Djotjog - intuitive, visual, heuristic tools for unstructured data

What does djotjog mean?

The Javanese word djotjog describes a kind of community storytelling whereby the truth is in the parts that everyone shares.... [Click to read more]

Search through tens of thousands of community stories. Build a story collection and see patterns in who and what people talk about.

More advanced: Compare two collections of stories to each other. Filter by story words, the storyteller's point of view, story outcomes and more.

Tutorial: Story-centered learning.
We will walk you through the analysis tools, and how to build story collections and compare/contrast topics.

Feedback Commons: a platform for merging data and analyzing patterns in surveys to build performance benchmarks for your organization.

Zendoscope: the heuristic relationship manager
This free tool will analyze your Gmail box and tell you how your relationships are going.

Narrative Score: a tool to help you predict how effective your communications will be
Just paste your text in the box and see how it ranks against tens of thousands of other stories, reports. High scoring texts will likely garner a better, more emotional donor response.

Case Studies about organizations using the storytelling project

Build your own storytelling project evaluation form (note: requires you to create a globalgiving account, but that only takes 60seconds).

Heuristic financial document auditor -- a tool anyone can use to look for fraud in budgets. This is a simple tool, an attempt to transform the victims of fraud (who may not be experts in budgeting) into the agents of change.

Training Program: Learn how we are training organizations to learn from their communities using the storytelling method.

Community network maps -- what organizations and what themes seem to relate to an organization?

See emerging words and phrases from stories in bubbles that diverge on a chart.