for compassion that is helping orphans to persue Education. They support me financially,material and physically they are with me to see me when i am comfortable. I pray to God i finish my secondary and join university which i believe i have a brighter future if supported more

The imenti central constituency development fund kitty has donated sh 1 million to keen boys secondary school rebuild a dormitory that was razed by a fire. This has helped many students who were affected by night fire. Area member of parliament Gitobu imanyara said the money must be used appropriately without any corruption cases involved. Many student has resumed to their classes as usual after the construction of destroyed dormitories.

My name is Linda Kimaru. I am a student at Kaimosi high school. I am currently in form four and i am working hard to pass my forthcoming national examinations. Majority of poor girl in my school have been lacking sanitary towels which in a way has been affecting their education. However a certain organisation called Aphia 2 a bout a year ago and has been supplying this towels to the students in our school. They have eased this problem and students are really grateful for whatever has been done to them. This initiative has seen the girls even improving in their academic and majority passed in the national examinations last year due to this

Ex-Housegirls School Fee Burden Cleared --- ESTELEIGH, MACHAKOS ( NO ANSWER
Esther Mbithe had a hard time after her parents died of HIV. She was to pursue with her education at Machakos Girls High school. She was in form four and she had no otherwise. Esther decided to be a housegirl in Nairobi so as to get school fees in 2007. It was encouraging when we heard that a former housegirl sitting her KCSE exams & whose plight was highlighted by the Nation on Friday, had a reason to smile over the weekend after a good Samaritan offered to clear her fees balance. The Nation Media Group was thanked for highlighting Esther's plight. The girl led the trange in Machakos in KCSE with a clean

High School Scholarship --- SHIEYWE, KAKAMEGA ( COOP BANK
I am John Ashiundu and am very happy to testify of the good work that cooperative bank is doing in aiding education of the children through high school with the scholarships they provide based on merit in KCPE exams. My neighbour son was one of the beneficiaries this year after excelling in his KCPE exams and now he has a secured future of education. This program has also acted as an inspiration to other students as they work hard towards achieving this scholarship

Do To Others What You Have Been Done For. --- HARLINGAM, NAIROBI ( INDIVIDUAL
Violet is a student who is schooling abroad. She get her Scholarship while in High School. She excelled in High School and joined Nairobi University. After finishing her course at the University of Nairobi, She went to work abroad as well as continuing learning. She has sponsored students in high School and she caters for their education herself. This is inspiring because she now has the capacity to help others. She is now actually a doctor. These students are therefore able to pursue their Secondary School education through Violet. Thanks to her and God for enabling her to reach where she is now.

In the year 2009, the students in Mwiyala Secondary school had difficulty in getting water for consumption at school. Lunch programmes in the school was a challenge and water for mopping and cleaning of classrooms and hand washing after visit of latrines was a great challenge. western water and sanitation forum saw the need and constructed a tank of water for collecting rainfall water from the classroom roofs. The tank is also connected by standing pipe to kitchen and drawing point for various use. now in the school, there is supply clean water for use and serving a population of 400 students in the school

All the prisons in Kenya have really changed the nation. Most of the criminals have really transformed after undergoing alot of rehabilitation. They have and many other activities. They have involved themselves in constructive ventures like plumbing, masonary, artwork and many other activities. Also some have enrolled for school education and their results have turned out to be exemplary when it comes to national examinations. In my area, one of the prisons produced a student who scored very high marks and later joined a national high school. From that i can say the society is really heading somewhere

A Problem Solved --- KAKAMEGA, MUMIAS ( KATECO
A year ago while still in primary there was a pupil who was very bright in class but unfortunately during the second term his parent died. The father was the bread winner of the family. The father was the bread winner of the family. The mother was jobless. He stayed without coming to school for a week. When he started attending school he was dull in class and started dropping. Three weeks later he was sent home for school fees. Later on the teachers from the KATECO organisation realized that he was not coming to school and went to his home and spoke to him and finally agreed to pay his fees. The boy became very happy and came back to school. He continued becoming very hardworking till the D- day reached he sat for the exams well and after the release he had passed very well with four hundred and twenty marks and the teachers again agreed to pay his secondary fees. He is learning now at Kakamega High School

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel --- KAKAMEGA, NAIROBI-KENYA ( CDF
I lost both of my parents in a tragic road accident when i was 4 years old. I am the third and last born son of my family. I live in shikoti village,Lurambi constituency. My relatives are very hostile and unkind. After my parents death, they grabbed all the property and land my parents owned. Nothing was left for us so we hardly got enough to eat. My elder sister was done with her KCSE exams. She went out to work as a house girl as to take us to school. Having passed my KCPE exams I got a C. D. F scholarship in Bunyore Girls High School. I got grade B+ and was admitted in Nairobi University for a bachelor of Education Arts. C. D. F gave me a scholarship to the university and I thank C. D. F a lot for enabling me to develop my carrier.

Ufunguo ( Key) Development Project in Kakamega Central district has in the last six months been a great source of help. It has assisted children in High School to settle their school fees. The organization has also been going out to meet the needs of widows and the HIV/ Aids affected women and men in the community. It now projects to take this work even higher with networks. Judith Imbiakh

There is this man who applied for the green card lottery and succeeded to go for further studies in the UNITED States. It was like a joke when she received a sms and a call on her phone to go for her visa. Since she was an orphan and did not know that one day she would be on top of the seat. She never knew she would go to secondary school,then she got sponsorship. This happened like a miracle and now she is doing well with her studies

A lady lastly lost her mother immediately she joined Mukumu Girls High school. She is a second born out of a family of four. A parent to her classmate happened to start paying her school fees up to college .level where she competed in 2007. This lady deserted her family members and decided to stay with this mother who paid her fees. 2 years back the lady got married forwarding all the dowery plus the pre-wedding ceremony done this mothers home in malava. Until this moment this lady with her blood siblings are i like "paka na panya"whenever they come in conduct with each other. Enemity has been created in the family. Extended members of the family have been disappointed by the act leaving question to be answered.

Assistance To The Needy --- SONDU - KABONDO, KISUMU ( RESSO
RESSO development project is a community-based self-help project based at Sondu market in Nyakach district. I, Hellen Jabedo, its my happiness to tell the a story on what I will never forget. When I recall the activities it carried during its operation. In my community, it assisted orphans who were left behind and now are able to enjoy like any other Kenyan, particularly in my village Resso managed to produce a medical doctor (female), secondary school teachers and many other social workers who have greatly contributed to our social well being in the community. The programme assisted me with capital which to date has established a permanent income to my family

Their was a boy called Josephat who born in poor family the year Two thousand & three. He enter the school at sent John primary the year Two thousand and six. The boy perform well in exams every end of term. He came number one. Peter put more effort in all the eight years . He perfomedvery well in K. C. P. E Exams. He got good certificate. Peter he go to Lenana boy high school, But the parents does not afford to educate him. Angels come from nowhere one man called Julius He opened accunt to that boy Peter learns free withought pay any thing up to end of education of that boy. \today now that boy Peter He is pilot

Kayabure progresive secondary school has helped to give to give my child free education which has managed her to excel in life it helps orphans and poor people in the area to service in this competitive world

Many organization of micri finance have gone far due to bad mangement but faulu kenya has brought alot of pride and hapiness to many. They have borowed and given many organization and even individuals loans. The organization has also promoted small businesses. They also sponsur the clever pupils to high school. Other organization should copy this and our society will be best to live in

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel --- KAKAMEGA, NAIROBI-KENYA ( CDF
I lost both of my parents in a tragic road accident when i was 4 years old. I am the third and last born son of my family. I live in shikoti village,Lurambi constituency. My relatives are very hostile and unkind. After my parents death, they grabbed all the property and land my parents owned. Nothing was left for us so we hardly got enough to eat. My elder sister was done with her KCSE exams. She went out to work as a house girl as to take us to school. Having passed my KCPE exams I got a C. D. F scholarship in Bunyore Girls High School. I got grade B+ and was admitted in Nairobi University for a bachelor of Education Arts. C. D. F gave me a scholarship to the university and I thank C. D. F a lot for enabling me to develop my carrier.

Helping Needy Students --- KIWOKO, LUWERO ( KIWOKO SS
Kiwoko Secondary school this school i helped to give me a bursary to study because I was a foot baller I enjoyed all the services for free in this school

Rukia had completed her secondary school and passed well. Athough she had marched managed stage according to traditional customshe was not ready to get married to the man proposed to her earlier . One Ahmed the proposed boy abducted her but she managed to escaped and filed the case in the court. The court heard the complaints and found Ahmed guilt. This made Ahmed to be sentenced and the court also changed the traditional custom saying that everyone has chance to choose his/her will in life

Give Children Educatiaon --- NGANDO, NAIROBI ( HOPE MISSION CENTRE
Gilbert is the principal of Hope mission Centre. He has helped many orphans in Ngando,Dogoretti upto rural areas in Kisi. High School children are being sponsored by paying school fees to those student who perfomed well in KCPE exams. The needy children are getting education through Gilbert school program exchange. The donors fund raise to the centres to help them develop and improve education sector in the slums. Heko Gilbert. Continue with the heart to improve the community

I am Tom Shireka . I am a student at a local high school. I remember when i was still in primary school, jiggers did attack me for sometime. They really destroyed me even made me to drop out of school for sometime. Unluckily my parents did not have any money to take me to hospital. An organisation by the name Aphia II was the one that came to my rescue when it treated me during the anti jigger campaign where it treated many people in my area. I got healed after sometime and was able to go to school agai

When I completed my primary education I had no hope of joining secondary school. This was because due to lack of school fees and the fact that I come from a poor family background. I got helped by one of well wishers who accepted to admit me to school which provide free and quality education for children like me. Now my life has really changed and I have even did my forth four.

Establish School For Development --- NAKAVULE, IGANGA ( COMMUNITY
This is a man known by names Mr BIDDI. He is a teacher at school called Iganga HIgh school in Iganga district. This man started a school at a village called Nakavule in Iganga district about 6 years ago and it had a total number of students 120. But as I talk now the school has now developed into a big school and it is now one of the high performing schools in Iganga. This school has changed the community because, more access needs have been constructed and security has been tightened around the school area.

There was very rich and generous man in Kisumu. He was very hardworking and most of the money he got,he used to help the needy. There was one village which had very poor people. Many people in that village died of hunger while some wasted away. However,the poor people in that village had ahd a negative attitude towards the rich people. This is because most of their children had once went to work for the tycoons and whenever they came back home they could say that they were being harrased and were never paid for the work they did. They also said that the rich people were non caring because even when they were sick,they were never taken to hospital. One day that rich man came to the village and was willing to give employment to some of the people in his big tea farm,but because of their attitude they opposed and then chased away the rich not knowing they were chasing away wealth and inviting poverty to themselves. What a horrible thing it was

Standing With The Society --- KAYOLE, NAIROBI ( NATION MEDIA GROUP
Leon Barasa performed well in KCPE exams last year despite family problems that he had. He was called to a good provincial school but he seemed not to report there because his mother could not afford to pay the fees, but he is greatful, he presented his story to the Nation Media Group which came to his aid, right now he is in form I at Upper Hill Secondary School in Nairobi

Hygiene And Sanitation Alert --- NANSANA, WAKISO ( INDIVIDUAL
The alarming sanitation and hygiene practices at Heetor secondary school due to the latrines that were all filled up attracted the area councillor at the district to province funds and the latrines were constructed this saved the school from being closed down